Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.118, February, 2023 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

In this Issue (50 articles)

1 - 18 Recent progress on the traditional and emerging catalysts for propane dehydrogenation
Feng F, Zhang H, Chu S, Zhang Q, Wang C, Wang G, Wang F, Bing L, Han D
19 - 32 Review on thin-film nanocomposite membranes with various quantum dots for water treatments
Kim A, Moon SJ, Kim JH, Patel R
33 - 43 Research progress in preparation of electrolyte for all-vanadium redox flow battery
Guo Y, Huang J, Feng JK
44 - 52 Pelletized SiO2-supported La0.5Ba0.5FeO3 for conversion of CO2 to CO by a reverse water-gas shift chemical looping process
Shi H, Bhethanabotla VR, Kuhn JN
53 - 69 Rapid synthesis and optimization of UV-photopolymerized cassava starch-based superabsorbent hydrogels as a biodegradable, low-cost, and effective adsorbent for MB removal
Srikaew M, Jumpapaeng P, Suwanakood P, Kaiyasuan C, Promarak V, Saengsuwan S
70 - 77 Nest-like Ag-doped NiMoO4/NF with rich oxygen vacancies as robust catalysts for highly efficient oxygen evolution
Wang J, Luo Y, Xu T, Guo Z, Chen G, Ren Y, Xue Y, Cai N, Li H, Yu F
78 - 90 The influence of leveler Brilliant Green on copper superconformal electroplating based on electrochemical and theoretical study
Li Y, Ren P, Zhang Y, Wang S, Zhang J, Yang P, Liu A, Wang G, Chen Z, An M
91 - 100 Optimizing the chlorine evolution reaction performance of Co(OH)2 catalyst for enhanced antifouling ability
Peng Y, Wang P, Li J, Wu J, Lin F, Zhang D
101 - 108 Effect of thrombin conjugation on hemostatic efficacy of PLGA mesh through reagent free surface modification
Lee IK, You SJ, Yun YJ, Kim JK, Yang DH, Chun HJ, Ko JH, Koh YJ
109 - 118 Smart healable and reportable anticorrosion coating based on halloysite nanotubes carrying 8-hydroxyquinoline on steel
Liu C, Hou P, Qian B, Hu X
119 - 131 Solar light responsive 2D/2D BiVO4/SnS2 nanocomposite for photocatalytic elimination of recalcitrant antibiotics and photoelectrocatalytic water splitting with high performance
Singla S, Basu S, Devi P
132 - 146 Catalytic performances and leaching behavior of typical natural iron minerals as electro-Fenton catalysts for mineralization of imidacloprid
Yu W, Lai F, He J, He K, Wang R, Li D, Chen Q
147 - 154 Redox flow desalination for tetramethylammonium hydroxide removal and recovery from semiconductor wastewater
Ahn DY, Kim SH, Ren P, Presser V, Kim CS
155 - 163 Amplified piezoelectric response with b-phase formation in PVDF blended 3D cotton type nanofibers for osteogenic differentiation
Lee JC, Park CH, Kim CS
164 - 169 Porous C2H3O2-substituted cellulose with thermal stability based on sodium chloride
Kung DCN, Kang SW
170 - 180 Quasi-Fe-/Zn-phthalocyanine polymer derived 2D FeANAC single-atom catalyst for highly efficient ORR and H2O2 sensing
Shen J, Liu Q, Sun Q, Ren J, Liu X, Xiao Z, Xing C, Zhang Y, Yang G, Chen Y
181 - 186 Aluminum-based microporous metal–organic framework for noble gas separation
Kim MB, Robinson AJ, Sushko ML, Thallapally PK
187 - 195 Fabrication of novel polysaccharide hybrid nanoliposomes containing citral for targeting MRSA-infected wound healing
Shahhosseinlou F, Farahpour MR, Sonboli A
196 - 204 Improved photostability of CuO by using WO3/CuO and BiVO4/WO3/CuO heterojunction photoelectrodes with various thermal annealing processes
Jeon SH, Bae SC, Ryu HH
205 - 215 Optimization studies for improving the throughput and solvent usage levels of a tandem simulated-moving-bed process for recovery of galactotriose from crude galacto-oligosaccharides
Jo CY, Kang HJ, Mun SY
216 - 225 Enhanced ammonia adsorption performance of MgCl2-loaded activated carbon in pressure swing adsorption
Hong MW, Park JH, Win MZ, Yoon HC, Yi KB
226 - 238 Rapid growth of zinc oxide nanorods on kanthal wires by direct heating method and its photocatalytic performance in pollutants removal
Aziz SNQAA, Meng KC, Pung SY, Lockman Z, Ul-Hamid A, Tan WK
239 - 246 Porous NiS@Ni2P nanoframe as a multi-functional catalyst for enhanced oxygen evolution and urea oxidation reactions
Huang Y, Pan Y, Huang X, Zhao J, Wang X
247 - 258 A facile way to synthesize noble metal free TiO2 based catalysts for glycerol photoreforming
Pecoraro CM, Bellardita M, Loddo V, Franco FD, Palmisano L, Santamaria M
259 - 267 Hydrophobic melamine sponge prepared by direct fluorination for efficient separation of emulsions
Kim SJ, Lim CH, Kwak CH, Kim DS, Ha SM, Lee YS
268 - 279 Performance of alcoholic solvents in the continuous countercurrent spent coffee grounds oil extraction
