Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.109, May, 2022 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

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1 - 20 Emerging chemo-biocatalytic routes for valorization of major greenhouse gases (GHG) into industrial products: A comprehensive review
Sharma K, Park KY, Nadda AK, Banerjee P, Singh P, Raizada P, Banat F, Bharath G, Jeong SM, Lam SS
21 - 51 Recent progress and growth in biosensors technology: A critical review
Chadha U, Bhardwaj P, Agarwal R, Rawat P, Agarwal R, Gupta I, Panjwani M, Singh S, Ahuja C, Selvaraj SK, Banavoth M, Sonar P, Badoni B, Chakravorty A
52 - 67 Electrochemical sensing interfaces based on novel 2D-MXenes for monitoring environmental hazardous toxic compounds: A concise review
Ganesh PS, Kim SY
68 - 78 Exploring metal-organic frameworks in electrochemistry by a bibliometric analysis
Ye W, Yang W
79 - 99 Microfluidic free-flow electrophoresis: A promising tool for protein purification and analysis in proteomics
Lee YB, Kwon JS
100 - 124 Novel polymeric additives in the preparation and modification of polymeric membranes: A comprehensive review
Nasrollahi N, Ghalamchi L, Vatanpour V, Khataee A, Yousefpoor M
125 - 136 Effects of hydrothermal parameters on the physicochemical property and photocatalytic degradation of bisphenol A of Ti-based TiO2 nanomaterials
Li D, Chen Y, Jia J, He H, Shi W, Yu J, Ma J
137 - 146 Calculating osmotic pressure of liquid mixtures by association theory for sustainable separating of solvents by membrane processes
Salmani HJ, Karkhanechi H, Jeon S, Matsuyama H
147 - 154 Ultra-sensitive, selective and rapid carcinogenic Bisphenol A contaminant determination using low-dimensional facile binary Mg-SnO2 doped microcube by potential electro-analytical technique for the safety of environment
Rahman MM, Ahmed J, Asiri AM, Alfaifi SY
155 - 160 Synthesis of surface-tuned polyacrylonitrile particles and its application to CO2 separation
Kwon TG, Kim BJ, JO OH, Kang BG, Kang SW
161 - 172 Conjoined-network induced highly tough hydrogels by using copolymer and nano-cellulose for oilfield water plugging
Li J, Wei P, Xie Y, Liu Z, Chen H, He L
173 - 181 Endowing cationic surfactant micellar solution with pH, light and temperature triple-response characteristics by introducing 4- (phenylazo)-benzoic acid
Li J, Liu Q, Jin R, Yin B, Wei X, Lv D
182 - 188 Synthesis, antibacterial activity, and enzymatic decomposition of bio-polyurethane foams containing propolis
Jeong J, Oh D, Goh M
189 - 201 Stabilize thin nanoparticle layer of zeolitic imidazole framework-8 (ZIF-8) on different PVDF substrates by contra-diffusion method for high-efficiency ultrafiltration application
Esmaeili M, Khorshidi S, Vatanpour V
202 - 209 Targeted extraction of pesticide from agricultural run-off using novel molecularly imprinted polymeric pendants
Hayat M, Raza N, Jamal U, Manzoor S, Abbas N, Khan MI, Lee J, Brown RJC, Kim KH
210 - 220 Development of stimuli-responsive chitosan based hydrogels with anticancer efficacy, enhanced antibacterial characteristics, and applications for controlled release of benzocaine
Raza MA, Gull N, Lee SW, Seralathan KK, Park SH
221 - 229 Synthesis and drug release behavior of functional montelukast imprinted inulin-based biomaterials as asthma treatment
Kim KJ, Hwang MJ, Yun YH, Yoon SD
230 - 244 Fabrication, characterization, TD-DFT, optical and electrical properties of poly (aniline-co-para nitroaniline)/ZrO2 composite for solar cell applications
Attar A, Alharthy RD, Zwawi M, Algarni M, Albatati F, Bassyouni M, Abdel-Aziz MH, Zoromba MS, Al-Hossainy AF
245 - 252 Toward highly robust reversal-tolerant anodes in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Lee DH,Doo GS, Choi SG, Lee DW, Hyun JH, Kwen JY, Kim JY, Kim HT
253 - 266 A facile development of rare earth neodymium nickelate nanoparticles for selective electrochemical determination of antipsychotic drug prochlorperazine
Vinothkumar V, Koventhan C, Chen SM, Huang YF
267 - 274 Optimization of fabrication conditions for low-Pt anode using response surface methodology in high-temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell
Jung HS, Kim DH, Chun HS, Pak CH
275 - 286 Simultaneous distillation-extraction for manufacturing ultra-high-purity electronic-grade octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane (D4)
Guo W, Guo S, Zhao X, Yuan Z, Zhao Y, Chang X, Li H, Zhao X, Wan Y, Yan D, Ren Z, Fan X, Gao X
287 - 295 Highly robust multilayer nanosheets with ultra-efficient batch adsorption and gravity-driven filtration capability for dye removal
Iqbal A, Cevik E, Alagha O, Bozkurt A
296 - 305 Determination of kinetic parameters for the sisal residue pyrolysis through thermal analysis
