Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.117, January, 2023 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

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1 - 20 BiFeO3-based Z scheme photocatalytic systems: Advances, mechanism, and applications
Dhawan A, Sudhaik A, Raizada P, Thakur S, Ahamad T, Thakur P, Singh P, Hussain CM
21 - 37 Recent developments in the utilization of modified graphene oxide to adsorb dyes from water: A review
Liu T, Aniagor CO, Ejimofor MI, Menkiti MC, Wakawa YM, Li J, Akbour RA, Yap PS, Lau SY, Jeevanandam J
38 - 53 Bioactive inorganic compound MXene and its application in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
Park HT, Kim SY, Kim SJ, Kim MB, Kang YJ, Amirthalingam S, Lee SB, Hwang NS, Yang KS, Kim HD
54 - 69 Anti-wetting surfaces with self-healing property: Fabrication strategy and application
Jiang S, Zhang H, Liu X
70 - 84 A comprehensive review on zinc-based mixed metal oxide catalysts for dimethyl carbonate synthesis via urea alcoholysis process
Mandooie M, Rahimi M, Nikravesh G, Salehi E
85 - 102 Recent developments in the field of dehydration of bio-renewable glycerol to acrolein over molecular sieve catalysts
Ma T, Yin M, Su C, Guo N, Huang X, Han Z, Wang Y, Chen G, Yun Z
103 - 108 Convenient hydrogel adhesion with crystalline zones
Chen WT, Zeng L, Li P, Liu Y, Huang JL, Guo H, Rao P, Li WH
109 - 116 Chemoattractant releasing microneedles for enhanced DNA vaccination
Kim NW, Lim SY, Kim DH, Lyu S, Whang O, Park CE, Kim BD, Lee MS, Jeong JH
117 - 129 Synergistic effect of adsorption and photocatalysis of BiOBr/lignin-biochar composites with oxygen vacancies under visible light irradiation
Yang Q, Li X, Tian Q, Pan A, Liu X, Yin H, Shi Y, Fang G
130 - 139 Green carbon dots synthesized from Chlorella Sorokiniana microalgae biochar for chrome detection
Pena ACC, Raymundo LM, Trierweiler LF, Gutterres M
140 - 148 Effect of host polarity on efficiency of thermally activated delayed fluorescent and hyperfluorescent organic light emitting devices
Lee DH, Son HW, Le TN, Park EY, Kim JH, Suh MC
149 - 156 Continuous production of fructo-oligosaccharides using selectively immobilized fructosyltransferase from Aspergillus aculeatus onto Purolite A109
Veljkovic´ M, Stepanovic´ R, Banjanac K, C´orovic´ M, Milivojevic´ A, Simovic´ M, Milivojevic´ M, Bezbradica D
157 - 171 A novel approach towards controlled growth of metal-organic framework ZIF-8 thin film on steel with excellent corrosion protection
Keshmiri N, Najmi P, Ramezanzadeh M, Ramezanzadeh B
172 - 187 Effects of HY addition on NiMoS active phase of NiMo(NH3) impregnated NiMo/Al2O3-HY and its role in 4,6-dimethyl-dibenzothiophene hydrodesulfurization
Dong Y, Yu X, Wang Z, Li X, Liu Y, Gao R, Yao S
188 - 195 Multiple performance enhancements with one effect: Improving the electrochemical performance of SiOx coated with specific aromatic compounds
Ha SM, Hwang KB, Kim DS, Yoon SH, Lee YS
196 - 204 Synthesis of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythuophene) derivatives using three-armed conjugated cross-linker and its thermoelectric properties
Lee JS, Patel SN
205 - 212 Turning abundant waste sulfur to polymers for manufacturing: Exploiting role of organic crosslinkers and benign catalysts
Mousavi M, Zhou T, Dong Z, Fini EH
213 - 219 Facile synthesis of nanostructured Prussian blue analogue for high performance symmetric supercapacitor device
Khairy M
220 - 226 Development of a lithium-oxygen battery with an improved redox mediator applicable to gel polymer electrolytes
Jang JS, Kim MC, Kim JH, Park DH, Lee SN, Park YY, Kim MH, Byeon JH, Sohn JI, Park KW
227 - 237 Ultrasonic-assisted decoration of AuNPs on carbon nano-onions as robust electrochemical scaffold for sensing of carcinogenic hydrazine in industrial effluents
Gowthaman NSK, Mohapatra D, Arul P, Chang WS
238 - 246 Insight into the anti-corrosion performance of Acanthopanax senticosus leaf extract as eco-friendly corrosion inhibitor for carbon steel in acidic medium
Liao B, Luo Z, Wan S, Chen L
247 - 254 A magnetostrictive self-powered biosensor based on Au-BaTiO3-FeGa & PDMS
Zhang Q,Xu M, Liu Y, Zhang C, Zhang R, Fu Z, Ji J, Zhang R, Sang S
255 - 264 Zwitterionic neurotransmitter-sensitive gadolinium complex as a potential MRI contrast agent for Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis
Kim SY, Yang BW, Kim HK, Sung BK, Yang JU, Kim DS, Park KC, Kim MS, Park JA, Chang YM
265 - 272 2D-2D heterostructured composites Bi4O5Br2-SnS2 with boosted photocatalytic NOx abatement
Chang F, Wei Z, Zhao Z, Qi Y, Liu DG
273 - 281 Local Joule heating targets catalyst surface for hydrocarbon combustion
Xiong Q, Zhu X, He R, Mei X, Zhang Y, Zhong Z, Zhao W, Nie W, Zhang J
