Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.46, February, 2017 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

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1 - 8 Estimation of thermodynamic properties of hydrogen isotopes and modeling of hydrogen isotope systems using Aspen Plus simulator
Noh J, Fulgueras AM, Sebastian LJ, Lee HG, Kim DS, Cho J
9 - 18 Magnetic field-augmented coagulation bath during phase inversion for preparation of ZnFe2O4/SiO2/PES nanofiltration membrane: A novel method for flux enhancement and fouling resistance
Zinadini S, Zinatizadeh AAL, Rahimi M, Vatanpour V
19 - 27 MnO2 nanorods grown NGNF nanocomposites for the application of highly sensitive and selective electrochemical detection of hydrogen peroxide
Ramachandran K, Zahoor A, Kumar TR, Nahm KS, Balasubramani A, Kumar GG
28 - 34 Effective disentangling method of bundled multi-walled carbon nanotubes into individual multi-walled carbon nanotubes by magnetic-field induction
Son SY, Um SH, Jang HS, Jeon SK, Nahm SH, Kim HW, Yeon YH, Bae J, Lee DH
35 - 43 Characterization and absorption studies of cationic dye on multi walled carbon nanotube-carbon ceramic composite
Esfandiyari T, Nasirizadeh N, Ehrampoosh MH, Tabatabaee M
44 - 48 Development of a continuous L-lysine bioconversion system for cadaverine production
Kim JH, Seo HM, Sathiyanarayanan G, Bhatia SK, Song HS, Kim J, Jeon JM, Yoon JJ, Kim YG, Park K, Yang YH
49 - 53 High-color rendering index white organic light-emitting diodes based on exciplex forming blue emitters
Han SH, Choi JM, Lee JY
54 - 61 Comparison of homogenization processes for the development of green O/W emulsions formulated with N,N-dimethyldecanamide
Trujillo-Cayado LA, Alfaro MC, Garcia MC, Munoz J
62 - 67 Selective acidic elution of Ca from sewage sludge ash for phosphorus recovery under pH control
Lim BH, Kim DJ
68 - 79 Engineered chitosan-xanthan gum biopolymers effectively adhere to cells and readily release incorporated antiseptic molecules in a sustained manner
Kim J, Hwang J, Seo Y, Jo Y, Son J, Choi J
80 - 90 Synthesis and characterization of core-shell associative polymer that prepared by oilfield formation water for chemical flooding
Liu R, Pu WF, Du DJ
91 - 102 Interior design engineering of CuS architecture alteration with rise in reaction bath temperature for high performance symmetric flexible solid state supercapacitor
Patil AM, Lokhande AC, Chodankar NR, Shinde PA, Kim JH, Lokhande CD
103 - 110 Surface modification of PVDF membrane by radiation-induced graft polymerization for novel membrane bioreactor
Shin IH, Hong S, Lim SJ, Son YS, Kim TH
111 - 118 Synthesis of microcrystalline ZnO as an anodic material via a solvothermal method, and its electrochemical performance in Ni/Zn redox battery
Kwak BS, Jo SW, Park KS, Cho TW, Jeon J, Chung KI, Kang M
119 - 129 Highly UV light driven WOx@ZnO nanocomposites synthesized by liquid impregnation method
Thein MT, Chim JE, Pung SY, Pung YF
130 - 138 Structural-thermochromic relationship of polydiacetylene (PDA)/polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) nanocomposites: Effects of PDA side chain length and PVP molecular weight
Kamphan A, Khanantong C, Traiphol N, Traiphol R
139 - 149 Coking characteristics and deactivation mechanism of the HZSM-5 zeolite employed in the upgrading of biomass-derived vapors
Fan Y, Cai Y, Li X, Yin H, Xia J
150 - 156 A MALDI-MS-based quantitative glycoprofiling method on a 96-well plate platform
Kim KJ, Kim YW, Park HG, Hwang CH, Park IY, Choi KY, Yang YH, Kim YH, Kim YG
157 - 165 A novel polylysine-resorcinol base γ-alumina nanotube hybrid material for effective adsorption/preconcentration of cadmium from various matrices
Beyki MH, Ghasemi MH, Jamali A, Shemirani F
165 - 174 A novel polylysine.resorcinol base g-alumina nanotube hybrid material for effective adsorption/preconcentration of cadmium from various matrices
Beyki MH, Ghasemi MH, Jamalia A, Shemirani F
175 - 181 Fabrication and characterization of 3D-printed bone-like β-tricalcium phosphate/polycaprolactone scaffolds for dental tissue engineering
Park JS, Lee SJ, Jo HH, Lee JH, Kim WD, Lee JY, Park SA
182 - 191 A unique scaffold for bone tissue engineering: An osteogenic combination of graphene oxide-hyaluronic acid.chitosan with simvastatin
Unnithan AR, Sasikala ARK, Park CH, Kim CS
192 - 198 Polyelectrolyte/silica-layered hydrogel microcapsules as vehicles with remarkable shell impermeability
Jeong E, Lee G, Han SW, Lee WJ, Choi HS, Lee Y, Kim JW
199 - 202 UV/ozone treatment for adhesion improvement of copper/epoxy interface
Bok S, Lim GH, Lim B
