Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.52, August, 2017 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

In this Issue (45 articles)

1 - 6 A high-performance polymer composite electrolyte embedded with ionic liquid for all solid lithium based batteries operating at ambient temperature
You DJ, Yin Z, Ahn YK, Cho SH, Kim HJ, Shin DW, Yoo JY, Kim YS
7 - 11 Implementation of alternative gas compositions and effects on discharge properties of atmospheric pressure plasma in decomposition of CHF3
Nguyen DB, Lee WG
12 - 17 High electrochemical performance of nanoflakes like CuO electrode by successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction (SILAR) method
Shinde SK, Ghodake GS, Fulari VJ, Kim DY
18 - 27 Scalable fabrication of highly conductive 3D graphene by electrochemical exfoliation of graphite in molten NaCl under Ar/H2 atmosphere
Kamali AR
28 - 34 Co3+ homogeneous mediator generation efficiency in a divided tubular electrochemical reactor with MFI-type zeolite membrane
Govindan M, Zhu B, Duke M, Gray S, Moon IS
35 - 41 Preparation and characterization of Cu.N.C electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction in alkaline anion exchange membrane fuel cells
Kang YS, Heo YH, Kim P, Yoo SJ
42 - 50 Mono Mn(II)-substituted phosphotungstate@modified graphene oxide as a high-performance nanocatalyst for oxidative demercaptanization of gasoline
Rezvani MA, Aghbolagh ZS, Monfared HH, Khandan S
51 - 58 Evaluation of antioxidant activity of the residues generated from ethanol concentration of lignocellulosic biomass using pervaporation
Shin GJ, Jeong SY, Lee JW
59 - 65 Synthesis of alumina.carbon composite material for the catalytic conversion of furfural to furfuryl alcohol
Kim MS, Simanjuntak FSH, Lim SY, Jae JH, Ha JM, Lee HJ
66 - 72 Diffusive transport through surface functionalized nanoporous alumina membranes by atomic layer deposition of metal oxides
Vega V, Gelde L, Gonzlez AS, Prida VM, Hernando B, Benavente J
73 - 81 Molecular grafting to improve adhesion of spray-deposited circuits on polymeric surface for flexible electronics
Chen D, Kang Z, Bessho T
82 - 88 Synthesis of acetic acid-[(hydrazinylthioxomethyl)thio]-sodium and its application on the flotation separation of molybdenite from galena
Yin Z, Sun W, Hu Y, Liu R, Jiang W, Zhang C, Guan Q, Zhang C
89 - 98 Quantum dots: A new approach in thermodynamic inhibitor for the drilling of gas hydrate bearing formation
Saikia T, Mahto V, Kumar A
99 - 107 Effects of salinity and slug size in miscible CO2 water-alternating-gas core flooding experiments
Van SL, Chon BH
108 - 120 Removal of phenol from gas streams via combined plasma catalysis
Pan KL, Chen DL, Pan GT, Chong S, Chang MB
121 - 127 High-surface-area tofu based activated porous carbon for electrical double-layer capacitors
Lee DY, Ah GH, Ahn HJ
128 - 137 Preparation and characterization of pH-sensitive alginate-g-poly(Nvinyl-2-pyrrolidone)/gelatin blend beads
Inal M, Isiklan N, Yigioglu M
138 - 146 Preparation, characterization and application of GO-TiO2/PVC mixed matrix membranes for improvement in performance
Jhaveri JH, Patel CM, Murty ZVP
147 - 152 Surface modification of line-patterned electron transfer layer for enhancing the performance of organic solar cells
Jung SE, Lee EJ, Moon DK, Haw JR
153 - 161 Cobalt.copper oxalate nanofibers mediated Fenton degradation of Congo red in aqueous solutions
Shen Y, Zhou Y, Zhang Z, Xian K
162 - 167 Carbon quantum dots originated from chitin nanofibers as a fluorescent chemoprobe for drug sensing
Naghdi T, Atashi M, Golmohammadi H, Saeedi I, Alanezhad M
168 - 178 Nanoporous MgO as self-cleaning and anti-bacterial pigment for alkyd based coating
Hikku GS, Jeyasubramanian K, Vignesh Kumar s
179 - 186 New insights into surface-functionalized swelling high charged micas: Their adsorption performance for non-ionic organic pollutants
Pazos MC, Castro MA, Cota A, Osuna FJ, Pavon E, Alba MD
