Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.71, March, 2019 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

In this Issue (50 articles)

1 - 18 Removal of phenolic compounds from industrial waste water based on membrane-based technologies
Raza W, Lee JC, Raza N, Luo Y, Kim KH, Yang JH
19 - 49 An overview of solar/visible light-driven heterogeneous photocatalysis for water purification: TiO2- and ZnO-based photocatalysts used in suspension photoreactors
Wetchakun K, Wetchakun N, Sakulsermsuk S
50 - 64 A review of liquid droplet impacting onto solid spherical particles: A physical pathway to encapsulation mechanisms
Khojasteh D, Kazerooni NM, Marengo M
65 - 77 Advances in dynamic microphysiological organ-on-a-chip: Design principle and its biomedical application
Lee SH, Jung BH
78 - 88 Spent coffee grounds: A review on current utilization
McNutt J, He Q
89 - 92 Environmental influence on failure of urethane acrylate layer between metal surfaces
Choi GH, Cho YH, Bae SM, Kim SY, Yoon SH, Lee JH
93 - 98 One pot synthesis of ordered mesoporous carbon.silica.titania with parallel alignment against graphene as advanced anode material in lithium ion batteries
Kim JK, Kim DU, Ryu JH, Yoon SH
99 - 111 A novel Ce-MOF/PES mixed matrix membrane; synthesis, characterization and antifouling evaluation
Mohammadnezhad F, Feyzi M, Zinadini S
112 - 118 Melt processable polyacrylonitrile copolymer precursors for carbon fibers: Rheological, thermal, and mechanical properties
Lee JH, Jin JU, Park SJ, Choi DS, You NH, Chung YS, Ku BC, Yeo HU
119 - 126 Decoupling effect of electrical and thermal properties of Bi2Te3-polypyrrole hybrid material causing remarkable enhancement in thermoelectric performance
Kim C, Baek JY, Lopez DH, Kim DH, Kim HY
127 - 136 Enhanced activity and hydrothermal stability of Rh-based three-way catalyst for emission control from motorcycles with the assistance of monoethanolamine
Lan L, Wang J, Chen S, Li D, Li H, Liu D, Wang W, Chen Y
137 - 149 Structural optimization in the same polymer backbones for efficient polymer solar cells: Relationship between steric hindrance and molecular weight
Jeon SJ, Yu JE, Han YW, Suh IS, Moon DK
150 - 159 Electron beam irradiation effect on the mechanical and thermal properties of 2-D silk fibroin fabric/poly(lactic acid) biocomposites
Lee JH, Boulicaut NL, Kwon OH, Park WH, Cho DH
160 - 166 Cytoprotective effects and mechanisms of quercetin, quercitrin and avicularin isolated from Lespedeza cuneata G. Don against ROS-induced cellular damage
Lee KS, Park SN
167 - 176 Quantification of the available acid sites in the hydrocracking of nitrogen-containing feedstocks over USY shaped NiMo-catalysts
Mendes PSF, Silva JM, Ribeiro MF, Bouchy C, Daudin A
177 - 183 Bandgap tuned and oxygen vacant TiO2-x anode materials with enhanced electrochemical properties for lithium ion batteries
Kang SH, Jo YN, Prasanna K, Santhoshkumar P, Joe YC, Vediappan K, Gnanamuthu R, Lee CW
184 - 190 Effect of gel electrolytes on the performance of a minimized flexible micro-supercapacitor based on graphene/PEDOT composite using pen lithography
Lee HU, Jin JH, Kim SW
191 - 200 Facile synthesis of pristine FeS2 microflowers and hybrid rGO-FeS2 microsphere electrode materials for high performance symmetric capacitors
Balakrishnan B, Balasingam SK, Nallathambi KS, Ramadoss A, Kundu M, Bak JS, Cho IH, Kandasamy P, Jun YS, Kim HJ
201 - 209 Removal of Eriochrome Black T by sulfate radical generated from Fe-impregnated biochar/persulfate in Fenton-like reaction
Park JH, Wang JJ, Fafti N, Delaune RD
210 - 219 pH-Responsive mineralized nanoparticles for bacteria-triggered topical release of antibiotics
Min KH, Jang EY, Lee HJ, Hwang YS, Ryu JI, Moon JH, Lee SC
220 - 227 Flexible, fiber-shaped supercapacitors with roll-type assembly
Yu SG, Patil B, Ahn HJ
228 - 233 Functional separator with lower resistance toward lithium ion transport for enhancing the electrochemical performance of lithium ion batteries
Kim KJ, Kwon YK, Yim TE, Choi WC
234 - 241 Highly active bimetallic CuFe.N.C electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction in alkaline media
Kang YS, Heo YH, Jung JY, Sohn YS, Lee SH, Jang JH, Kim P, Yoo SJ
242 - 249 Adsorption characteristics of benzene on resin-based activated carbon under humid conditions
Oh JY, You YW, Park JB, Hong JS, Heo IJ, Lee CH, Suh JK
250 - 259 Controlled synthesis and growth mechanism of zinc cobalt sulfide rods on Ni-foam for high-performance supercapacitors
