Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.113, September, 2022 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

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1 - 14 Magnetic molecularly imprinted polymer photocatalysts: synthesis, applications and future perspective
Poonia K, Raizada P, Singh A, Verma N, Ahamad T, Alshehri SM, Khan AAP, Singh P, Hussain CM
15 - 31 A review on electrochemical conversion of CO2 to CO: Ag-based electrocatalyst and cell configuration for industrial application
Iqbal MA, Imteyaz S, Ghanty C, Sarkar S
32 - 71 Emerging polymeric-based material with photocatalytic functionality for sustainable technologies
Hasnan NSN, Mohamed MA, Anuar NA, Sukur MFA, Yusoff SFM, Mokhtar WNAW, Hir ZAM, Shohaimi NAM, Rafaie HA
72 - 95 Insight into metal-impregnated biomass based activated carbon for enhanced carbon dioxide adsorption: A review
Gopalan J, Buthiyappan A, Raman AAA
96 - 123 Polyionic liquid membrane: Recent development and perspective
Zunita M, Hastuti R, Alamsyah A, Kadja GTM, Khoiruddin K, Kurnia KA, Yuliarto B, Wenten IG
124 - 131 Efficient photoelectrocatalytic conversion of CO2 to formic acid using Ag-TiO2 nanoparticles formed on the surface of nanoporous structured Ti foil
Mubarak S, Dhamodharan D, Byun HS, Pattanayak DK, Arya SB
132 - 141 Preparation of loose nanofiltration PVDF membrane coated with dopamine and EPPTMS layers based on mussel inspired technique and ring-opening reaction via a facile VIPS-NIGPS method for dye separation applications
Mahdavi H, Ghanbari R
142 - 152 Sustainable bio-based dialdehyde cellulose for transforming crystalline urea–formaldehyde resins into amorphous ones to improve their performance
Park S, Park BD
153 - 160 Understanding the electrocatalysis OER and ORR activity of ultrathin spinel Mn3O4
Gowda CC, Mathur A, Parui A, Kumbhakar P, Pandey P, Sharma S, Chandra A, Singh AK, Halder A, Tiwary CS
161 - 169 Development of minoxidil-loaded double emulsion PLGA nanoparticles for the treatment of hair loss
Han SR, Jang HS, Shim JH, Kang MJ, Lee YE, Park JS, Kim MH, Abudureyimu G, Lee DY, Koo HB
170 - 180 Modulation electronic structure of NiS nanoarray induced by Fe, V doping for high efficiency water and urea electrolysis
Feng X, Shi Y, Chen Y, Xu Z, Guan H
181 - 188 Comprehensive in vitro and in vivo risk assessments of b-lactam antibiotic and b-lactamase inhibitor loaded chitosan nanoparticles
Partow AJ, Kim MJ, Fan P, Liu T, Tong Z, Jeong KC
189 - 195 Methanol to gasoline (MTG): Parametric study and validation of the process in a two-zone fluidized bed reactor (TZFBR)
Sanz-Martínez A, Lasobras J, Soler J, Herguido J, Menéndez M
196 - 205 A new peptide-mediated COF nanocatalytic amplification SERS quantitative assay for ultratrace Cu2+
Shu Y, Zhi S, LI S, Liang A, Jiang Z
206 - 214 Highly efficient and ultra-rapid adsorption of malachite green by recyclable crab shell biochar
Wu J, Yang J, Feng P, Wen L, Huang G, Xu C, Lin B
215 - 225 Microwave-assisted synthesis of novel porous organic polymers for effective selective capture of CO2
Alloush AM, Abdulghani H, Amasha HA, Saleh TA, Al Hamouz OCS
226 - 231 Enhancing the shelf life of epoxy monoacrylate resins using acryl phosphate as a reactive additive
Hong SM, Kim OY, Hwang SH
232 - 246 Optimization-based integrated decision model for smart resource management in the petrochemical industry
Kwon HE, Do TN, Kim JY
247 - 253 Removal of gaseous toluene by nonthermal plasma coupled with wet scrubber containing Fe2+
Jiang C, Qin C, Guo M, Huang J, Yan D, Dang X
254 - 263 Mechanism and process for the extraction of lithium from the high magnesium brine with N,N-bis(2-ethylhexyl)-2-methoxyacetamide in kerosene and FeCl3
Ji L, Zhang L, Shi D, Peng X, Li J, Zhang Y, Xu T, Li L
264 - 274 Sustainable H2 production from glycerol steam reforming in the heatintegrated reactor: Using reforming-side by-products as feed for the catalytic combustion-side
Alipour-Dehkordi A, Neek SJ, Shahnazar A
275 - 282 Reductive degradation of carbon tetrachloride with guava leaf extract
Liang C, Chou HY, Wu SC
283 - 292 Mechanical characterization of multi-layered lipid nanoparticles using high-resolution AFM force spectroscopy
Choi JS, Bastatas L, Lee EH, Mutiso KT, Park SY
293 - 315 Scale-up study of aerated coaxial mixing reactors containing non-newtonian power-law fluids: Analysis of gas holdup, cavity size, and power consumptionc
Rahimzadeh A, Ein-Mozaffari F, Lohi A
316 - 324 Fabrication of efficient electrocatalytic system with ruthenium cobalt sulfide over a carbon cloth
