Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.106, February, 2022 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

In this Issue (50 articles)

1 - 19 The synthesis and applications of TiO2 nanoparticles derived from phytochemical sources
Roy J
20 - 36 A review on graphene oxide effect in energy storage devices
Dhamodharan D, Ghoderao PP, Dhinakaran V, Mubarak S, Divakaran N, Byun HS
37 - 51 Surface nanobubbles and their roles in flotation of fine particles . A review
Li C, Zhang H
52 - 68 Biogenic palladium nanoparticles: An effectual environmental benign catalyst for organic coupling reactions
Palem RR, Shimoga G, Kim SY, Bathula C, Ghodake GS, Lee SH
69 - 73 Effect of aeration operation on crystallization induction time of melt with the difficulty of nucleation
Atsukawa K, Amari S, Takiyama H
74 - 76 Effect of pH on antioxidant properties of ablated CeO2 nanoparticles in photocatalytic process
Pugachevskii MA, Mamontov VA, Syuy AV, Kuzmenko AP
77 - 85 Precisely controlled preparation of uniform nanocrystalline cellulose via microfluidic technology
Wang S, Zeng J, Cheng Z, Yuan Z, Wang X, Wang B
86 - 102 Improvement of sinterability and mechanical properties of magnesia-silicate ceramics with enstatite phase from mixtures of serpentinite with silica additives
Vakalova TV, Sergeev NP, Maksimova VE, Rusinov PG, Balamygin DI
103 - 112 A novel high-performance electrocatalytic determination platform for voltammetric sensing of eugenol in acidic media using pyrochlore structured lanthanum stannate nanoparticles
Muthukutty B, Ganesamurthi J, Chen TW, Chen SM, Yu J, Liu X
113 - 127 Investigating the Cold Plasma Surface Modification of Kaolin- and Attapulgite-Bound Zeolite A
Ejtemaei M, Sadighi S, Rashidzadeh M, Khorram S, Back JO, Penner S, Noisternig MF, Salari D, Niaei A
128 - 141 Toad egg-like bismuth nanoparticles encapsulated in an N-doped carbon microrod via supercritical acetone as anodes in lithium-ion batteries
Sarofil ADM, Devina W, Albertina I, Chandra C, Kim JH
142 - 151 Selective vapour-phase dehydrocyclization of biomass-derived 1,4-butanediol to γ-butyrolactone over Cu/ZnAl2O4-CeO2 catalyst
Patil KN, Prasad D, Manoorkar VK, Bhanushali JT, Jadhav AH, Nagaraja BM
152 - 159 A comparative study of the catalytic and non-catalytic ozone based processes for simultaneous of SO2 and NOX removal
Khuntia S, Mohan G
160 - 167 A novel multiemissive Ln/covalent-organic frameworks for ratiometric detection of 2,6-dipicolinic acid
Kuang L, Du Y, Wang S, Yang L, Song Y
168 - 176 How fullerenes inhibit the amyloid fibril formation of hen lysozyme
Lee OS, Petrenko VI, Siposova K, Musatov A, Park HS, Lanceros-Mendez S
177 - 188 Cetuximab-anchored gold nanorod mediated photothermal ablation of breast cancer cell in spheroid model embedded with tumor associated macrophage
Emami F, Banstola A, Jeong JH, Yook SM
189 - 197 Improving pharmacologically relevant properties of sulfasalazine loaded in γ-cyclodextrin-based metal organic framework
Agafonov M, Garibyan A, Terekhova I
198 - 204 Brightener breakdown at the insoluble anode by active chlorine species during Cu electrodeposition
Park DJ, Han MJ, Park MJ, Lee JY, Choe SH
205 - 213 Rational design of platinum assimilated 3-D zinc cobalt oxide flowers for the electrochemical detection of caffeine in beverage and energy drink
Amalraj AJJ, Umesh N, Wang SF
214 - 224 Gravity effect of silica and polystyrene particles on deposition pattern control and particle size distribution on hydrophobic surfaces
Hu TY, Wang C, Yang KC, Chen LJ
225 - 232 Efficient solar-light photocatalytic H2 evolution of Mn0.5Cd0.5S coupling with S,N-codoped carbon
Peng H, Huang C, Zheng X, Wen J
233 - 242 Dual gate-keeping and reversible on-off switching drug release for anticancer therapy with pH- and NIR light-responsive mesoporous silicacoated gold nanorods
Park JH, Sung KE, Kim KH, Kim JR, Kim JB, Moon GD, Hyun DC
243 - 252 Solution plasma process for synthesizing polydiacetylene materials: Toward industrial utilization of colorimetric sensors
Saymung R, Watthanaphanit A, Saito N, Traiphol N, Traiphol R
253 - 261 Engineering of CIGS nanoparticle inks for colloidal stability, uniform film formation and application as HTL for perovskite solar cells
Khosroshahi R, Tehrani NA, Forouzandeh M, Behrouznejad F, Taghavinia N, Bagherzadeh M
262 - 268 Development of continuous process for the preparation of tetraethyl orthosilicate through the reaction of metallurgical silicon with ethanol in the presence of base salt catalyst
