Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.76, August, 2019 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

In this Issue (50 articles)

1 - 16 A review on the Mo-precursors for catalytic hydroconversion of heavy oil
Kang KH, Ki MGT, Park SY, Seo PW, Seo HI, Lee CW
17 - 38 Recent trends of heavy metal removal from water/wastewater by membrane technologies
Abdullah N, Yusof N, Lau WJ, Jaafar J, Ismail AF
39 - 74 Review on Cu2SnS3, Cu3SnS4, and Cu4SnS4 thin films and their photovoltaic performance
Reddy VRM, Pallavolu MR, Guddeti PR, Gedi S, Reddy KKYB, Pejjai B, Kim WK, Kotte TRR, Park CH
75 - 90 Advances in bioleaching as a sustainable method for metal recovery from e-waste: A review
Baniasadi M, Vakilchap F, Bahaloo-Horeh N, Mousavi SM, Farnaud S
91 - 115 A critical review on the recent studies on plant biomaterials as corrosion inhibitors for industrial metals
Umoren SA, Solomon MM, Obot IB, Suleiman RK
116 - 121 PEDOT:PSS nanocomposite via partial intercalation of monomer into colloidal graphite prepared by in-situ polymerization
Hwang SH, Park NI, Choi YJ, Lee SM, Han SY, Chung DW, Lee SH
122 - 132 Application of FSM-16 impregnated by TiO2 as an efficient photocatalyst for elimination of benzothiophene and dibenzothiophene, adsorptive removal of degradation products by MCM-41
Asma H, Hossein F
133 - 140 Sorption studies of toxic cations on ginger root adsorbent
Shooto ND, Naidoo EB, Maubane M
141 - 149 Polydopamine layered poly (ether imide) ultrafiltration membranes tailored with silver nanoparticles designed for better permeability, selectivity and antifouling
Saraswathi MSSA, Rana D, Alwarappan S, Gowrishankar S, Vijayakumar P, Nagendran A
150 - 159 Development of integrated membrane bioreactor and numerical modeling to mitigate fouling and reduced energy consumption in pharmaceutical wastewater treatment
Palani KN, Ramasamy N, Palaniappan KV, Huh YS, Natesan B
160 - 172 Biomass derived activated carbon loaded silver nanoparticles: An effective nanocomposites for enhanced solar photocatalysis and antimicrobial activities
Devi TB, Mohanta D, Ahmaruzzaman M
173 - 180 In vitro and in vivo assessments of an optimal polyblend composition of polycaprolactone/gelatin nanofibrous scaffolds for Achilles tendon tissue engineering
Lee SJ, Kim HJ, Heo M, Lee HR, Choi EJ, Kim HS, Lee DH, Reis RL, Do SH, Kwon IK
181 - 187 Improvement in NO gas-sensing properties using heterojunctions between polyaniline and nitrogen on activated carbon fibers
Kim MJ, Kim KH, Yang X, Yu YH, Lee YS
188 - 196 A core-shell polymeric-inorganic hybrid nanocomposite system for MRI-visible gene delivery application in cancer immunotherapy
Cai J, Chen G, Jin R, Deng C, Huang S, Yuan X, Chen G, Zhao J, Wang Z, Ai H
197 - 214 Heat-treated biochar impregnated with zero-valent iron nanoparticles for organic contaminants removal from aqueous phase: Material characterizations and kinetic studies
Mortazavian S, Jones-Lepp T, Bae JH, Chun DW, Bandala ER, Moon JY
215 - 222 Formation of MgCO3·3H2O in the CO2 mineralization system using Mg(OH)2 as an intermediate at 20 °C
Cheng W, Fang L, Cheng H, Li E, Zhang C, Cheng F
223 - 232 Process-based life cycle CO2 assessment of an ammonia-based carbon capture and storage system
Kim YR, Lim SR, Jung KA, Park JM
233 - 239 Thermally and chemically stable poly(phenylenebenzophenone) membranes for proton exchange membrane fuel cells by Ni (0) catalyst
Sutradhar SC, Rahman MM, Ahmed F, Ryu TW, Yoon SJ, Lee SC, Kim JW, Lee YH, Jin YC, Ki WG
240 - 244 Adsorption of metal ions with biochars derived from biomass wastes in a fixed column: Adsorption isotherm and process simulation
Zhang YP, Adi VSK, Huanag HL, Lin HP, Huang ZH
245 - 250 A novel process for simultaneous degumming and deacidification of Soybean, Canola and Sunflower oils by tetrabutylphosphonium phosphate ionic liquid
Adhami K, Asadollahzadeh H, Ghazizadeh M
251 - 257 Synergistic effect of binanoenzyme and cryogel column on the production of formic acid from carbondioxide
Sumbelli Y, Unluer OB, Ersoz A, Say R
258 - 267 High-performance ZnS@graphite composites prepared through scalable high-energy ball milling as novel anodes in lithium-ion batteries
Yoon JY, Kim IT, Bae JW, Hur JH
268 - 276 Characterization of the effect of surfactant on biomass adaptation and microbial community in sewage treatment by anaerobic membrane bioreactor
Nie Y, Chen R, Tian X, Li YY
277 - 287 Selective separation of heavy metal ions using amine-rich polyamide TFC membrane
Sum JY, Ahmad AL, Ooi BS
288 - 295 MgO nanosheets with N-doped carbon coating for the efficient visible-light photocatalysis
Zheng X, Wang K, Huang Z, Liu Y, Wen J, Peng H
