Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.69, January, 2019 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

In this Issue (50 articles)

1 - 12 Development of microreactors applied on biodiesel synthesis: From experimental investigation to numerical approaches
Santana HS, Silva JL, Taranto OP
13 - 17 Facile electrodeposition of high-density CuCo2O4 nanosheets as a high-performance Li-ion battery anode material
Pawar SM, Pawar BS, Hou B, Ahmed ATA, Chavan HS, Jo YC, Choi SE, Kim JM, Seo JW, Cha SN, Inamdar AI, Kim HS, Im HS
18 - 31 Use of Rosa canina fruit extract as a green corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in 1 M HCl solution: A complementary experimental, molecular dynamics and quantum mechanics investigation
Sanaei Z, Ramezanzadeh M, Bahlakeh G, Ramezanzadeh B
32 - 38 A case study of low pressure air flotation ferryboat for algae removal in Korean rivers and lakes
Nguyen HVM, Kim JK, Chang SW
39 - 47 α-Fe2O3 anchored on porous N doped carbon derived from green microalgae via spray pyrolysis as anode materials for lithium ion batteries
Kwon KM, Kim IG, Lee KY, Kim HS, Kim MS, Cho WI, Choi JY, Nah IW
48 - 56 Bio-synthesis of finely distributed Ag nanoparticle-decorated TiO2 nanorods for sunlight-induced photoelectrochemical water splitting
Sawant SY, Sayed MS, Han TH, Karim MR, Shim JJ, Cho MH
57 - 65 Aqueous acidified ionic liquid pretreatment for bioethanol production and concentration of produced ethanol by pervaporation
Trinh LTP, Lee YJ, Park CS, Bae HJ
66 - 76 An environmentally friendly wide temperature CeWTiOx catalyst with superior performance for the selective catalytic reduction NOx with NH3
Xiaosheng H, Guodong Z, Fang D, Zhicheng T
77 - 89 Engineering aspects of catalytic ozonation for purification of real textile industry wastewater at the pilot scale
Nakhate PH, Gadipelly CR, Joshi NT, Marathe KV
90 - 98 Comparative adsorption.regeneration performance for newly developed carbonaceous adsorbent
Asghar HMA, Hussain SN, Brown NW, Roberts EPL
99 - 105 Effects of hydrophobicity and lubricant characteristics on anti-icing performance of slippery lubricant-infused porous surfaces
Nguyen TB, Park SC, Jung YD, Lim HE
106 - 115 Fabrication of dual-coated graphene oxide nanosheets by polypyrrole and poly(ionic liquid) and their enhanced electrorheological responses
Chen P, Cheng Q, Wang LM, Liu YD, Choi HJ
116 - 126 3D hierarchical structure of MoS2@G-CNT combined with post-film annealing for enhanced lithium-ion storage
Nguyen QH, Choi JS, Lee YC, Kim IT, Hur JH
127 - 140 Water desalination via novel positively charged hybrid nanofiltration membranes filled with hyperbranched polyethyleneimine modified MWCNT
Peydayesh M, Mohammadi T, Bakhtiari O
141 - 152 Au-nanoparticle/nanopillars TiO2 meso-porous thin films in the degradation of tetracycline using UV-A light
Tiwari A, Shukla A, Lalliansanga, Tiwari D, Lee SM
153 - 160 Reactivity of isophorone diisocyanate in fabrications of polyurethane foams for improved acoustic and mechanical properties
Choe H, Kim JH
161 - 170 Optimization of cell components and operating conditions in primary and rechargeable zinc.air battery
Park JE, Lim MS, Kim JK, Choi HJ, Sung YE, Cho YH
171 - 178 Optimization of ionic liquid assisted sugar conversion and nanofiltration membrane separation for 5-hydroxymethylfurfural
Sarwono A, Man Z, Idris A, Khan AS, Muhammad N, Wilfred CD
179 - 186 Construction of DOPA-SAM multilayers with corrosion resistance via controlled molecular self-assembly
Chen T, Yang M, Yang H, Wang R, Wang S, Zhang H, Zhang X, Zhao Z, Wang J
187 - 195 Preparation of carbon-based solid acid with large surface area to catalyze esterification for biodiesel production
Xincheng T, Shengli N
196 - 210 Synthesis, characterization, and kinetic study of activated carbon modified by polysulfide rubber coating for aqueous hexavalent chromium removal
Mortazavian S, Saber A, Hong J, Bae JH, Chun DW, Wong N, Gerrity D, Batista J, Kim KJ, Moon JY
211 - 216 Organic/inorganic hybrid adsorbent for efficient phosphate removal from a reservoir affected by algae bloom
An B, Lee SJ, Kim HG, Zhao D, Park JA, Choi JW
217 - 224 Physicochemical characterization and deodorant activity of essential oil recovered from Asiasarum heterotropoides using supercritical carbon dioxide and organic solvents
Moon JN, Getachew AT, Haque ASMT, Saravana PS, Cho YJ, Nkurunziza D, Chun BS
225 - 232 Collision characteristics of droplet pairs with the presence of arriving distance differences
Wang X, Liu Z, Pang Y