Toda TA, Barreiro MM, da Cunha GB, da Costa Rodrigues CE
280 - 297 How does changing substituents affect the hole transport characteristic of butterfly-shaped materials based on fluorene–dithiophene core for perovskite photovoltaics
Shariatinia Z
298 - 308 Biomimetic slippery liquid-infused porous surface on the basis of hierarchical ZIF-67@Cu dendrite: Preparation and corrosion inhibition
Yu Y, Li B, Wei Y, Ren X, Bie F, Xu Y, Qiu R, Li X, Ouyang Y
309 - 317 Molecular structures of flavonoid co-formers for cocrystallization with carbamazepine
Lee CC, Lim JH, Cho AY, Yoon WJ, Yun HS, Kang JW, Lee JH
318 - 329 A hybrid modeling framework for efficient development of Fischer-Tropsch kinetic models
Kim JH, Rhim GB, Choi NE, Youn MH, Chun DH, Heo SM
330 - 340 Template-free hydrothermal synthesis of hollow alumina microspheres and its excellent catalytic properties for thiolation
Wang WM, Peng S, Chen XT, Chen YM, Peng C, Zeng D, Xiong J, Liu H, Yang XX, Li M
341 - 350 Highly CO-selective Ni–MgO–CexZr1–xO2 catalyst for efficient low-temperature reverse water–gas shift reaction
Kim YS, Kim KJ, Song YH, Lee YL, Roh HS, Na KS
351 - 361 Electrolyte recovery from spent Lithium-Ion batteries using a low temperature thermal treatment process
Zachmann N, Petranikova M, Ebin B
362 - 371 Efficient electrochemical detection of L-lactic acid using platinum nanoparticle decorated Chitosan/ZnTiO3 nanocomposites
Faisal M, Alam MM, Ahmed J, Asiri AM, Alsareii SA, Alruwais RS, Alqahtani NF, Rahman MM, Harraz FA
372 - 382 Adsorption and electro-assisted method removal of boron in aqueous solution by nickel hydroxide
Song T, Luo Q, Gao F, Zhao B, Hao X, Liu Z
383 - 392 Designing cactus-like Fe-P doped CoNi-S arrays as highly efficient electrocatalyst for overall water splitting
Feng X, Shi Y, Liang J, Li W, Gou X
393 - 406 A fancy hydrangea shape bimetallic Ni-Mo oxide of remarkable catalytic effect for hydrogen storage of MgH2
Zhang J, Hou Q, Liu Y, Yang X
407 - 417 Fabrication of ternary nano-heterojunction via hierarchical deposition of a-Fe2O3 and b-La2S3 on cubic CoCr2O4 for enhanced photodegradation of doxycycline
Sivaranjani PR, Syed A, Elgorban AM, Bahkali AH, Balakrishnaraja R, Varma RS, Khan SS
418 - 431 Highly efficient separation of uranium from wastewater by in situ synthesized hydroxyapatite modified coal fly ash composite aerogel
Huang S, Chen C1, Zhao Z, Jia L, Zhang Y
432 - 445 Environmental-friendly method for preparing CoFe2O4 coated biopolymer extracted from dragon fruit peel: Characterization and application as nanocomposite adsorbent for removal of As(III) pollutants from aqueous solution
Nguyen LH, Le VS, Tran LD, Thai NV, Tram HTN, Minh BQ, Nguyen VH
446 - 457 Friction and wear properties of core-shell (CI is a core & GO is a shell) particles based magnetorheological fluid under steel on steel point contacts
Kumar S, Sehgal R, Wani MF, Sharma MD
458 - 468 Hierarchical ZIF-67 of dodecahedral structure on binder-free carbon nanofiber for flexible supercapacitors
Khadka A, Samuel E, Kim YI, Park CW, Lee HS, Yoon SS
469 - 482 Solar light-based photocatalytic removal of CV and RhB dyes using Bi and Al doped SrFe12O19 NPs and antibacterial properties
Raza Q, Bibi I, Majid F, Kamal S, Ata S, Ghafoor A, Arshad MI, Al-Mijalli SH, Nazir A, Iqbal M
483 - 487 Effect of preparation condition in one-pot synthesis of MgCl2-supported Ziegler-Natta catalyst on ethylene-1-octene copolymerization
Cariño AC, Ko YS
488 - 498 Removal of cadmium from phosphoric acid in the presence of chloride ions using commercially available anion exchange resins
Marszałek M, Knapik E, Piotrowski M, Chruszcz-Lipska K
499 - 510 A new green alternative solvent for extracting echinacoside and acteoside from Cistanche deserticola based on ternary natural deep eutectic solvent
Nie F, Feng C, Ahmad N, Tian M, Liu Q, Wang W, Lin Z, Li C, Zhao C
511 - 518 A self-healing hydrogel derived flexible all-solid-state supercapacitors based on dynamic borate bonds
Tang L, Ma Y, Yang C, Liang E, Yin H, Wan Q, Zhang J, Wang W
519 - 532 Piperazine-activated diethanolamine formulation for post-combustion CO2 capture
Das B, Guo H, Xiong L, Mandal B, Modak A, Pant KK, Chen X
533 - 543 Transition metal disulfide (MoTe2, MoSe2 and MoS2) were modified to improve NO2 gas sensitivity sensing
Lin L, Feng Z, Dong Z, Tao H, Hu C
544 - 554 Evaluation of the kinetics of unseeded batch cooling crystallization using population balance modeling: Sucrose and KNO3 case studies
Kim SH, Lee SY, Chang JW, Yang DR