296 - 309 Efficient removal of methylene blue dye by a hybrid adsorption?photocatalysis process using reduced graphene oxide/titanate nanotube composites for water reuse
Nguyen CH, Juang RS
310 - 317 Targeted delivery of doxorubicin for the treatment of bone metastasis from breast cancer using alendronate-functionalized graphene oxide nanosheets
Pham TT, Nguyen HT, Phung CD, Pathak S, Regmi S, Ha DH, Kim JO, Yong CS, Kim SK, Choi JE, Yook SY, Park JB, Jeong JH
318 - 332 Fabrication of heterostructured vanadium modified g-C3N4/TiO2 hybrid photocatalyst for improved photocatalytic performance under visible light exposure and antibacterial activities
Vignesh S, Suganthi S, Sundar JK, Raj V
333 - 343 Bi-functional Al-doped ZnO@SnO2 heteronanowires as efficient substrates for improving photocatalytic and SERS performance
Chang YC, Wu SH
344 - 354 Improved fouling resistance for RO membranes by a surface modification method
Park HM, Yoo J, Lee YT
355 - 365 Improvement of oxygen transfer capacity by migration of oxygen defects formed in CuxMg1?xFeyTi2?yOz particles
Son NG, Do JY, Park NK, Ryu SO, Kim US, Baek JI, Lee DY, Ryu HJ, Kang MS
366 - 373 Analysis of crystal phases of Na+-β/β"-alumina/YSZ composite prepared by vapor-phase synthesis from YSZ-toughened α-alumina
Lee DH, Han SS, Kim YH, Lim SK
374 - 387 Study of new amphiphiles based on ferrocene containing thioureas as efficient corrosion inhibitors: Gravimetric, electrochemical, SEM and DFT studies
Fatima S, Sharma R, Asghar F, Kamal A, Badshah A, Kraatz HB
388 - 395 Chemical transformation of solution-processed Ag nanocrystal thin films into electrically conductive and catalytically active Pt-based nanostructures
Seong MG, Kim HY, Woo HY, Hossain MA, Ahn JH, Kim SK, Paik TJ, Oh SJ
396 - 402 Improving self-discharge and anti-corrosion performance of Zn-air batteries using conductive polymer-coated Zn active materials
Jo YN, Santhoshkumar P, Prasanna K, Vediappan K, Lee CW
403 - 409 Activatable NIRF/MRI dual imaging probe using bio-inspired coating of glycol chitosan on superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles
Chung IJ, Jeon SI, Cha EJ, Byun YR, Kwon IC, Kim YI, Kim KM, Ahn CH
410 - 418 A study on electrode fabrication and operation variables affecting the performance of anion exchange membrane water electrolysis
Lim AY, Kim HJ, Henkensmeier D, Yoo SJ, Kim JY, Lee SY, Sung YE, Jang JH, Park HS
419 - 428 Effect of binders and additives to tailor the electrochemical performance of Sb2Te3-TiC alloy anodes for high-performance sodium-ion batteries
Nagulapati VM, Yoon YH, Kim DS, Kim HG, Lee WS, Lee JH, Kim KH, Hur JH, Kim IT, Lee SG
429 - 436 A fundamental approach to design of injectable high-content gel polymer electrolyte for activated carbon electrode supercapacitors
Yong HS, Park HB, Jung JW, Jung CS
437 - 442 The characteristics of Cu(In, Ga)Se2 thin-film solar cells by bandgap grading
Kim YI, Yang KJ, Kim SY, Kang JK, Kim JR, Jo W, Yoo HS, Kim JH, Kim DH
443 - 449 Large area electrolyte coating through surface and interface engineering in roll-to-roll slot-die coating process
Lee JS, Kim SY, Lee CW
450 - 456 N-doping carbon sheet and core?shell mesoporous carbon sphere composite for high-performance supercapacitor
Du J, Liu L, Yu Y, Zhang Y, Chen A
457 - 466 Fabrication of spherical CNT skeins formed by self-entangled fibers from hollow type mesoporous silica microcapsules
Park GW, Yoo JB, Kim GJ
467 - 475 Combustion behavior of aromatics and their interaction with n-alkane in in-situ combustion enhanced oil recovery process: Thermochemistry
Yuan CD, Emelianov DA, Varfolomeev MA, Abaas M
476 - 487 Enhanced visible-light-active photocatalytic performance using CdS nanorods decorated with colloidal SnO2 quantum dots: Optimization of core?shell nanostructure
Babu B, Harish VVN, Koutavarapu R, Shim JS, Yoo KS
488 - 499 Mesoporous TiO2-rutile supported MnxOy-Na2WO4: Preparation, characterization and catalytic performance in the oxidative coupling of methane
Yıldız M
500 - 507 Improved single-step extraction performance of aqueous biphasic systems using novel symmetric ionic liquids for the decolorisation of toxic dye effluents
Dimitrijevic A, Jocic A, Zec N, Tot A, Papovic S, Gadzuric S, Vranes M, Trtic-Petrovic T
508 - 514 Oxygen permeation properties of Sm/Sr co-doped ceria decorated Ba0.5Sr0.5Co0.8Fe0.2O3-δ hollow fiber membrane
Chae JW, Park YK, Magnone E, Park JH
515 - 523 Electrochemical deposition of self-supported bifunctional copper oxide electrocatalyst for methanol oxidation and oxygen evolution reaction
Roy A, Jadhav HS, Cho M, Seo JG
524 - 531 Agglomeration of Li(NixMnyCoz)O2 particles in Couette-Taylor flow reactor
Jeon DH, Song JH, Hong JP, Lee SH