Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.67, November, 2018 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

In this Issue (49 articles)

1 - 11 A review on thermomechanical properties of polymers and fibers reinforced polymer composites
Saba N, Jawaid M
12 - 27 Recent advances in 2-D nanostructured metal nitrides, carbides, and phosphides electrodes for electrochemical supercapacitors - A brief review
Theerthagiri J, Durai G, Karuppasamy K, Arunachalam P, Elakkiya V, Kuppusami P, Maiyalagan T, Kim HS
28 - 51 Review on fabrication of graphitic carbon nitride based efficient nanocomposites for photodegradation of aqueous phase organic pollutants
Sudhaik A, Raizada P, Shandilya P, Jeong DY, Lim JH, Singh P
52 - 71 Progress in the modification of reverse osmosis (RO) membranes for enhanced performance
Otitoju TA, Saari RA, Ahmad AL
72 - 79 Synthesis, interfacial property, and application of new hybrid anion surfactant containing fluorocarbon and hydrocarbon chains
Kang EK, Sohn EH, Jung GY, Jung SH, Ha JW, Lee SB, Park IJ, Lee BM
80 - 91 Agglomeration of human dermal fibroblasts with ECM mimicking nano-fragments and their effects on proliferation and cell/ECM interactions
Ahmad T, Shin YM, Lee JK, Shin HJ, Perikamana SKM, Shin HS
92 - 98 Morphological transformations during drying of surfactant-nanofluid droplets
Osman A, Shahidzadeh N, Stitt H, Shokri N
99 - 108 Thiadiazole-thione surfactants: Preparation, flotation performance and adsorption mechanism to malachite
Huang Y, Liu G, Liu J, Yang X, Zhang Z
109 - 122 Efficient extraction and recovery of Lignosulfonate using sunflower oil as green solvent in liquid membrane transport: Equilibrium and kinetic study
Kumar V, Singh RK, Chowdhury P
123 - 131 Effects of HLB value on oil-in-water emulsions: Droplet size, rheological behavior, zeta-potential, and creaming index
Hong IK, Kim SI, Lee SB
132 - 139 Preparation of nanoporous alumina using aluminum chloride via precipitation templating method for CO adsorbent
Yeom CJ, Selvaraj R, Kim YH
140 - 147 Effects of a naturally derived surfactant on hydrate anti-agglomeration using micromechanical force measurement
Li M, Dong S, Li B, Liu C
148 - 155 A detailed study of physicochemical properties and microstructure of EmimCl-EG deep eutectic solvents: Their influence on SO2 absorption behavior
Zhu J, Xu Y, Feng X, Zhu X
156 - 163 Enhancing CO2/CH4 separation performance and mechanical strength of mixed-matrix membrane via combined use of graphene oxide and ZIF-8
Li W, Samarasinghe SASC, Bae TH
164 - 174 Fabrication of Ag/In2O3/TiO2/HNTs hybrid-structured and plasma effect photocatalysts for enhanced charges transfer and photocatalytic activity
Wang H, Wu D, Liu C, Guan J, Li J, Huo P, Liu X, Wang Q, Yan Y
175 - 186 An overview of functionalised carbon nanomaterial for organic pollutant removal
Jun LY, Mubarak NM, Yee MJ, Yon LS, Bing CH, Khalid M, Abdullah EC
187 - 198 Low cost zwitterionic adsorbent coating for treatment of anionic and cationic dyes
Azha SF, Shamsudin MS, Shahadat M, Ismail S
199 - 209 Fabrication and separation performance of polyethersulfone/sulfonated TiO2 (PES.STiO2) ultrafiltration membranes for fouling mitigation
Ayyaru S, Ahn YH
210 - 218 EDTA-functionalized KCC-1 and KIT-6 mesoporous silicas for Nd3+ ion recovery from aqueous solutions
Ravi S, Zhang S, Lee YR, Kang KK, Kim JM, Ahn JW, Ahn WS
219 - 230 Evaluation of a moving bed biofilm reactor for simultaneous atrazine, carbon and nutrients removal from aquatic environments: Modeling and optimization
Derakhshan Z, Ehrampoush MH, Mahvi AH, Dehghani M, Faramarzian M, Ghaneian MT, Mokhtari M, Ebrahimi AA, Fallahzadeh H
231 - 235 Synthesis of (R,R)-2,3-butanediol from starch in a hybrid cell-free reaction system
Yi T, Lim HJ, Lee SJ, Lee KH, Kim DM
236 - 243 Spectroscopic properties of Er3+/Yb3+ co-doped fluorophosphate glasses for NIR luminescence and optical temperature sensor applications
Linganna K, Agawane GL, In JH, Park J, Choi JH
244 - 254 Polydopamine-mediated surface modifications of poly L-lactic acid with hydroxyapatite, heparin and bone morphogenetic protein-2 and their effects on osseointegration
Yun YJ, Kim HJ, Lee DW, Um SW, Chun HJ
255 - 265 Distillation design and optimization of quaternary azeotropic mixtures for waste solvent recovery
Chaniago YD, Lee MY
