Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.59, March, 2018 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

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1 - 7 Rheological and microstructural properties of sepiolite gels. Influence of the addition of ionic surfactants
Carmona JA, Ramirez P, Trujillo-Cayado LA, Caro A, Munoz J
8 - 16 Controlled deposition of MOFs by dip-coating in thin film nanocomposite membranes for organic solvent nanofiltration
Sarango L, Paseta L, Navarro M, Zornoza B, Coronas J
17 - 27 Engineered co-precipitation chemistry with ammonium carbonate for scalable synthesis and sintering of improved Sm0.2Ce0.8O1.90 and Gd0.16Pr0.04Ce0.8O1.90 electrolytes for IT-SOFCs
Spiridigliozzi L, Dell’Agli G, Marocco A, Accardo G, Pansini M, Yoon SP, Ham HC, Frattini D
28 - 34 Cell surface-camouflaged graphene oxide immunosensor for identifying immune reactions
Hwang YH, Jeon EA, Lee DY
35 - 49 Alternative integrated distillation strategies for the purification of acetonitrile from ethanol ammoxidation
Tripodi A, Manzini D, Compagnoni M, Ramis G, Rossetti I
50 - 55 Monomer composition effects on thermal properties of transparent poly(methyl methacrylate-co-isobornyl methacrylate-co-cyclohexyl maleimide) terpolymers
Ko KY, Hwang SH
56 - 63 Characteristics of a novel adsorbent Fe.Mg-type hydrotalcite and its adsorption capability of As(III) and Cr(VI) from aqueous solution
Ogata F, Ueta E, Kawasaki N
64 - 69 Evaluation of CO2 hydrate formation from mixture of graphite nanoparticle and sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate
Yu YS, Xu CG, Li XS
70 - 78 Volatile organic compounds absorption in packed column: theoretical assessment of water, DEHA and PDMS 50 as absorbents
Biard PF, Couvert A, Giraudet S
79 - 89 Development and supercapacitor application of ionic liquid-incorporated gel polymer electrolyte films
Muchakayala R, Song S, Wang J, Fan Y, Bengeppagari M, Chen J, Tan M
90 - 98 Hollow NiCo2O4 nano-spheres obtained by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis method with superior electrochemical performance for lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors
Kundu M, Karunakaran G, Kolesnikov E, Sergeevna VE, Kumari S, Gorshenkov MV, Kuznetsov D
99 - 107 Synthesis of silver/silver chloride/exfoliated graphite nano-photocatalyst and its enhanced visible light photocatalytic mechanism for degradation of organic pollutants
Gou J, Li X, Zhang H, Guo R, Deng X, Cheng X, Xie M, Cheng Q
108 - 114 Binary Cu/ZnO decorated graphene nanocomposites as an efficient anode for lithium ion batteries
Jacob L, Prasanna K, Vengatesan MR, Santhoshkumar P, Lee CW, Mittal V
115 - 126 Graphene oxide based heterojunction TiO2.ZnO catalysts with outstanding photocatalytic performance for bisphenol-A, ibuprofen and flurbiprofen
Simsek EB, Kilic B, Asgin M, Akan A
127 - 133 Performance assessment of oxidants as a biocide for biofouling control in industrial seawater cooling towers
Al-Bloushi M, Saththasivam J, Al-Sayeghc S, Jeong S, Kim CN, Amy GL, Leiknes T
134 - 140 Cu/Al and Cu/Cr based layered double hydroxide nanoparticles as adsorption materials for water treatment
Berner S, Araya P, Govan J, Palza H
141 - 148 Cationic gemini surfactants containing an O-substituted spacer and hydroxyethyl moiety in the polar heads: Self-assembly, biodegradability and aquatic toxicity
Kaczerewska O, Brycki B, Ribosa I, Comelles F, Garcia MT
149 - 159 Aluminum carboxylate-based metal organic frameworks for effective adsorption of anionic azo dyes from aqueous media
Jung KW, Choi BH, Dao CM, Lee YJ, Choi JW, Ahn KH, Lee SH
160 - 168 A supercritical ethanol route for one-pot synthesis of tin sulfide-reduced graphene oxides and their anode performance for lithium ion
Choi MY, William W, Hwang JE, Yoon DH, Kim JH
169 - 183 Photocatalytic reduction of Cr(VI) from synthetic, real drinking waters and electroplating wastewater by synthesized amino-functionalized Fe3O4.WO3 nanoparticles by visible light
Mohagheghian A, Ayagh K, Godini K, Shirzad-Siboni M
184 - 191 Functionalized inclined-GaN based nanoneedles
Kim KH, Lee KS, Hong HN, Yang DS, Ryu WH, Nam OH, Kim YC
192 - 195 Non-aqueous quasi-solid electrolyte for use in supercapacitors
Chae JS, Kwon HN, Yoon WS, Roh KC
196 - 207 Comparative study on degradation of p-nitrophenol in aqueous solution by mFe/Cu/O3 and mFe0/O3 processes
Xiong Z, Cao J, Lai B, Yang P
208 - 217 Novel coal and siloxane based surfactants: Bola polysiloxanes modified with butynediol-ethoxylate and their properties