Santos DBP, de Jesus MF, Ferreira JM Jr, de Moraes Pires CA
306 - 319 Energy efficient design through structural variations of complex heat-integrated azeotropic distillation of acetone-chloroform-water system
Seo CY, Lee HC, Lee MY, Lee JW
320 - 329 Fabrication of novel self-healable ultraslippery surface for preventing marine microbiologically influenced corrosion
Jiang H, Wang W, Li J, Zhu L, Zhang D, Wang P, Wang G
330 - 337 Manganese single-atom nanostructures for highly efficient tumor therapy
Pei J, Dou H, Liu C, Li T
338 - 346 PILs modified PMoW on silicon with hierarchical functional structure for ultra-deep oxidative desulfurization
Li J, Li C, Yang L, Liu Z, Gao R, Zhao J
347 - 358 Phenol removal and hydrogen production from water: Silver nanoparticles decorated on polyaniline wrapped zinc oxide nanorods
Jilani A, Ansari MO, Rehman GU, Shakoor MB, Hussain SZ, Othman MHD, Ahmad SR, Dustgeer MR, Alshahrie A
359 - 371 Tunable paclitaxel release carrier using diselenide-disulfide balance as regulator
Xu J, Yan X, Zhang Y, Tu K, Shen W, Tian Z, Li G, Zhao W, Zhang M
372 - 383 Injectable gelatin-poly(ethylene glycol) adhesive hydrogels with highly hemostatic and wound healing capabilities
Hwang JY, Thi PL, Lee SM, Park EH, Lee EM, Kim EM, Chang KY, Park KD
384 - 396 Effect of reduction conditions of Mo-Fe/MgO on the formation of carbon nanotube in catalytic methane decomposition
Park SJ, Kim KD, Park YS, Go KS, Kim WH, Kim MJ, Nho NS, Lee DH
397 - 403 Experimental study on migration and transformation of selenium species and DFT calculation in WFGD simulated slurry
Ma S, Xu F, Qiu D, Chen X, Wang R
404 - 412 An efficient approach to fabricate lightweight polyimide/aramid sponge with excellent heat insulation and sound absorption performance
Song S, Shi Y, Tan J, Wu Z, Zhang M, Qiang S, Nied J, Liu H
413 - 421 Hierarchical CoSx/graphene/carbon nanotube hybrid architectures for bifunctional electrocatalysts in zinc-air battery
Park BJ, Lee HD, Kim JY, Park HS
422 - 430 Selective catalytic reduction of NOx by NH3 over V2O5-WO3 supported by titanium isopropoxide (TTIP)-treated TiO2
Lee GY, Ye BR, Lee MJ, Chun SY, Jeong BR, Kim HD, Jae JH, Kim TW
431 - 441 Effect of surface roughness on the flotation separation of hematite from fine quartz
Zhu Z, Li Z, Yin W, Yang B, Zhang N, Qu J, Chen S, Chang J, Yu Y, Liu L
442 - 452 Solventless esterification of glycerol with p-methoxycinnamic acid catalyzed by a novel sulfonic acid mesoporous solid: Reaction kinetics
Molinero L, Esteban J, Sanchez F, Garcia-Ochoa F, Ladero M
453 - 460 Effect of catalyst layer designs for high-performance and durable anion-exchange membrane water electrolysis
Park JE, Bae HE, Karuppannan M, Oh KM, Kwon OJ, Cho YH, Sung YE
461 - 474 b-Cyclodextrin functionalized magnetic nanoparticles for the removal of pharmaceutical residues in drinking water
Xu J, Tian Y, Li Z, Tan BH, Tang KY, Tam KC
475 - 485 Synthesis of a new nanocomposite with the core TiO2/hydrogel: Brilliant green dye adsorption, isotherms, kinetics, and DFT studies
Aljeboree AM, Radia ND, Jasim LS, Alwarthan AA, Khadhim MM, Salman AW, Alkaim AF
486 - 491 Exhaust gas based nanoarchitectonics for porous carbon materials for high-performance supercapacitor
Du J, Chen A, Gao X, Wu H
492 - 509 Ameliorating properties of castor oil based polyurethane hybrid nanocomposites via synergistic addition of graphene and cellulose nanofibers
Kumar S, Tewatia P, Samota S, Rattan G, Kaushik A
510 - 520 Enhanced crystallization and properties of poly(ethylene terephthalate) nanocomposites with zeolites from 3D to 2D topologies
Zhang W, Zhang H, Yang L, Tang Y, Tang P
521 - 529 Fabrication of polyacrylic acid-based composite binders with strong binding forces on copper foils for silicon anodes in lithium-ion batteries
Su TT, Ren WF, Yuan JM, Wang K, Chi BY, Sun RC
530 - 537 Direct printing of surface-embedded stretchable graphene patterns with strong adhesion on viscous substrates
Zhang R, Qi L, Lian H, Luo J
538 - 546 Transparent organogel based on photopolymerizable magnetic cationic monomer for electromagnetic wave absorbing
Yuan H, Zhang Y, Lu G, Chen F, Xue T, Shu X, Zhao Y, Nie J, Zhu X
547 - 558 High-yield recovery of highly bioactive compounds from red ginseng marc using subcritical water extraction
Cao R, Myint AA, Kim JH
559 - 567 A green ultrasound-assisted enzymatic extraction method for efficient extraction of total polyphenols from Empetrum nigrum and determination of its bioactivities
Gao Y, Shi Y, Miao N, Xing W, Yun C, Wang S, Wang W, Wang H
568 - 577 Fabrication of PVDF-blended ultrafiltration membranes incorporated by chiral mesoporous silica for enantioseparation
Wang T, Huang XX, Wu LG, Li CJ, Zhu DF