Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.126, October, 2023 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

In this Issue (50 articles)

1 - 19 Advances of molecular dynamics simulation in tribochemistry and lubrication investigations: A review
Jiaqi He, Huajie Tang, Chenglong Wang
20 - 35 Removal of pharmaceutically active compounds from wastewater using adsorption coupled with electrochemical oxidation technology: A critical review
Voravich Ganthavee, Antoine P. Trzcinski
36 - 49 Tailoring ZSM-5 zeolite through metal incorporation: Toward enhanced light olefins production via catalytic cracking: A minireview
Yuchen Sha, Lei Han, Ruoyu Wang, Peng Wang, Haitao Song
50 - 68 Research and application of fluidized flotation units: A review
Jikang Han, Peng Chen, Taishan Liu, Yanfeng Li
69 - 91 A comprehensive review on CO2 thickeners for CO2 mobility control in enhanced oil recovery: Recent advances and future outlook
Emanuel X. Ricky, Grant Charles Mwakipunda, Edwin E. Nyakilla, Naswibu A. Kasimu, Chao Wang, Xingguang Xu
92 - 114 The recent advances in adsorption and membrane separation and their hybrid technologies for micropollutants removal from wastewater
Jemal Fito Nure, Thabo T.I. Nkambule
115 - 126 Carbon recovery from wasted aqueous-phase bio-oil to fuel precursors through aldol-condensation reaction: A comprehensive review
Il-Ho Choi, Jinwoo Hwang, Jeong Woo Han, Kyung-Ran Hwang
127 - 136 Metal-organic and porous organic framework in electrocatalytic water splitting
Sivalingam Gopi, Murugavel Kathiresan, Kyusik Yun
137 - 144 Ultra-thin ceramic coated separator for high energy density lithium-ion battery:In-depth analysis on Al2O3 nano particles penetration into the structure pore
Ucheol Kim, Youngjoon Roh, Seungyeop Choi, Yoon-Sung Lee, Sun-Yul Ryou, Yong Min Lee
145 - 159 Preparation of organic-filled compatible nanocomposite membranes for enhanced CO2 permselectivity
Zahra Rezaee, Toraj Mohammadi, Omid Bakhtiari
160 - 170 Facile synthesis of porous cellulose aerogel beads with tunable core–shell microstructures and physical properties
Feng Xu, Young-lae Kim, Se-Young Oh, Byoung-Uk Cho
171 - 180 Room-temperature electrochemical deposition of nanostructured ZnO films on FTO substrate and their photoelectrochemical activity
Karolina Syrek, Olena Tynkevych, Mateusz Wojtas, Marcin Kozieł, Łukasz Pięta, Leszek Zaraska
181 - 191 Temperature and frequency dependencies of the permittivities of ferroalloys and reaction mixtures
C.A. Pickles, O. Marzoughi
192 - 203 The impact of air contaminants on humidifier membrane performance
Daniel Ilk, Viktoria Frick, Christopher Hänel, Thomas Schiestel, Michael Schoemaker, Holger Kraus, Harry E. Hoster
204 - 213 Improving electrochemical performances of lithium-ion capacitors employing 3D structured Si anodes
Juyeon Baek, Seokho Suh, Hyunsu Kim, Hyeonghun Park, Santosh Kumar, Tomas Tamulevičius, Sigitas Tamulevičius, Hyeong-Jin Kim
214 - 223 Recovery of Au and Pd from the etching solution of printed circuit boards by cementation, solvent extraction, reduction, and precipitation
Thi Nhan Hau Nguyen, Man Seung Lee
224 - 238 Evaluation of EPDM waste in environmentally friendly epoxy hybrid composites
Melisa Temiz, Suheyla Kocaman, Gulnare Ahmetli
239 - 248 Silicone oil-based selective SiOC coating onto hydrophobic rGO-MoS2 composite materials to achieve ultra-stable composite anodes in sodium-ion batteries
Seunghak Lee, Eunjeong Seok, Haeun Kang, Dohyub Park, Minjun Kim, Dayoung Kam, Minsu Choi, Hyung-Seok Kim, Wonchang Choi