Fang P, Bai Y, Ma X, Tai X, Wang W, Wang G
218 - 229 Recent advances and future prospect in catalysts for oxidative coupling of methane to ethylene: A review
Gambo Y, Jalil AA, Triwahyono S, Abdulrasheed AA
230 - 241 Fast kinetics and high adsorption capacity of green extract capped superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles for the adsorption of Ni(II) ions
Nithya K, Sathish A, Kumar PS, Ramachandran T
242 - 250 Mixed conducting molybdenum doped BSCF materials
Shubnikova EV, Bragina OA , Nemudry AP
251 - 258 Effect of humidity on mechanical properties of dissolving microneedles for transdermal drug delivery
Wang QL, Ren JW, Chen BZ, Jin X, Zhang CY, Guo XD
259 - 265 Development of thin film nanocomposite membranes incorporated with sulfated β-cyclodextrin for water vapor/N2 mixture gas separation
An X, Ingole PG, Choi WK, Lee HK, Hong SU, Jeon JD
266 - 276 Effect of various shaped magnesium hydroxide particles on mechanical and biological properties of poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) composites
Jang HJ, Park SB, Bedair TM, Oh MK, Ahn DJ, Park WR, Joung YK, Kan DK
277 - 285 Engineered carbon fiber papers as flexible binder-free electrodes for high-performance capacitive energy storage
Kim WJ, Ko TH, Seo MK, Chung YS, Kim HY, Kim BS
286 - 296 Influence of emulsification, interfacial tension, wettability alteration and saponification on residual oil recovery by alkali flooding
Saha R, Uppaluri RVS, Tiwari P
297 - 303 Decolorization of organic fertilizer using advanced oxidation process and its application for microalgae cultivation
Dang NM, Lee K
304 - 309 Switchable hydrophilicity solvents for carbon dioxide chemical absorption
Carrera M, Gomez-Diaz D, Navaza JM
310 - 319 Simulation of phenol biodegradation by Ralstonia eutropha in a packed-bed bioreactor with batch recycle mode using CFD technique
Amani A, Jalilnejad E, Mousavi SM
320 - 327 Application of modified cloud point extraction method for the chromium speciation in artificial saliva extracts of different snuff products
Akhtar A, Kazi TG, Afridi HI, Khan M, Bilal M, Khan N
328 - 334 Separation of gold(III) from hydrochloric acid solution containing platinum(IV) and palladium(II) by solvent extraction with Cyanex 272 and LIX 63
Xing WD, Lee MS, Kim YH
335 - 340 Inverted polymer solar cells with brush-painted ZnO electron transport layer
Lee JW, Yeo JS, Kim SS
341 - 349 Crystallization characteristics prediction of coal slags based on SiO2.Al2O3.CaO.Fe2O3.MgO components
Weiwei X, Jiansheng Z, Dehong X
350 - 361 Humic acid and trihalomethane breakdown with potential by-product formations for atmospheric air plasma water treatment
Sarangapani C, Lu P, Behan P, Bourke P, Cullen PJ
362 - 371 Thin film composite membrane prepared by interfacial polymerization as an ion exchange membrane for salinity gradient power
Park CH, Bae HR, Choi W, Lee KW, Oh DG, Lee JH, Lee JH
372 - 376 Biosourced cyclosophoraose-driven acceleration of click reaction in H2O
Cho EA, Jeong DH, Dindulkar SD, Jung SH
377 - 387 Extraction and preconcentration of nickel, cadmium, cobalt, and lead cations using dispersive solid phase extraction performed in a narrow-bore tube
Farajzadeh MA, Yadeghari A
388 - 402 Selective heavy rare earth element extraction from dilute solutions using ultrasonically synthesized Cyanex 572 oil droplets and Cyanex 572-impregnated resin
Nazari AM, McNeice J, Ghahreman A
403 - 409 Phase behaviors for the poly(2-phenylethyl methacrylate) in supercritical fluid solvents: Experiment and PC-SAFT EoS
Lee BS, Byun HS
410 - 415 In situ growth of hollow Cu2O spheres using anionic vesicles as soft templates
Luo X, Pan Z, Pei F, Jin Z, Miao K, Yang P, Qian H, Chen Q, Feng G
416 - 424 Rapid and highly selective removal of lead in simulated wastewater of rare-earth industry using diglycolamic-acid functionalized magnetic chitosan adsorbents
Bai R, Zhang Y, Zhao Z, Liao Q, Chen P, Zhao P, Guo W, Yang F, Li L
425 - 439 Graphene metal nanocomposites . Recent progress in electrochemical biosensing applications
Khalil I, Rahmati S, Julkapli NM, Yehye WA
440 - 455 REE behavior and sorption on weak acid resins from buffered media
Bezzina JP, Ogden MD, Moon EM, Soldenhoff KL
456 - 466 Facile strategy toward fabrication of highly responsive self-healing carbon/epoxy composites via incorporation of healing agents encapsulated in poly(methylmethacrylate) nanofiber shell
Neisiany RE, Lee JKY, Khorasani SN, Bagheri R, Ramakrishna S