Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.61, May, 2018 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

In this Issue (50 articles)

1 - 11 A comprehensive review of polysaccharide biopolymers for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) from flask to field
Pu W, Shen C, Wei B, Yang Y, Li Y
12 - 18 A significant improvement of foam performance using Pluronic in molybdenum flotation
Huangfu Z, Sun W, Hu Y, Chen C, Khoso SA, Zhang Q, Gao J, Kang J
19 - 27 Characterization of zinc sulfide species on smithsonite surfaces during sulfidation processing: Effect of ammonia liquor
Bai S, Li C, Fu X, Liu J, Wen S
28 - 31 Sludge drying using microwave heating with Li2CO3-Fe2O3-ZnO materials
Lee SM, Choi SY, Nguyen DD, Chang SW, Kim SS
32 - 38 Comparative reactivity between thermal and catalytic hydrocracking of vacuum residue: Effect of asphaltenes
Nguyen NT, Park SY, Jung JH, Cho JM, Lee CW, Park YK
39 - 52 Engineering lotus leaf-inspired micro- and nanostructures for the manipulation of functional engineering platforms
Kim WC, Kim DU, Park SH, Lee DH, Hyun H, Kim JH
53 - 64 Heterogeneous photo-Fenton degradation of organics using highly efficient Cu-doped LaFeO3 under visible light
Phan TTN, Nikoloski AN, Bahri PA, Li D
65 - 70 Controlled extracellular topographical and chemical cues for acceleration of neuronal development
Park SH, Choi KS, Kim DU, Kim WC, Lee DH, Kim HN, Hyun H, Lim KT, Kim JW, Kim YR, Kim JH
71 - 77 Thermally stable propanethiol.ligand exchanged Ag nanoparticles for enhanced dispersion in perovskite solar cells via an effective incorporation method
Cho JS, Jang WS, Park SY, Kim BK, Wang DH
78 - 86 Facile synthesis of Ag-ZnO core.shell nanostructures with enhanced photocatalytic activity
Kadam AN, Bhopate DP, Kondalkar VV, Majhi SM, Bathula CD, Tran AV, Lee SW
87 - 96 Design of ternary hybrid ATO/g-C3N4/TiO2 nanocomposite for visible-light-driven photocatalysis
Ojha DP, Karki HP, Kim HJ
97 - 105 Nanofluid lubrication and high pressure Raman studies of oxygen functionalized graphene nanosheets
Mishra KK, Panda K, Kumar N, Malpani D, Ravindran TR, Khatri OP
106 - 111 Hybrid materials of upcycled Mn3O4 and reduced graphene oxide for a buffer layer in organic solar cells
Lee CH, Lee SH, Yeo JS, Kang GS, Noh YJ, Park SM, Lee DC, Na SI, Joh HI
112 - 118 Effect of microscale oil penetration on mechanical and chemical properties of carbon fiber-reinforced epoxy composites
Kim CH, Cho CH, Son IT, Lee HM, Han JW, Kim JG, Lee JH
119 - 123 Production of levulinic acid from glucosamine using zirconium oxychloride
Park MR, Kim SK, Jeong GT
124 - 132 The supercapacitor performance of hierarchical porous activated carbon electrodes synthesised from demineralised (waste) cumin plant by microwave pretreatment
Inal IIG, Holmes SM, Yagmur E, Ermumcu N, Banford A, Aktas Z
133 - 141 A novel process for leaching of metals from LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2 material of spent lithium ion batteries: Process optimization and kinetics aspects
Meng Q, Zhang Y, Dong P, Liang F
142 - 151 Iron.ceria spinel (FeCe2O4) catalyst for dry reforming of propane to inhibit carbon formation
Sudhakaran MSP, Sultana L, Hossain MM, Pawlat J, Diatczyk J, Bruser V, Reuter S, Mok YS
152 - 160 Experimental method for simultaneous and continuous measurement of absorption rate, viscosity and heat of reaction of carbon dioxide capture solvents
Kim JH, Kim HY, Kim JY, Hwang SJ, Lee KS
161 - 168 Entrapment of ball-milled biochar in Ca-alginate beads for the removal of aqueous Cd(II)
Wang B, Gao B, Wan Y
169 - 180 Polystyrene-halloysite nano tube membranes for water purification
Buruga K, Kalathi JT, Kim KH, Ok YS, DaniL B
181 - 187 Hierarchical porous flower-like nickel cobaltite nanosheets as a binder-less electrode for supercapacitor application with ultra-high capacitance
Kim TH, Veerasubramani GK, Kim SJ
188 - 196 In situ fabrication dynamic carbon fabrics membrane with tunable wettability for selective oil.water separation
Yue X, Zhang T, Yang D, Qiu F, Zhu Y, Fang J
197 - 205 A novel cocatalyst of NiCoP significantly enhances visible-light photocatalytic hydrogen evolution over cadmium sulfide
Song L, Zhang S
206 - 215 Towards high performance unique microstructures of Co9S8//CoFe2O4 for asymmetric supercapacitor
