Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.72, April, 2019 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

In this Issue (50 articles)

1 - 17 Insight into emerging applications of forward osmosis systems
Das P, Singh KKK, Dutta S
18 - 30 Utilization of the internal electric field in semiconductor photocatalysis: A short review
Sakthivel T, Venugopal G, Durairaj A, Vasanthkumar S, Huang X
31 - 49 Recent advances in photoinduced catalysis for water splitting and environmental applications
Agbe H, Nyankson E, Raza N, Dodoo-Arhin D, Chauhan A, Osei G, Kumar V, Kim KH
50 - 66 Cyclodextrin-metal.organic framework (CD-MOF): From synthesis to applications
Rajkumar T, Kukkar D, Kim KH, Sohn JR, Deep A
67 - 72 Hexagonally packed microwell plates for hypoxic microenvironment induction in tumorspheres
Won DB, Koh IK, Cha JH, Kim PN
73 - 86 Effects of Cu loading and zeolite topology on the selective catalytic reduction with C3H6 over Cu/zeolite catalysts
Lee KS, Kosaka H, Sato S, Yokoi T, Choi BC, Kim DS
87 - 99 Deep eutectic solvents based on choline chloride and ethylene glycol as media for extractive denitrification/desulfurization/dearomatization of motor fuels
Rogosic M, Kucan KZ
100 - 106 A tailored molecular imprinting ratiometric fluorescent sensor based on red/blue carbon dots for ultrasensitive tetracycline detection
Liu X, Wang T, Wang WJ, Zhou Z, Yan Y
107 - 116 Designing metal oxide-vertical graphene nanosheets structures for 2.6 V aqueous asymmetric electrochemical capacitor
Ghosh S, Polaki SR, Sahoo G, Jin EM, Kamruddin M, Cho JS, Jeong SM
117 - 124 Algal extracts based biogenic synthesis of reduced graphene oxides (rGO) with enhanced heavy metals adsorption capability
Ahmad S, Ahmad A, Khan S, Ahmad S, Khan I, Zada S, Fu P
125 - 132 Effect of charged nano-particles on ceramic microfiltration membrane fouling
Le MH, Kim KJ, Jeong SH, Jang A
133 - 143 A 2-D simulation study on CO2 soluble surfactant for foam enhanced oil recovery
Zeng Y, Farajzadeh R, Biswal SL, Hirasaki GJ
144 - 156 Preparation and characterization of a novel high-flux emulsion polyvinyl chloride (EPVC) ultrafiltration membrane incorporated with boehmite nanoparticles
Farjami M, Moghadassi A, Vatanpour V, Hosseini SM, Parvizian F
157 - 169 Preparation of ortho-symmetric double (OSD) Z-scheme SnO2/CdSe/Bi2O3 sonocatalyst by ultrasonic-assisted isoelectric point method for effective degradation of organic pollutants
Li S, Zhang M, Ma X, Qiao J, Zhang H, Wang J, Song Y
170 - 177 Cationic gemini compounds with antifungal activity and wood preservation potentiality
Murguia MC, Machuca LM, Fernandez ME
178 - 188 Continuous photocatalytic, electrocatalytic and photo-electrocatalytic degradation of a reactive textile dye for wastewater-treatment processes: Batch, microreactor and scaled-up operation
Suhadolnik L, Pohar A, Novak U, Likozar B, Mihelic A, Ceh M
189 - 195 Combination of dispersive solid phase extraction with dispersive liquid.liquid microextraction for the sequential speciation and preconcentration of Cr(III) and Cr(VI) in water samples prior to graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry determination
Yao L, Zhu Y, Xu W, Wang H, Wang X, Zhang J, Liu H, Lin C
196 - 213 Graphene oxide as a pH-sensitive carrier for targeted delivery of eco-friendly corrosion inhibitors in chloride solution: Experimental and theroretical investigations
Javidparvar AA, Naderi R, Ramezanzadeh B, Bahlakeh G
214 - 221 Development, optimization and scale-up of stereo-selective enzymatic Baeyer.Villiger oxidation of pyrmetazole to esomeprazole active ingredient in an industrial-scale slurry reactor
Herga M, Gasparic A, Bitenc M, Pohar A, Likozar B
222 - 231 A simple seed-embedded method to prepare ZIF-8 membranes supported on flexible PESf hollow fibers
Zhang H, Wang X, Wei L, Meng B, Tan X, Jin W, Liu S
232 - 240 Formation of a keratin layer with silk fibroin-polyethylene glycol composite hydrogel fabricated by digital light processing 3D printing
Kwak HJ, Shin SC, Lee HJ, Hyun JH
241 - 249 Fly ash-derived mesoporous silica foams for CO2 capture and aqueous Nd3+ adsorption
Zhang S, Ravi S, Lee YR, Ahn JW, Ahn WS
250 - 254 Cobalt vanadate nanoparticles as bifunctional oxygen electrocatalysts for rechargeable seawater batteries
Shin KH, Park JH, Park SK, Nakhanivej P, Hwang SM, Kim YS, Park HS
255 - 264 Thermal performance analysis of phase change materials composed of double layers considering heating and cooling period
Chang SJ, Wi SH, Lee JK, Kim SM
265 - 272 Synthesis and characterizations of activated carbon from Wisteria sinensis seeds biomass for energy storage applications
