Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.110, June, 2022 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

In this Issue (50 articles)

1 - 14 Review of biodiesel production by the esterification of wastewater containing fats oils and grease (FOGs)
Ahmed R, Huddersman K
15 - 26 Recent advances in the food application of electrospun nanofibers
Han WH, Li X, YU GF, Wang BC, Huang LP, Wang J, Long YZ
27 - 67 Vanadium phosphorus oxide catalyst: Progress, development and applications
Faizan M, Zhang R, Liu R
68 - 83 Carbon nanodots: Synthesis, mechanisms for bio-electrical applications
Dhamodharan D, Byun HS, Shree MV, Veeman D, Natrayan L, Stalin B
84 - 99 Applications, treatments, and reuse of plastics from electrical and electronic equipment
Jia C, Das P, Kim IS, Yoon YJ, Tay CY, Lee JM
100 - 119 Laboratory evaluation to field application of ultrasound: A state-of-theart review on the effect of ultrasonication on enhanced oil recovery mechanisms
Agi A, Junin R, Jaafar MZ, Sidek MA, Yakasai F, Gbadmosi A, Oseh J
120 - 130 Controversy on necessity of cobalt in nickel-rich cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries
wang R, Wang L, Fan Y, Yang WC, Zhan C, Liu G
131 - 136 Oxidation of 1,2-cyclohexanediol as a step for adipic acid synthesis
Peckh K, Lisicki D, Pabich E, Orlinska B
137 - 149 Characterization of highly stable water-based magnetorheological gel using OPTIGEL-WX as an additive: The study of magneto-induced rheological and viscoelastic properties
Maurya CS, Sarkar C
150 - 157 Microstructure and viscoelastic behavior of waterborne polyurethane/cellulose nanofiber nanocomposite
Zhao H, Li KC, Wu W, Li Q, Jiang Y, Cheng BX, Huang CX, Li HN
158 - 167 Effect of collagen hydrolysate obtained from leather waste on the setting, hydration and crystallization process of gypsum
Ding X, Wei B, Dai R, Chen H, Shan Z
168 - 177 Hierarchical Sr-Bi2WO6 photocatalyst for the degradation of 4-nitrophenol and methylene blue
Maniyazagan M, Hussain M, Kang WS, Kim SJ
178 - 187 Comparative evaluation of Ru-coated fecralloy and SiC monolithic catalysts in catalytic partial oxidation of natural gas for hydrogen production
Lee TH, Jung UH, Im HB, Kim KD, Kim JY, Kim YE, Song DH, Koo KY
188 - 197 Curcumin-loaded Fe-MOF/PDMS porous scaffold: Fabrication, characterization, and biocompatibility assessment
Nikpour S, Ansari-Asl Z, Sedaghat T, Hoveizi E
198 - 205 Surfactant assisted geometric barriers on PtNi@C electrocatalyst for phosphoric acid fuel cells
Jang IJ, Ahn MJ, Lee SH, Yoo SJ
206 - 216 Additive-assisted preferential crystallization of racemic component: A case of norvaline
Sun J, Wang Y, Gao Z, Gong J, Tang W
217 - 224 Boosting photocharge separation in Z-schemed g-C3N4/RGO/ln2S3 photocatalyst for H2 evolution and antibiotic degradation
Guo B, Liu B, Wang C, Lu J, Wang Y, Yin S, Javed MS, Han W
225 - 233 Indentation and temperature response of liquid metal/hydrogel composites
Kim SY, Lee JH
234 - 247 Hydrophilic nanoclay-polyaniline decorated membrane with improved permeability for separation of endocrine-disrupting chemical and fitness of fouling using model
Elakkiya S, Arthanareeswaran G
248 - 261 Eco-friendlier and sustainable natural-based additives for poly(vinyl chloride)-based composites
Marceneiro S, Lobo I, Dias I, de Pinho E, Dias AMA, de Sousa HC
262 - 273 Double-shelled hybrid MgFe2O4/Fe2O3 hollow microspheres as a high-capacity anode for lithium-ion batteries
Lee SB, Balasubramaniam R
274 - 285 Comprehensive evaluation of 3A, 4A, 5A, and 13X zeolites for selective 1-octene adsorption over n-octane
Kim JY, Jung TS, Cho DW, Yoo CY
286 - 300 Steam reforming of monohydric alcohols and polyalcohols: Influence of single or multiple hydroxyl group(s) on nature of the coke
Wang Y, Li C, Zhang S, Xu L, Hu X
301 - 317 Optimal operating strategy of ash deposit removal system to maximize boiler efficiency using CFD and a thermal transfer efficiency model
Park HD, Lee JS, Lim JH, Cho HT, Kim JH
318 - 328 Enhanced separation for paraffin wax using CO2-responsive emulsions based on switchable hydrophilicity solvents
Qi J, Li X, Lv X, Ge Y, Wang J, Lu H
329 - 344 Fundamental and recent progress on the strengthening strategies for fabrication of polyacrylonitrile (PAN)-derived electrospun CNFs: Precursors, spinning and collection, and post-treatments