Patil SJ, Lokhande AC, Park JS, Kim JH, Kim YB, Choi BC, Park SH, Jung SH, Lee DW
216 - 226 Synthesis and surface active properties of novel anionic surfactants with two short fluoroalkyl groups
Kang EK, Jung GY, Jung SH, Lee BM
227 - 235 Selective hydrogenation of biomass-derived ethyl levulinate to γ-valerolactone over supported Co catalysts in continuous process at atmospheric pressure
Kondeboina M, Enumula SS, Gurram VRB, Chada RR, Burri DR, Kamaraju SRR
236 - 243 Reactivity of carbonized fungi supported nanoscale zero-valent iron toward U(VI) influenced by naturally occurring ions
Ding C, Cheng W, Nie X, Yi F, Xiang S, Asiri AM, Marwani HM
244 - 254 Preparation and characterization of spiral-like micro-struts with nano-roughened surface for enhancing the proliferation and differentiation of preosteoblasts
Yang GH, Lee HJ, Kim GH
255 - 264 Preserving the inflated structure of lyophilized sporopollenin exine capsules with polyethylene glycol osmolyte
Corliss MK, Bok CK, Gillissen J, Potroz MG, Jung HR, Tan EL, Mundargi RC, Cho NJ
265 - 280 Hydrocracking catalysts based on hierarchical zeolites: A recent progress
Galadima A, Muraza O
281 - 287 Surfactant-free synthesis of high surface area silica nanoparticles erived from rice husks by employing the Taguchi approach
Song S, Cho HB, Kim HT
288 - 294 Survey of the mercury-containing wastes released from various sources in Korea
Kim SH, Eom YJ, Lee TG
295 - 303 Restoration of articular osteochondral defects in rat by a bi-layered hyaluronic acid hydrogel plug with TUDCA-PLGA microsphere
Kim BJ, Arai Y, Choi B, Park SH, Ahn JS, Han IB, Lee SH
304 - 313 Cu-loaded ZSM-5 zeolites: An ultra-sensitive phenolic sensor development for environmental safety
Rahman MM, Abu-Zied BM, Asiri AM
314 - 320 Oxygen Contribution for Uniform Formation of Crystalline Zinc Oxide/ Polyethylenimine Interfaces to Boost Charge Generation/Transport in Inverted Organic Solar Cells
Park SY, Jang WS, Cho JS, Yi MJ, Wang DH
321 - 330 Synthesis of aminated calcium lignosulfonate and its adsorption properties for azo dyes
Wang U, Zhu L, Wang X, Zheng W, Hao C, Jiang C, Wu J
331 - 339 5-Heptyl-1,3,4-oxadiazole-2-thione: Synthesis and flotation mechanism to chalcopyrite
Huang Y, Liu G, Ma L, Liu J
340 - 347 Effect of solution viscosity on retardation of cell sedimentation in DLP 3D printing of gelatin methacrylate/silk fibroin bioink
Na K, Shin S, Lee H, Shin D, Baek J, Kwak H, Park M, Shin J, Hyun J
348 - 355 Emulsification and improved oil recovery with viscosity reducer during steam injection process for heavy oil
Wu Z, Huiqing L, Wang X, Zhang Z
356 - 367 Multidentate polyzwitterion attachment to polydopamine modified ultrafiltration membranes for dairy processing: Characterization, performance and durability
Barclay TG, Hegab HM, Michelmore A, Weeks M, Ginic-Markovic M
368 - 380 Electrochemical performances of lithium and sodium ion batteries based on carbon materials
Kim JH, Jung MJ, Kim MJ, Lee YS
381 - 387 A bridged ruthenium dimer (Ru-Ru) for photoreduction of CO2 under visible light irradiation
Kumar A, Kumar P, Aathira MS, Singh DP, Behera B, Jain SL
388 - 397 Application of ionic liquids for metal dissolution and extraction
Kim BK, Lee EJ, Kang YJ, Lee JJ
398 - 406 Performance modelling of a partially-aerated submerged fixed-film bioreactor: Mechanistic analysis versus semi data-driven method
Kordkandi SA, Khoshfetrat AB, Faramarzi A
407 - 415 Three-dimensional Fe2O3.TiO2.graphene aerogel nanocomposites with enhanced adsorption and visible light-driven photocatalytic performance in the removal of RhB dyes
Zhang JJ, Qi P, Li J, Zheng X, Liu P, Guan XX, Zhen GP
416 - 426 N-doped reduced graphene oxide aerogel for the selective adsorption of oil pollutants from water: Isotherm and kinetic study
Rahmani Z, Rashidi AM, kazemi A, Samadi MT, Rahmani AR
427 - 436 Reaction network of the chloromethane conversion into light olefins using a HZSM-5 zeolite catalyst
Gamero M, Valle B, Castano P, Aguayo AT, Bilbao J
437 - 444 A facile approach to improve the performance of alkaline anion exchange membrane fuel cells by reducing ionic resistance
Kim MJ, Kim OH, Kim SJ, Choi YW, Cho YH, Sung YE
445 - 448 Hyperfluorescence-based full fluorescent white organic light-emitting diodes
Song W, Yook KS