Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.104, December, 2021 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

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1 - 7 Effect of plasma atmosphere on the oxygen transport of mixed ionic and electronic conducting hollow fiber membranes
Buck F, Wiegers K, Schulz A, Schiestel T
8 - 21 Relevant design parameters for a reactor used in P removal with ZVI-based materials
Lanet P, Deluchat V, Baudu M
22 - 31 Elucidation of cube-like red iron oxide @ carbon nanofiber composite as an anode material for high performance lithium-ion storage
Santhoshkumar P, Subburaj T, Karuppasamy K, Kathalingam A, Vikraman D, Park HC, Kim HS
32 - 42 Electrochemical evaluation of naproxen through Au@f-CNT/GO nanocomposite in environmental water and biological samples
Alagumalai K, Babulal SM, Chen SM, Shanmugam R, Yesuraj J
43 - 60 Transesterification of dimethyl carbonate with glycerol by perovskite-based mixed metal oxide nanoparticles for the atom-efficient production of glycerol carbonate
Poolwong J, Gobbo SD, D’Elia V
61 - 72 Metal-organic framework based on Co and 4,40-dimethylenebiphenyl diphosphonic acid as an efficient methylene blue adsorbent
Kidanemariam A, Park JH
73 - 84 Biodegradable cross-linked poly(L-lactide-co-e-caprolactone) networks for ureteral stent formed by gamma irradiation under vacuum
Liu X, Liu S, Fan Y, Qi J, Wang X, Bai W, Chen D, Xiong C, Zhang L
85 - 92 Methanesulfonic acid-mediated conversion of microalgae Scenedesmus obliquus biomass into levulinic acid
Jeong GT, Kim SK
93 - 105 In vitro study of doxorubicin-loaded thermo- and pH-tunable carriers for targeted drug delivery to liver cancer cells
Kunene SC, Lin KS, Weng MT, Espinoza MJC, Wu CM
106 - 116 Sophisticated plasmon-enhanced photo-nanozyme for anti-angiogenic and tumor-microenvironment-responsive combinatorial photodynamic and photothermal cancer therapy
Yu SB, Jang DY, Maji SK, Chung KW, Lee JS, Mota FM, Wang J, Kim SH, Kim DH
117 - 135 Environmental protection by the adsorptive elimination of acetaminophen from water: A comprehensive review
Igwegbe CA, Aniagor CO, Oba SN, Yap PS, Iwuchukwu FU, Liu T, de Souza EC, Ighalo JO
136 - 145 High-performance COF-based composite anion exchange membrane sandwiched by GO layers for alkaline H2/O2 fuel cell application
Chen J, Guan M, Li K, Tang S
146 - 154 An effective route for growth of WO3/BiVO4 heterojunction thin films with enhanced photoelectrochemical performance
Hou C, Yu J, Ding J, Fan W, Bai H, Xu D, Shi W
155 - 171 Chitin and chitosan based biopolymer derived electrode materials for supercapacitor applications: A critical review
Vinodh R, Sasikumar Y, Kim HJ, Atchudan R, Yi M
172 - 178 Structural control of highly oxidized carbon nanotube networks for high electrochemical performance
Kang SH, Yang HJ, Cho JY, Kim JH, Roh KC, Han JT
179 - 185 CDs/ZnO composite material with solid state fluorescence performance for quantitative determination of methyl red content and antibacterial properties
Wang M, Zhang K, Ji F, Guo Y, Wang C, Wang S, Chu Y, Zhao G
186 - 202 Modification of EPVC membranes by incorporating tungsten trioxide (WO3) nanosheets to improve antifouling and dye separation properties
Akhi H, Vatanpour V, Zakeri F, Khataee A
203 - 211 Controlled-crystallinity of SiO2/TiO2 hollow nanoparticles and their electroresponsive behaviors
Kim BM, Park SH, Lee SA
212 - 230 Applicability of membrane reactor technology in industrial hydrogen producing reactions: Current effort and future directions
Mamivand S, Binazadeh M, Sohrabi R
231 - 257 Holistic review on the recent development in mathematical modelling and process simulation of hollow fiber membrane contactor for gas separation process
Ng ELH, Lau KK, Lau WJ, Ahmad F
258 - 271 Simulation of continuous catalytic conversion of glycerol into lactic acid in a microreactor system: A CFD study
Sahandi PJ, Kazemeini M, Sadjadi S
272 - 285 Ethylene from renewable ethanol: Process optimization and economic feasibility assessment
Frosi M, Tripodi A, Conte F, Ramis G, Mahinpey N, Rossetti I
286 - 294 Rice straw (Oryza sativa L.) biomass conversion to furfural, 5-hydroxymethylfurfural, lignin and bio-char: A comprehensive solution
Kumar A, Chauhan AS, Bains R, Das P
295 - 332 A review of the role of hydrogen peroxide in organic transformations
Targhan H, Evans P, Bahrami K
333 - 344 Evaluation of ozone as an efficient and sustainable reagent for chalcopyrite leaching: Process optimization and oxidative mechanism
