Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.64, August, 2018 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

In this Issue (50 articles)

1 - 15 A review of approaches for the design of high-performance metal/ graphene electrocatalysts for fuel cell applications
Liu J, Choi HJ, Meng LY
16 - 59 Recent development on carbon based heterostructures for their applications in energy and environment: A review
Jayaraman T, Murthy AP, Elakkiya V, Chandrasekaran S, Nithyadharseni P, Khan Z, Senthil RA, Shanker R, Raghavender M, Kuppusami P, Jagannathan M, Ashokkumar M
60 - 69 A revival of 2D materials, phosphorene: Its application as sensors
Irshad R, Tahir K, Li B, Sher Z, Ali J, Nazir S
70 - 75 Simultaneous etching and transfer . Free multilayer graphene sheets derived from C60 thin films
Hudaya C, Ahn M, Oh SH, Jeon BJ, Sung YE, Lee JK
76 - 79 Micromesh carbon nanosheet electrodes fabricated by phase-separation of immiscible polymer blends
Son SY, Yeo JS, JunG GY, Lee SH, Joh HI
80 - 84 Near-infrared fluorescent sorbitol probe for tumor diagnosis in vivo
Lee SS, Lim WB, Jo DB, Jung JS, Kim SB, Jo GY, Min JJ, Choi EY, Hyun H
85 - 89 Multistate resistive switching characteristics of ZnO nanoparticles embedded polyvinylphenol device
Jung JH, Kwon DH, Jung HS, Lee KM, Yoon TS, Kang CJ, Lee HH
90 - 96 Self-assembly of tumor-targeting RNA nanoball for carrier-free delivery of therapeutic RNA
Han SW, Lee JB
97 - 101 Fabrication of polyaniline-carbon nano composite for application in sensitive flexible acid sensor
Seo CU, Yoon YJ, Kim DH, Choi SY, Park WK, Yoo jS, Baek BM, Kwon SB, Yang CM, Song YH, Yoon DH, Yang WS
102 - 106 Fabrication of p-aminobenzoic acid grafted carbonyl iron/polyindole composite particles and their magnetorheological response
Par IH, Choi HJ
107 - 115 Synthesis of quinazolinones and benzazoles utilizing recyclable sulfated metal-organic framework-808 catalyst in glycerol as green solvent
Vo YH, Le TV, Nguyen HD, To TA, Ha HQ, Nguyen AT, Phan ANQ, Phan NTS
116 - 123 Preparation of CuO powder for electroplating using lead frame etching wastes
Lee SB, Jung RY, Kim SH
124 - 133 CFD simulation of fluid flow in a novel prototype radial mixed plug-flow reactor
Rasouli M, Mousavi SM, Azargoshasb H, Jamialahmadi O, Ajabshirchi Y
134 - 142 Fabrication of high energy Li-ion hybrid capacitor using manganese hexacyanoferrate nanocubes and graphene electrodes
Pazhamalai P, Krishnamoorthy K, Mariappan VK, Kim SJ
143 - 150 Effect of direct current electrical stimulation on the recovery of facial nerve crush injury
Jang CH, Lee JU, Kim GH
151 - 166 Comparative studies of electrochemical performance and characterization of TiO2/graphene nanocomposites as anode materials for Li-secondary batteries
Jamal H, Kang BS, Lee HC, Yu JS, Lee CS
167 - 172 Selective recovery of cadaverine from lysine decarboxylase bioconversion solution using methyl ethyl ketone
Hong YG, Kim HJ, Jeon JM, Moon YM, Hong JW, Joo JC, Song BK, Park KM, Lee SH, Yang YH
173 - 187 Adsorption performance of 5A molecular sieve zeolite in water vapor.binary gas environment: Experimental and modeling evaluation
AbdulKareem FA, Shariff AM, Ullah S, See TL, Keong LK, Mellon N
188 - 193 Surface plasmon resonance-enhanced solar-driven photocatalytic performance from Ag nanoparticles-decorated Ti3+ self-doped porous black TiO2 pillars
Zhou G, Meng H, Cao Y, Kou X, Duan S, Fan L, Xiao M, Zhou F, Li Z, Xing Z
194 - 205 Highly-efficient catalytic combustion performance of 1,2-dichlorobenzene over mesoporous TiO2-SiO2 supported CeMn oxides: The effect of acid sites and redox sites
Zhao H, Han W, Dong F, Tang Z
206 - 218 Improved photoelectric performance via fabricated heterojunction g-C 3N4/TiO2/HNTs loaded photocatalysts for photodegradation of ciprofloxacin
Wu D, Li J, Guan J, Liu C, Zhao X, Zhu Z, Ma C, Huo P, Li C, Yan Y
219 - 229 Designed synthesis and characterization of nanostructured ceria-zirconia based material with enhanced thermal stability and its application in three-way catalysis
Deng J, Zhou Y, Li S, Xiong L, Wang J, Yuan S, Chen Y
230 - 236 Chemical durability and photocatalyst activity of acid-treated ceramic TiO2 nanocomposites
Yoon SD, Kim ES, Yun YH
237 - 244 Application of perylene dyes for low dielectric hybrid-type black matrices
Yuk SB, Lee WS, KimSH, Namgoong JW, Lee JM, Kim JP
245 - 255 Fabrication of protective silane coating on mild steel: The role of hydrogen peroxide in acid treatment solution
