Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.68, December, 2018 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

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1 - 5 Novel thermal radical initiators based on a triazene moiety for radical polymerization
Kang SK, Kim TM, Kim BJ, Jeong YK, Park YI, Noh SM, Park JW
6 - 13 Supramolecular aminocatalysis via inclusion complex: Amino-doped β-cyclodextrin as an efficient supramolecular catalyst for the synthesis of chromeno pyrimido[1,2-b]indazol in water
Shinde VV, Jeong DH, Jung SH
14 - 23 Enhanced photo-Fenton degradation of tetracycline using TiO2-coated α-Fe2O3 core?shell heterojunction
Zheng X, Fu W, Kang F, Peng H, Wen J
24 - 32 Bubble breakup dynamics and flow behaviors of a surface-functionalized nanocellulose based nanofluid stabilized foam in constricted microfluidic devices
Wei B, Wang Y, Wen Y, Xu X, Wood C, Sun L
33 - 41 Exceptionally stable green-synthesized gold nanoparticles for highly sensitive and selective colorimetric detection of trace metal ions and volatile aromatic compounds
Singh K, Kukkar D, Singh R, Kukkar P, Kim KH
42 - 47 Facile and effective antibacterial coatings on various oxide substrates
Kim DW, Moon JM, Park SY, Choi JS, Cho WK
48 - 56 Immobilization of potassium copper hexacyanoferrate in doubly crosslinked magnetic polymer bead for highly effective Cs+ removal and facile recovery
Kim YK Bae KH, KimYH, Harbottle D, Lee JW
57 - 68 Physical properties of mungbean starch/PVA bionanocomposites added nano-ZnS particles and its photocatalytic activity
Yun YH, KimES, Shim WG, Yoon SD
69 - 78 Regenerability of a Ni catalyst in the catalytic steam reforming of biomass pyrolysis volatiles
Arregi A, Lopez G, Amutio M, Barbarias I, Santamaria L, Bilbao J, Olazar M
79 - 86 DNA and DNA?CTMA composite thin films embedded with carboxyl group-modified multi-walled carbon nanotubes
Dugasani SR, Gnapareddy B, Kesama MR, Ha TH, Park SH
87 - 98 Effect of activated carbon modified with oxalic acid on the production of IPA from MX catalyzed by H3PW12O40@carbon and cobalt
Fang ZW, Liu HJ, Wang ZH, Wen D, Long XI
99 - 108 An oil-tolerant and salt-resistant aqueous foam system for heavy oil transportation
Sun J, Jing J, Brauner N, Han L, Ullmann A
109 - 116 Exploration of structural, thermal and spectroscopic properties of self-activated sulfate Eu2(SO4)3 with isolated SO4 groups
Denisenko YG, Aleksandrovsky AS, Atuchin VV, Krylov AS, Molokeev MS, Oreshonkov AS, Shestakov NP, Andreev OV
117 - 123 Effects of process variables on aqueous-based AlOx insulators for high-performance solution-processed oxide thin-film transistors
Huh JE, Park JT, Lee JH, Lee SE, Lee JW, Lim KH, Kim YS
124 - 128 Enhancement of high temperature cycling stability in high-nickel cathode materials with titanium doping
Song JH, Bae JH, Lee KW, Lee IB, Hwang KB, Cho WS, Hahn SJ, Yoon SH
129 - 139 Significance of N-moieties in regulating the electrochemical properties of nano-porous graphene: Toward highly capacitive energy storage devices
Khan F, Kim JH
140 - 145 Bulky carbon layer inlaid with nanoscale Fe2O3 as an excellent lithium-storage anode material
Nguyen TA, Lee SW
146 - 152 Excavated carbon with embedded Si nanoparticles for ultrafast lithium storage
An GH, Kim HJ, Ahn HJ
153 - 160 Synthesis and characterization of a new energy material (guanidinium dinitramide) with crystallization solvent
Kim WR, Park MJ, Park YS, Kwon YJ, Jo YM
161 - 167 Synthesis and electrochemical performance of transition metal-coated carbon nanofibers as anode materials for lithium secondary batteries
Choi JY, Hyun YR, Park HK, Lee CS
168 - 172 Influence of ionic liquid structures on polyimide-based gel polymer electrolytes for high-safety lithium batteries
Kim JK
173 - 179 Flexible poly(vinyl alcohol)-ceramic composite separators for supercapacitor applications
Bon CYJ, Mohammed L, Kim SJ, Manasi M, Isheunesu P, Lee KS, Ko JM
180 - 186 Selective doping of Li-rich layered oxide cathode materials for high-stability rechargeable Li-ion batteries
Han DW, Park KJ, Park JH, Yun DJ, Son YH
187 - 195 H2S tolerance effects of Ce0.8Sm0.2O2-δ modification on Sr0.92Y0.08Ti1?xNixO3-δ anode in solid oxide fuel cells
Kim KIN, Kim HS, Kim HS, Yun JW
196 - 208 New insights about coke deposition in methanol-to-DME reaction over MOR-, MFI- and FER-type zeolites
Migliori M, Catizzone E, Aloise A, Bonura G, Gomez-Hortiguela L, Frusteri L, Cannilla C, Frusteri F, Giordano G
