Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.53, September, 2017 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

In this Issue (49 articles)

1 - 22 A review on conducting polymer reinforced polyurethane composites
Khatoon H, Ahmad S
23 - 36 Study of chemical environments for washing and descaling of food processing appliances: An insight in commercial cleaning products
Basso M, Simonato M, Furlanetto R, Nardo LD
37 - 50 A review of the recent advances in design of corrugated plate packs applied for oil.water separation
Han Y, He L, Luo X, Lu Y, Shi K, Chen J, Huang X
51 - 61 Cationic silicon-based gemini surfactants: Effect of hydrophobic chains on surface activity, physic-chemical properties and aggregation behaviors
Bao Y, Guo J, Ma J, Liu P, Kang Q, Zhang J
62 - 67 Adhesion mechanism of bisphenol A diglycidyl ether (BADGE) on an a-Fe2O3 (0001) surface
Lee JH, Choe YS, Lee SG
68 - 76 Improved performance of flexible polymer light emitting diodes with an indium-zinc-tin-oxide transparent anode by controlling the thermal treatment temperature
Heo SW, Lee EJ, Han YW, Lee YS, Lee WJ, Choa SH, Kim YS, Moon DK
77 - 81 A novel CdTe/Eu-MOF photoanode for application in quantum dot-sensitized solar cell to improve power conversion efficiency
Kaur R, Sharma AL, Kim KH, Deep A
82 - 92 Effect of electron beam irradiation on the capacity fading of hydride-terminated silicon nanocrystal based anode materials for lithium ion batteries
Lee DS, Choi YH, Jeong HD
93 - 104 Preparation and characterization of a low-pressure efficient polyamide multi-layer membrane for water treatment and dye removal
Mansourpanah Y, Samimi M
105 - 110 Effect of preparation method on particle properties of carbonate-type magnesium.aluminum layered double hydroxides
Kameda T, Umetsu Y
111 - 118 Effect of the n-butyl acrylate/2-ethylhexyl acrylate weight ratio on the performances of waterborne core.shell PSAs
Park SH, Lee TH, Park YI, Noh SM, Kim JC
119 - 126 Metathesis of 2-pentene over Mo and W supported mesoporous molecular sieves MCM-41 and SBA-15
Ibrahim MA, Akhtar MN, Cejka J, Montanari E, Balcar H, Kubu M, Al-Khattaf SS
127 - 133 High-performance thin PVC-POEM/ZIF-8 mixed matrix membranes on alumina supports for CO2/CH4 separation
Shin H, Chi WS, Bae SY, Kim JH, Kim JS
134 - 142 A potential industrialized fiber-supported copper catalyst for one-pot multicomponent CuAAC reactions in water
Shi XL, Chen Y, Hu Q, Zhang W, Luo C, Duan P
143 - 154 Synthesis, characterization, and properties of petroleum-based methacrylate polymers derived from tricyclodecane for microelectronics and optoelectronics applications
Tsai CW, Wu KH, Wang JC, Shih CC
155 - 163 Copper oxide alumina composite via template assisted sol.gel method for ammonium perchlorate decomposition
Paulose S, Raghavan R, George BK
164 - 170 Cellular protective effect of novel dimeric ferulamide derivatives against UVA and 1O2 and its structural mechanism
Hwang JP, Ha JH, No GY, Jeong YJ, Park SN
171 - 176 Synthesis of functionalized titanium-carboxylate molecular clusters and their catalytic activity
Kim SY, Sarkar D, Kim YI, Park MH, Yoon MY, Kim YJ, Kim M
177 - 182 Size-controlled synthesis, characterization, and cytotoxicity study of monodisperse poly(dimethylsiloxane) nanoparticles
Baipaywad P, KiM YK, Wi JS, Paik TJ, Park HS
183 - 191 Effect of dopants on the structure of titanium oxide used as a photocatalyst for the removal of emergent contaminants
Gil A, Garcia AM, Fernandez M, Vicente MA, Gonzalez-Rodriguez B, Rives V, Korili SA
192 - 200 Zinc oxide nanopillars as an electrocatalyst for direct redox sensing of cadmium
Bhanjana G, Dilbaghi N, Singhal NK, Kim KH, Kumar S
201 - 212 Fabrication of mesoporous BaTiO3/SnO2 nanorods with highly enhanced photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants
Selvarajan S, Malathy P, Suganthi A, Rajarajan M
213 - 227 Role of lanthanum nitrate in protective performance of PEO/epoxy double layer on AZ31 Mg alloy: Electrochemical and thermodynamic investigations
Toorani M, Aliofkhazraei M, Naderi R, Golabadi M, Rouhaghdam AS
228 - 232 Cationic surfactant as methane.water mass transfer enhancer for the fermentation of Methylosinus trichosporium OB3b
Kim KM, Seo KJ, Kim YJ, Yang JM, Ha KS, Lee JW, Kim CI
