Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.111, July, 2022 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

In this Issue (50 articles)

1 - 17 Fluorination methods and the properties of fluorinated carbon materials for use as lithium primary battery cathode materials
Ha SM, Lim CH, Lee YS
18 - 34 Green and sustainable applications of energetic plasmon-activated water
Yang CP, Yu SH, Liu YC
35 - 42 A review on adsorption mechanism of gold cyanide complex onto activation carbon
Xia J, Marthi R, Twinney J, Ghahreman A
43 - 50 Impedance spectroscopic study of biodegradable PVA/PVP doped TBAI ionic liquid polymer electrolyte
Rag SA, Dhamodharan D, Selvakumar M, Bhat S, De S, Byun HS
51 - 63 Probing the effect of thickener microstructure on rheological and tribological properties of grease
Zhou C, Ren G, Fan X, Lv Y
64 - 75 Investigation on the antibacterial properties and rapid infected wound healing activity of silver/laterite/chitosan nanocomposites
Joughi NFG, Farahpour MR, Mohammadi M, Jafarirad S, Mahmazi S
76 - 81 An integrated porous Ni3S2 electrode assisted by copper with advanced performance for sodium storage
Zhou LF, Gong H, Wang YS, Jia H, Liu LY, Du T
82 - 87 Facile fabrication of thermoresponsive polyurethanes including polycarbonate diol for enhanced shape-memory performance
Baek SH, Kim JH
88 - 97 Cascade hydrogenation of n-C16 to produce jet fuel over tandem catalysts of modified ZSM-22
Li Y, Sun J, Wei J, Mu C, Zhao Y, Wang S, Ma X
98 - 110 Effect of silane acrylate on the surface properties, adhesive performance, and rheological behavior of acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives for flexible displays
Seok WC, Park JH, Song HJ
111 - 120 An effective combination of reusable Pd@MOF catalyst and deep eutectic solvents for high-performance C–C coupling reaction
Dang MHD, Nguyen TTT, Le BQG, Nguyen LHT, Mai NXD, Nguyen MV, Tran PH, Doan TLH
121 - 128 Tumor intracellular microenvironment-responsive nanoparticles for magnetically targeted chemotherapy
Noh K, Uthaman S, Lee CS, Kim YG, Pillarisetti S, Hwang HS, Park IK, Huh KM
129 - 136 Oxygen vacancies – Cu doping junction control of d-Bi2O3 nanosheets for enhanced photocatalytic nitrogen fixation
Gao X, Xu K, He H, Liu S, Zhao X
137 - 146 Adsorption of acetone and toluene by N-functionalized porous carbon derived from ZIF-8
Meng X, Yang L, Jiang W, Yao L
147 - 154 Detailed investigation of effective trace Cr(VI) removal mechanism by anion exchange resin with phenol–formaldehyde matrix
Verma R, Maji PK, Sarkar S
155 - 167 Efficient adsorptive elimination of organic pollutants from aqueous solutions on ZIF-8/MWCNTs-COOH nanoadsorbents: Adsorption kinetics, isotherms, and thermodynamic study
Zhang X, Yuan N, Xu S, Li Y, Wang Q
168 - 182 Effect of chromium and boron incorporation methods on structural and catalytic properties of hierarchical ZSM-5 in the methanol-to-propylene process
Kalantari N, Bekheet MF, Nezhad PDK, Back JO, Farzi A, Penner S, Delibas N, Schwarz S, Bernardi J, Salari D, Niaei A
183 - 191 Bimetallic CuPd nanoparticle-decorated MgAl-LDH/g-C3N4 composites for efficient photocatalytic reduction of aqueous Cr(VI)
Sun H, Park SJ
192 - 199 Hydrate-based capture of blowing agents: Thermodynamic investigation of model gas mixtures consisting of HCFC-22, HCFC-142b, and N2
Lee WH, Moon SH, Cho DW, Jung TS, Kang SP
200 - 210 Dissolving biopolymer microneedle patches for the improvement of skin elasticity
Kim DS, Lee HS, Kim MJ, Seong KY, Jeong JS, Kim SY, Jung EM, Yang SY, An BS
211 - 218 Luteolin mediated synthesis of rod-shaped rutile titanium dioxide nanoparticles: Assay of their biocompatibility
Chahardoli A, Qalekhani F, Shokoohinia Y, Fattahi A
219 - 225 Fe-substituted silica via lattice dissolution–reprecipitation replacement for tungsten chemical mechanical planarization
Sun SH, Lee KC, Lee GG, Kim YH, Kim SM, Hwang JH, Kong HG, Chung KY, Ali G, Song TS, Paik UG
226 - 235 Rhombic TiO2 grown on g-C3N4 nanosheets towards fast charge transfer and enhanced Cr(VI) and NO removal
Zhang H, Chen L, Xu B, Yang P
236 - 246 Shed-Snakeskin valorisation into highly porous Co-containing nanocomposites for sustainable aqueous C–C bond formation reactions
Khakyzadeh V, Ehsani A, Luque R
247 - 254 Regulating surface-pore structure of PES UF membrane by addition of ‘‘active” nano-CaCO3
Gao M, Wang S, Ji Y, Cui Z, Yan F, Younas M, Li J, He B
