Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.19, No.4, July, 2013 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

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1061 - 1068 Development of microwave induced hydrodesulfurization of petroleum streams: A review
Shang H, Du W, Liu Z, Zhang H
1069 - 1081 Bioleaching of spent refinery catalysts: A review
Asghari I, Mousavi SM, Amiri F, Tavassoli S
1082 - 1085 Simple and rapid synthesis of polyaniline microrods and its electrical properties
Ragupathy D, Lee SC, Al-Deyab SS, Rajendran A
1086 - 1091 Modeling of facilitated transport of Cr(III) using (RNH3+HSO4-) ionic liquid and pseudo-emulsion hollow fiber strip dispersion (PEHFSD) technology
Alguacil FJ, Garcia-Diaz I, Lopez FA
1092 - 1098 Three-dimensional simulation of humid-air dryer using computational fluid dynamics
Ryu JB, Jung CY, Yi SC
1099 - 1105 Equilibrium and kinetic studies for removal of malachite green from aqueous solution by a low cost activated carbon
Uma, Banerjee S, Sharma YC
1106 - 1111 Commercially attractive process for production of 5-hydroxymethyl-2-furfural from high fructose corn syrup
Jeong J, Antonyraj CA, Shin S, Kim S, Kim B, Lee KY, Cho JK
1112 - 1116 A feasible hydrogen evolution process of water electrolysis assisted by TiO2 nanotube photocatalysis
He H, Chen A, Chang M, Ma L, Li C
1117 - 1122 Synthesis of boron nitride nanotubes using thermal chemical vapor deposition of ball milled boron powder
Seo D, Kim J, Park SH, Jeong YU, Seo YS, Lee SH, Kim J
1123 - 1129 The electrochemical studies of the corrosion resistance behaviour of hydroxyapatite coatings on stainless steel fabricated by electrophoretic deposition
Chew KK, Zein SHS, Ahmad AL, McPhail DS, Abdullah MF
1130 - 1136 Prediction of solubility parameter from intrinsic viscosity
Han KH, Jeon GS, Hong IK, Lee SB
1137 - 1143 Ring-opening polymerization behavior of L-lactide catalyzed by aluminum alkyl catalysts
Yoo JY, Kim Y, Ko YS
1144 - 1152 Kinetic study of CO hydrogenation on the MgO supported Fe-Co-Mn sol-gel catalyst
Mirzaei AA, Pourdolat A, Arsalanfar M, Atashi H, Samimi AR
1153 - 1161 Acid modified local clay beads as effective low-cost adsorbent for dynamic adsorption of methylene blue
Auta M, Hameed BH
1162 - 1168 Synthesis of characterization of ZnxTiyS and its photocatalytic activity for hydrogen production from methanol/water photo-splitting
Lee H, Park Y, Kang M
1169 - 1176 Characteristics of natural rubber hybrid composites based on marble sludge/carbon black and marble sludge/rice husk derived silica
Ahmed K, Nizami SS, Raza NZ
1177 - 1183 Kinetics studies of nano-structured cobalt-manganese oxide catalysts in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
Mansouri M, Atashi H, Tabrizi FF, Mirzaei AA, mansouri G
1184 - 1190 Preparation of sub-micron colored particles by controlled emulsion polymerization
Gao H, Kim S, An JH
1191 - 1203 A systematic method of synthesizing composite superabsorbent hydrogels from crosslink copolymer for removal of textile dyes from water
Bhattacharyya R, Ray SK, Mandal B
1204 - 1208 Nano-sized LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 cathode powders with good electrochemical properties prepared by high temperature flame spray pyrolysis
Kim JH, Hong YJ, Park BK, Kang YC
1209 - 1217 Palladium, silver, and zinc oxide nanoparticles loaded on activated carbon as adsorbent for removal of bromophenol red from aqueous solution
Ghaedi M, Ghayedi M, Kokhdan SN, Sahraei R, Daneshfar A
1218 - 1225 Versatile p(3-sulfopropyl methacrylate) hydrogel reactor for the preparation of Co, Ni nanoparticles and their use in hydrogen production
Turhan T, Avcıbası YG, Sahiner N
1226 - 1233 Electrically conductive polyaniline-titanium(IV)molybdophosphate cation exchange nanocomposite: Synthesis, characterization and alcohol vapour sensing properties
Khan AA, Baig U, Khalid M
1234 - 1240 Friction and wear properties of scrap tire/potassium hexatitanate whisker composites
Chung K, Hong Y
1241 - 1250 Thermo-mechanical properties of devulcanized rubber/high crystalline polypropylene blends modified by ionizing radiation
