Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.19, No.2, March, 2013 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

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361 - 368 Studies on γ-irradiated polymer-nano calcined clay blended cement mortar composites
Ismail MR, Abdel-Rahman HA, Younes MM, Hamed E, El-Hamouly SH
369 - 374 Peanut proteins: Applications, ailments and possible remediation
Ghatak SK, Sen K
375 - 393 Polymeric mixed matrix membranes containing zeolites as a filler for gas separation applications: A review
Bastani D, Esmaeili N, Asadollahi M
394 - 406 Physical characteristics of magnetorheological suspensions and their applications
Bica I, Liu YD, Choi HJ
407 - 412 Heteropolyacid-clay nano-composite as a novel heterogeneous catalyst for the synthesis of 2,3-dihydroquinazolinones
Dar BA, Sahu AK, Patidar P, Sharma PR, Mupparapu N, Vyas D, Maity S, Sharma M, Singh B
413 - 415 Synergistic effect of pretreatment and hydrolysis enzymes on the production of fermentable sugars from date palm lignocellulosic waste
Al-Zuhair S, Ahmed K, Abdulrazak A, El-Naas MH
416 - 420 Electrorheological properties of poly[N,N0-(2-amino-5-carboxybutyl-1,3-phenylenedimethylene)-2,2'-diamino-4,4'-bithiazole]
Xinrong S, Kunyang S, Sha D, Yaping C, Yuanbin L
421 - 426 Synthesis and photovoltaic characterization of D/A structure compound based on N-substituted phenothiazine and benzothiadiazole
Yun DH, Yoo HS, Heo SW, Song HJ, Moon DK, Woo JW, Park YS
427 - 437 Development of novel grafted hybrid PVA membranes using glycidyltrimethylammonium chloride for pervaporation separation of water-isopropanol mixtures
Sajjan AM, Kumar BKJ, Kittur AA, Kariduraganavar MY
438 - 443 Activity and stability of Pd/MMnOx (M = Co, Ni, Fe and Cu) supported on cordierite as CO oxidation catalysts
Huang Q, Yan X, Li B, Xu X, Chen Y, Zhu S, Shen S
444 - 449 Use of bulk liquid membrane for the removal of Cibacron Red FN-R from aqueous solution using TBAB as a carrier
Muthuraman G, Ibrahim M
450 - 457 Evaluation the performance of sodium metaborate as a novel alkali in alkali/surfactant/polymer flooding
Chen F, Jiang H, Bai X, Zheng W
458 - 468 Physico-chemical and catalytic properties of Mg-Al hydrotalcite and Mg-Al mixed oxide supported copper catalysts
Dixit M, Mishra M, Joshi PA, Shah DO
469 - 477 Preparation, characterization and photocatalytic activity evaluation of micro- and mesoporous TiO2/spherical activated carbon
Baek MH, Jung WC, Yoon JW, Hong JS, Lee YS, Suh JK
478 - 487 Effect of preparation method on catalytic performance, structure and surface reaction rates of MgO supported Fe-Co-Mn catalyst for CO hydrogenation
Arsalanfar M, Mirzaei AA, Bozorgzadeh HR
488 - 492 Rapid dye adsorption for dye-sensitized solar cells using a simple ultrasonication method
Seo Y, Kim JH
493 - 497 Synergetic improvement in electromagnetic interference shielding characteristics of polyaniline-coated graphite oxide/γ-Fe2O3/BaTiO3 nanocomposites
Moon YE, Yun J, Kim HI
498 - 507 Application of equation of state and artificial neural network to prediction of volumetric properties of polymer melts
Yousefi F, Karimi H
508 - 522 A novel configuration of decalin and hydrogen loop in optimized thermally coupled reactors in GTL technology via differential evolution method
Rahimpour MR, Mirvakili A
523 - 528 Direct conversion of citrus peel waste into hydroxymethylfurfural in ionic liquid by mediation of fluorinated metal catalysts
Yi YB, Ha MG, Lee JW, Park SM, Choi YH, Chung CH
529 - 535 A new method for analysis of sunset yellow in food samples based on cloud point extraction prior to spectrophotometric determination
El-Shahawi MS, Hamza A, Al-Sibaai AA, Bashammakh AS, Al-Saidi HM
536 - 539 Used lubricating oil regeneration by various solvent extraction techniques
Al-Zahrani SM, Putra MD
540 - 546 Dehydrogenation of C3-C4 paraffin’s to corresponding olefins over slit-SAPO-34 supported Pt-Sn-based novel catalyst
Nawaz Z, Baksh F, Zhu J, Wei F
547 - 553 Kinetic modeling of uranium permeation across a supported liquid membrane employing dinonyl phenyl phosphoric acid (DNPPA) as the carrier
Biswas S, Pathak PN, Roy SB