Muthukutty B, Yoo HJ
325 - 331 In situ fabrication of highly porous foam-like Zn nanostructures on gas diffusion layer for selective electrocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide
Jeong JW, Choi JW, Jang SG, Shin HJ, Kim SJ, Jang JH, Park HS, Choi MS, Sung YE
332 - 347 Enhancement corrosion resistance of mild steel in 15% HCl solution by a novel bio-based polyurethane for oil well acidizing
Rahimi A, Abdouss M, Farhadian A, Guo L, Kaya S, Neshati J
348 - 359 Insight into the anti-corrosion performance of three imidazo-pyridazines for Al alloy in different concentrations of hydrochloric acid solutions
Ren X, Bai J, Gu X, Xu H, Tan B, Xu S, Hao J, Gao F, Li X
360 - 367 Synthesis and characterization of 2,6-dinitro-3,7,10-trioxo-2,4,6,8,9,11- hexaaza[3.3.3]propellane as a promising insensitive high energy material
Lee BI, Kim NT, Jang SW, Park JH, Song MG, Kwon KT, Kim SH, Kim YG
368 - 372 Low-cost process to utilize sodium salts for porous cellulose materials
Lee HJ, Cho YH, Kang SW
373 - 379 Nanofibrous membranes with antibacterial and thermoregulatory functions fabricated by coaxial electrospinning
Qin Z, Wang S, Wang L, Yao J, Zhu G, Guo B, Militky J, Venkataraman M, Zhang M
380 - 388 An S-scheme photocatalyst constructed by modifying Ni-doped Sn3O4 micro-flowers on g-C3N4 nanosheets for enhanced visible-light-driven hydrogen evolution
Wang D, Lin Z, Miao C, Jiang W, Li H, Liu C, Che G
389 - 400 Heterojunction nanoarchitectonics with SnS2/g-C3N4 S-scheme toward enhanced photooxidation and photoreduction
Song T, Zhang X, Che Q, Yang P
401 - 410 Enzyme immobilized multi-walled carbon nanotubes on paper-based biosensor fabricated via mask-less hydrophilic and hydrophobic microchannels for cholesterol detection
Veeralingam S, Badhulika S
411 - 418 Hydrothermal assisted synthesis of titanium dioxide nanoparticles modified graphene with enhanced photocatalytic performance
Fadillah G, Hidayat R, Saleh TA
419 - 430 Anticorrosion and antibiofouling performance of in-situ prepared layered double hydroxide coating modified by sodium pyrithione on aluminum alloy 7075
Jian W, Jin Z, Yang J, Meng G, Liu H, Liu H
431 - 438 Two-dimensional lamellar phosphogypsum/polyethylene glycol composite PCM: Fabrication and characterization
Lou J, Zhang K, Qin S, Lei Y, Liu Y, He M, Yu J
439 - 449 Acid–base bifunctional catalysis by a heteropolyacid and amines on the polyetheretherketone fiber for cleaner acceleration of the one-pot tandem reactions
Jiang L, Shi XL, Lv Y, Gong H, Liu S, Du M, Hu Q, Shi K
450 - 460 Soybean oil extraction using ethyl acetate and 1-butanol: From solvent selection to thermodynamic assessment
Gasparetto H, Nunes ALB, de Castilhos F, Salau NPG
461 - 467 Tetraaryldiamine-based electron-transporting interlayers for performance and stability enhancement of organic solar cells
Meresa AA, Lee TW, Lee SL, Kim FS, Park KY
468 - 474 A pseudotriangular layered platelet composed of silver 2- mercaptoethane sulfonate and its dual effects as pearlescent and antimicrobial pigments
Liu T, Im HY, Joo SW, Lim JK
475 - 487 Statistical and qualitative analyses of the kinetic models using electrophoretic deposition of polyaniline
Fuseini M, Zaghloul MMY
488 - 501 Oxidised plasma-sprayed transition metal – Reusable supported catalysts for organic waste treatment
Bhaskar S, Matthews SJ, Jones MI, Baroutian S
502 - 512 One-pot synthesis of bifunctional polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane: Full spectrum ratio of vinyl groups from 0 to 100%
So JI, Shin DH, Kim JB, Jeong HW, Kim CH, Choi JW, Shim SE, Qian Y
513 - 521 Investigations of bubble size distribution on swirl effervescent atomizer flotation
Liu L, Xie J, Liu X, Qu H, Zhao F, Duan R
522 - 529 High-efficiency photothermal sterilization on PDMS film with Au@CuS yolk-shell nanoparticles
Park EH, Selvaraj R, Kim YH
530 - 539 Alkaline responsive self-healing nanocontainer composite reverse osmosis membrane by layer self-assembly: Enhanced permeable and chlorine resistance properties
Xie X, Yang Q, Sun Q, Song N, Yu L, Dong L
540 - 552 Conductivity improvement of magnetite and hematite nanoparticles via admicellar polymerization of polypyrrole
Kongsat P, O’Rear EA, Pongprayoon T
553 - 563 The interplay of reaction and flow hydrodynamics in multiphase millireactor
Koshy A, Samanta B, Ray S, Das G
564 - 574 Extraction of valuable components from coal gangue through thermal activation and HNO3 leaching
Shao S, Ma B, Wang C, Chen Y