203 - 211 Facile electrochemical synthesis of anatase nano-architectured titanium dioxide films with reversible superhydrophilic behavior
Sorcar S, Razzaq A, Tian H, Grimes CA, In SI
212 - 221 Synthesis/characterization of molecular imprinted polymer based on magnetic chitosan/graphene oxide for selective separation/ preconcentration of fluoxetine from environmental and biological samples
Barati A, Kazemi E, Dadfarnia S, Shabani AMH
222 - 233 Adsorption of hexavalent chromium onto Bamboo Charcoal grafted by Cu2+-N-aminopropylsilane complexes: Optimization, kinetic, and isotherm studies
Wu Y, Ming Z, Yang S, Fan Y, Fang P, Sha H, Cha L
234 - 243 A highly selective, sensitive and stable fluorescent chemosensor based on Schiff base and poly(azomethine-urethane) for Fe3+ ions
Kamaci M, Kaya I
244 - 257 Feasibility study of a novel copolyamide thin membrane assisted by melamine in terms of acid and thermal stability
Hoseinpour H, Jahanshahi M, Peyravi M, Nozad A
258 - 265 Pd nanoparticles supported on N-doped porous carbons derived from ZIF-67: Enhanced catalytic performance in phenol hydrogenation
Ding S, Zhang C, Liu Y, Jiang H, Xing W, Chen R
266 - 272 Synthesis of potassium glyceroxide catalyst for sustainable green fuel (biodiesel) production
Pradhan S, Shen J, Emami S, Mohanty P, Naik SN, Dalai AK, Reaney MJT
273 - 278 Most simple preparation of an inkjet printing of silver nanoparticles on fibrous membrane for water purification: Technological and commercial application
Lee SJ, Heo DN, Heo M, Noh MH, Lee D, Park SA, Moon JH, Kwon IK
279 - 288 Interconnected ruthenium dioxide nanoparticles anchored on graphite oxide: Highly efficient candidate for solvent-free oxidative synthesis of imines
Yuan G, Gopiraman M, Cha HJ, Soo HD, Chung IM, Kim IS
289 - 297 Dispersion of surface-modified silica nanoparticles in polyamide-imide (PAI) films for enhanced mechanical and thermal properties
Kang T, Lee JH, Oh SG
298 - 303 Vanadium nitride nanofiber membrane as a highly stable support for Pt-catalyzed oxygen reduction reaction
Kim NY, Lee JH, Kwon JA, Yoo SJ, Jang JH, Kim HJ, Lim DH, Kim JY
304 - 314 Effect of conjugated 2D-side groups on quinacridone-based copolymers to adjust deep HOMO level for photovoltaics
Sung HA, Kim DH, Lee TH, Choi MH, Lee EJ, Moon DK
315 - 323 Synthesis of novel hierarchically porous Fe3O4@MgAl-LDH magnetic microspheres and its superb adsorption properties of dye from water
Lu L, Li J, Ng DHL, Yang P, Song P, Zuo M
324 - 336 Effective hydrogen production from propane steam reforming over bimetallic co-doped NiFe/Al2O3 catalyst
Kim KM, Kwak BS, Park NK, Lee TJ, Lee ST, Kang M
337 - 341 Characterization on the aggregation of self-aggregating green fluorescent protein variant
Raghunathan G, Munussami G, Lee SG
342 - 349 One-step aldol condensation of ethyl acetate with formaldehyde over Ce and P modified cesium supported alumina catalyst
Sararuk C, Yang S, Zhang G, Li C, Zhang S
350 - 355 Enhanced mass transfer rate and solubility of methane via addition of alcohols for Methylosinus trichosporium OB3b fermentation
Kim K, Kim Y, Yang J, Ha KS, Usta H, Lee J, Kim C
356 - 363 Selective hydrocracking of pyrolysis fuel oil into benzene, toluene and xylene over CoMo/beta zeolite catalyst
Upare DP, Park S, Kim MS, Jeon YP, Kim J, Lee D, Lee J, Chang H, Choi S, Choi W, Park YK, Lee CW
364 - 372 Wet air oxidation of paracetamol over precious metal/Ti mesh monolith catalyst
Szabados E, Sagi G, Somodi F, Maroti B, Sranko D, Tungler A
373 - 378 Non-leaching and durable antibacterial textiles finished with reactive zwitterionic sulfobetaine
He L, Gao C, Li S, Chung CTW, Xin JH
379 - 385 Polydopamine coating in organic solvent for material-independent immobilization of water-insoluble molecules and avoidance of substrate hydrolysis
You I, Jeon HJ, Lee K, Do M, Seo YC, Lee HA, Lee H
386 - 396 Size control of monodisperse hollow ORMOSIL particles using a self-emulsion process
Jung GI, Kim EH, Lim MH, Koo SM
397 - 403 Fabrication of free-standing fluorescent mesoporous silica films for detection of nitrobenzene
Zhang F, Zheng X, Liu E, Yu L, Yan Y
404 - 415 A DFT study on the structure.reactivity relationship of aliphatic oxime derivatives as copper chelating agents and malachite flotation collectors
Yang X, Liu S, Liu G, Zhong H
416 - 425 Photocatalytic oxidation of gas-phase Hg0 by carbon spheres supported visible-light-driven CuO-TiO2
Wu J, Li C, Chen X, Zhang J, Zhao L, Huang T, Hu T, Zhang C, Ni B, Zhou X, Liang P, Zhang W
426 - 435 Stearic acid hydrodeoxygenation over Pd nanoparticles embedded in mesoporous hypercrosslinked polystyrene
Sapunov VN, Stepacheva AA, Sulman EM, Warna J, Maki-Arvela P, Sulman MG, Sidorov AI, Stein BD, Murzin DY, Matveeva VG