Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.103, November, 2021 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

In this Issue (35 articles)

1 - 41 Performance analysis and modeling of catalytic trickle-bed reactors: a comprehensive review
Azarpour A, Rezaei N, Zendehboudi S
42 - 48 Gasification investigations of coal and biomass blends for high purity H2 production with carbon capture potential
Yuan D, zhang K, Wang L, Jin L, Guo X, Zhang G
49 - 66 Spin polarization and magneto-dielectric coupling in Al-modified thin iron oxide films -microwave mediated sol-gel approach
Khalid S, Riaz S, Naeem S, Akbar A, Hussain SS, Xu YB, Naseem S
67 - 79 Turning CO2 into di-methyl ether (DME) using Pd based catalysts - Role of Ca in tuning the activity and selectivity
Malik AS, Zaman SF, Al-Zahrani AA, Daous MA
80 - 101 Current developments in esterification reaction: A review on process and parameters
Khan Z, Javed F, Shamair Z, Hafeez A, Fazal T, Aslam A, Zimmerman WB, Rehman F
102 - 117 S, P-codoped rGO-phytic acid-polythiophene core.shell; synthesis, modeling, and dual active.passive anti-corrosion performance of epoxy nanocomposite
Tehrani MEHN, Ramezanzadeh M, Bahlakeh G, Ramezanzadeh B
118 - 123 Controlled fabrication and electrochemical corrosion behavior of ultrathin Ni-Cu alloy foil
Yu L, Chen L, Chen Q, Feng L, Xu Z, Nan B, Kang X, He Y
124 - 135 Catalytic hydrogenation of organic dyes by Ag nanoparticles on reduced graphene oxide
Mascarenhas BC, Varanda LC
136 - 141 Catalytic pyrolysis of polypropylene over Ga loaded HZSM-5
Pyo SM, Kim YM, Park YN, Lee SB, Yoo KS, Khan MA, Jeon BH, Choi YJ, Rhee GH, Park YK
142 - 153 MnO2/carbon nanotube-embedded carbon nanofibers as core-shell cables for high performing asymmetric flexible supercapacitors
Huang CL, Chiang LM, Su CA, Li YY
154 - 164 Superhydrophobic and smart MgAl-LDH anti-corrosion coating on AZ31 Mg surface
Huang M, Lu G, Pu J, Qiang Y
165 - 174 Organobase assisted synthesis of Co(OH)2 nanosheets enriched with oxygen vacancies for nonenzymatic glucose sensing at physiological pH
Adeel M, Canzonieri V, Daniele S, Rizzolio F, Rahman MM
175 - 186 Self-antibacterial chitosan/Aloe barbadensis Miller hydrogels releasing nitrite for biomedical applications
Thi TTH, Trinh BDT, Thi PL, Tran DL, Park KD, Nguyen DH
187 - 194 Anti-coking freeze-dried NiMgAl catalysts for dry and steam reforming of methane
Taherian Z, Gharahshiran VS, Khataee A, Orooji Y
195 - 204 Recovery of aluminum from water treatment sludge for phosphorus removal by combined calcination and extraction
Truong V, Tiwari D, Mok YS, Kim DJ
205 - 215 Chemical surface modification of beaded activated carbon: A strategy to inhibit heel accumulation from VOC
Bhat A, Venkat M, Chen X, Ohtani H, Ellwood K, Misovski T, Schwank JW
216 - 221 Accelerated CO2 transport by synergy effect of ionic liquid and Zn particles
Rhyu SY, Kang SW
222 - 231 Mn0.05Cd0.95S/Cu2SeI p-n heterojunction with high-conductivity for efficient photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
WAng X, Jin Z
232 - 238 Production and characterization of antimicrobial bacterial cellulose membranes with non-leaching activity
Liu J, Wang S, Jiang L, Shao W
239 - 246 Comparing the cytotoxic effect of light-emitting and organic light-emitting diodes based light therapy on human adipose-derived stem cells
Kim YJ, Kim SW, Lee JR, Um SH, Joung YK, Bhang SH
247 - 254 Preparation of shaped non-polyelectrolyte hydrogel particles with decomposable and recyclable performance by vortex ring freezing
Liu B, Li C, Wang Y, Nie J, Zhu X
255 - 263 CO2 separation from biogas using PEI-modified crosslinked polymethacrylate resin sorbent
Johnson O, Joseph B, Kuhn JN
264 - 274 In-situ exsolution of Ni nanoparticles to achieve an active and stable solid oxide fuel cell anode catalyst on A-site deficient La0.4Sr0.4Ti0.94Ni0.06O3-δ
Lee JJ, Kim KH, Kim KJ, Kim HJ, Lee YM, Shin TH, Han JW, Lee KT
275 - 282 Non-yellowish and heat-resistant adhesive for a transparent heat sinking film
Ryu HW, Choi HS, Shin JH, Hong HL, Park BH, Lee EG, Lim TI
283 - 291 Localized surface plasmon resonance enhanced by the light-scattering property of silver nanoparticles for improved luminescence of polymer light-emitting diodes
Huang CL, Huang HJ, Chen SH, Huang YS, Kao PC, Chau YFC, Chiang HP
292 - 304 Manganese ferrite (MnFe2O4) Nanoparticles: From synthesis to application -A review
Akhlaghi N, Najafpour-Darzi G
305 - 313 Insight on photocatalytic oxidation of high concentration NO over BiOCl/Bi2WO6 under visible light
Wang W, Wen C, Guan J, Man H, Bian J
314 - 321 Fabrication of hierarchical structures on concrete surfaces with superhydrophobicity using replicated micro-nano dendritic structures
Wang N, Wang Q, Xu S, Lei L
322 - 328 β-Cyclodextrin-based poly(ionic liquids) membranes enable the efficient separation of the amino acids mixture
Yu W, Liu L, Li F, Tan Z
329 - 339 Solvent assisted dyeing of wool fibers with reactive dyes in a ternary solvent system for protecting fibers against damage
Wang A, Lu F, Xia L, Zhang C, Zhou S, Fu Z, Wang Y, Xu W
340 - 347 Using sulfate-functionalized Hf-based metal.organic frameworks as a heterogeneous catalyst for solvent-free synthesis of pyrimido[1,2-a] benzimidazoles via one-pot three-component reaction
Dang MHD, Nguyen LHT, Nguyen TTT, Mai NXD, Tran PH, Doan TLH
348 - 357 Role of crystallinity on the thermal and viscous behaviour of polyethylene glycol-in-silicone oil (o/o) phase change emulsions
Delgado-Sanchez C, Partal P, Martin-Alfonso MJ, Navarro FJ
358 - 372 Electrophoretic (EPD) coatings for magnesium alloys
Saji VS
373 - 380 High-performance nanofiltration of outer-selective thin-film composite hollow-fiber membranes via continuous interfacial polymerization
Choi OK, Peck DH, Park CH
381 - 391 Anticancer activities of bioactive peptides derived from rice husk both in free and encapsulated form in chitosan
Ilhan-Ayisigi E, Budak G, Celiktas MS, Sevimli-Gur C, Yesil-Celiktas O