266 - 275 Novel estimation method of operating life in lithium-ion pouch cells
Kim HS, Kim JW, Kim NY, Lee IB, Hwang KB, Bae JH, Yoon SH
276 - 283 Preparation of isotropic pitch precursor for pitch-based carbon fiber through the co-carbonization of ethylene bottom oil and polyvinyl chloride
Liu J, Shimanoe H, Nakabayashi K, Miyawaki J, Ko S, Jeon YP, Yoon SH
284 - 292 RAGE-binding peptide-conjugated polyethylenimine as a dual-functional carrier: A RAGE-mediated gene carrier and an anti-angiogenic reagent
Lee DH, Choi EJ, Lee JW, Oh JJ, Lee SY, Lee MH
293 - 300 Validation on the molecular docking efficiency of lipocalin family of proteins
Sokalingam S, Munussami G, Kim JR, Lee SG
301 - 311 Fe0/C-bentonite alginate beads and oyster shell fixed-bed column combined process to continuously remove N-acetyl-p-aminophenol in persulfate system
Wang BH, Zhang Q, Hong JM
312 - 315 Modulation of chromatic reversibility of polydiacetylene Langmuir Schafer (LS) films by cadmium ion Ad/desorption
Lee GS, Kim TY, Ahn DJ
316 - 325 Green synthesis of aluminum-based metal organic framework for the removal of azo dye Acid Black 1 from aqueous media
Jung KW, Choi BH, Lee SY, Ahn KH, Lee YJ
326 - 332 Nitrogen removal performance of anammox process with PVA-SA gel bead crosslinked with sodium sulfate as a biomass carrier
Tuyen NV, Ryu JH, Yae JB, Kim HG, Hong SW, Ahn DH
333 - 346 Insights into the significance of membrane structure and concentration polarization on the performance of gas separation membrane permeators: Mathematical modeling approach
Dehkordi JA, Hosseini SS, Kundu PK
347 - 357 Application of monodisperse Fe3O4 submicrospheres in magnetorheological fluids
Anupama AV, Kumaran V, Sahoo B
358 - 364 Enhancing the oxidative stabilization of isotropic pitch precursors prepared through the co-carbonization of ethylene bottom oil and polyvinyl chloride
Liu J, Shimanoe H, Nakabayashi K, Miyawaki J, Choi JE, Jeon YP, Yoon SH
365 - 372 Visible light-cured glycol chitosan hydrogel dressing containing endothelial growth factor and basic fibroblast growth factor accelerates wound healing in vivo
Yoo YB, Hyun H, Yoon SJ, Kim SY, Lee DW, Um SW, Hong SO, Yang DH
373 - 379 Fabrication of triazine-based Porous Aromatic Framework (PAF) membrane with structural flexibility for gas mixtures separation
Wang L, Jia J, Faheem M, Tian Y, Zhu G
380 - 387 Polyamidoxime functionalized with phosphate groups by plasma technique for effective U(VI) adsorption
Shao D, Wang X, Ren X, Hu S, Wen J, Tan Z, Xiong J, Asiri AM, Marwani HM
388 - 395 Effect of the pore size in a 3D bioprinted gelatin scaffold on fibroblast proliferation
Choi DJ, Park SJ, Gu BK, Kim YJ, Chung S, Kim CH
396 - 406 Biodegradable sheath-core biphasic monofilament braided stent for bio-functional treatment of esophageal strictures
Han CM, Lih E, Choi SK, Bedair TM, Lee YJ, Park WR, Han DK, Son JS, Joung YK
407 - 416 Nanocomposite SiEA-KNiFe sorbent - Complete solution from synthesis through radiocesium sorption to vitrification using the sol.gel method
Chmielewska D, Siwek M, Wawszczak D, Henczka M, Sartowska B, Starosta W, Dudek J
417 - 428 Highly sensitive gas sensor using hierarchically self-assembled thin films of graphene oxide and gold nanoparticles
Ly TN, Park SK
429 - 436 Cancer-targeted photothermal therapy using aptamer-conjugated gold nanoparticles
Hong EJ, Kim YS, Choi DG, Shim MS
437 - 447 Rhodomine B dye removal and inhibitory effect on B. subtilis and S. aureus by WOx nanoparticles
Ying YL, Pung SY, Ong MT, Pung YF
448 - 460 Carbon bead-supported copper-dispersed carbon nanofibers: An efficient catalyst for wet air oxidation of industrial wastewater in a recycle flow reactor
Yadav A, Verma N
461 - 468 Utility of solid phase extraction for colorimetric determination of lead in waters, vegetables, biological and soil samples
Al-Mallah Z, Amin AS
469 - 477 Tranilast-delivery surgical sutures to ameliorate wound healing by reducing scar formation through regulation of TGF-β expression and fibroblast recruitment
Choi SY, Kim BH, Huh BK, Jeong W, Park M, Park HJ, Park JH, Heo CY, Choy YB
478 - 485 Polarization behavior of polyvinylidene fluoride films with the addition of reduced graphene oxide
Lee JW, Lim SW
486 - 496 Bimetallic Pd@Ni-mesoporous TiO2 nanocatalyst for highly improved and selective hydrogenation of carbonyl compounds under UV light radiation
Bathla A, Pal B