Hassan MM, Badway NA, Elnaggar MY, Hegazy ESA
1251 - 1256 Experimental and numerical study of turbulent mixing in a model of a polymerization reactor
Ingles X, Pallares J, Larre MT, Mendez L, Grau FX
1257 - 1266 Synthesis of highly carboxylated latex particles using a power feed process
Santillan R, Nieves E, Alejandre CP, Gomez-Yanez C, del Rı´o JM, Dorantes-Rosales H, Navarro-Clemente ME, Corea M
1267 - 1271 Synthesis of a Ti-Cr-V alloy by pulsed current assisted reaction
Hong SH, Song MY
1272 - 1279 A contrastive study of the introduction of cobalt as a modifier for active components and supports of catalysts for NH3-SCR
Zhang X, Shen B, Wang K, Chen J
1280 - 1288 Antibacterial activity of dithiothreitol reduced graphene oxide
Gurunathan S, Han JW, Dayem AA, Eppakayala V, Park MR, Kwon DN, Kim JH
1289 - 1298 Viscous, thermal and tribological characterization of oleic and ricinoleic acids-derived estolides and their blends with vegetable oils
Garcı´a-Zapateiro LA, Franco JM, Valencia C, Delgado MA, Gallegos C
1299 - 1303 Antimicrobial and anticoagulation activity of silver nanoparticles synthesized from the culture supernatant of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Jeyaraj M, Varadan S, Anthony KJP, Murugan M, Raja A, Gurunathan S
1304 - 1309 Prediction of the optimum aqueous phase composition of a triglyceride microemulsion using response surface methodology
Jeirani Z, Jan BM, Ali BS, Noor IM, See SH, Saphanuchart W
1310 - 1314 Correlations between interfacial tension and cumulative tertiary oil recovery in a triglyceride microemulsion flooding
Jeirani Z, Jan BM, Ali BS, Noor IM, See CH, Saphanuchart W
1315 - 1319 Influence of the textual properties of activated carbon nanofibers on the performance of electric double-layer capacitors
Jung MJ, Jeong E, Kim Y, Lee YS
1320 - 1324 Characterization of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 thin films prepared by RF magnetron sputtering using a single target without selenization
Kong SM, Fan R, Jung SH, Chung CW
1325 - 1330 A comparison of fenton oxidation and photocatalyst reaction efficiency for humic acid degradation
Jung HJ, Hong JS, Suh JK
1331 - 1339 In vivo hair growth-promoting efficacies of herbal extracts and their cubosomal suspensions
Seo SR, Kang G, Ha JW, Kim JC
1340 - 1349 Characterizations and properties of oligoazomethines (including CH3 and NO2 groups) char composites
Ozaytekin I
1350 - 1355 Modeling and optimizing of electrochemical oxidation of C.I. Reactive Orange 7 on the Ti/Sb-SnO2 as anode via response surface methodology
Parsa JB, Merati Z, Abbasi M
1356 - 1364 Comparison of the influence of nanomaterials on response properties of copper selective electrodes
Ghaedi M, Montazerozohori M, Sahraei R
1365 - 1370 PVC based polyvinyl alcohol zinc oxide composite membrane: Synthesis and electrochemical characterization for heavy metal ions
Khan MMA, Rafiuddin, Inamuddin
1371 - 1376 Dye sorption characters of gamma irradiated foamed ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber/clay composites
Hassan MS, El-Nemr KF
1377 - 1383 Effects of silica particle size on the structure and properties of polypropylene/silica composites foams
Hwang SS, Hsu PP
1384 - 1390 Use and recycling of Ca-alginate biocatalyst for removal of phenol from wastewater
Ali O, Namane A, Hellal A
1391 - 1394 Improved photo-catalytic activity of single-crystalline TiO2 nanowires surrounded by Pt cube nanoparticles
Oh JK, Lee YW, Park KW
1395 - 1399 Preparation of solid acid catalyst packing AAO/SBA-15-SO3H and application for dehydration of xylose to furfural
Hua D, Li P, Wu Y, Chen Y, Yang M, Dang J, Xie Q, Liu J, Sun XY
1400 - 1405 Spectrophotometric studies of photo-induced degradation of Tertrodirect Light Blue (TLB) using a nanostructure zinc zirconate composite
Habibi MH, Askari E
1406 - 1412 Characteristics of the simultaneous removal of PM and NOx using CuNb-ZSM-5 coated on diesel particulate filter
Kang W, Choi B, Kim H
1413 - 1419 Study on the solid acid catalysts in biodiesel production from high acid value oil
Sheikh R, Choi MS, Im JS, Park YH