Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.63, July, 2018 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

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1 - 11 Theoretical and experimental investigation on the removal of oil spill by selective sorbents
Narayanan P, Ravirajan A, Umasankaran A, Prakash DG, Kumar PS
12 - 18 Supercapacitive properties of composite electrode consisting of activated carbon and quinone derivatives
Latifatu M, Park JH, Ko JM, Park JW
19 - 26 Scalable production of water-dispersible reduced graphene oxide and its integration in a field effect transistor
Reddy V, Babu KKCS, Torati SR, Eom YJ, Trung TQ, Lee NE, Kim CG
27 - 32 Highly effective photocatalysts based on carbon nanofibers decorated with TiO2 and CdSe under visible light
Yoo SH, Lee SI, Joh HI, Lee SH
33 - 40 Conjugated polymer nano-ellipsoids assembled with octanoic acid and their polyurethane nanocomposites with simultaneous thermal storage and antibacterial activity
Lee DB, Shin TJ, Yoo PJ, Oh KW, Park JH
41 - 47 Photoelectrochemical properties of Fe2O3 nanorods grown with an Na2SO4 additive
Choi HY, Ryu HH, Lee WJ
48 - 56 Catalytic conversion of glucose into levulinic and formic acids using aqueous Brønsted acid
Kim HS, Kim SK, Jeong GT
57 - 64 Cancer-specific pro-oxidant therapy using low-toxic polypeptide micelles encapsulating piperlongumine
Hong EJ, Lee DY, Kang HC, Kim YC, Shim MS
65 - 72 Organic.inorganic Z-scheme g-C3N4-NiTi-layered double hydroxide films for photocatalytic applications in a fixed-bed reactor
Yazdani D, Zinatizadeh AA, Joshaghani M
73 - 83 Rambutan-like cobalt nickel sulfide (CoNi2S4) hierarchitecture for high-performance symmetric aqueous supercapacitors
Rajesh JA, Park JH, Quy VHV, Kwon JM, Chae JY, Kang SH, Kim HS, Ahn KS
84 - 94 Simultaneous removal of NOx and soot particulates from diesel engine exhaust by 3DOM Fe.Mn oxide catalysts
Tan J, Wei Y, Sun Y, Liu J, Zhao Z, Song W, Li J, Zhang X
95 - 102 Porous PEDOT.SiO2 hybrid conductive micro particles prepared by simultaneous co-vaporized vapor phase polymerization
Jung SG, Cho KY, Yim JH
103 - 111 Cellular uptake mechanism and comparative in vitro cytotoxicity studies of monomeric LMWP-siRNA conjugate
Ye J, Pei X, Cui H, Yu Z, Lee HJ, Wang JX, Wang X, Sun L, He H, Yang VC
112 - 116 Nitrogen-doped bi-modal porous carbon nanostructure derived from glycine for supercapacitors
Choi IA, Kwak DH, Han SB, Park KW
117 - 123 Blood-clotting mimetic behavior of biocompatible microgels
Birajdar MS, Halake KS, Lee JH
124 - 132 Obtaining glycerol carbonate and glycols using thermomorphic systems based on glycerol and cyclic organic carbonates: Kinetic studies
Esteban J, Vorholt AJ
133 - 138 Particle interaction energy and hysteresis in polar and non-polar medium based magnetic fluids
Shah K, Choi SB, Choi HJ
139 - 148 Improved corrosion resistance of mild steel against acid activation:Impact of novel Elaeis guineensis and silver nanoparticles
Asaad MA, Sarbini NN, Sulaiman A, Ismail M, Huseien GF, Majid ZA, Raja PB
149 - 156 Accurate determination of density, surface tension, and vessel depth using a triple bubbler system
Williams AN, Galbreth GG, Sanders J
157 - 167 An investigation on tribological properties of the chemically capped zinc borate(ZB)/MoS2 nanocomposites in oil
Wu PR, Feng YM, Ge T, Kong YC, Ma ZS, Liu Z, Cheng ZL
168 - 180 Silicone implants capable of the local, controlled delivery of triamcinolone for the prevention of fibrosis with minimized drug side effects
Jeon BS, Shin BH, Huh BK, Kim BH, Kim SN, Ji HB, Lee SH, Kang SI, Shim JH, Kang SM, Lee JC, Lee KS, Heo CY, Choy YB
181 - 190 Mesoporous Fe.Ni.Co ternary oxide nanoflake arrays on Ni foam for high-performance supercapacitor applications
Sahoo S, Nguyen TT, Shim JJ
191 - 200 Effect of non-covalent interactions on molecular stacking and photovoltaic properties in organic photovoltaics
Nam SJ, Jeon SJ, Hang YW, Moon DK
201 - 207 Formation, characterization and release behavior of citrus oil-polymer microparticles using particles from gas saturated solutions (PGSS) process
Ndayishimiye J, Chun BS
208 - 219 Redox- and pH-responsive fluorescent carbon nanoparticles-MnO2-based FRET system for tumor-targeted drug delivery in vivo and in vitro
Choi CA, Lee JE, Mazrad ZAI, In I, Jeong JH, Park SY
220 - 229 Efficient removal of La(III) from water by surface metal sequestration methodology using 5-azo-phenolate-8-hydroxyquinoline as a task designed sequestering material
