Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.107, March, 2022 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

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1 - 19 Organic ligands for the development of adsorbents for Cs+ sequestration: A review
Escobar EC, Sio JEL, Torrejos REC, Kim H, Chung WJ, Nisola GM
20 - 30 Hydrogen production through methane reforming processes using promoted-Ni/mesoporous silica: A review
Taherian Z, Khataee A, Han N, Orooji Y
31 - 44 Palm oil as a biolubricant: Literature review of processing parameters and tribological performance
Durango-Giraldo G, Zapata-Hernandez C, Santa JF, Buitrago-Sierra R
45 - 52 Efficient solar steam generator using black SnOx cored PANI polymeric mesh under one Sun illumination
Sharma N, Swaminathan N, Chi CH, Gurung RB, Wu HF
53 - 60 Tripolycyanamide-2,4,6-triformyl pyrogallol covalent organic frameworks with many coordination sites for detection and removal of heavy metal ions
Han J, Pei L, Du Y, Zhu Y
61 - 74 Influence of Li+ doping on the luminescence performance of green nano-phosphor CaWO4:Tb3+ as a sweat pores fingerprint and cheiloscopy sensor
Ghubish Z, El-Kemary M
75 - 80 C1,C8-modified carbazole-based bipolar host materials for blue phosphorescent electroluminescent devices
Konidena RK, Lim J, Lee JY
81 - 92 Ultra-trace level voltammetric sensor for MB in human plasma based on a carboxylic derivative of Calix[4]resorcinarene capped silver nanoparticles
Umar AR, Hussain K, Aslam Z, Haq MAU, Muhammad H, Sirajuddin, Shah MR
93 - 99 Fabrication and optical dispersions of three-dimensional hierarchical plasmonic nanostructures
Ko WR, Boora M, Dang TN, Kim JK, Zhang J, Nah J, Fan Z, Suh JY, Lee MH
100 - 108 Scandium-doped barium ceria ferrites-based composite mixed conducting hollow fiber membranes for H2 and O2 permeation
Song J, Li C, Zhang S, Wang K, Meng B, Tan X, Sunarso J, Liu S
109 - 117 Effects of sulfur phase transition on moisture-induced damages in bitumen colloidal structure
Mousavi M, Kabir SF, Fini EH
118 - 125 Synergistic effect of KCl mixing and melamine/urea mixture in the synthesis of g-C3N4 for photocatalytic removal of tetracycline
Hu C, Liu ZT, Lin KYA, Wei TH, Wang KH
126 - 136 Facile synthesis of boron and nitrogen doped TiO2 as effective catalysts for photocatalytic degradation of emerging micro-pollutants
Yadav V, Sharma H, Rana R, Saini VK
137 - 144 Strain-induced carrier mobility modulation in organic semiconductors
Jun BS, Lee CH, Lee SU
145 - 154 Microwave-assisted polycrystalline Ag/AgO/AgCl nanocomposites synthesis using banana corm (rhizome of Musa sp.) extract: Characterization and antimicrobial studies
Jaiswal KK, Banerjee B, Dutta S, Verma R, Gunti L, Awasthi S, Bhushan M, Kumar V, Alajmi M, Hussain A
155 - 164 Intestinal extracellular matrix hydrogels to generate intestinal organoids for translational applications
Kim SR, Choi SC, Lee JS, Jo SH, Kim YG, Cho SW
165 - 179 Experimental and numerical study on smectic aligned zirconium phosphate decorated graphene oxide hybrids effects over waterborne epoxy multi-functional properties enhancement
Dhamodharan D, Dhinakaran V, Nagavaram R, Ghoderao PP, Byun HS, Wu L
180 - 196 Investigation on effect of ionic liquid on CO2 separation performance and properties of novel co-casted dual-layer PEBAX-ionic liquid/PES composite membrane
Pishva S, Hassanajili S
197 - 206 Promotional effect of Ce in NH3-SCO and NH3-SCR reactions over Cu-Ce/SCR catalysts
Liu W, Long Y, Liu S, Zhou Y, Tong X, Yin Y, Li X, Hu K, Hu J
207 - 214 Quadrature moment simulation of silica nanoparticles aggregation and breakage in chemical mechanical polishing
Choi SG, Im GT, Kim EC, Park KH, Kim TS
215 - 223 Synthesis of γ-valerolactone from ethyl levulinate hydrogenation and ethyl 4-hydroxypentanoate lactonization over supported Cu-Ni bimetallic, bifunctional catalysts
Li Y, Lan X, Liu B, Wang T
224 - 238 Interference of oxygen during the solution combustion synthesis process of ZnO particles: Experimental and data modeling approaches
Nezhad EG, Kermani F, Mollaei Z, Mashreghi M, Khakhi JV, Mollazadeh S
239 - 248 Large-scale synthesis of functional tungsten oxide with controlled oxygen-deficiency by a continuous screw reactor
Kumai E, Shimono F, Tanaka M, Watanabe T, Hoshino T, Hosoda S, Kanamori H, Fujita Y
249 - 258 Aqueous-based continuous antimicrobial finishing of polyester fabrics to achieve durable and rechargeable antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral functions
Wen J, Khan AD, Sartorelli JB, Goodyear N, Sun Y
259 - 267 Nepenthes pitcher-inspired lubricant-infused slippery surface with superior anti-corrosion durability, hot water repellency and scratch resistance
Zhang B, Xu W, Zhu Q, Guan F, Zhang Y
