Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.105, January, 2022 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

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1 - 33 Designing and modification of bismuth oxyhalides BiOX (X = Cl, Br and I) photocatalysts for improved photocatalytic performance
Ahmad I, Shukrullah S, Naz MY, Ullah S, Assiri MA
34 - 48 Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks (ZIFs) for aqueous phase adsorption - A review
Ighalo JO, Rangabhashiyam S, Adeyanju CA, Ogunniyi S, Adeniyi AG, Igwegbe CA
49 - 57 CuO-doped Ce for catalytic wet peroxide oxidation degradation of quinoline wastewater under wide pH conditions
Jiao Z, Zhang X, Gong H, He D, Yin H, Liu Y, Gao X
58 - 62 Is mass-scale electrocatalysis of aqueous methanol an energetically and economically viable option for hydrogen production?
Szulejko JE, Kwon EE, Kim KH
63 - 73 A novel conversion for blast furnace slag (BFS) to the synthesis of hydroxyapatite-zeolite material and its evaluation of adsorption properties
Li C, Li X, Yu Y, Zhang Q, Li L, Zhong H, Wang S
74 - 82 Enhancing adsorption efficiencies of organic molecules through covalently bonded structures of magnetic carbon nanoparticles
Luu QS, Do UT, Kim DK, KimJW, Jo DH, Nguyen QT, Lee YB
83 - 110 A progress review on the modification of CZTS(e)-based thin-film solar cells
Nugroho HS, Refantero G, Septiani NLW, Iqbal M, Marno S, Abdullah H, Prima EC, Nugraha, Yuliarto B
111 - 120 Thioacetamide-derived nitrogen and sulfur co-doped carbon quantum dots for ‘‘green” quantum dot solar cells
Riaz S, Park SJ
121 - 131 Neryl acetate synthesis from nerol esterification with acetic anhydride by heterogeneous catalysis using ion exchange resin
Zeferino RCF, Piaia VAA, Orso VT, Pinheiro VM, Zanetti M, Colpani GL, Padoin N, Soares C, Fiori MA, Riella HG
132 - 137 Three-wavelength white organic light-emitting diodes on silicon for high luminance and color gamut microdisplays
Lee SJ, Kang CM, Shin JW, Ahn DH, Joo CW, Cho HS, Cho NS, Youn HM, An YJ, Kim JS, Lee JH, Lee HK
138 - 145 Fabricating patterned microstructures by embedded droplet printing on immiscible deformable surfaces
Zhang R, Qi L, Lian H, Luo J
146 - 157 Electrochemical properties of PVP-derived carbon nanospheres with various porosity and heteroatom contents in anode voltage range over full-cell operation
Kim YS, Yang HS, Yoon JH, Jo MJ, Youk JH, Lee BS, Yu WR
158 - 170 Polydopamine-modified halloysite nanotube-incorporated polyvinyl alcohol membrane for pervaporation of water-isopropanol mixture
Choi SY, Chaudhari S, Shin HT, Cho KY, Lee DU, Shon MY, Nam SE, Park YI
171 - 180 VOx-MoOy single molecular layer modified graphic carbon nitride polymer for enhanced selective styrene oxidation
Jing X, Wang H, Li S, Lu B, Zhao J, Cai Q
181 - 190 FePO4-coated Li5Cr7Ti6O25 nanocomposites as anode materials for high-performance lithium-ion batteries
Chang H, Chen Y, Zhang N, Zhu YR, Yi TF
191 - 209 Microkinetic model validation for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis at methanation conditions based on steady state isotopic transient kinetic analysis
Van Belleghem J, Yang J, Janssens P, Poissonnier J, Chen D, Marin GB, Thybaut JW
