Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.108, April, 2022 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

In this Issue (50 articles)

1 - 14 Design strategies of supported metal-based catalysts for efficient oxidative desulfurization of fuel
Chen L, Yuan ZY
15 - 27 Significantly enhanced antifouling and separation capabilities of PVDF membrane by synergy of semi-interpenetrating polymer and TiO2 gel nanoparticles
Ma Y, Chen X, Wang S, Dong H, Zhai X, Shi X, Wang J, Ma R, Zhang W
28 - 46 Novel bi-functional RGO-HPSE-Zn@epoxy nanocomposite with superior corrosion protection potency
Mostafatabar AH, Bahlakeh G, Ramezanzadeh B
47 - 53 Analysis of efficiency variations in m-DABNA based thermally activated delayed fluorescence OLED devices
Yang KJ, Lee HA, Braveenth R, Hwang SJ, Kim SJ, Kwon JH
54 - 71 A study on the mechanism of pore formation through VIPS-NIPS technique for membrane fabrication
Dehban A, Saeedavi FH, Kargari A
72 - 80 Redox/pH-dual responsive functional hollow silica nanoparticles for hyaluronic acid-guided drug delivery
Shin DH, Lee SK, Jang HS, Joo JB, Choi IH
81 - 87 Advanced model for conductivity estimation of graphene-based samples considering interphase effect, tunneling mechanism, and filler wettability
Zare Y, Rhee KY
88 - 100 Using artificial neural network for design and development of PVA/chitosan/starch/heparinized nZnO hydrogels for enhanced wound healing
Joorabloo A, Khorasani MT, Adeli H, Milan PB, Amoupour M
101 - 108 Investigation of antibiotic surface activity by tracking hydrodynamic of a rising bubble
Hamdollahi E, Lotfi M, Shafiee M, Hemmati A
109 - 117 Hierarchical polyurethane/RGO/BiOI fiber composite as flexible, selfsupporting and recyclable photocatalysts for RhB degradation under visible light
Lan M, Wang M, Zheng N, Dong X, Wang Y, Gao J
118 - 129 Bio-surfactant mediated synthesis of Au/g-C3N4 plasmonic hybrid nanocomposite for enhanced photocatalytic reduction of mono-nitrophenols
Devi AP, Padhi DK, Mishra PM, Behera AK
130 - 138 Simultaneous electro-transfer of vanadium slag and electrocatalytic degradation of lignin in sulfuric acid solution
Deng Z, Fan H, Lan C, Zhang S, Li G
139 - 149 Fabrication of a highly stretchable and electrically conductive siliconeembedded composite textile through optimization of the thermal curing process
An JG, Kim SY, Choi JW, Park JS, Son SR, Park CB, Lee JH
150 - 158 The extraction of lignocelluloses and silica from rice husk using a single biorefinery process and their characteristics
Nguyen NT, Tran NT, Phan TP, Nguyen AT, Nguyen MXT, Nguyen NN, Ko YH, Nguyen DH, Van TTT, Hoang DQ
159 - 169 Pectin nanogel formation via thiol-norbornene photo-click chemistry for transcutaneous antigen delivery
Lee SY, Woo CH, Ki CS
170 - 187 Multi-walled CNT decoration by ZIF-8 nanoparticles: O-MWCNT@ZIF-8/ epoxy interfacial, thermal–mechanical properties analysis via combined DFT-D computational/experimental approaches
Ozeiry F, Ramezanzadeh M, Ramezanzadeh B, Bahlakeh G
188 - 194 Novel triazine carbonyl polymer with large surface area and its polyethylimine functionalization for CO2 capture
Ravi S, Choi YJ, Park WJ, Han HH, Wu S, Xiao R, Bae YS
195 - 202 Trace surface fluorination and tungsten-intercalation cooperated dual modification induced photo-activity enhancement of titanium dioxide
Xu Y, Liu Z, Wang K, Niu C, Yuan P, Zheng JY, Kang YS, Zhang XL
203 - 214 Microwave-assisted rapid synthesis of Cu2S:ZnIn2S4 marigold-like nanoflower heterojunctions and enhanced visible light photocatalytic hydrogen production via Pt sensitization
Mahadik MA, Patil RP, Chae WS, Lee HH, Cho M, Jang JS
215 - 234 Bio-recovery of municipal plastic waste management based on an integrated decision-making framework
Shahsavar MM, Akrami M, Kian Z, Gheibi M, Fathollahi-Fard AM, Hajiaghaei-Keshteli M, Behzadian K
235 - 242 Amphiphilic-triblock-copolymer-derived protective layer for stable-cycling lithium metal anodes
Um JA, Cho SM, Jin HJ
243 - 253 Silver-capped selenium explored as an electro-catalyst for simultaneous detection of nitro-aromatic drugs in different aqueous samples
Amalraj AJJ, Murthy UN, Wang SF
254 - 262 Macroscopic Zn-doped a-Fe2O3/graphene aerogel mediated persulfate activation for heterogeneous catalytic degradation of sulfamonomethoxine wastewater
Dong S, Yan X, Li W, Liu Y, Han X, Liu X, Feng J, Yu C, Zhang C, Sun J
263 - 273 Fabrication of visible-light-active ZnCr mixed metal oxide/fly ash for photocatalytic activity toward pharmaceutical waste ciprofloxacin
Chuaicham C, Inoue T, Balakumar V, Tian Q, Sasaki K
274 - 279 Interrelationship between non-linear efficiency characteristics and deformation of efficiency curves by exciton formation in electron blocking layer in fluorescent OLEDs
