Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.54, October, 2017 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

In this Issue (50 articles)

1 - 13 Photo-reactive natural polymer derivatives for medical application
Kim EH, Han GD, Noh SH, Kim JW, Lee JG, Ito Y, Son TI
14 - 29 Recent progress of continuous crystallization
Wang T, Lu H, Wang J, Xiao Y, Zhou Y, Bao Y, Hao H
30 - 43 Progress in the sensing techniques for heavy metal ions using nanomaterials
Kumar P, Kim KH, Bansal V, Lazarides T, Kumar N
44 - 51 Functional hyaluronic acid conjugates based on natural polyphenols exhibit antioxidant, adhesive, gelation, and self-healing properties
Halake K, Lee JH
52 - 58 Cardboard boxes as raw material for high-performance papers through the implementation of alternative technologies: More than closing the loop
Tarres Q, Pelach MA, Alcala M, Delgado-Aguilar M
59 - 68 Development of amine-functionalized hierarchically porous silica for CO2 capture
Zhang G, Zhao P, Xu Y
69 - 74 Investigation on bubble snap-off in 3-D pore-throat micro-structures
Wu Y, Fang S, Dai C, Sun Y, Fang J, Liu Y, He L
75 - 81 Revisiting the Knoevenagel condensations: A universal and flexible bis-ammoniated fiber catalyst for the mild synthesis of a,β-unsaturated compounds
Hu Q, Shi XL, Chen Y, Han X, Duan P, Zhang W
82 - 97 Selective production of propylene from methanol over nanosheets of metal-substituted MFI zeolites
Hadi N, Alizadeh R, Niaei A
98 - 106 Synthesis, characterization, and CO2 separation performance of polyether sulfone/[EMIM][Tf2N] ionic liquid-polymeric membranes (ILPMs)
Mannan HA, Mohshim DF, Mukhtar H, Murugesan T, Man Z, Bustam MA
107 - 116 An experimental study on positioning conformance control of starch gelant in the heterogeneous porous media by using CT technology
Zhang L, Xu H, Pu C, Yuan G, Leng G, Zhang C
117 - 125 Textual properties of Cu.Mn mixed oxides and application for methyl formate synthesis from syngas
Zhao H, Fang K, Dong F, Lin M, Sun Y, Tang Z
126 - 136 Synthesis of mesoporous PrxZr1-xO2- δ solid solution with high thermal stability for catalytic soot oxidation
Li H, Li K, Zhu X, Du Y, Wei Y, Zhai K, Wang H
137 - 145 Effect of aging temperature during refluxing on the textural and surface acidic properties of zirconia catalysts
Hong EP, Baek SW, Shin M, Suh YW, Shin CH
146 - 150 Effects of hydrophobic modification of xanthan gum on its turbulent drag reduction characteristics
Lim GH, Choi HJ, Renou F, Roy AN
151 - 161 Synthesis of aryl-substituted pyridines via cyclization of N,Ndialkylanilines with ketoxime carboxylates under metal-organic framework catalysis
Ha PTM, Le BTT, To TC, Doan SH, Nguyen TT, Phan NTS
162 - 173 Hexagonal sheets of Co3O4 and Co3O4-Ag for high-performance electrochemical supercapacitors
Pawar SA, Patil DS, Shin JC
174 - 183 Hydrothermal fabrication of robustly superhydrophobic cotton fibers for efficient separation of oil/water mixtures and oil-in-water emulsions
Wang J, Han F, Liang B, Geng G
184 - 189 Chemical effects of organo-silanized SiO2 nanofillers on epoxy adhesives
Heo JH, Lee JW, Lee BS, Cho HH, Lim BW, Lee JH
190 - 199 Production of salicylic acid in a three compartment bipolar membrane electrodialysis configuration
Rottiers T, Van der BB, Pinoy L
200 - 204 Electrochemical catalytic contribution of transition metals at the center of porphyrin macrocycle structures as catalysts for oxygen reduction reaction
Kim DH, Kwak DH, Han SB, Kim MC, Park HS, Park JY, Won JE, Ma KB, Park KW
205 - 217 Nanostructured 3D zinc cobaltite/nitrogen-doped reduced graphene oxide composite electrode for supercapacitor applications
Sahoo S, Shim JJ
218 - 225 Electrochemical preparation of Ag/Cu and Au/Cu foams for electrochemical conversion of CO2 to CO
Lee HJ, Kim SK, Ahn SH
226 - 233 Synthesis, surface adsorption and micelle formation of a class of morpholinium gemini surfactants
Dai C, Fang S, Hu M, He X, Zhao M, Wu X, Yang S, Wu Y
234 - 251 Development of a new stable ruthenium initiator suitably designed for self-repairing applications in high reactive environments
Longo P, Mariconda A, Calabrese E, Raimondo M, Naddeo C, Vertuccio L, Russo S, Iannuzzo G, Guadagno L
252 - 261 Modified oxidative thermal treatment for the preparation of isotropic pitch towards cost-competitive carbon fiber