282 - 297 Numerical simulation and experimental validation for investigating the novel hydraulicbarrier-hydrocyclone in industrial beneficiation process
Lv X, Xiang L, Wang T, Du S
298 - 306 Random wrinkle structures for spectrum preserved warm white organic light emitting diodes
Moon JH, Lee KS, Park SK, Joo CW, Shin JW, Lee JH, Han JH, Cho NS
307 - 318 TiO2 nanoparticle stability via polyacrylic acid-binding on the surface of polyethersulfone membrane: Long-term evaluation
Damavandi F, Aroujalian A, Salimi P
319 - 332 Growth behavior and corrosion resistance of graphene oxide/MgAl Layered double hydroxide coating grown on micro-arc oxidation film of magnesium alloys
Chen Y, Wu L, Yao W, Wu J, Yuan Y, Jiang B, Pan F
333 - 341 High p-xylene selectivity in aluminum-based metal–organic framework with 1-D channels
Bae HJ, Kim SI, Choi YJ, Kim KM, Bae YS
342 - 351 Green gold@chitosan nanocomposite via solid-state synthesis; a separable catalyst for reduction of Cr(IV)
Atia A, Abdel-Monem YK, Salama AH, El-kousy SM, Eisa WH
352 - 360 Heavy metal stabilization in MSWI fly ash using an additive-assisted microwave hydrothermal method
Xu Z, Liang Z, Shao H, Zhao Q
361 - 370 Breakup dynamics and scaling laws of liquid metal droplets formed in a cross junction
Liu Z, Zhang C, Zhao S, Pang Y, Wang X
371 - 385 Thermal transformation of copper incorporated hydrotalcite-derived oxides and their catalytic activity for ethanol dehydrogenation
Ausavasukhi A, Krukrathok N, Singthaisong P
386 - 393 Using the design of dynamic experiments to optimize photosynthetic cyanophycin production by Synechocystis sp.
Trentin G, Bertucco A, Georgakis C, Sforza E, Barbera E
394 - 401 Enhanced electrical conductivity of pitch-derived carbon via graphene template effects for high electrically conductive composites
Lei Z, Li Y, Lei Z, Yang X, Yan J, Li Z, Shui H, Ren S, Wang Z, Kong Y, Kang S
402 - 413 Nano-alumina wrapped carbon microspheres for ultrahigh elimination of pentavalent arsenic and fluoride from potable water
Raj SK, Sharma V, Yadav A, Indurkar PD, Kulshrestha V
414 - 421 Optimization of particle rinsing process in linker-free post-synthesis functionalization for sensitive encoded hydrogel microparticle-based immunoassay
Bae SH, Jang WK, Choi JH, Mun SJ, Bong KW
422 - 433 Evaluating the synergistic effect of maple leaves extract and iodide ions on corrosion inhibition of Q235 steel in H2SO4 solution
Wang Y, Qiang Y, Zhi H, Ran B, Zhang D
434 - 441 Aging effect on the structure formation of active sites in single-atomic catalysts and their electrochemical properties for oxygen reduction reaction
Lee SY, Lee JY, Jang HW, Son UH, Lee SH, Joh HI
442 - 449 Toward efficient broad-spectrum UV absorption of carbon dots: Facile preparation, performance characterization and its application as UV absorbers
Qiu J, Ye W, Chen C, Xu Z, Hu C, Zhuang J, Dong H, Lei B, Hu G, Liu Y
450 - 460 Bonded flake MoS2 solid lubricant coating: An effective protection against fretting wear
Yin J, Yan H, Cai M, Song S, Fan X, Zhu M
461 - 472 Effects of process variables for NO conversion by double-layered photocatalytic mortar with TiO2 nanoparticles
Jin HO, Lee TM, Choi HJ, Kim KS
473 - 489 Bi4O5I2 nanosheets as a novel nanofiller for fabrication of antifouling polyethersulfone nanocomposite membranes
Vatanpour V, Kose-Mutlu B, Mutlu-Salmanli O, Ilyasoglu Ga, Asadzadeh-Khaneghah S, Habibi-Yangjeh A, Koyuncu I
490 - 499 On-demand and fast recyclable bio-epoxy
Hong Y, Jeong JS, Oh DK, Kim MK, Lee MW, Goh MJ
500 - 509 Electrochemical deposition of Ni-WO3 thin-film composites for electrochromic energy storage applications: Novel approach toward quantum-dot-sensitized solar cell-assisted Ni-WO3 electrochromic device
Prasad AK, Park JY, Jung HY, Kang JW, Kang SH, Ahn KS
510 - 521 In-situ fabrication of hollow BiOIxCly n-n type heterojunction microspheres with enhanced visible-light-driven performance for rhodamine B degradation and CO2 reduction
Fu H, Zhang T, Abulizi A, Okitsu K, Tursun Y
522 - 537 Mechanisms of mercury ions separation by non-toxic organic liquid membrane via DFT, thermodynamics, kinetics and mass transfer model
Traiwongsa N, Suren S, Pancharoen U, Nootong K, Maneeintr K, Punyain W, Lothongkum AW
538 - 545 Diblock copolymer worms stabilized pH-responsive Pickering emulsions: An efficient and recyclable platform for Claisen-Schmidt condensation reaction
Xiang Z, Zhao X, Wang G, Qi C, Zhou S, Li J, Ggo Y
546 - 547 Corrigendum to ‘‘High-performance supercapacitors based on polyaniline–graphene nanocomposites: Some approaches, challenges and opportunities” [J. Ind. Eng. Chem. 36 (2016) 13–29]
Chauhan NPS, Mozafari M, Chundawat NS, Meghwal K, Ameta R, Ameta SC