Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.78, October, 2019 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

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1 - 20 Recent advances in enhanced photocatalytic activity of bismuth oxyhalides for efficient photocatalysis of organic pollutants in water: A review
Sharma K, Dutta V, Sharma S, Raizada P, Hosseini-Bandegharaei A, Thakur P, Singh P
21 - 33 Biochar-supported nanomaterials for environmental applications
Rodriguez-Narvaez OM, Peralta-Hernandez JM, Goonetilleke A, Bandala ER
34 - 52 Engineered horseradish peroxidase-catalyzed hydrogels with high tissue adhesiveness for biomedical applications
Thi TTH, Lee YK, Thi PL, Park KD
53 - 65 Binary redox electrolytes used in dye-sensitized solar cells
Nath NCD, Lee JJ
66 - 72 Resistive switching characteristics of ZnO nanoparticles layer-by-layer assembly based on cortisol and its antibody immune binding
Jung HS, Jung JH, Kwon DH, Lee KM, Lee PW, Kang WK, Yoon TS, Kang CJ, Lee HH
73 - 78 Leaching-resistant SnO2/γ-Al2O3 nanocatalyst for stable electrochemical CO2 reduction into formate
Kim YE, Lww WH, Youn MH, Jeong SK, Kim HJ, Park JC, Park KT
79 - 83 An experimental study of the combustion characteristics of Geodae-Uksae 1
Kim HW, Shin MC, Um BH
84 - 89 Fabrication and thermal behavior of Al/Fe2O3 energetic composites for effective interfacial bonding between dissimilar metallic substrates
Kim JH, Cho MH, Shim HM, Kim SH
90 - 96 Optimization of photocatalytic degradation of Cefradine using a “green” goethite/H2O2 system
Li R, Hong S, Li X, Zhang B, Tian H, Huang Y
97 - 105 Degradation of ciprofloxacin using electrochemical oxidation by Ti/nanoSnO2-MWCNT electrode: Optimization and modelling through central composite design
Esmaelian M, Chianeh FN, Asghari A
106 - 115 Computational simulation and theoretical modeling of CO2 separation using EDA, PZEA and PS absorbents inside the hollow fiber membrane contactor
Nakhjiri AT, Heydarinasab A
116 - 124 Photocatalytic reduction of 4-nitrophenol using effective hole scavenger over novel Mg-doped Zn(O,S) nanoparticles
Bekena FT, Abdullah H, Kuo DH, Zeleke MA
125 - 136 Urtica dioica extract as a facile green reductant of graphene oxide for UV resistant and corrosion protective polyurethane coating fabrication
Mahmudzadeh M, Yari H, Ramezanzadeh B, Mahdavian M
137 - 142 Opto-thermal technique for measuring thermal conductivity of polyacrylonitrile based carbon fibers
Jang DW, Lee DS, Lee AR, Joh HI, Lee SH
143 - 154 Graphene oxide nano-sheets loading with praseodymium cations: Adsorption-desorption study, quantum mechanics calculations and dual active-barrier effect for smart coatings fabrication
Samiee R, Ramezanzadeh B, Mahdavian M, Alibakhshi E, Bahlakeh G
155 - 163 Dual oxygen vacancy defects-mediated efficient electron-hole separation via surface engineering of Ag/Bi2MoO6 nanosheets/TiO2 nanobelts ternary heterostructures
Yin J, Xing Z, Kuang J, Li Z, Zhu Q, Zhou W
164 - 171 Recovery of polyphenols from water using Zr-based metal-organic frameworks and their nanocomposites with graphene nanoplatelets
Sahin S, Elhussein EAA, Salam MA, Bayazit SS
172 - 177 Boosting the ambipolar field-effect transistor performance of a DPP-based copolymer via electrohydrodynamic-jet direct writing
Kim KH, Kim CW, Jo YH, Tang X, Lee JH, Kwon HJ, Lee JH, Kim SH, An TK
178 - 185 Synthesis of an imidazolium functionalized imide based electrolyte salt and its electrochemical performance enhancement with additives in li-ion batteries
Ahmed F, Rahman MM, Sutradhar SC, Lopa NS, Ryu TW, Yoon SJ, Choi IW, Kim JW, Jin YC, Kim WG
186 - 197 New perspectives on supercritical methane adsorption in shales and associated thermodynamics
Tang X, Ripepi N, Rigby S, Mokaya R, Gilliland E
198 - 209 Coupling membrane and Fe-Pd bimetallic nanoparticles for trichloroethene removing from water
Li B, Chen X, Li K, Zhang C, He Y, Du R, Wang J, Chen L
210 - 221 Remediation of radioiodine using polyamine anion exchange resins
Barton DNT, Robshaw TJ, Okusanya O, Kim DE, Pepper SE, Sharrad CA, Lee TS, Ogden MD
222 - 231 Liquid-phase synthesis of butyl levulinate with simultaneous water removal catalyzed by acid ion exchange resins
Iborra M, Tejero J, Fite C, Ramirez E, Cunill F
232 - 238 Towards high performance of supercapacitor: New approach to design 3 D architectured electrodes with bacteria
Lee KS, Kim SJ, Park CW, Cho IC, Kim PJH, Pol VG, Park IK, Ko JM