Soltani S, Khanian N, Shojaei TR, Choong TSY, Asim A
345 - 356 Formation of polynuclear iron(III) complexes of N-(2-pyridylmethyl) iminodipropanol depending on pseudohalide ions: synthesis, crystal structure, and magnetic properties
Shin HJ, Jang YJ, Zenno H, Hayami S, Min KS
357 - 366 Acetalization of glycerol over sulfated UiO-66 under mild condition
Jiang Y, Zhou R, Ye B, Hou Z
367 - 374 Experimental and computational investigation of two-component mixtures for the alkyl (ethyl, propyl and butyl) oleate in supercritical carbon dioxide
Dhamodharan D, Park CW, Ghoderao PNP, Byun HS
375 - 381 Steel scale-CaO composite catalyst for coke combustion and in-situ NO and SO2 removal
Zhang L, Yan J, Lei Z, Cao X, Chun T, Li Z, Shui H, Ren S, Wang Z, Kong Y
382 - 394 Production of high purity magnetic nickel powder from spent DRI catalyst via cementation method
Aboody H, Najafabadi AT, Saidi M
395 - 404 High energy efficiency and stability of vanadium redox flow battery using pore-filled anion exchange membranes with ultra-low V4+ permeation
Ahn Y, Kim DJ
405 - 413 Effect of reaction conditions on one-step preparation of 1H,1H,2H,2HPerfluorooctyltrimethoxysilane by catalytic hydrosilylation over RuCl3 3H2O catalysts
Ye F, Li L, Xu J, Zhou L
414 - 423 Enhanced mechanical properties of epoxy composites embedded with MF/TiO2 hybrid shell microcapsules containing n-octadecane
Peng G, Hu Y, Dou G, Sun Y, Huan Y, Kang SH, Piao Z
424 - 433 Effects of network structure of main-chain liquid crystal elastomer on its thermal actuation performance
Hong HJ, Park SY
434 - 446 Growth of 2D-layered double hydroxide nanorods heterojunction with 2D tungsten carbide nanocomposite: Improving the electrochemical sensing of norfloxacin
Joseph XB, Stanley MM, Wang SF, George M
447 - 455 Synthesis of reduced graphene oxide incorporated bimetallic (Cu/Bi) nanorods based photocatalyst materials for the degradation of gallic acid and bacteria
Ashfaq M, Talreja N, Chauhan D, Rodríguez CA, Mera AC, Viswanathan MR
456 - 470 Efficient starvation therapy with three-pathway blocking in combination with PTT/CDT for TME reversal and tumor apoptosis
Ding M, Kong X, Chen W, Yan L, Huang H, Lv Z, Jiang P, Mu A, Huang C, Shi J
471 - 478 Novel bidentate b-glutamic acid-based bone-targeting agents for in vivo bone imaging
Park JS, Lim YG, Park KS
479 - 490 Rate-based model for predicting and evaluating H2S absorption in the haloalkaliphilic biological desulfurization process
Chen Z, Yang G, Mu T, Yang M, Samak NA, Peh S, Jia Y, Hao X, Zhao X, Xing J
491 - 502 Construct 3D NiCo-LDH/Cu2O p-n heterojunction via electrostatic selfassembly for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Fan Z, Zhang X, Li Y, Guo X, Jin Z
503 - 519 New orchestrated of X-CuTiAP (en, trien, ETA and DMA) nanospheres with enhanced photocatalytic and antimicrobial activities
Gnanamoorthy G, Yadav VK, Ali D, Parthiban E, Kumar G, Narayanan V
520 - 528 Bi-functional carbon doped and decorated ZnO nanorods for enhanced pH monitoring of dairy milk and adsorption of hazardous dyes
Hilal M, Han JI
529 - 541 Multifunctional and robust composite coating with water repellency and self-healing against marine corrosion
Li C, Wang P, Zhang D
542 - 551 Synthesis of carbon microsphere-assisted snowflake-like ZnO nanomaterials for selective detection of NO2 at room temperature
Li Q, Cui Y, Lin J, Zhao C, Ding L
552 - 563 Remarkably improved interfacial adhesion of UHMWPE fibers reinforced composite by constructing a three-dimensional stacked nanoparticles structure at interphase
Wang K, Shen L, Lu R, Yang Z, Qin Z
564 - 575 Effects of the resultant force due to two-phase density difference on droplet formation in a step-emulsification microfluidic device
Zhang Z, Fan M, Wang Q, Li H, Zhu C, Ma Y, Fu T
576 - 586 Droplet microfluidics for double lipase immobilisation using TiO2 and alginate microbeads
Welter RA, Santana HS, Carvalho BG, Melani N, Oelgemöller M, de la Torre LG, Taranto OP
587 - 597 Self-supported ZIF-coated Co2P/V3P bifunctional electrocatalyst for high-efficiency water splitting
Yang Y, Yang J, Zhou Q, Qian D, Xiong Y, Hu Z
598 - 598 Corrigendum to ‘‘Enhanced morphology and hydrophilicity of PVDF flat membrane with modified CaCO3@SMA additive via thermally induced phase separation method”
Zhang Z, Yu H, Wang W, Xu X, Liu X, Li Y, Zhang P