Hussain I, Lamiel C, Mohamed SG, Vijayakumar S, Ali A, Shim JJ
260 - 269 Comparison of internal parameters varied by environmental tests between high-power series/parallel battery packs with different shapes
Yoon CO, Lee PY, Jang MH, Yoo KS, Kim JH
270 - 276 Improved swelling behavior of Li ion batteries by microstructural engineering of anode
Park KM, Myeong SC, Shin DH, Cho CW, Kim SC, Song TS
277 - 283 Crosslinkable polyhedral silsesquioxane-based ceramic-coated separators for Li-ion batteries
Jeon HK, Roh YJ, Jin DH, Ryou MH, Jeong YC, Lee YM
284 - 292 Toward high performance of zinc-air battery using hydrophobic carbon foam-based diffusion electrode
Chen Y, Wang H, Ji S, Pollet BG, Wang R
293 - 300 Electrical heating behavior of flexible thermoplastic polyurethane/ Super-P nanoparticle composite films for advanced wearable heaters
Xiao Z, Sheng C, Xia Y, Yu X, Liang C, Huang H, Gan Y, Zhang J, Zhang W
301 - 307 Glutathione-responsive PEGylated GQD-based nanomaterials for diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer
Ko NR, Hong SH, Nafiujjaman M, An SY, Revuri V, Lee SJ, Kwon IK, Lee YK, Oh SJ
308 - 317 A highly efficient MIL-101(Cr)-Graphene-molybdenum oxide nano composite for selective oxidation of hydrogen sulfide into elemental sulfur
Pourreza A, Askari S, Rashidi A, Fakhraie S, Kooti M, Shafiei-Alavijeh M
318 - 326 Laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry-based compositional analysis of Au.Ag nanoplates synthesized by galvanic replacement and their application for small molecule analysis
Kim YK, Kang KL, Kim HJ, Kang KT, Jang HJ
327 - 335 Efficient extraction and separation of vanadium and chromium in high chromium vanadium slag by sodium salt roasting-(NH4)2SO4 leaching
Wen J, Jiang T, Xu Y, Cao J, Xue X
336 - 344 Acid-mediated surface etching of a nano-sized metal-organic framework for improved reactivity in the fixation of CO2 into polymers
Padmanaban S, Kim M, Yoon SH
345 - 350 Nanohybrid electrodes of porous hollow SnO2 and graphene aerogel for lithium ion battery anodes
Choi JW, Myung Y, Gu MG, Kim SK
351 - 360 Microstructure and electrochemical properties of rapidly solidified Si.Ni alloys as anode for lithium-ion batteries
Umirov N, Seo DH, Kim TK, Kim HY, Kim SS
361 - 368 Anion exchange membrane prepared from imidazolium grafted poly (arylene ether ketone) with enhanced durability for vanadium redox flow battery
Ahn YH, Kim DJ
369 - 377 Preparation and anticancer activity evaluation of self-assembled paclitaxel conjugated MPEG-PCL micelles on 4T1 cells
Lee YS, Kim HJ, Yang DH, Chun HJ
378 - 386 Preparation of quasi-solid-state electrolytes using a coal fly ash derived zeolite-X and -A for dye-sensitized solar cells
Lim JM, Park JH, Park JT, Bae SJ
387 - 392 Temperature-dependent long-term stability of Sr0.6Na0.4SiO2.8 fast ion conductors
Joh DW, Shin HR, Kim JW, Lee KT
393 - 401 Effect of fatty acid-based anionic surfactants on the emulsion properties of self-emulsifying poly(ethylene-co-acrylic acid) waxes
Yang JI, Lee SJ, Choi IW, Shin JH, Han WH, Hong MH, Kang HC, Kim YW
402 - 409 Synthesis and thermal analysis of hydrophobic iron oxide nanoparticles for improving in-situ combustion efficiency of heavy oils
Esmaeilnezhad E, Karimian M, Choi HJ
410 - 424 Novel boehmite transformation into γ-alumina and preparation of efficient nickel base alumina porous extrudates for plasma-assisted CO2 methanation
Azzolina-Jury F
425 - 434 Mechanistic insights into nature of complexation between aluminum and phosphates in polyaluminum chloride treated sludge for sustainable phosphorus recovery
Toor UA, Shin H, Kim DJ
435 - 444 Glucose biofuel cells using the two-step reduction reaction of bienzyme structure as cathodic catalyst
Christwardana M, Chung YJ, Kim DH, Kwon YC
445 - 451 Fabrication and electrochemical characteristics of NCM-based all-solid lithium batteries using nano-grade garnet Al-LLZO powder
Kim DH, Kim MY, Yang SH, RYu HM, Jung HY, Ban HJ, Park SJ, Lim JS, Kim HS
452 - 459 Hierarchical free-standing networks of MnCo2S4 as efficient Electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction
Jadhav HS, Roy A, Thorat GM, Chung WJ, Seo CJ
460 - 464 Polyurethane triblock copolymer gate dielectrics for low-voltage organic thin-film transistors
Kim DK, Kim CG, Earmme T
465 - 480 Dynamic adsorption.desorption of methyl ethyl ketone on MCM-41 and SBA-15 decorated with thermally activated polymers
Janus R, Wa˛drzyk M, Natkanski P, Cool P, Kustrowski P