239 - 245 Highly-twisted pyrene derivative for pure-blue organic light emitting diodes
Sohn SY, Wu X, Park KH, Ahn HJ, Jung SJ, Kwon SK, Kim YH
246 - 256 Microbial tellurite reduction and production of elemental tellurium nanoparticles by novel bacteria isolated from wastewater
Nguyen VK, Choi WY, Ha YJ, Gu YJ, Lee CH, Park JH, Jang GW, Shim CJ, Cho SJ
257 - 264 Temperature dependence of relaxation time of hydrolyzed polyacrylamide solution for enhanced oil recovery
Kang PS, Lim JS, Huh C
265 - 270 Highly efficient solution-processed blue organic light-emitting diodes based on thermally activated delayed fluorescence emitters with spiroacridine donor
Joo CW, Huseynova G, Yifei J, Yoo JM, Kim YH, Cho NS, Lee JH, Kim YH, Lee JH
271 - 283 Silica-coated magnetite nanoparticles functionalized with betaine and their use as an adsorbent for Mo(VI) and Re(VII) species from acidic aqueous solutions
Alfaro I, Molina L, Gonzalez P, Gaete J, Valenzuela F, Marco JF, Saez C, Basualto C
284 - 294 Bimodal porous structure tin oxide anode materials for lithium ion batteries
Lim SY
295 - 302 The effects of CuO additives as the dendrite suppression and anti-corrosion of the Zn anode in Zn-air batteries
Lee YS, Kim YJ, Ryu KS
303 - 314 A highly active Z-scheme NiGa2O4/anthraquinone/MoO3 photocatalyst via charge transfer for sunlight photocatalytic simultaneous conversions of nitrite and sulfite
Ma X, Li S, Qu Z, Zhang M, Qiao J, Cui X, Wang C, Wang J, Song Y
315 - 323 Self-assembly of artificial peroxidase mimics from alternating copolymers with chromogenic and biocatalyst potentialities
Rasheed T, Nabeel F, Bilal M
324 - 329 High triplet energy crosslinkable hole transport material for blue phosphorescent organic light-emitting diodes
Jeong SH, Jang HJ, Lee JY
330 - 337 Conducting La0.5Sr0.5CoO3-δ foams for harsh condition microwave shielding
Dijith KS, Vijayan S, Prabhakaran K, Surendran KP
338 - 343 Self-erasable titanium oxide resistive memory devices
Jang JG, Choi HH, Kim MS, Kim JK, Chung SJ, Park JH
344 - 351 Identification of common and distinct features of ligand-binding sites in kernel and outlier lipocalins
Munussami G, Sokalingam S, Sriramulu DK, Lee SG
352 - 363 Alkali modified oak waste residues as a cost-effective adsorbent for enhanced removal of cadmium from water: Isotherm, kinetic, thermodynamic and artificial neural network modeling
Takdastan A, Samarbaf S, Tahmasebi Y, Alavi N, Babaei AA
364 - 371 Study effects of conventional flotation reagents on bioleaching of zinc sulfide
Jafari M, Chelgani SC, Shafaie SZ, Abdollahi H, Hadavandi E
372 - 382 Catalytic cracking of raw bio-oil under FCC unit conditions over different zeolite-based catalysts
Ibarra A, Hita I, Azkoiti MJ, Arandes JM, Bilbao J
383 - 395 Polyelectrolyte complex membranes made of chitosan-PSSAMA for pervaporation separation of industrially important azeotropic mixtures
Achari D, Rachipudi P, Naik S, Karuppannan R, Kariduraganavar M
396 - 409 PEGylated substance P augments therapeutic angiogenesis in diabetic critical limb ischemia
Park HJ, Kim SA, Jeon EJ, Song IT, Lee HH, Song YS, Hong HS, Cho SW
410 - 420 Organic Dye Solution Nanofiltration by 2D Zn-TCPP(Fe) Membrane - leverage of chemical and fluid dynamic effects
Lei X, Tay SW, Ong PJ, Hong L
421 - 424 Porous cellulose acetate membranes prepared by water pressure-assisted process for water-treatment
Kim HY, Cho YH, Kang SW
425 - 432 Mining phosphorus from anaerobically treated dairy manure by forward osmosis membrane
Pramanik BK, Hai FI, Ansari AJ, Roddick FA
433 - 439 Availability of NH3 adsorption in vanadium-based SCR for reducing NOx emission and NH3 slip
Ko AH, Woo YM, Jnag JY, Jung YJ, Pyo YD, Jo H, Lim OT, Lee YJ
440 - 447 Synthesis, properties and adjuvant activity of docusate-based ionic liquids in pesticide formulations
Kaczmarek DK, Rzemieniecki T, Marcinkowska K, Pernak J
448 - 454 Tuning the surface structure of PtCo nanocatalysts with high activity and stability toward oxygen reduction
Kang YS, Choi DI, Park HY, Yoo SJ
455 - 460 Effect of hydrophilic 2-D layered minerals in cathode catalyst layers on performance of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Kang HS, Nam KW, So SY, Oh KH
461 - 467 Adhesion performance and recovery of acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesives thermally crosslinked with styrene.isoprene.styrene elastomer blends for flexible display applications
Lee JH, Shim GS, Park JW, Kim HJ, Kim YD