Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.114, October, 2022 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

In this Issue (50 articles)

1 - 18 Towards rapid and sustainable synthesis of biodiesel: A review of effective parameters and scale-up potential of intensification technologies for enzymatic biodiesel production
Liow MY, Gourich W, Chang MY, Loh JM, Chan ES, Song CP
19 - 32 Topographical pattern for neuronal tissue engineering
Patel M, Ahn SJ, Koh WG
33 - 51 Hydrodynamic cavitation and its application in water treatment combined with ozonation: A review
Wang B, Liu Y, Zhang H, Shi W, Xiong M, Gao C, Cui M
52 - 76 Recent progresses and perspectives of VN-based materials in the application of electrochemical energy storage
Shi LN, LI XZ, Cui LT, Wang PF, Xie Y, Yi TF
77 - 83 Fabrication of long-lasting multilayers of diacetylene@silica nanoparticles patterned on solids for sensory figures
Won TK, Roh JK, Ahn DJ
84 - 95 Sonocatalytic degradation of fluoroquinolone compounds of levofloxacin using titanium and zirconium oxides nanostructures supported on paper sludge/wheat husk-derived biochar
Motlagh PY, Soltani RDC, Pesaran Z, Akay S, Kayan B, Yoon Y, Khataee A
96 - 107 Investigation of the optimal fabrication of a single-carrier encapsulated fucoxanthin based on colloidal nanoparticles
Zhang X, Fan M, Yuan Y, Dong J, Yin H, He Y, Ma L, Wang D, Yu J
108 - 114 Development of novel hybrid 2D-3D graphene oxide diamond micro composite polyimide films to ameliorate electrical & thermal conduction
Bhutta MS, Xuebang T, Akram S, Yidong C, Ren X, Fasehullah M, Rasool G, Nazir MT
115 - 125 Fabrication of mesoporous silica-covered gold nanostars for chemophototherapy
Hou J, Zhao Y, Sun L, Zou X
126 - 133 Enhanced ionic conductivity of composite solid electrolyte by directionally ordered structures of linear Li1.3Al0.3Ti1.7(PO4)3
Li Y, Tang M, Xu S, Zhang S, Zhai Y, Yin J, Zou Z
134 - 141 Multilayer-coated hydrogel membranes with comprehensive fouling resistance and stability for wastewater treatment
Li Y, Sun S
142 - 150 Manganese-based spinel adsorbents for lithium recovery from aqueous solutions by electrochemical technique
Zhan H, Qiao Y, Qian Z, Li J, Wu Z, Hao X, Liu Z
151 - 160 Highly selective PDMS-PVDF composite membrane with hydrophobic crosslinking series for isopropanol-1,5 pentanediol pervaporation
Chaudhari S, Shin HT, Cho KY, Shon MY, Kwon HT, Jo SW, Nam SE, Park YI
161 - 170 [1]Benzothieno[3,2-b][1]benzothiophene-based liquid crystalline organic semiconductor for solution-processed organic thin film transistors
Park WB, Yun CY, Yun SJ, Lee JJ, Bae SW, Ho DI, Earmme TS, Kim CI, Seo SY
171 - 180 Glutathione-depleted and cancer-targeted nanocapsules encapsulating bimetallic oxide nanoparticles for enhanced chemo-sonodynamic therapy
Ravichandran V, Hoang QT, Cao TGN, Shim MS
181 - 189 Mechanical evaluation of polymer microneedles for transdermal drug delivery: In vitro and in vivo
Liu RX, He YT, Liang L, Hu LF, Liu Y, Yu RX, Chen BZ, Cui Y, Guo XD
190 - 204 Predicting the interaction between organic layer and metal substrate through DFTB and electrochemical approach for excellent corrosion protection
Chaouiki A, Hazmatulhaq F, Han DI, Al-Moubaraki AH, Bakhouch M, Ko YG
205 - 212 Tough antifouling organogels reinforced by the synergistic effect of oleophobic and dipole–dipole interactions
Zeng L, Cui H, Liu Y, Lin X, Wang Z, Guo H, Li WH
213 - 220 Patternization of cathode metal using low surface energy organic molecules in OLED thermal evaporation process
Kim SK, Kim KS, Park HU, Kim JY, Kim DK, Kim SH, Baek JH, Kim JJ, Pode R, Kwon JH
221 - 232 Bubble formation in high-viscosity liquids in step-emulsification microdevices
Mi S, Zhu C, Ma Y, Fu T
233 - 241 Two birds with one stone: The route from waste printed circuit board electronic trash to multifunctional biomimetic slippery liquid-infused coating
Kan Y, Liu H, Yang Y, Wei Y, Yu Y, Qiu R, Quyang Y
242 - 253 Simultaneous activation of KHSO5 and BuOOH by iron octacarboxyphthalocyanine loaded on fly ash microspheres to boost pollutant degradation
Li D, Zhang P, Duan J, Wu Y, Ding N, Wan Z, Chen L, Xu J, Ge S, Ma J
254 - 262 Optimization of hemicellulose recovery from black liquor using ZnO/PES ultrafiltration membranes in crossflow mode
Sharma M, Mendes CVT, Alves P, Gando-Ferreira LM
263 - 275 Effect of novel intensification structure on drying of particulate materials in spouted beds
Zhao S, Wu F, Ma X, Zhou W
276 - 287 Camphene-derived hollow and porous nanofibers decorated with hollow NiO nanospheres and graphitic carbon as anodes for efficient lithium-ion storage
Lee JS, Saroha R, Oh JH, Cho C, Jin B, Kang DW, Cho JS