210 - 221 Cardiac-derived stem cell engineered with constitutively active HIF-1α gene enhances blood perfusion of hindlimb ischemia
Pei X, Shin JY, Kim HJ, Wang NN, Seo CW, Yoon MY, Chen X, Gao J, Yang VC, He H, Lee SJ
222 - 230 N-functionalized hierarchical carbon composite derived from ZIF-67 and carbon foam for efficient overall water splitting
Wang J, Chaemchuen S, Chen C, Heynderickx PM, Roy S, Verpoort F
231 - 237 Green solvent-processed complementary-like inverters based on ambipolar organic thin-film transistors
Lee MJ, Yun SJ, Ho HI, Earmme T, Marrocchi A, Vaccaro L, Kim CG
238 - 250 The novel polythiadiazole polymer and its composite with a-Al(OH)3 as inhibitors for steel alloy corrosion in molar H2SO4: Experimental and computational evaluations
Abd El-Lateef HM, Shalabi K, Sayed AR, Gomha SM, Bakir EM
251 - 258 Synthesis and characterization of curcumin-loaded pH/reduction dual-responsive folic acid modified carboxymethyl cellulose-based microcapsules for targeted drug delivery
Meng Q, Zhong S, He S, Gao Y, Cui X
259 - 267 Preparation and electrochemical activity of platinum catalyst-supported graphene and Fe-based metal-organic framework composite electrodes for fuel cells
Yoo PK, Kim S
268 - 277 Efficient upcycling of polypropylene-based waste disposable masks into hard carbons for anodes in sodium ion batteries
Lee GW, Lee ME, Kim SS, Joh HI, Lee SH
278 - 290 Theoretical study of SF6 decomposition products adsorption on metal oxide cluster-modified single-layer graphene
Zhang Q, Gui Y, Qiao H, Chen X, Cao L
291 - 302 Construction of bifunctionalized Co-V mixed metal oxide nanosheets with Co3+-Rich surfaces and oxygen defect derived from LDHs as nanozyme for antibacterial application
Chen C, Wang Y, Zhang D, Wang J
303 - 312 Role of B-doping in g-C3N4 nanosheets for enhanced photocatalytic NO removal and H2 generation
Xia X, Xie C, Xu B, Ji X, Gao G, Yang P
313 - 323 Oxidation of VOCs on a highly stabilized furfuryl alcohol-based activated carbon supported nickel oxide catalyst
Yadav M, Pophali A, Verma N, Kim TJ
324 - 336 Fabricating Cu2O-CuO submicron-cubes for efficient catalytic CO oxidation: The significant effect of heterojunction interface
Shi Y, Xu L, Chen M, Yang B, Cheng G, Wu CE, Miao Z, Wang N, Hu X
337 - 351 Long-term catalytic durability in Z-scheme CdS@ 1T-WS2 heterojunction materials
Kim TS, Park HR, Park BH, Yoon SJ, Liu C, Joo SW, Son NG, Kang MS
352 - 364 Micro-groove patterned PCL patches with DOPA for rat Achilles tendon regeneration
Park SH, Lee MS, Jeon J, Lim JH, Jo CH, Bhang SH, Yang HS
365 - 377 A robust method for the development of mechanically, thermally stable anti-reflective and self-cleaning coatings through in-situ formation of hierarchical raspberry-like mesoporous nanoparticles
Pradhan M
378 - 383 Long-Range alignment of liquid crystalline small molecules on Metal-Organic framework micropores by physical anchoring
Park KH, Hyeon SK, Kang KM, Eum KW, Kim JH, Kim DW, Jung HT
384 - 392 Photocatalytic oxidation of ceftiofur sodium under UV-visible irradiation using plasmonic porous Ag-TiO2 nanospheres
Pugazhenthiran N, Murugesan S, Valdes H, Selvaraj M, Sathishkumar P, Smirniotis PG, Anandan S, Mangalaraja RV
393 - 404 A highly efficient multi-stage dielectric barrier discharge (DBD)-catalytic system for simultaneous toluene degradation and O3 elimination