233 - 240 Calcium extraction from steelmaking slag and production of precipitated calcium carbonate from calcium oxide for carbon dioxide fixation
Lee SM, Lee SH, Jeong SK, Youn MH, Nguyen DD, Chang SW, Kim SS
241 - 246 Benzotriazole as an electrolyte additive on lithium-ion batteries performance
Hamenu L, Madzvamuse A, Mohammed L, Lee YM, Ko JM, Bon CY, Kim SJ, Cho WI, Baek YG, Park JW
247 - 252 The effects of mechanical alloying on the self-discharge and corrosion behavior in Zn-air batteries
Jo YN, Prasanna K, Kang SH, Ilango PR, Kim HS, Eom SW, Lee CW
253 - 260 Novel approach for the synthesis of nitrogen-doped titania with variable phase composition and enhanced production of hydrogen under solar irradiation
Reddy PAK, Reddy PVL, Kim KH, Kumar MK, Manvitha C, Shim JJ
261 - 267 Adsorption and recovery of immobilized coffee ground beads for silver ions from industrial wastewater
Jeon C
268 - 275 Synthesis of a recyclable mesoporous nanocomposite for efficient removal of toxic Hg2+ from aqueous medium
Ahamad T, Naushad M, Al-Maswari BM, Ahmed J, ALOthman ZA, Alshehri SM, Alqadami AA
276 - 284 The effect of A-site element on CO2 resistance of O2-selective La-based perovskite hollow fibers
Gao J, Lun Y, Hu Y, You Z, Tan X, Wang S, Sunarso J, Liu S
285 - 293 Adsorption mechanism of lead ions at ilmenite/water interface and its influence on ilmenite flotability
Chen P, Zhai J, Sun W, Hu Y, Yin Z, Lai X
294 - 306 Facile synthesis of Lead Doped Zinc-Aluminum Oxide Nanoparticles (LD-ZAO-NPs) for efficient adsorption of anionic dye: Kinetic, isotherm and thermodynamic behaviors
Jethave G, Fegade U, Attarde S, Ingle S
307 - 316 Production of diacylglycerols by esterification of oleic acid with glycerol catalyzed by diatomite loaded SO4 2-/TiO2
Zhang Z, Huang H, Ma X, Li G, Wang Y, Sun G, Teng Y, Yan R, Zhang N, Li A
317 - 324 Au/Co3O4/CeO2 heterostructures: Morphology controlling, junction formation and enhanced catalysis performance
Yang P, Liu Y
325 - 332 Surface modification of graphene oxide by pyridine derivatives for copper(II) adsorption from aqueous solutions
Guo Y, Jia Z, Cao M
333 - 340 Insights into deactivation mechanism of Pd@CN catalyst in the liquid-phase hydrogenation of phenol to cyclohexanone
Hu S, Zhang X, Qu Z, Jiang H, Liu Y, Huang J, Xing W, Chen R
341 - 347 A selective morphosynthetic approach for single crystalline hematite through morphology evolution via microwave assisted hydrothermal synthesis
Kim CW, Kang MJ, Van TK, Kang YS
348 - 359 Complementary experimental and quantum mechanics approaches for exploring the mechanical characteristics of epoxy composites loaded with graphene oxide-polyaniline nanofibers
Miraftab R, Karimi B, Bahlakeh G, Ramezanzadeh B
360 - 370 Preparation and evaluation of visible-light cured glycol chitosan hydrogel dressing containing dual growth factors for accelerated wound healing
Yang DH, Seo DI, Lee DW, Bhang SH, Park KS, Jang G, Kim CH, Chun HJ
371 - 374 Cooperative behavior of perfluoro carboxylic acid on cyclohexane oxidation catalyzed by m-nitrido diiron phthalocyanine complex
Seo KJ, KiM HY, Lee JW, Kim MG, Seo SY, KiM CI
375 - 385 Chemical processing strategies to obtain sporopollenin exine capsules from multi-compartmental pine pollen
Prabhakar AK, Lai HY, Potroz MG, Corliss MK, Park JH, Mundargi RC, Cho DH, Bang SI, Cho NJ
386 - 391 Characterization of liquid state sulfur polymer/epoxy blend as asphalt pavement materials
Kwon H, Lee AS, Lee JH, Park NK, Kim GD, Cho BS, ChoI SC, Yu SG
392 - 403 Amino modified core.shell mesoporous silica based layered double hydroxide (MS-LDH) for drug delivery
Barnabas MJ, Parambadath S, Ha CS
404 - 410 Immobilization of basic fibroblast growth factor on heparin/EDC-methiodide nano-aggregates to maintain its continuous signaling
Han UY, Choi MH, Hong JK
411 - 415 Synthesis and characterization of a new energy material: Pyridinium dinitramide (Py-DN)
Kim WR, Kwon YJ, Adelodun AA, Jo YM
416 - 424 Highly efficient current sensor built on a chip based on nanocrystalline NiFe/Cu/NiFe thin film
Kondalkar VV, Li X, Yang SS, Lee KE
425 - 428 Surface-initiated fluoride-scavenging polymeric layer on cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Seo HR, Lee HR, Kang DK, Yim TE, Oh SH
429 - 434 Construction and adhesion performance of biomass tetrahydro-geraniol-based sustainable/transparent pressure sensitive adhesives
Baek SS, Jang SH, Hwang SH