Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.62, June, 2018 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

In this Issue (50 articles)

1 - 25 Review on the criteria anticipated for the fabrication of highly efficient ZnO-based visible-light-driven photocatalysts
Pirhashemi M, Habibi-Yangjeh A, Pouran SR
26 - 39 Slug flow in microchannels: Numerical simulation and applications
Bordbar A, Taassob A, Zarnaghsh A, Kamali R
40 - 45 Two-step brush-painted PEDOT:PSS electrodes for ITO-free organic solar cells
Kim SS, Cho SP, Na SI
46 - 51 Robust anti-icing performance of silicon wafer with hollow micro-/nano-structured ZnO
Wang L, Teng C, Liu J, Wang M, Liu G, Kim JY, Mei Q, Lee JK, Wang J
52 - 57 A novel flexible micro-ratchet/ZnO nano-rods surface with rapid recovery icephobic performance
Wang M, Yu W, Zhang Y, Woo JY, Chen Y, Wang B, Yun Y, Liu G, Lee JK, Wang L
58 - 63 Application of dual cloud point extraction for the enrichment of zinc in serum samples of psychiatric patients prior to analysis by FAAS
Arain MS, Kazi TG, Afridi HI, Bilal M, Ali J, Haseeb A
64 - 71 Enhanced SF6 recovery by hierarchically structured MFI zeolite
Chuah CY, Yu SY, Na KS, Bae TH
72 - 83 From powder to extrudate zeolite-based bifunctional hydroisomerization catalysts: on preserving zeolite integrity and optimizing Pt location
Mendes PSF, Silva JM, Ribeiro MF, Daudin A, Bouchy C
84 - 95 Reactive melt processing of polyamide 6/reduced graphene oxide nano-composites and its electrically conductive behavior
Xiang M, Li C, Ye L
96 - 105 Hydrogenation efficiency of highly porous Cu-Al oxides derived from dealuminated LDH in the conversion of furfural to furfuryl alcohol
Prakruthi HR, Chandrashekara BM, Prakash BSJ, Bhat YS
106 - 119 Current progress in remediation of chlorinated volatile organic compounds: A review
Dai C, Zhou Y, Peng H, Huang S, Qin P, Zhang J, Yang Y, Luo L, Zhang X
120 - 129 Effects of CeZrO2.Al2O3 support composition of metal-foam-coated Pd.Rh catalysts for the steam-biogas reforming reaction
Roy PS, Song JW, Kim KS, Kim JM, Park CS, Raja ASK
130 - 145 Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) as futuristic options for wastewater treatment
Kumar P, Bansal V, Kim KH, Kwon EE
146 - 155 Fluorinated-PAN nanofibers: Preparation, optimization, characterization and fog harvesting property
Almasian A, Fard GC, Mirjalili M, Gashti MP
156 - 165 Carbon dioxide hydrogenation to methanol over multi-functional catalyst: Effects of reactants adsorption and metal-oxide(s) interfacial area
Koh MK, Wong YJ, Chai SP, Mohamed AR
166 - 175 Silver decorated PEDOT:PSS wrapped MnO2 nanowires for electrochemical supercapacitor applications
Patil DS, Pawar SA, Shin JC
176 - 184 Empirical study of petroleum-based pitch production via pressure- and temperature-controlled thermal reactions
Kim JG, Kim JH, Im JS, Lee YS, Bae TS
185 - 191 Electrodeposition of Cu2S nanoparticles on fluorine-doped tin oxide for efficient counter electrode of quantum-dot-sensitized solar cells
Wang J, Rahman MM, Ge C, Lee JJ
192 - 196 Hierarchically porous sponge for oily water treatment: Facile fabrication by combination of particulate templates and thermally induced phase separation method
Wang G, Peng L, Yu B, Chen S, Ge Z, Uyama H
197 - 208 Tuning the free volume of polynorbornene-based membranes by blending 6FDA-durene to improve H2 permselectivity
Yu SY, Lim CS, Seo BK
209 - 216 Study on the activation mechanism of lead ions in the flotation of ilmenite using benzyl hydroxamic acid as collector
Meng Q, Yuan Z, Yu L, Xu Y, Du Y
217 - 224 Removal of NO with the hexamminecobalt(II) solution catalyzed by the activated carbon treated with acetic acid
Long XI, Duan BB, Cao HX, Jia ML, Wu LA
225 - 230 Catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide aerosols using granular activated carbon coated with manganese oxides
Kwon KM, Kim IG, Nam YS, Choi JY, Cho WI, Oh IH, Lee KB, Jang M, Park SK, Nah IW
231 - 238 Synthesis and characterization of orthorhombic-MoO3 nanofibers with controlled morphology and diameter
Han YS, Rheem YW, Lee KH, Kim HJ, Myung NV
239 - 249 Synthesis and characterization of chitosan ascorbate nanoparticles for therapeutic inhibition for cervical cancer and their in silico modeling
Sekar V, Rajendran K, Vallinayagam S, Deepak V, Mahadevan S
250 - 257 Metal-organic framework-derived hierarchical ZnO/NiO composites: Morphology, microstructure and electrochemical performance