Orouji SM, Naderi R, Mahdavian M
256 - 265 Controllable synthesis of plate BiOBr loaded plate Bi2O2CO3 with exposed {001} facets for ciprofloxacin photo-degradation
Su X, Wu D
266 - 275 Combined water flux enhancement of PES-based TFC membranes in ultrasonic-assisted forward osmosis processes
Wang Q, Gao X, Ma Z, Wang J, Wang X, Yang Y, Gao C
276 - 283 Magnetic field intensity effect on electrical conductivity of magnetorheological biosuspensions based on honey, turmeric and carbonyl iron
Bica I, Anitas EM
284 - 291 Rheological analysis of self-healing property of microcapsule-containing asphalt
Chung KH, Lee SH, Cho WS, Seo JY, Hong YK
292 - 299 Valorization of orange industry residues to form a natural coagulant and adsorbent
Kebaili M, Djellali S, Radjai M, Drouiche N, Lounici H
300 - 310 Dual-functionalized calcium nanocomplexes for transfection of cancerous and stem cells: Low molecular weight polycation-mediated colloidal stability and ATP-mediated endosomal release
Choi YS, Kim KN, Ryu K, Cho HN, Cho YY, Lee JY, Lee HS, Kim BG, Song SC, Kang HC
311 - 317 Enhancement of surface stability of lithium manganese oxide spinel by silyl-group functionalized fluoride-responsive ionic liquid additives
Seo HR, Na SB, Lee BE, Yim TE, Oh SH
318 - 327 Influence of small amount of Mg incorporated into hexagonal ZnO crystal on cell performance in membrane free Zinc.Nickel redox battery
Im YH, Kim JY, Park KS, Cho TW, Jeon JW, Chung KI, Eguchi K, Kang MS
328 - 336 One-step production of highly anisotropic particles via a microfluidic method
Xia M, Go EM, Choi KH, Lim JH, Park BK, Yu TK, Im SH, Kwank SK, Park BJ
337 - 343 Covalent functionalization of multi-walled carbon nanotubes with imidazolium-based poly(ionic liquid)s by Diels.Alder “click” reaction
Le CMQ, Cao XT, Jeong YT, Lim KT
344 - 351 3D yolk.shell Si@void@CNF nanostructured electrodes with improved electrochemical performance for lithium-ion batteries
Choi SJ, Kim MC, Moon SH, Lee JE, Shin YK, Kim ES, Park KW
352 - 366 Eco-friendly process for preparation of biodiesel from WFO over MTSA-Si catalyst: An innovative approach for the utilization of side product
Savaliya ML, Dholakiya BZ
367 - 372 Graphene laminated Cu nanoparticle arrays by spontaneous formation through dewetting
Haidari MM, Kim HS, Kim JH, Lee SH, Yu YJ, Kim JT, Choi CG, Choi JS
373 - 382 Hybrid sonocatalysis/electrolysis process for intensified decomposition of amoxicillin in aqueous solution in the presence of magnesium oxide nanocatalyst
Soltani RDC, Mashayekhi M, Khataee A, Ghanadzadeh MJ, Sillanpaa M
383 - 389 Boron defect engineering in boron nitride nanosheets with improved adsorptive desulfurization performance
Xiong J, Luo J, Yang L, Pang J, Zhu W, Li H
390 - 401 Synthesis of stable nanoparticles at harsh environment using the synergistic effect of surfactants blend
Nourafkan E, Asachi M, Hu Z, Gao H, Wen D
402 - 419 The epoxy coating interfacial adhesion and corrosion protection properties enhancement through deposition of cerium oxide nanofilm modified by graphene oxide
Parhizkar N, Ramezanzadeh B, Shahrabi T
420 - 429 Synthesis and evaluation of bio-compatible cholinium amino acid ionic liquids for lubrication applications
Aathira MS, Khatri PK, Jain SL
430 - 437 Nanoscale polyelectrolyte complexes encapsulating mRNA and long-chained siRNA for combinatorial cancer gene therapy
Kim MG, Jo SD, Jeong JH, Kim SH
438 - 445 Preparation and anticancer effect of pegylated-chlorambucil prodrug nanoparticle for enhanced therapeutic efficiency
Jeong EH, Jeong GW, Nah JW
446 - 452 Highly product-selective and scalable rare-earth metal-catalyzed Meinwald rearrangement of epoxy oleochemicals under solvent-free conditions
Shaikh RR, Khan RA, Alsalme A
453 - 460 Nonflammable and thermally stable gel polymer electrolytes based on crosslinked perfluoropolyether (PFPE) network for lithium battery applications
Baik JH, Kim DG, Lee JH, Kim SW, Hong DG, Lee JC
461 - 466 Au ion-mediated self-assembled tyrosine-rich peptide nanostructure embedded with gold nanoparticle satellites
Lee NH, Jang HS, Lee MW, Kim YO, Cho HJ, Jeong DH, Shin DS, Lee YS, Lee DW, Lee SM
467 - 477 Fluidizable Ni/Ce-meso-Al2O3 for gasification of glucose: Effect of catalyst reduction on hydrogen selectivity
Adamu S, Razzak SA, Hossain MM
478 - 483 Functional group effects on a metal-organic framework catalyst for CO2 cycloaddition
Noh J, Kim YI, Park HJ, Lee JH, Yoon MY, Park MH, Kim YJ, Kim M