249 - 263 Carbon dioxide capture from industrial flue gas surrogate by multi-cyclical PSA mediated by microporous palm kernel shell and ZIF-8 media
Hind Jihad Kadhim Shabbani, Ammar Ali Abd, Tharveen Raj Rajalingam, Jinsoo Kim, Mohd Roslee Othman, Zuchra Helwani
264 - 269 Characterization of microfiltration and ultrafiltration membranes for application in kombucha filtration
Júlia Daneluz, Guilherme Ferreira da Silva, Jocelei Duarte, Tayse Circe Turossi, Venina dos Santos, Camila Baldasso, Ana Carolina Daneluz
270 - 282 Highly synergic adsorption and photocatalytic degradation of walnut shell biochar/NiCr-layered double hydroxides composite for Methyl orange
Xiao-fang Li, Rui-xian Li, Ke-xin Wang, Xiao-qiang Feng
283 - 291 A low-cost and environmentally-friendly chitosan/spent coffee grounds composite with high photothermal properties for interfacial water evaporation
Po-Cheng Hsieh, Yi-Chun Chen, Nai-Ci Zheng, Dave Mangindaan, Hsiu-Wen Chien
292 - 306 Comparison of synthesis methods for BiOI/g-C3N4 heterojunction photocatalysts and testing their visible light activity in sugar processing wastewater treatment
Gülen Tekin, Gülin Ersöz, Süheyda Atalay
307 - 316 Stable Cu-Co/C carbon-based composites for efficiency catalytic degradation of Orange II by PMS: Effect factors, application potential analysis, and mechanism
Xiaodan Huang, Caihua Liu, Zhiyong Zhang, V. Vasanthakumar, Huiying Ai, Lei Xu, Ming-Lai Fu, Baoling Yuan
317 - 326 Unlocking the potential of gallium for electrochemical CO2 reduction and the role of overlayer nickel for Csingle bondC coupling pathways
Young Jun Kim, Gaeun Yun, Ju Young Maeng, Hye Ji Jang, Ilsun Yoon, Chang Woo Myung, Choong Kyun Rhee, Youngku Sohn
327 - 339 Synthesis and characterization of pine cones biochar for the removal of an antibiotic (Metronidazole) from aqueous solutions
Meriem Chebbi, Samira Ounoki, Leila Youcef, Abdeltif Amrane
340 - 359 Effect of Ni-doping on coloring and photocatalytic performance of MgTi2O5 nanoceramics
Moksodur Rahman, Md. Lutfor Rahman, Bristy Biswas, Md. Farid Ahmed, Md. Aftab Ali Shaikh, Shirin Akter Jahan, Nahid Sharmin
360 - 370 Facile and cost-effective fabrication of activated charcoal-carboxymethyl cellulose composite fiber for high-rate water-softening application
Sung Il Yoon, Minhee Han, Wei Wei, Haribandhu Chaudhuri, Yeoung-Sang Yun
371 - 381 Dual-anchor anti-corrosion coating of copper foil for high-speed interconnects
Huijuan Shi, Guoyun Zhou, Qin Zhang, Pengju Wang, Yan Hong, Wei He, Shouxu Wang, Chong Wang, Zhiwei Han
382 - 397 Development of carboxymethyl cellulose/chitosan double-layer hydrogel combining myrtle essential oil and thyme honey to enhance antibacterial and mechanical properties
Reza Monfared-Hajishirkiaee, Hamide Ehtesabi, Ali Rezaei, Shima Najafinobar
398 - 407 Study on molten salt oxidation process of simulated Co doped cation exchange resins
Yun Xue, Yue-Lin Wang, Yu Li, Wen-Da Xu, Fu-Qiu Ma, Yang-Hai Zheng, Qing-Guo Zhang, Zhi Zhang, Mi-Lin Zhang, Yong-De Yan
408 - 417 Enhancing corrosion resistance of carbon steel and stainless steel through pothocathodic protection using TiO2-polyvinyl butyral electrophoretic deposition coating
Tae Ho Yun, Taeyong Kim, Man Tae Kim, Ji Hoon Park, Sung Jin Kim
418 - 431 Vapor-liquid equilibria in the 1-methylpyrrolidine + 1-butylimidazole binary system: Experimental measurements and theoretical modelling
Denis Usosky, Vladyslav Aharkov, Kyung Rok Lee, Kwang-Deog Jung, Ung Lee
432 - 443 Synthesis, characterization and tribological performances of nano-CeO2/biodiesel carbon soot composites as a novel lubricant additive in polyalphaolefin