255 - 262 Extraction of chlorogenic acids from hibiscus (Hibiscus syriacus L.) by subcritical-water
Mok HW, Ko MJ, Choi HJ, Chung MS
263 - 271 Polydopamine mediator for glucose oxidation reaction and its use for membraneless enzymatic biofuel cells
Ji JY, Kim SJ, Chung YJ, Kwon YC
272 - 280 Fabrication of zein and j-carrageenan colloidal particles for encapsulation of quercetin: In-vitro digestibility and bio-potential activities
Roy VC, Razzak A Md, Ho TC, Surendhiran D, Park JS, Chun BS
281 - 288 Fiber optic localized surface plasmon resonance hydrogen sensor based on gold nanoparticles capped with palladium
Kim HM, Kim HJ, Yang SC, Park JH, Lee SK
289 - 299 Experimental and molecular dynamics simulation of organic structure of bituminous coal in response to acetic acid
Yu Y, Xing H, Cheng W, Cui W, Mu R
300 - 307 Synthesis of hollow structured PtNi/Pt core/shell and Pt-only nanoparticles via galvanic displacement and selective etching for efficient oxygen reduction reaction
Jung JY, Kim DG, Jang IJ, Kim ND, Yoo SJ, Kim P
308 - 323 Modelling of wine vinegar acetification bioreactor: Global sensitivity analysis and simplification of the model
Jiménez-Hornero JE, Duenas IM, García-García I
324 - 336 Synthesis, morphology control, and application of hollow Al2O3 spheres in the steam methane reforming process
Meshksar M, Salahi F, Zarei-Jelyani F, Rahimpour MR, Farsi M
337 - 345 Characteristics of Deep eutectic solvents for CO2 capture with Hydro effects for improvement of mass transfer
Aravena C, Lee DW, Park JW, Yoo YS
346 - 355 Bimetallic UTSA-16 (Zn, X; X = Mg, Mn, Cu) metal organic framework developed by a microwave method with improved CO2 capture performances
Gaikwad R, Gaikwad S, Han SI
356 - 368 Synthesis of transition metal titanium oxide (MTiOx, M = Mn, Fe, Cu) and its application in furazolidone electrochemical sensor
Amalraj AJJ, Wang SF
369 - 379 Lignin-based sulfonated carbon as an efficient biomass catalyst for clean benzylation of benzene ring compounds
Chen X, Zhang Z, Yuan B, Yu F, Xie C, Yu S
380 - 388 Cathodic deposition of SnO2 layers on transparent conductive substrates and their photoelectrochemical activity
Knapik A, Syrek K, Kozieł M, Zaraska L
389 - 397 Phase-transfer biocatalytic methane-to-methanol conversion using the spontaneous phase-separable membrane µCSTR
Bak SY, Kang SG, Choi KH, Park YR, Lee EY, Park BJ
398 - 418 Dynamics of bubble formation and ascent motion on submerged orifices under different Mo number of petrol-based random copolymer solutions
Zhang Z, Chen X, Liang J, Wei X, Deng K, Zou J, Wang L
419 - 436 Photocatalytic abatement of phenol on amorphous TiO2-BiOBr-bentonite heterostructures under visible light irradiation
Dlamini MC, Dlamini ML, Mente P, Tlhaole B, Erasmus R, Maubane-Nkadimeng MS, Moma JA
437 - 446 Improved dyes separation performance of reduced graphene by incorporation MoS2 nanosheets
Wei X, Fan X, Deng Y, Li L, Han X, Lu P, Hua C
447 - 453 Ni, Co, and Mn L3-edge X-ray absorption micro-spectroscopic study on LixNi0.88Co0.08Mn0.04O2 primary particles upon annealing from room temperature to 800 ℃
Shin HJ, Kim MK, Kim ND, Jung CH
454 - 463 (Zn, Ni)-ferrite nanoparticles for promoted osteogenic differentiation of MC3T3-E1 cells
Mohan H, Karthi N, Sathya PM, Ramalingam V, Thimmarayan S, Hossain MA, Aravinthan A, Shin T
464 - 479 Performance of corrosion inhibitor extracted from enzymatic hydrolysate of waste Platanus acerifolia leaves
Song Z, Cai H, Liu Q, Jiang L, Chu H
480 - 489 Synergistic effect of –COOH and Zr(IV) with a short distance in Zr-MOFs for promoting utilization of H2O2 in oxidative desulfurization
Qi Z, Wang Y, Ye C, Chen J, Qiu T
490 - 498 3D wet-spinning printing of wearable flexible electronic sensors of polypyrrole@polyvinyl formate
Qian J, Xiao R, Su F, Guo M, Liu D
499 - 508 Phyto-mediated synthesis of Pt and Au/Pt bimetallic nanoparticles using Syzygium aromaticum bud-extract: Study of their catalytic, antibacterial, and antioxidant activities
Sharma C, Ansari S, Ansari MS, Satsangee SP
509 - 518 Bi@H-TiO2/B-C3N4 heterostructure for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen generation activity under visible light
Yang J, Wu Y, Dong Y, Cui H, Shi C, Sun H, Yin S
519 - 529 Colorimetric detection of poly(methyl methacrylate) using polydiacetylene/zinc(II)/zinc oxide nanocomposites
Pankaew A, Rueangsuwan J, Traiphol R, Traiphol N