Ko SH, Choi JE, Lee CW, Jeon YP
262 - 269 Nanostructured mucoadhesive microparticles to enhance oral drug bioavailability
Park CG, Huh BK, Kim SN, Lee SH, Hong HR, Choy YB
270 - 277 Quantifying the dominant factors in Cu catalyst deactivation during glycerol hydrogenolysis
Rajkhowa T, Marin GB, Thybaut JW
278 - 289 Separation of platinum(IV) across hollow fiber supported liquid membrane using non-toxic diluents: Mass transfer and thermodynamics
Wongkaew K, Mohdee V, Pancharoen U, Arpornwichanop A, Lothongkum AW
290 - 297 Evaluation of ion implantation for anti-thrombogenic coronary stent in vitro and in vivo
Shim JW, Bae IH, Park DS, Lim KS, Lee SY, Jang EJ, Park JK, Kim JH, Jeong MH
298 - 303 Preparation and anticancer effect of transferrin-modified pH-sensitive polymeric drug nanoparticle for targeted cancer therapy
Kim TH, Jeong GW, Nah JW
304 - 315 Characterization of SPN Pickering emulsions for application in enhanced oil recovery
Kumar N, Gaur T, Mandal A
316 - 323 Electrochemical synthesis of co-doped RGO.Bi.TiO2 nanotube composite: Enhanced activity under visible light
Kim SR, Ali I, Kim JO
324 - 331 Studies on the correlation between nanostructure and pore development of polymeric precursor-based activated hard carbons: II. Transmission electron microscopy and Raman spectroscopy studies
Baek J, Shin HS, Chung DC, Kim BJ
332 - 340 Preservation of carbon dioxide clathrate hydrate in the presence of fructose or glucose and absence of sugars under freezer conditions
Nagashima HD, Alavi S, Ohmura R
341 - 349 Green strategy to produce large core.shell affinity beads for gravity-driven API purification processes
Viveiros R, Dias FM, Maia LB, Heggie W, Casimiro T
350 - 358 Preparation of UV-curable alginate derivatives for drug immobilization on dressing foam
Kim JW, Kim EH, Han GD, Noh SH, Pyun DG, Ito Y, Nah JW, Lee JG, Son TI
359 - 368 Enhanced activity and stability of the monolithic Pt/SiO2.Al2O3 diesel oxidation catalyst promoted by suitable tungsten additive amount
Liang Y, Zhao M, Wang J, Sun M, Li S, Huang Y, Zhong L, Gong M, Chen Y
369 - 376 A simple preparation method for rare-earth phosphate nano materials using an ionic liquid-driven supported liquid membrane system
Zhao P, Yang F, Zhao Z, Liao Q, Zhang Y, Chen P, Guo W, Bai R
377 - 388 Ultrasound-assisted binary adsorption of dyes onto Mn@ CuS/ZnS-NC-AC as a novel adsorbent: Application of chemometrics for optimization and modeling
Asfaram A, Ghaedi M, Azqhandi MHA, Goudarzi A, Hajati S
389 - 397 Enhanced accumulation of theranostic nanoparticles in brain tumor by external magnetic field mediated in situ clustering of magnetic nanoparticles
Lee KR, David AE, Zhang J, Shin MC, Yang VC
398 - 407 Preparation of new visible-light driven nanocomposite photocatalysts, X/NaTaO3/Er3+:YAlO3 (X = Ag, Au and Pt), for photocatalytic conversion of Cr(VI)
Li B, Wang Y, Tian F, Li G, Zhang Z, Wang J, Song Y
408 - 420 Breakup dynamics of ferrofluid droplet in a microfluidic T-junction
Ma R, Fu T, Zhang Q, Zhu C, Ma Y, Li HZ
421 - 427 Facile synthesis of graphene-wrapped CNT-MnO2 nanocomposites for asymmetric electrochemical capacitors
Jin EM, Lim JG, Jeong SM
428 - 433 High performance for electric double-layer capacitors based on CNT-CG composite synthesized as additive material by CVD method
Ye S, Nguyen DCT, Kim IJ, Yang SH, Oh WC
434 - 439 Preparation of the spherical nano-Fe2O3/NH4ClO4 composites by reactive crystallization and their characterization
Shim HM, Lim GE, Kim JK, Kim HS, Koo KK
440 - 446 Role of CODPCP/CODTotal ratio on p-chlorophenol toxicity towards aerobic granular sludge
Mesdaghinia A, Ghahremani MH, Nabizadeh R, Nasseri S, Rafiee M
447 - 453 In-situ catalytic pyrolysis of lignin in a bench-scale fixed bed pyrolyzer
Shafaghat H, Rezaei PS, Ro DH, Jae JH, Kim BS, Jung SC, Sung BH, Park YK
454 - 463 Techno-economic study of enhanced absorber.regenerator configurations for improving an industrial Sulfinol-M-based acid gas removal processes
Andika R, Nhien LC, Lee MY
464 - 471 Adsorption of gold from cyanide leaching solution onto activated carbon originating from coconut shell.Optimization, kinetics and equilibrium studies
Khosravi R, Azizi A, Ghaedrahmati R, Gupta VK, Agarwal S