209 - 219 Colloidally stable organic?inorganic hybrid nanoparticles prepared using alkoxysilane-functionalized amphiphilic polymer precursors and mechanical properties of their cured coating film
Kim NH, Li X, Kim SH, Kim JY
220 - 228 Simple surface biofunctionalization of biphasic calcium phosphates for improving osteogenic activity and bone tissue regeneration
Shim KS, Kim HJ, Kim SE, Park KS
229 - 237 Polysaccharide-based superhydrophilic coatings with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent-delivering capabilities for ophthalmic applications
Park SH, Park JH, Heo JW, Lee SE, Shin JW, Chang MW, Hong JK
238 - 245 Development of wrinkled skin-on-a-chip (WSOC) by cyclic uniaxial stretching
Lim HY, Kim JW, Song HJ, Kim KH, Choi KC, Park SS, Sung GY
246 - 256 Graphene oxide dispersed polyvinyl chloride/alkyd green nanocomposite film: Processing and physico-mechanical properties
Yadav M, Ahmad S, Chiu FC
257 - 266 Ultrathin graphene-like 2D porous carbon nanosheets and its excellent capacitance retention for supercapacitor
Gopalakrishnan A, Badhulika S
267 - 273 Hydrothermal liquefaction of Chlorella vulgaris: Effect of reaction temperature and time on energy recovery and nutrient recovery
Yang JH, Shin HY, Ryu YJ, Lee CG
274 - 281 Characterization of flow properties of pharmaceutical pellets in draft tube conical spout-fluid beds
Foroughi-Dahr M, Sotudeh-Gharebagh R, Mostoufi N
282 - 292 Optimization of the extraction of phytochemicals from black mulberry (Morus nigra L.) leaves
Nastic N, Borras-Linares I, Lozano-Sanchez J, Svarc-Gajic J, Segura-Carretero A
293 - 300 High-performance photovoltaics by double-charge transporters using graphenic nanosheets and triisopropylsilylethynyl/naphthothiadiazole moieties
Agbolaghi S, Aghapour S, Charoughchi S, Abbasi F, Sarvari R
301 - 310 Reduction of histamine and heavy metals in mackerel hydrolyzates produced by catalysts associated-subcritical water hydrolysis
Asaduzzaman AKM, Haq M, Chun BS
311 - 324 Neodymium doped mixed metal oxide derived from CoAl-layered double hydroxide: Considerable enhancement in visible light photocatalytic activity
Khodam F, Amani-Ghadim HR, Aber S, Amani-Ghadim AR, Ahadzadeh I
325 - 334 Ru?NiOx nanohybrids on TiO2 support prepared by impregnation-reduction method for efficient hydrogenation of lactose to lactitol
Mishra DK, Dabbawala AA, Truong CC, Alhassan SM, Jegal J, Hwang JS
335 - 341 Catalytic effect of metal oxides on CO2 absorption in an aqueous potassium salt of lysine
Dharmalingam S, Park KT, Lee JY, Park IG, Jeong SK
342 - 349 Tribological and rheological tests of core-shell typed carbonyl iron/polystyrene particle-based magnetorheological fluid
Zhang P, Dong YZ, Choi HJ, Lee CH
350 - 354 Investigation of degradation mechanism of phosphorescent and thermally activated delayed fluorescent organic light-emitting diodes through doping concentration dependence of lifetime
Song S, Kim TK, Lee JY, Lee YK, Jeong HI
355 - 363 Experimental investigation of the influence of salinity gradient on low-concentration surfactant flooding in Berea sandstone
Ebaga-Ololo J, Chon BH
364 - 371 Polymerization of aniline using a peroxidase-mimetic catalyst
Kim MC, Lim YJ, Lee SY
372 - 379 Enhanced performance at an early state of hydrocarbon selective catalyst reduction of NOx by atmospheric pressure plasma
Nguyen DB, Heo IJ, Mok YS
380 - 386 Catalytic deoxygenation of vanillin over layered double hydroxide supported Pd catalyst
Liao C, Liu X, Ren Y, Gong D, Zhang Z
387 - 392 Enhanced adhesion properties of conductive super-hydrophobic surfaces by using zirco-aluminate coupling agent
Park MH, Ha JH, Song HJ, Bae JW, Park SH
393 - 398 2-Dimensional colloidal micropatterning of cholesteric liquid crystal microcapsules for temperature-responsive color displays
Lee WJ, Kim BH, Han SW, Seo MJ, Choi SE, Yang HK, Kim SH, Jeong SH, Kim JW
399 - 405 Spray coating of electrochemically exfoliated graphene/conducting polymer hybrid electrode for organic field effect transistor
Kim Y, Kwon YJ, Hong JY, Park MW, Lee CJ, Lee JU
406 - 415 Implementation of magnetic Fe3O4@ZIF-8 nanocomposite to activate sodium percarbonate for highly effective degradation of organic compound in aqueous solution
Sajjadi S, Khataee A, Soltani RDC, Bagheri N, Karimi A, Azar AEF
416 - 424 Flexible membranes with a hierarchical nanofiber/microsphere structure for oil adsorption and oil/water separation
Gao J, Li B, Wang L, Huang X, Xue H