268 - 279 Continuous biodiesel production from acidic oil using a combination of the acid-, alkali-catalyzed membrane and GO/PVDF separation membrane
Shi W, Li T, Li H, Du Q, Zhang H, Qin X
280 - 290 One-dimensional lithium-rich Li1.17Ni0.35Mn0.48O2 cathode and carbon-coated MnO anode materials for highly reversible Li-ion configurations
Kim JG, Noh YS, Kim YM
291 - 301 Regeneration and sulfur recovery of Lanxess Lewatit AF 5 catalyst from the acidic Albion leaching process using toluene and tetrachloroethylene as organic solvents
Marzoughi O, Li L, Pickles C, Ghahreman A
302 - 312 Construction and effect of intramolecular hydrogen bond on solvent resistance of polymeric membranes and their application in impermeable membranes
Li X, Wang Z, Jing X, Li X, Wang J, Kang M, Zhou Y, Li Q
313 - 319 Synthesis of indenocarbazole-based efficient deep-blue fluorescent emitter with a narrow emission band
Park EY, Shin SG, Thangaraji V, Kim SY, Lee JH, Suh MC
320 - 332 Non-aqueous synthesis of homogeneous molybdenum silicate microspheres and their application as heterogeneous catalysts in olefin epoxidation and selective aniline oxidation
Skoda D, Hanulikova B, Styskalik S, Vykoukal V, Machac P, Urbanek P, Bergerova ED, Simonikova L, Kuritka I
333 - 345 Synthesis of 1, 4, 7-triazaheptane derivative and its corrosion inhibition for mild steel in the hydrochloric medium
Wen J, Zhang X, Chen J, Liu T, Zhou Y, Li L
346 - 353 Novel wet-free interfacial affinity modulation of non-polar polymers for imparting efficient heat transfer capability to incompatible polypropylene/graphite nanoplatelet composite
Kim MS, You JW, Park JH, Bang JN, Lee SS
354 - 364 Glycerol acetalization over highly ordered mesoporous molybdenum dioxide: Excellent catalytic performance, recyclability and water-tolerance
Hong GH, Li Z, Park JS, Li Z, Kim KY, Li C, Lee JH, Jin M, Stucky GD, Kim JM
365 - 375 Structural characteristics and thermal properties of regenerated cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin after being dissolved in ionic liquids
Im JW, Lee SH, Jo IS, Kang JW, Kim KS
376 - 382 Hollow Au nanoparticles-decorated silica as near infrared-activated heat generating nano pigment
Kim JS, Park CH, Kim YH
383 - 390 Composite electrolyte pastes for preparing sub-module dye sensitized solar cells
Venkatesan S, Chen YY, Chien CY, Tsai MS, Teng H, Lee YL
391 - 400 Highly effective induction of cell-derived extracellular matrix by macromolecular crowding for osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells
Yoo YI, Ko KW, Cha SG, Park SY, Woo JW, Han DK
401 - 409 Glass fiber reinforced graphite/carbon black@PES composite films for high-temperature electric heaters
Liu Y, Xiao Z, Zhang W, Huang H, Zhang J, Gan Y, He X, Wang B, Han Y, Xia Y
410 - 417 Dewetting-driven self-assembly of web-like silver nanowire networked film for highly transparent conductors
Kim J, Lee SM, You JS, Kim NY, Wooh SH, Chang ST
418 - 427 Dicationic pyridinium salts as new organic ionics: Changes in solid-state phases and thermal/electrochemical properties
Shin JC, Lim SI, Jeong KU, Shim JP, Lee MJ
428 - 435 MOF-derived NiFe2O4 nanoparticles on molybdenum disulfide: Magnetically reusable nanocatalyst for the reduction of nitroaromatics in aqueous media
Wang J, Kim JH, Bu JW, Kim DY, Kim SY, Nam KT, Verma RS, Jang HW, Luque R, Shokouhimehr M
436 - 443 Influence of crosslinking in phosphoric acid-doped poly(phenylene oxide) membranes on their proton exchange membrane properties
Min CM, Jang J, Kang BG, Lee JS
444 - 455 Enhanced morphology and hydrophilicity of PVDF flat membrane with modified CaCO3@SMA additive via thermally induced phase separation method
Zhang Z, Wang W, Xu X, Liu X, Li Y, Zhang P
456 - 465 Development of correlations between deasphalted oil yield and Hansen solubility parameters of heavy oil SARA fractions for solvent deasphalting extraction
Park JW, Kim MY, Im SI, Go KS, Nho NS, Lee KB
466 - 471 Pooling strategy to construct in-house high-resolution electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry database of drugs
Khadim A, Zareena B, Hussain S, Jeelani SUY, Ali A, Musharraf SG
472 - 482 Visible-light driven efficient elimination of organic hazardous and Cr (VI) over BiOCl modified by Chinese Baijiu distillers’ grain-based biochar
Jin X, Tang X, Li H, Tang X, Li J, Zhong J, Zhang S, Ma D
483 - 492 Study on the forming mechanism and corrosion resistance of doping graphene composite film on the 6061 Al alloy
Ma M, Cao Y, Wang Q, Shang W, Peng N, Wen Y
493 - 504 Multiple stimulation with spheroids comprising salivary gland and adipose-derived stem cells enhances regeneration of radiation-damaged salivary glands
Kim JY, Eom MR, Jeong EJ, Choi JS, Kwon SK