288 - 296 Sensitive detection of levofloxacin and copper (II) based on fluorescence ‘‘turn on-off” of biomass carbonized polymer dots
Lin J, Yang S, Wang Y, Cui Y, Li Q, Chen Y, Ding L
297 - 304 Effective transportation of electrons/Li ions in V2O3 nanoparticle/carboncoated stainless steel composite electrodes for lithium-ion storage
Tian Y, Zhang J, Otitoju TA, Wang H, Chen H, Zhu L, Feng Z, Sun T
305 - 316 Engineering of heterojunction TiO2/CaIn2S4@rGO novel nanocomposite for rapid photodegradation of toxic contaminants
Chaudhari SD, Deshpande A, Kularkar A, Tandulkar D, Hippargi G, Rayalu SS, Nagababu P
317 - 322 ‘‘Anode-free” Zn/LiFePO4 aqueous batteries boosted by hybrid electrolyte
Duan J, Min L, Wu M, Yang T, Chen M, Wang C
323 - 330 The use of black mass in spent primary battery as an oxidative catalyst for removal of volatile organic compounds
Kim BS, Jung SC, Jung HY, Khan MA, Jeon BH, Kim SC
331 - 337 Strategic structural evolution for enhancing the photovoltaic performance of quinoxaline-based polymers
Nugraha DF, Son DH, Wardani RP, Lee SW, Whang DR, Kim JH, Chang DW
338 - 346 Strengthening flotation enrichment of Pb(Ⅱ)-activated scheelite with N-[(3-hydroxyamino)-propoxy]-N-hexyl dithiocarbamate
Qi J, Zhao G, Liu S, Chen W, Liu G
347 - 360 Preparation of semi-alicyclic homo- and blended polyimide membranes using alicyclic dianhydrides with kink structures and their gas separation properties
Seo CH, Lim SW, Min HJ, Kim JH, Kim JH
361 - 376 Dendrimeric micelles composed of polyamidoamine dendrimer-peptidecholesterol conjugates as drug carriers for the treatment of melanoma and bacterial infection
Thuy LT, Kang NY, Choi MY, Lee MH, Choi JS
377 - 390 Toxic chrome removal from industrial effluents using marine algae: Modeling and optimization
Nagababu A, Reddy DS, Mohan GVK
391 - 401 Simple scalable approach to advanced membrane module design and hydrogen separation performance using twelve replaceable palladium-coated Al2O3 hollow fibre membranes
Lim SM, Magnone E, Shin MC, Kang JW, Lee KY, Jeong CH, Park JH
402 - 408 Successful removal of phenol from industrial wastewater using novel hydrophobic modified ceramic hollow fiber membrane contactors with remarkably high stability
Lee HJ, Park CG, Yeo IS, Park JH, Magnone E
409 - 417 Production of jet-fuel-range olefins via catalytic conversion of pentene and hexene over mesoporous Al-SBA-15 catalyst
Dubray F, Paunovic V, Ranocchiari M, Bokhoven JAV
418 - 426 Development of an electrochemical fentanyl nanosensor based on MWCNT-HA/ Cu-H3BTC nanocomposite
Akbari M, Mohammadnia MS, Ghalkhani M, Aghaei M, Sohouli E, Rahimi-Nasrabadi M, Arbabi M, Banafshe HR, Sobhani-Nasab A
427 - 437 Renewable low-cost brassica rapa subsp. Extract for protection of Q235 steel in H2SO4 medium: Experimental and modeling studies
Yao X, Qiang Y, Guo L, Xu Q, Wen L, Jin Y
438 - 445 Improvement of trade-off between mechanical properties and dielectric of polyimide with surface modified silica nanoparticle for wafer level packaging
Kim JS, Baek SH, Lee JH, Lee SR, Ahn CJ, Kim JY, Han HS
446 - 455 The influence of complexing agents on the cobalt-based catalysts properties and activities
Mitran G, Nguyen TLP, Seo DK
456 - 474 Preparation and characterization of a novel polyethersulfone nanofiltration membrane modified with Bi2O3 nanoparticles for enhanced separation performance and antifouling properties
Khorram M, Chianeh FN, Shamsodin M
475 - 482 CuMOF-decorated biodegradable nanofibrous membrane: facile fabrication, high-efficiency filtration/separation and effective antibacterial property
Wu H, Geng Q, Li Y, Song Y, Chu J, Zhou R, Ning X, Dong S, Yuan D
483 - 498 Modelling the minimally fluidized state under reduced pressure
Weerasiri LD, Das S, Fabijanic D, Yang W
499 - 507 Solid-phase synthesis of perovskite using spent SCR catalyst and calcium carbonate and its application as ceramic opacifier
Zhang H, Zhang J, Ding H, Li Y, Sun S, Ao W, Liang Y
508 - 517 Effect of MXene nanosheets attached to carbonyl iron microspheres on the performance and stability of magnetorheological fluid
Sun Y, Wang Y, Deng H, Sang M, Gong X
518 - 535 Copper-based deep eutectic solvents (Cu-DES) assisted the VPO catalyst as a structural and electronic promoter for n-butane selective oxidation
Faizan M, Li H, Liu Y, Li K, Wei S, Zhang R, Liu R
536 - 548 3D printed MXene (Ti2AlN)/polycaprolactone composite scaffolds for in situ maxillofacial bone defect repair
Xu Z, Zhang Y, Dai H, Wang Y, Ma Y, Tan S, Han B
549 - 559 PtPd/molecular sieve as dual-functional monolithic adsorbent/catalyst for effective removal of trace toluene at low-temperature and their electric-heating performance
Li S, Wang T, Zhou M, Chai S, Nie L, Wu Z, Han N, Chen Y