554 - 560 Prediction of water and oil percolation thresholds of a microemulsion by modeling of dynamic viscosity using response surface methodology
Jeirani Z, Jan BM, Ali BS, Noor IM, See CH, Saphanuchart W
561 - 565 Catalytic performance of LaCo0.5M0.5O3 (M = Mn, Cr, Fe, Ni, Cu) perovskite-type oxides and LaCo0.5Mn0.5O3 supported on cordierite for CO oxidation
Yan X, Huang Q, Li B, Xu X, Chen Y, Zhu S, Shen S
566 - 570 Enhanced solvent resistance of acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber by electron beam irradiation
Jung ST, Kim DY, Kim HB, Jeun JP, Oh SH, Lee BJ, Kang PH
571 - 579 Electrochemical oxidation of methyl orange azo dye at pilot flow plant using BDD technology
Ramı´rez C, Saldana A, Herna´ndez B, Acero R, Guerra R, Garcia-Segura S, Brillas E, Peralta-Herna´ndez JM
580 - 588 Formulation and processing of virgin and recycled polyolefin/oil blends for the development of lubricating greases
Martı´n-Alfonso JE, Romero A, Valencia C, Franco JM
589 - 594 A kinetic study on hydrochloric acid leaching of nickel from Ni-Al2O3 spent catalyst
Parhi PK, Park KH, Senanayake G
595 - 600 Mechanistic investigation of the oxidation of Cefuroxime by hexacyanoferrate(III) in alkaline conditions
Khan AAP, Asiri AM, Khan A, Azum N, Rub MA, Rahman MM, Khan SB, Siddiqi KS, Alamry KA
601 - 605 COD and color removal from synthetic textile wastewater by ultrasound assisted electro-Fenton oxidation process
Sahinkaya S
606 - 613 Catalytic transfer hydrogenation of 7-ketolithocholic acid to ursodeoxycholic acid with Raney nickel
Tian H, Zhao H, Cao X
614 - 619 Biofilm-inactivating activity of silver nanoparticles: A comparison with silver ions
Park HJ, Park S, Roh J, Kim S, Choi K, Yi J, Kim Y, Yoon J
620 - 626 Preparation, characterization and catalytic performance of HPW-TUD-1 catalyst on oxidative desulfurization
Tang L, Luo G, Zhu M, Kang L, Dai B
627 - 632 Mild hydrocracking of 1-methyl naphthalene (1-MN) over alumina modified zeolite
Park JI, Ali SA, Alhooshani K, Azizi N, Miyawaki J, Kim T, Lee Y, Kim HS, Yoon SH, Mochida I
633 - 639 Acid leaching of CaO-SiO2 resources
Park HK, Bae MW, Nam IH, Kim SG
640 - 644 Synthesis of organoclays and their application for the adsorption of phenolic compounds from aqueous solution
Nguyen VN, Nguyen TDC, Dao TP, Tran HT, Nguyen DB, Ahn DH
645 - 649 Characterization of air-blown asphalt/trans-polyoctenamer rubber blends
Min KE, Jeong HM
650 - 654 Influence of rubber and fabric cord on deformation of a fabric cord-inserted rubber composite by thermal aging
Choi SS, Kim OB
655 - 658 Simultaneous removal of sulphide and nickel by the compound of Chitosan Schiff Base from crude oil under microwave irradiation
Wang L, Peng Q, Li S, Du L, Cai H
659 - 664 Biohydrogen production from palm oil mill effluent using immobilized mixed culture
Singh L, Siddiqui MF, Ahmad A, Ab. Rahim MH, Sakinah M, Sakinah ZA
665 - 669 Phase behavior for the poly(dimethylsiloxane) in supercritical fluid solvents
Byun HS
670 - 676 Thermal degradation of rice straw fibers: Global kinetic modeling with isothermal thermogravimetric analysis
Wu Q, Yao F, Xu X, Mei C, Zhou D
677 - 685 Role of critical concentration of PEI in NMP solutions on gas permeation characteristics of PEI gas separation membranes
Shamsabadi AA, Kargari A, Babaheidari MB, Laki S, Ajami H
686 - 691 Micronization and characterization of squid lecithin/polyethylene glycol composite using particles from gas saturated solutions (PGSS) process
Yun JH, Lee HY, Asaduzzaman AKM, Chun BS
692 - 697 Crystallization and melting behavior of polypropylene in β-PP/polyamide 6 blends containing PP-g-MA
Lin Z, Guan Z, Xu B, Chen C, Guo G, Zhou J, Xian J, Cao L, Wang Y, Li M, Li W
698 - 703 Methanation of carbon dioxide over mesoporous Ni-Fe-Ru-Al2O3 xerogel catalysts: Effect of ruthenium content
Hwang S, Lee J, Hong UG, Baik JH, Koh DJ, Lim H, Song IK
704 - 711 Effects of MDI-PPG molecular weight on the thermorheological behaviour of MDI-isocyanate based bituminous foams
Izquierdo MA, Navarro FJ, Martı´nez-Boza FJ, Gallegos C
712 - 719 Effect of carbon nanotubes with different lengths on mechanical and electrical properties of silica-filled styrene butadiene rubber compounds
Park SM, Lim YW, Kim CH, Kim DJ, Moon WJ, Kim JH, Lee JS, Hong CK, Seo G