233 - 240 Synthesis and functionalization of gold nanostars for singlet oxygen production
Duong HD, Vo-Dinh T, Rhee JI
241 - 254 Numerical simulation of aeration flow phenomena in bench-scale submerged flat membrane bioreactor
Kim DC, CHung KY
255 - 262 Recovery of gold(III) from the stripping solution containing palladium (II) by ion exchange and synthesis of gold particles
Xing WD, Lee MS
263 - 268 Poly-L-lysine/poly-L-glutamic acid-based layer-by-layer self-assembled multilayer film for nitric oxide gas delivery
Park KT, Jeong HJ, Tanum J, Yoo JC, Hong JK
269 - 284 Ultrasonic assisted green synthesis of Ag:CdO nanocubes and nanospheres using Citrus limon leaves for efficient degradation of organic dyes
Jha M, Ansari S, Shimpi NG
285 - 294 Quaternary PtRuFeCo nanoparticles supported N-doped graphene as an efficient bifunctional electrocatalyst for low-temperature fuel cells
Rethinasabapathy M, Kang SM, Haldorai Y, Jonna N, Jankiraman M, Lee GW, Jang SC, Natesan B, Roh CH, Huh YS
295 - 303 Simultaneous treatment of domestic wastewater and bio-lipid synthesis using immobilized and suspended cultures of microalgae and activated sludge
Katam K, Bhattacharyya D
304 - 314 Production of phenolic hydrocarbons from organosolv lignin and lignocellulose feedstocks of hardwood, softwood, grass and agricultural waste
Son DW, Gu SS, Choi JW, Suh DJ, Jae JH, Choi JK, Ha JM
315 - 323 Fabrication and characterization of graphene oxide.titanium dioxide nanocomposite for degradation of some toxic insecticides
El-Shafai NM, El-Khouly ME, El-Kemary M, Ramadan MS, Derbalah AS, Masoud MS
324 - 330 Surface modification of multi-walled carbon nanotubes to produce a new bimetallic Fe/Mn catalyst for the aerobic oxidation of hydrocarbons
Nejabat F, Rayati S
331 - 337 A modeling methodology to investigate the effect of interfacial adhesion on the yield strength of MMT reinforced nanocomposites
Zare Y, Rhee KY, Park SJ
338 - 344 Reversible absorption of SO2 with alkyl-anilines: The effects of alkyl group on aniline and water
Vo HT, Cho SH, Lee U, Jae JH, Kim HG, Lee HJ
345 - 357 A Bi2WO6-based hybrid heterostructures photocatalyst with enhanced photodecomposition and photocatalytic hydrogen evolution through Z-scheme process
Arif M, Min Z, Yuting L, Yin H, Liu X
358 - 363 Highly sensitive copper nanowire conductive electrode for nonenzymatic glucose detection
NA WJ, Lee JS, Jun JM, Kim WY, Kim YK, Jang JS
364 - 369 Lifetime extension in green thermally activated delayed fluorescent organic light-emitting diodes by increasing excited state bond dissociation energy
Lee HJ, Han SH, Hong WP, Song OK, Lee JY
370 - 378 Residence time distribution in rapid multiphase reactors
Wojewodka P, Aranowski R, Jungnickel C
379 - 386 Construction of dye-sensitized solar cells using wet chemical route synthesized MoSe2 counter electrode
Vikraman D, Patil SA, Hussain S, Mengal N, Jeong SH, Jung JW, Park HJ, Kim HS, Kim HS
387 - 396 Fiber-polyquaterniums@Cu(I) as recyclable polymer-supported copper complex catalysts for alkyne coupling and cycloaddition reactions
Hu Q, Shi XL, Chen YJ, Wang F, Weng YJ, Duan P
397 - 404 Oxygen-generating alginate hydrogels as a bioactive acellular matrix for facilitating wound healing
Kang JI, Park KM, Park KD
405 - 413 On-demand generation of heat and free radicals for dual cancer therapy using thermal initiator- and gold nanorod-embedded PLGA nanocomplexes
Thirunavukkarasu GK, Nirmal GR, Lee HJ, Lee MG, Park IK, Lee JY
414 - 421 Stabilizing color shift of tandem white organic light-emitting diodes
Cho HS, Song JO, Kwon BH, Choi SY, Lee HK, Joo CW, Ahn SD, Kang SY, Yoo SH, Moon JH
422 - 431 A template-hatched method towards poly(acrylic acid) hydrogel spheres with ultrahigh ion exchange capacity and robust adsorption of environmental toxins
Yang F, Fan X, Zhang M, Wang C, Zhao W, Zhao C
432 - 443 On surface energy and acid.base properties of highly porous parent and surface treated activated carbons using inverse gas chromatography
Pal A, Kondor A, Mitra S, Thu K, Harish S, Saha BB
444 - 448 Preparation and characterization of single crystals of tetrakis(4-(5,5-dimethyl-2-phenyl-1,3-dioxan-2-yl)phenyl)germane
Lee TW, Lee DW, Choi YJ, Ok KM, Park KY
449 - 454 Rapid stabilization of polyacrylonitrile fibers achieved by plasma-assisted thermal treatment on electron-beam irradiated fibers
Park SJ, Kil HS, Choi DS, Song SK, Lee SH
455 - 463 A facile, green synthesis of biomass carbon dots coupled with molecularly imprinted polymers for highly selective detection of oxytetracycline
Liu H, Ding L, Chen L, Chen Y, Zhou T, Li H, Xu Y, Zhao L, Huang N