Yu X, Li S, Dang X, Zhang Y, Zhang Q, Zheng H
405 - 413 Enhancement of the electro-Fenton degradation of organic contaminant by accelerating Fe3+/Fe2+ cycle using hydroxylamine
Li D, Zheng T, Yu J, He H, Shi W, Ma J
414 - 426 Design of non-faradaic EDLC from plasticized MC based polymer electrolyte with an energy density close to lead-acid batteries
Aziz SB, Abdulwahid RT, Kadir MFZ, Ghareeb HO, Ahamad T, Alshehri SM
427 - 434 Tri-metal-based hollow nanorods-on-microrod arrays as efficient water splitting electrocatalysts
Wang J, Yu H, Wang X, Chen C, Li S, Cai N, Chen W, Xue Y, Li H, Yu F
435 - 445 Fabrication of MOF-808(Zr) with abundant defects by cleaving ZrAO bond for oxidative desulfurization of fuel oil
Gu Y, Luo H, Xu W, Zhou W, Sun Y
446 - 462 New natural organic.inorganic pH indicators: Synthesis and characterization of pro-ecological hybrid pigments based on anthraquinone dyes and mineral supports
Szadkowski B, Rogowski J, Maniukiewicz W, Beyou E, Marzec A
463 - 472 Microalgal and cyanobacterial strains used for the bio sorption of copper ions from soil and wastewater and their relative study
Zada S, Raza S, Khan S, Iqbal A, Kai Z, Ahmad A, Ullah M, Kakar M, Fu P, Dong H, Xueji Z
473 - 480 Magnetic cluster-encapsulated polymer dimers with controlled surface property
Kim DI, Kim HJ, Park JH, Kim KH, Kang HS, Kim JB, Lu P, Ahn HJ, Hyun DC
481 - 490 Comestible curcumin: From kitchen to polymer chemistry as a photocatalyst in metal-free ATRP of (meth)acrylates
Zaborniak I, Chmielarz P
491 - 501 Sulfur dioxide absorption characteristics of aqueous amino acid solutions
Kim KH, Park HS, Lim HJ, Kang JH, Park JW, Song HJ
502 - 512 Catalytic cracking of methylcyclohexane over H-ZSM-5 zeolite and activated charcoal wall-coated microchannel reactor with wavy structure under supercritical conditions
Jeong BJ, Shin MC, Park JH, Jeong BH, Lee HJ, Lee SH, Magnone E
513 - 519 Synthesis and photodynamic effect of 3-substituted methyl pyropheophorbide-a derivatives as novel photodynamic therapeutic agents for cancer treatment
Lee TH, Kim HJ, Lee BR, Lee SB, Lee DS, Han YR, Kim KS, Song YK, Shim YK, Park SJ, Kim DW, Jeon YH
520 - 529 Facile green synthesis of nano-sized ZnO using leaf extract of Morinda tinctoria: MCF-7 cell cycle arrest, antiproliferation, and apoptosis studies
Anitha J, Selvakumar R, Hema S, Murugan K, Premkumar T
530 - 538 Magnetic field-induced improvement in O2/N2 gas separation applications of simultaneously co-casted superparamagnetic mixed matrix membranes
Nikpour N, Montazer AH, Khayatian A
539 - 548 Carbon nanotubes loaded N,S-codoped TiO2: Heterojunction assembly for enhanced integrated adsorptive-photocatalytic performance
Shabir M, Shezad N, Shafiq I, Maafa IM, Akhter P, Azam K, Ahmed A, Lee SH, Park YK, Hussain M
549 - 562 Multifunctional, flexible and mechanically resilient porous polyurea/graphene composite film
Cui X, Zhang C, Araby S, Cai R, Kalimuldina G, Yang Z, Meng Q
563 - 570 Integration of dry-reforming and sorption-enhanced water gas shift reactions for the efficient production of high-purity hydrogen from anthropogenic greenhouse gases
Lee CH, Kwon BW, Oh JH, Kim SJ, Han JH, Nam SW, Yoon SP, Lee KB, Ham HC