Chuan Li, Xinxin Wang, Qiangqiang Zhang, Xu Tan, Yefeng Liu, Honglin Li, Hao Liu, Enzhu Hu, Xianguo Hu
444 - 453 Green and facile production of UTSA-16 (Zn) in aqueous media with improved CO2 adsorption performance
Ranjit Gaikwad, Sanjit Gaikwad, Sangil Han
454 - 464 Transition metal modified manganese-based catalysts for soot oxidation promoted by noncompetitive adsorption of oxygen: Experiments and DFT calculations
Congcong Li a, Ruiqi Li b, Yuhang Wang c, Runhan Niu a, Qilong Guo a, Changsen Zhang
465 - 479 Facile and environmentally friendly synthesis of highly efficient two-dimensional hematene nanosheets for photocatalytic applications
Parisa Yekan Motlagh, Alireza Khataee, Aydin Hassani, Yasin Orooji
480 - 491 Aptamer-conjugated gold nanoparticles platform as the intracellular delivery of antibodies for cancer therapy
Ji-Hyun Yeom, Eunkyoung Shin, Hanyong Jin, Haifeng Liu, Yongyang Luo, Youngwoo Nam, Minkyung Ryu, Wooseok Song, Heeyoun Chi, Jeongkyu Kim, Kangseok Lee, Jeehyeon Bae
492 - 500 In-situ synthesis of NiS-modified MgO/S-doped biochar for boosting the adsorption-photocatalytic activity
Xiaogang Zheng, Liping Wang, Yuanliang Zhou, Meiyin Luo, Hongyan Li, Zongyang Bo, Weixin Zheng, Chenggong Chang, Jing Wen, Jinmei Dong
501 - 509 Oxygen vacancies assisted LaFeO3 derived from metal organic frameworks endows a practical HCHO sensor with excellent sensing characteristics
Lulu Guo, Shushu Zhao, Guimao Yang, Lifeng Gao, Yanhong Wu, Xuguang Zhang
510 - 519 MgAl-layered double hydroxides decorated with Pd-doped SnS nanoparticles: A novel photocatalyst for efficient dye degradation and Cr(VI) reduction in water
Hao Sun, Seul-Yi Lee, Soo-Jin Park
520 - 536 A closed cycle of sustainable development: Effective removal and desorption of lead and dyes using an oxidized cellulose membrane
Nataša Knežević, Jovana Milanović, Zlate Veličković, Milena Milošević, Marija M. Vuksanović, Antonije Onjia, Aleksandar Marinković
537 - 545 Fabrication of ZIF-8/TiO2 electrospinning nanofibers for synergistic photodegradation in dyeing wastewater
Liusha Cen, Tao Tang, Fan Yu, Han Wu, Chengcai Li, Hailin Zhu, Yuhai Guo
546 - 556 Bioresource-derived multifunctional carbon quantum dots as a fluorescence and electrochemical sensing platform for picric acid and noncytotoxic food storage application
Bony K. John, Chinnu R. Thara, Binila K. Korah, Neenamol John, Beena Mathew
557 - 567 Zn-MOF loading Cu2O cube to construct hierarchical solid cage to improve photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Jing Xu, Zezhong Li, Zhenlu Liu, Shengming Xu, Xinyu Liu
568 - 579 Facile synthesis of carbon layered TiO2 nanocomposite for high photocatalytic activity
Vijayarohini Parasuraman, Muhammad Awais Aslam, Parasuraman Perumalswamy Sekar, Van-Quyet Nguyen, Ye eun Lee, Hojae Lee, Woo Ram Lee, Seungdo Kim
580 - 587 Activity analysis of Pd-based catalysts from the performance modeling of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Seoeun Choi, Eunji Kim, Seunghwan Song, Junghwan Kim, Kyungjung Kwon
588 - 600 Non-salt roasting mechanism of V–Cr slag toward efficient selective extraction of vanadium
Zhichao Yao, Qing Zhang, Ling Wang, Wenjuan Zhang, Baozhong Ma, Chengyan Wang
601 - 610 Improving catalytic performance and reusability of flower-like Co-B-P amorphous alloy nanobelts for the selective hydrogenation of furfural in water
Min Mo, Rouyi Liu, Jiansheng Tang, Youyi Xun, Hongru Guan
611 - 620 Mass transfer kinetics of chemical oxygen demand removed from palm oil mill effluent in stirred cylinder batch reactor
Mustafa Wajdi, Khalida Muda, Mohamad Ali Fulazzaky