Hwang KM, Kang SW, Kim TY
280 - 287 Extraction of parishin B and parishin C from Gastrodiae Rhizoma by subcritical water technology
Wu G, Dong H, Li J, Guo L, Cheng Y, Geng Y, Wang X
288 - 307 The precision-complexity binomial to achieve the best mathematicalthermodynamic modelling on the Gibbs-function and its effect on the separation processes design
Sosa A, Ortega J, Fernández L, Lorenzo B
308 - 320 Fabrication of slippery lubricant-infused porous surface for inhibition of microorganism adhesion on the porcelain surface
Maryami F, Olad A, Nofouzi K
321 - 327 A dendrite-free anode for stable aqueous rechargeable zinc-ion batteries
Kumar S, Yoon HC, Park HH, Park GY, Suh SH, Kim HJ
328 - 343 Construction of rough and porous surface of hydrophobic PTFE powderembedded PVDF hollow fiber composite membrane for accelerated water mass transfer of membrane distillation
Shi W, LI T, Fan M, Li H, Zhang H, Qin X
344 - 355 Superior adsorption of Re(VII) by anionic imprinted chitosan-silica composite: Adsorption performance, selectivity and mechanism study
Xiong Y, Xie L, Zhu L, Wang Y, Shan W, Lou Z, Cui J, Yu H
356 - 365 Experimental study and analysis on physicochemical properties of coal treated with clean fracturing fluid for coal seam water injection
Zhou G, Wang C, Wang Q, Xu Y, Xing Z, Zhang B, Xu C
366 - 373 Improved cycling performance of polypyrrole coated potassium trivanadate as an anode for aqueous rechargeable lithium batteries
Lashari NUR, Zhao L, Wang J, He X, Ahmed I, Liang MM, Tangsee S, Song X
374 - 388 Synergistic effect of GO@SiO2 and GO@ZnO nano-hybrid particles with PVDF-g-PMMA copolymer in high-flux ultrafiltration membrane for oily wastewater treatment and antifouling properties
Mahdavi H, Kerachian MA, Abazari M
389 - 399 Membrane fouling mechanisms by BSA in aqueous-organic solvent mixtures
Tanis-Kanbur MB, Tamilselvam NR, Chew JW
400 - 410 Control of textural property in spherical alumina ball for enhanced catalytic activity of Ni-supported Al2O3 catalyst in steam–methane reforming
Choi DS, Kim JY, Kim NY, Joo JB
411 - 417 Pen-drawn air cathode featuring graphite felt substrate modified with MnO2-decorated graphene flakes and PEDOT network for rechargeable zinc–air battery
Lee HU, Yang IH, Chung BG, Jin JH
418 - 428 Pressurized liquid extraction of phenolics from Pseuderanthemum palatiferum (Nees) Radlk. leaves: Optimization, characterization, and biofunctional properties
Ho TC, Kiddane AT, Khan F, Cho YJ, Park JS, Lee HJ, Kim GD, Kim YM, Chun BS
429 - 437 Quantum confinement and effective masses dependence in black phosphorus quantum dots and phosphorene
Benabdallah I, Sibari A, El Masaoudi H, Azouzi W, Benaissa M
438 - 448 Facile control of surface properties in CeO2-promoted Mn/TiO2 catalyst for low-temperature selective catalytic reduction of NO by NH3
Kim MJ, Youn JR, Lee SJ, Ryu IS, Nam SC, Jeong SK, Jeon SG
449 - 455 Multifunctional nanofiber membrane with anti-ultraviolet and thermal regulation fabricated by coaxial electrospinning
Wang S, Chen W, Wang L, Yao J, Zhu G, Guo B, Militky J, Venkataraman M, Zhang M
456 - 465 Facile synthesis of AgPt nano-pompons for efficient methanol oxidation: Morphology control and DFT study on stability enhancement
Shao T, Bai D, Qiu M, Li Y, Zhang Q, Xue Z, He S, Zhang D, Zhou X
466 - 475 High-effective generation of H2O2 by oxygen reduction utilizing organic acid anodized graphite felt as cathode
Guo H, Xu H, Zhao C, Hao X, Yang Z, Xu W
476 - 483 Cu nanoplates with ‘‘clean surface”: Synthesis and their enhanced biosensors performance
Liu X, Yang C, Yang W, Lin J, Zhou X, Li Y
484 - 492 Enhancement of the cycling stability of lithium-sulfur batteries by using a reactive additive for blocking dissolution of lithium polysulfides
Ahn JH, Lim DA, Kim JW, You TS, Kim DW
493 - 500 Immersed Lagrangian point method for predicting particle growth in Taylor–Couette flow
Lee TR, Lee DC, Kim JM
501 - 507 Palladium nanoparticles decorated MXene for plasmon-enhanced photocatalysis
Yuan H, Yu SB, Jang DY, Kim MJ, Hong HJ, Mota FM, Kim DH
508 - 513 Demonstration of durable electronic textiles via mechanically assisted highly adhesive printing of carbon nanotube-polymer composites on commercial fabrics
Choi KJ, Son HG, Park JW, Han IH, Han B, Youn BH, Park JG, Kim MG, Jeong EC, Ok JG
514 - 521 Iridium-cobalt mixed oxide electrode for efficient chlorine evolution in dilute chloride solutions
Han SH, Kim SS, Kwak SJ, Lee CH, Jeong DH, Kim CS, Yoon JY
522 - 522 Corrigendum to ‘‘Fabricating patterned microstructures by embedded droplet printing on immiscible deformable surfaces”
Zhang R, Qi L, Lian H, Luo J