187 - 196 Zeolite properties improvement by chitosan modification.Sorption studies
Kolodynska D, Halas P, Franus M, Hubicki Z
197 - 210 Pyranpyrazole derivatives as novel corrosion inhibitors for mild steel useful for industrial pickling process: Experimental and Quantum Chemical study
Dohare P, Ansari KR, Quraishi MA, Obot IB
211 - 217 Core/shell structured carbon nanofiber/platinum nanoparticle hybrid web as a counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cell
Kim GH, Park SH, Birajdar MS, Lee JW, Hong SC
218 - 223 Process design and techno-economic evaluation for catalytic production of cellulosic g-Valerolactone using lignin derived propyl guaiacol
Han JH
224 - 234 Improved electrochemical, mechanical and transport properties of novel lithium bisnonafluoro-1-butanesulfonimidate (LiBNFSI) based solid polymer electrolytes for rechargeable lithium ion batteries
Karuppasamy K, Kim DK, Kang YH, Prasanna K, Rhee HW
235 - 242 Aster koraiensis as nontoxic corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in sulfuric acid
Prabakaran M, Kim SH, Mugila N, Hemapriya V, Parameswari K, Chitra S, Chung IM
243 - 250 Fogging, reflection, and dust-free transparent conducting glasses based on superhydrophilic nanotextures for organic photovoltaics
Kim EC, Na SI, Park JT
251 - 259 Synthesis of LiFePO4/graphene microspheres while avoiding restacking of graphene sheet’s for high-rate lithium-ion batteries
Kim MS, Lee GW, Lee SW, Jeon JH, Mhamane D, Roh KC, Kim KB
260 - 269 Conformal carbon layer coating on well-dispersed Si nanoparticles on graphene oxide and the enhanced electrochemical performance
Kim C, Verma D, Nam DH, Chang WY, Kim JH
270 - 276 Electrogeneration of H2O2 using graphite cathode modified with electrochemically synthesized polypyrrole/MWCNT nanocomposite for electro-Fenton process
Babaei-Sati R, Parsa JB
277 - 286 Osteogenesis and new bone formation of alendronate-immobilized porous PLGA microspheres in a rat calvarial defect model
Lee JY, Kim SE, Yun YP, Choi SW, Jeon DI, Kim HJ, Park KS, Song HR
287 - 294 Enhanced CO2 absorption and desorption in a tertiary amine medium with a carbonic anhydrase mimic
Sivanesan D, Youn MH, Murnandari A, Kang JM, Park KT, Kim HJ, Jeong SK
295 - 304 Novel organic-inorganic hybrid polyvinylidene fluoride ultrafiltration membranes with antifouling and antibacterial properties by embedding N-halamine functionalized silica nanospheres
Wang H, Wang ZM, Yan X, Chen J, Lang WZ, Guo YJ
305 - 313 Micrometer-sized nano-structured silicon/carbon composites for lithium-ion battery anodes synthesized based on a three-step Hansen solubility parameter (HSP) concept
Sehlleier YH, Dobrowolny S, Xiao L, Heinzel A, Schulz C, Wiggers H
314 - 320 The studies of lattice parameter and electrochemical behavior for Li3V2(PO4)3/C cathode materials
Choi SW, Kim DH, YAng SH, Kim MY, Lee MS, Kim HS
321 - 330 Electrochemical functionalization and in-situ deposition of the SAA@rGO/h-BN@Ni electrode for supercapacitor applications
Saha S, Samanta P, Murmu NC, Kim NH, Kuila T, Lee JH
331 - 337 Metal organic framework derived Cu.carbon composite: An efficient non-noble metal catalyst for reduction of hexavalent chromium and pendimethalin
Hasan Z, Cho JW, Rinklebe J, Ok YS, Cho DW, Song HC
338 - 348 Structure and biocompatibility of highly oriented poly(lactic acid) film produced by biaxial solid hot stretching
Li Z, Ye L, Zhao X, Coates P, Caton-Rose F, Martyn M
349 - 358 Dimer-type heterostructure of Ag/Zn0.995Ni0.005O microspheres: Microwave-assisted synthesis and synergistic antibacterial activity
Tan L, Wu W, Yin Q, Ke X, Qiao R, Tong G, Zhu L
359 - 368 The role of HABTC’s hydroxamate and dithiocarbamate groups in chalcopyrite flotation
Liu S, Liu G, Zhong H, Yang X
369 - 375 Dispersion state and rheological characteristics of carbon nanotube suspensions
Piao SH, Kim MH, Choi HJ, Lee HJ, Park JH
376 - 381 Synthesis of uniform silica particles with controlled size by organic amine base catalysts via one-step process
Han J, Yu TK, Im SH