Wang J, Faraji F, Ghahreman A
345 - 355 Fabrication of copper ions-substituted hydroxyapatite/polydopamine nanocomposites with high antibacterial and angiogenesis effects for promoting infected wound healing
Tao B, Lin C, Guo A, Yu Y, Qin X, Li K, Tian H, Yi W, Lei D, Chen L
356 - 361 Impact of uncertainty in technological cycle on circular economy: Bio-based jet fuel range alkenes and pentanediols production
Byun JW, Han JH
362 - 380 A review on the properties and applications of chitosan, cellulose and deep eutectic solvent in green chemistry
Chang XX, Mubarak NM, Mazari SA, Jatoi AS, Ahmad A, Khalid M, Walvekar R, Abdullah EC, Karri RR, Siddiqui MTH, Nizamuddin S
381 - 389 Delivery of extracellular matrix-enriched stem cells encapsulated with enzyme-free pH-sensitive polymer for enhancing therapeutic angiogenesis
Song JH, Jeong GJ, Lee TJ, Kim SW, Kim YJ, Bhang SH
390 - 396 Efficient degradation of azo dye by dual-doped photo-enhanced Fentonlike catalysts in magnetic suspension reactor
Dai T, Li C, Wang N, Yu L, Zhang M
397 - 405 Synergistic cancer starvation therapy via mitochondria targeting cell penetrating polypeptide
Nam HY, Kim YC
406 - 415 Pt supported on hierarchical porous carbon for furfural hydrogenation
Byun MY, Lee MS
416 - 426 Improvement of CuO photostability with the help of a BiVO4 capping layer by preventing self-reduction of CuO to Cu2O
Jeong HJ, Ryu HH, Bae JS
427 - 436 Asphaltene thermal treatment and optimization of oxidation conditions of low-cost asphaltene-derived carbon fibers
Zuo P, Leistenschneider D, Kim YN, Abedi Z, Ivey DG, Zhang X, Chen W
437 - 444 Highly stable Cs4PbBr6/CsPbBr3perovskite nanoparticles as a new fluorescence nanosensor for selective detection of trace tetracycline in food samples
Thuy TT, Huy BT, Kumar AP, Lee YI
445 - 457 Analysis on growth mechanism of TiO2 nanorod structures on FTO glass in hydrothermal process
Nguyen MH, Kim KS
458 - 467 Assessment of cellulose substituted with varying short/long, linear/branched acyl groups for inhibition of wax crystals growth in crude oil
Negi H, Sharma S, Singh RK
468 - 477 Shape-dependent intracellular uptake of metal.organic framework nanoparticles
Kim SN, Park CG, Min CH, Lee SH, Lee YY, Lee NK, Choy YB
478 - 490 3D macroporous biocomposites with a microfibrous topographical cue enhance new bone formation through activation of the MAPK signaling pathways
Kim HS, Kim MS, Kim DY, Choi EJ, Do SH, Kim GH
491 - 499 Hydroxyapatite-embedded levan composite hydrogel as an injectable dermal filler for considerable enhancement of biological efficacy
Hwang YM, Lee JS, An HJ, Oh HY, Sung DK, Tae GY, Choi WI
500 - 513 A multifunctional bio-agent for extraction of aged bitumen from siliceous surfaces
Shariati S, Rajib AI, Fini EH
514 - 520 Fast and opposite temperature responsivity in release behavior of cocontinuous hydrogel composites
Kim SY, Kim JS, Lee JH
521 - 528 Microwave selective heating of electric arc furnace dust constituents toward sustainable recycling: Contribution of electric and magnetic fields
Altarawneh S, Al-Harahsheh M, Buttress A, Dodds C, Rodriguez J, Kingman S
529 - 543 N-functionalized mesoporous carbon supported Pd nanoparticles as highly active nanocatalyst for Suzuki-Miyaura reaction, reduction of 4-nitrophenol and hydrodechlorination of chlorobenzene
Deka JR, Saikia D, Chen PH, Chen KT, Kao HM, Yang YC
544 - 554 Separation of glatiramer acetate and its constituent amino acids using aqueous two-phase systems composed of maltodextrin and acetonitrile
Shoushtari BA, Shahrouzi JR, Pazuki G, Shahriari S, Hadidi N
555 - 570 Tetracycline degradation using combined system of dielectric barrier discharge air plasma and zeolites synthesized at different Na2O/SiO2 ratios
Feyzi L, Rahemi N, Allahyari S
571 - 581 Producing magnetite concentrate via self-magnetization roasting in N2 atmosphere: Phase and structure transformation, and extraction kinetics
Zhang Q, Sun Y, Han Y, Li Y, Gao P
582 - 591 Ultrasonic assisted photocatalytic process for degradation of ciprofloxacin using TiO2-Pd nanocomposite immobilized on pumice stone
Motlagh PY, Akay S, Kayan B, Khataee A
592 - 604 Collaborative fabrication of poly(L-proline)s with well-defined mesopores and hydrophobicity: Synergistic effect of mesoporous confinement and hydrophobic micro-environment on organic transformations
Liu Z, Yu Y, Li S, Liu Y, Zhang G, Han L, Liu Y, You J, Ying A