Yang P, Song X, Jia C, Chen HS
258 - 264 Lifetime enhancement of blue thermally activated delayed fluorescent devices by separated carrier channels using dibenzofuran-triazine type hosts
Kang YJ, Han SH, Lee JY
265 - 272 Comparison of ball milling-hydrothermal and hydrothermal methods for synthesis of ZnO nanostructures and evaluation of their photocatalytic performance
Bazazi S, Arsalani N, Khataee A, Tabrizi AG
273 - 283 Juxtaposition of PES based hollow fiber membrane: Antifouling and antibacterial potential of LiCl mediated PVA.ZnO blend
Shafie ZMHM, Ahmad AL
284 - 290 Detection and quantification of phenol in liquid and gas phases using a clay/dye composite
Lv G, Liu S, Liu M, Liao L, Wu L, Mei L, Li Z, Pan C
291 - 301 Enhanced photocatalytic degradation of furfural and a real wastewater using UVC/TiO2 nanoparticles immobilized on white concrete in a fixed-bed reactor
Gholami N, Ghasemi B, Anvaripour B, Jorfi S
302 - 310 Zn (II) removal by amino-functionalized magnetic nanoparticles: Kinetics, isotherm, and thermodynamic aspects of adsorption
Ghasemi N, Ghasemi M, Moazeni S, Ghasemi P, Alharbi NS, Gupta VK, Agarwal S, Burakova IV, Tkachev AG
311 - 320 Novel composite graphene oxide/chitosan nanoplates incorporated into PES based nanofiltration membrane: Chromium removal and antifouling enhancement
Bagheripour E, Moghadassi AR, Hosseini SM, Van der Bruggen B, Parvizian F
321 - 328 Sulfur-doped nickel oxide spherical nanosheets for redox supercapacitors
Singu BS, Hong SE, Yoon KR
329 - 332 Cathodic biocatalyst consisting of laccase and gold nanoparticle for improving oxygen reduction reaction rate and enzymatic biofuel cell performance
Kang SH, Yoo KS, Chung YJ, Kwon YC
333 - 340 Antibacterial activity by ZnO nanorods and ZnO nanodisks: A model used to illustrate “Nanotoxicity Threshold”
Orou SFC, Hang KJ, Thien MT, Lee YY, Foh LC, Diem NDN, Hee GB, Yong PS, Fen PY
341 - 351 Construction of neurospheroids via surface modified concave microwells
Lee GH, Lim JH, ParK JS, Lee WS, Yoon DS, Kim SH, Kim MK, Lee SH, Kim DH
352 - 361 Recapitulation of cancer stem cell niches in glioblastoma on 3D microfluidic cell culture devices under gravity-driven perfusion
Han JH, Oh SH, Hoang HH, Nguyen DTT, Lim WY, Shin TH, Lee G, Park SS
362 - 374 Understanding photocatalytic coupled-dye degradation, and photoelectrocatalytic water splitting and CO2 reduction over WO3/ MoO3 hybrid nanostructures
Lee JS, Kim SK, Sohn YK
375 - 382 Statistical optimization for production of mefenamic acid-nicotinamide cocrystals using gas anti-solvent (GAS) process
Wichianphong N, Charoenchaitrakool M
383 - 391 Temperature and electric field-triggerable liposomes incorporating poly(hydroxyethyl acrylate-co-hexadecyl acrylate-co-carboxyethyl acrylate)
Kim JA, Kim JC
392 - 400 Sensitive 1,2-dichlorobenzene chemi-sensor development based on solvothermally prepared FeO/CdO nanocubes for environmental safety
Rahman MM, Alam MM, Asiri AM
401 - 408 KCC-1/Pr-SO3H as an efficient heterogeneous catalyst for production of n-butyl levulinate from furfuryl alcohol
Mohammadbagheri Z, Chermahini AN
409 - 417 Surface modification of titania nanotube arrays with crystalline manganese-oxide nanostructures and fabrication of hybrid electrochemical electrode for high-performance supercapacitors
Barai HR, Banerjee AN, Bai F, Joo SW
418 - 426 Crotonaldehyde removal from polluted air using a biofilter packed with a mixed bed
Hajizadeh Y, Amin MM, Parseh I
427 - 435 The influence of steel surface treatment by a novel eco-friendly praseodymium oxide nanofilm on the adhesion and corrosion protection properties of a fusion-bonded epoxy powder coating
Ramezanzadeh M, Sanaei Z, Ramezanzadeh B
436 - 445 Assessment of amorphization behavior of a drug during co-grinding with an amino acid by discrete element method simulation
Kitayama A, Kadota K, Fujioka S, Konishi Y, Uchiyama H, Tozuka Y, Shimosaka A, Yoshida M, Shirakawa Y
446 - 461 Modelling and analysis on the removal of methylene blue dye from aqueous solution using physically/chemically modified Ceiba pentandra seeds
Manikandan G, Kumar PS, Saravanan A
462 - 470 Different organic components on silica hybrid matrices modulate the lipase inhibition by the glycerol formed in continuous transesterification reactions
Martin LS, Ceron A, Oliveira PC, Zanin GM, de Castro HF
471 - 478 Efficient catalyst recovery systems based on Pd-coated γ-alumina particles
Lim JH, Im KM, Junmg EY, Yu TK, Kim JS, Park BJ