Awasthi GP, Bhattarai DP, Maharjan B, Kim KS, Park CH, Kim CS
273 - 280 Monitoring oxygen-vacancy ratio in NiFe-based electrocatalysts during oxygen evolution reaction in alkaline electrolyte
Kim HK, Kim JH, Ahn SH
281 - 297 A contemporary review on plant-based coagulants for applications in water treatment
Saleem M, Bachmann RT
298 - 309 Oil recovery performance of a modified HAPAM with lower hydrophobicity, higher molecular weight: A comparative study with conventional HAPAM, HPAM
Ding MC, Han Y, Liu Y, Wang Y, Zhao P, Yuan Y
310 - 318 Study on the oil/water separation performance of a super-hydrophobic copper mesh under downhole conditions
Lu Y, Li Z, Hailu G, Xu D, Wu H, Kang W
319 - 331 Association of amphiphilic block copolymers in dilute solution:With and without shear forces
Hosseini Z, Jalili K, Rajabnia S, Behboodpour L, Abbasi F
332 - 337 A study on the methods for making iron oxide aerogel
Yoo JK, Kong HJ, Wagle R, Shon BH, Kim IK, Kim TH
338 - 345 One-step synthesis of hierarchical AuNPs/Cd0.5Zn0.5S nanoarchitectures and their application as an efficient photocatalyst for hydrogen production
Liu Y, Du C, Zhou C, Yang S
346 - 353 Enhanced filtration performance and anti-biofouling properties of antibacterial polyethersulfone membrane for fermentation broth concentration
Qi L, Hu Y, Chai Q, Wang Q
354 - 363 A comparative study of water-immiscible organic solvents in the production of furfural from xylose and birch hydrolysate
Millan GG, Hellsten S, Kim AWT, Pokki JP, Llorca J, Sixta H
364 - 373 Improving understanding of solvent effects on intermolecular interactions in reactive liquid.liquid extraction with Isothermal Titration Calorimetry and molecular modeling
Sprakel LMJ, Schuur B
374 - 379 Zeolitic imidazolate framework ZIF-8 films by ZnO to ZIF-8 conversion and their usage as seed layers for propylene-selective ZIF-8 membranes
Lee JH, Kim DH, Shin HM, Yoo SJ, Kwon HT, Kim JS
380 - 389 Graphene oxide crosslinked poly(phenylene oxide) nanocomposite as high-performance anion-conducting membrane
Das G, Kang DH, Kim CY, Yoon HH
390 - 399 A crosslinked nonwoven separator based on an organosoluble polyimide for high-performance lithium-ion batteries
Byun SW, Lee SH, Song DN, Ryou MH, Lee YM, Park WH
400 - 407 Removal of NOx by selective catalytic reduction coupled with plasma under temperature fluctuation condition
Nguyen DB, Nguyen VT, Heo IJ, Mok YS
408 - 413 Synthesis of noble molybdenum and tungsten complexes for hydrocracking catalyst of heavy oil
Shin SY, Lee JH, Jo YK, Nguyen MT, Park BK, Park SY, Lee CW, Kim CG, Chung TM
414 - 422 Experimental investigation of surfactant enhanced spontaneous imbibition in Chinese shale oil reservoirs using NMR tests
Liu J, Sheng JJ
423 - 431 Controlling self-assembling and color-transition of polydiacetylene/zinc(II) ion/zinc oxide nanocomposites by varying pH: Effects of surface charge and head group dissociation
Seetha S, Saymung R, Traiphol R, Traiphol N
432 - 441 Synergistic effect of alginate/BMP-2/Umbilical cord serum-coated on 3D-printed PCL biocomposite for mastoid obliteration model
Jang CH, Lee JU, Kim GH
442 - 452 Inactive Fusarium Fungal strains (ZSY and MJY) isolation and application for the removal of Pb(II) ions from aqueous environment
Long J, Yuvaraja G, Zhou S, Mo J, Li H, Luo D, Chen DY, Kong L, Subbaiah MV, Reddy GM
453 - 456 Semi-continuous extraction/hydrolysis of spent coffee grounds with subcritical water
Pedras BM, Nascimento M, Sa-Nogueira I, Simoes P, Paiva A, Barreiros S
457 - 473 phytosynthesis of zinc oxide nanoparticles and its antibacterial, antiquorum sensing, antimotility, and antioxidant capacities against multidrug resistant bacteria
Alavi M, Karimi N, Salimikia I
474 - 490 Mild steel surface eco-friendly treatment by Neodymium-based nanofilm for fusion bonded epoxy coating anti-corrosion/adhesion properties enhancement in simulated seawater
Ramezanzadeh M, Bahlakeh G, Ramezanzadeh B, Rostami M
491 - 503 Dynamic behaviour of a K-doped Ga substituted and microwave aged hydrotalcite-derived mixed oxide during CO2 sorption experiments
Silva JM, Trujillano R, Rives V, Soria MA, Madeira LM
504 - 511 Facile Synthesis of quantum dots SnO2/Fe3O4 hybrid composites for superior reversible lithium-ion storage
Nguyen TL, Hur JH, Kim IT
512 - 528 High efficient catalytic degradation of tetracycline and ibuprofen using visible light driven novel Cu/Bi2Ti2O7/rGO nanocomposite: Kinetics, intermediates and mechanism
Shanavas S, Priyadharsan A, Gkanas EI, Acevedo R, Anbarasan PM