Kim DJ, Hong CS, Yoo BR
269 - 278 Anode biofilm maturation time, stable cell performance time, and time-course electrochemistry in a single-chamber microbial fuel cell with a brush-anode
Tran HVH, Kim EJ, Jung SP
279 - 286 Adsorption behavior of NO2 molecules in ZnO-mono/multilayer graphene core.shell quantum dots for NO2 gas sensor
Lee KS, Shim JH, Lee JS, Lee JH, Moon HG, Park YJ, Park DH, Son DI
287 - 296 Spinel CoMn2O4 nano-/micro-spheres embedded RGO nanosheets modified disposable electrode for the highly sensitive electrochemical detection of metol
Venkatesh K, Muthukutty B, Chen SM, Karuppasamy P, Haidyrah AS, Karuppiah C, Yang CC, Ramaraj SK
297 - 310 Electronic effects on protective mechanism of electropolymerized coatings based on N-substituted aniline derivatives for mild steel in saline solution
Liu H, Fan B, Liu Z, Zhao X, Yang B, Zheng X, Hao H
311 - 316 Accelerated CO2 transport on the surface-tuned Ag nanoparticles by p-benzoquinone
Kim BJ, Kang SW
317 - 327 Fundamental reaction kinetics of high-pressure reductive amination of polyalkylene glycol
Kim KJ, Kang DW, Yun CY, Choi YH, Lee JW
328 - 339 Template and binder free 1D cobalt nickel hydrogen phosphate electrode materials for supercapacitor application
Heo JY, Vinodh R, Kimi HJ, Babu RS, Kumar KK, Gopi CVVM, Kim SS
340 - 355 Current status on designing of dual Z-scheme photocatalysts for energy and environmental applications
Kumar R, Sudhaik A, Khan AAP, Raizada P, Asiri AM, Mohapatra S, Thakur S, Thakur VK, Singh P
356 - 361 Interfacial properties of nonionic hybrid surfactant with double branches of fluorocarbon and hydrocarbon
Kang EK, Han DJ, Lee BM, Bae JW, Sohn EH
362 - 373 Continuous recovery of high-grade prebiotic ingredient from crude galacto-oligosaccharides using a simulated-moving-bed technology
Park HI, Choi JH, Bae KW, Mun SY
374 - 381 A novel covalent organic framework with multiple adsorption sites for removal of Hg2+ and sensitive detection of nitrofural
Wang L, Song Y, Luo Y, Wang L
382 - 392 Hydrothermally fabricated TiO2 heterostructure boosts efficiency of MAPbI3 perovskite solar cells
Nguyen MH, Yoon SH, Kim KS
393 - 399 Preparation and characterization of (Ca2+, Al3+)-infiltrated CaO-Al2O3 auxiliary electrode for electrochemical sulfur sensor
Wen T, Yuan L, Tian C, Jin Y, Liu T, Yu J
400 - 410 TFC solvent-resistant nanofiltration membrane prepared via a gyroid-like PE support coated with polydopamine/Tannic acid-Fe(III)
Heidari AA, Mahdavi H, Kahriz PK
411 - 428 Fabrication of modified PVDF membrane in the presence of PVI polymer and evaluation of its performance in the filtration process
Valizadeh K, Heydarinasab A, Hosseini SS, Bazgir S
429 - 448 Mechanistic insights into the membrane fouling mechanism during ultrafiltration of high-concentration proteins via in-situ electrical impedance spectroscopy (EIS)
Tanudjaja HJ, Ng AQQ, Chew JW
449 - 459 Automated synthesis and data accumulation for fast production of high-performance Ni nanocatalysts
Oh KH, Lee HK, Kang SW, Yang JI, Nam GJ, Lim TW, Lee SH, Hong CS, Park JC
460 - 468 Brush-painted superhydrophobic silica coating layers for self-cleaning solar panels
Ko KJ, Yoon DH, Yang SC, Lee HS
469 - 481 Comparison of formation of bubbles and droplets in step-emulsification microfluidic devices
Zhan W, Liu Z, Jiang S, Zhu C, Ma Y, Fu T
482 - 491 Biomimetic functional hydrogel particles with enhanced adhesion characteristics for applications in fracture conformance control
Liu J, Li L, Xu Z, Sun Y, Wu Y, Dai C
492 - 502 Core@shell MOFs derived Co2P/CoP@NPGC as a highly-active bifunctional electrocatalyst for ORR/OER
Gong W, Zhang H, Yang L, Yang Y, Wang J, Liang H
503 - 511 Studies of methanol electro-oxidation with ternary wet-chemically prepared ZCSO hexagonal nanodiscs with electrochemical approach
Rahman MM, Alam MM, Asiri AM, Alfaifi SYM, Marwani HM
512 - 519 Co+3 substituted gadolinium nano-orthoferrites for environmental monitoring: Synthesis, device fabrication, and detailed gas sensing performance
Lee KT, Hajra S, Sahu M, Mishra YK, Kim HJ
520 - 536 Electrochemical Ce(III)/Ce(IV) interconversion, electrodeposition, and catalytic CO ↔ CO2 interconversion over terpyridine-modified indium tin oxide electrodes
Park SJ, Maeng JY, Joo MH, Kang JG, Rhee CK, Sohn YK
537 - 545 Corrosion study of nickel-coated copper and chromate-coated aluminum for corrosion-resistant lithium-ion battery lead-tab
Cho KS, Baek JY, Balamurugan C, Im HN, Kim HJ