Mahmoud ME, Mohamed AK
230 - 236 Accelerated osteointegration of the titanium-implant coated with biocomponents, collagen/hydroxyapatite/bone morphogenetic protein-2, for bone-anchored hearing aid
Jang CH, Lee HJ, Kim MS, Kim GH
237 - 244 Scalable synthesis of high purities ammonium dinitramide and its decomposition characteristics
Jang HG, Sul MJ, Shim JS, Park YC, Cho SJ
245 - 254 Behavior of SAPO-11 as acid function in the direct synthesis of dimethyl ether from syngas and CO2
Sanchez-Contador M, Ateka A, Aguayo AT, Bilbao J
255 - 261 Enhancing the antimicrobial effect of genistein by biotransformation in microbial system
Choi HR, Park JS, Kim KM, Kim MS, Ko KW, Hyun CG, Ahn JW, Seo JH, Kim SY
262 - 274 Mechanistic studies of enhanced oil recovery by imidazolium-based ionic liquids as novel surfactants
Pillai P, Kumar A, Mandal A
275 - 280 Sustainable degradation of carbon tetrafluoride to non-corrosive useful products by incorporating reduced electron mediator within electro-scrubbing
Muthuraman G, Ramu AG, Cho YH, McAdam EJ, Moon IS
281 - 287 Utilization of a triacetylcellulose membrane to immobilize5-(2',4'-dimethylphenylazo)-6-hydroxypyrimidine-2,4-dione for erbium determination in real samples
Al-Mallah Z, Amin AS
288 - 295 A dimyristoyl phosphatidylcholine/polydiacetylene biomimetic assembly for the selective screening of progesterone
Cho EA, Hu Y, Choi YJ, Jung SH
296 - 302 Graphene oxide nanosheets to improve permeability and selectivity of PIM-1 membrane for carbon dioxide separation
Chen M, Soyekwo F, Zhang Q, Hu C, Zhu A, Liu Q
303 - 311 Biodegradable polyhydroxybutyrate/poly-e-caprolactone fibrous membranes modified by silica composite hydrol for super hydrophobic and outstanding antibacterial application
Lin X, Yin M, Liu Y, Li L, Ren X, Sun Y, Huang TS
312 - 321 Sensitive and selective heavy metal ion, Mn2+ sensor development based on the synthesized (E)-N0-chlorobenzylidene-benzenesulfonohydrazide (CBBSH) molecules modified with nafion matrix
Asiri AM, Hussain MM, Arshad MN, Rahman MM
322 - 339 In-situ synthesis of Zn doped polyaniline on graphene oxide for inhibition of mild steel corrosion in 3.5 wt.% chloride solution
Taheri NN, Ramezanzadeh B, Mahdavian M, Bahlakeh G
340 - 347 Statistical modeling of activated carbon production from spent mushroom compost
Karadirek S, Okkay H
348 - 358 Synthesis and biophysical analysis of a novel gemini surfactant with lysozyme: Industrial perspective
Bhat IA, Roy B, Kabir-ud-Din
359 - 365 Thermotherapy for Na+/I- symporter-expressing cancer using anti-Na+/I- symporter antibody-conjugated magnetite nanoparticles
Jee HG, Ban HS, Lee JH, Lee SH, Kwon OS, Choe JH
366 - 379 Enhanced antifouling performance of halloysite nanotubes (HNTs) blended poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC/HNTs) ultrafiltration membranes:For water treatment
Mishra G, Mukhopadhyay M
380 - 390 One-pot synthesis of Pt.Sn bimetallic mesoporous alumina catalysts with worm-like pore structure for n-butane dehydrogenation
Natarajan P, Khan HA, Yoon SH, Jung KD
391 - 404 Selective catalytic reduction of NOx with NH3 over titanium modified FexMgyOz catalysts: Performance and characterization
Xu L, Niu S, Wang D, Lu C, Zhang Q, Zhang K, Li J
405 - 410 Customized microfluidic reactor based on droplet formation for the synthesis of monodispersed silver nanoparticles
Kwak CH, Kang SM, Jung EY, Haldorai Y, Han YK, Kim WS, Yu TK, Huh YS
411 - 419 Investigation of hydrogen sensing properties of graphene/Al-Sn O2composite nanotubes derived from electrospinning
Reddy CS, Zhang L, Qiu Y, Chen Y, Reddy AS, Reddy PS, Dugasani SR
420 - 425 Tannin-mediated assembly of gold.titanium oxide hybrid nanoparticles for plasmonic photochemical applications
Son HY, Jun HS, Kim KR, Hong CA, Nam YS
426 - 436 Enhancement of the air-stability and optimization of VOC by changing molecular conformation of polyelectrolytes
Choi MH, Lee EJ, Hang YW, Moon DK
437 - 448 Single BiFeO3 and mixed BiFeO3/Fe2O3/Bi2Fe4O9 ferromagnetic photocatalysts for solar light driven water oxidation and dye pollutants degradation
Gadhi TA, Hernandez S, Castellino M, Chiodoni A, Husak T, Barrera G, Allia P, Russo N, Tagliaferro A
449 - 455 Toluene abatement through adsorption and plasma oxidation using ZSM-5 mixed with γ-Al2O3, TiO2 or BaTiO3
Qin C, Guo H, Liu P, Bai W, Huang J, Huang X, Dang X, Yan D