Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.102, October, 2021 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

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1 - 16 In vitro intracellular studies of pH and thermo-triggered doxorubicin conjugated magnetic SBA-15 mesoporous nanocarriers for anticancer activity against hepatocellular carcinoma
Mdlovu NV, Lin KS, Weng MT, Hsieh CC, Lin YS, Espinoza MJC
17 - 24 The challenges of developing ionic liquids as tribological lubricants for thin film media
Fan A, Waltman RJ
25 - 34 Magnetic recyclable self-floating solar light-driven WO2.72/Fe3O4 nanocomposites immobilized by Janus membrane for photocatalysis of inorganic and organic pollutants
Motora KG, Wu CM, Naseem S
35 - 43 Phosphoric acid-peroxide mixture surface preparation for the improvement of InGaAs channel characteristics
Na JH, Lim SW
44 - 50 Deep-blue organic light-emitting diodes based on multi-tert-butyl modified naphthylene
Wei B, Xu H, Zhao N, Gao X, Ye Y, Wang Y, Yao D, Zhang X, Liu X
51 - 68 HC-SCR system combining Ag/Al2O3 and Pd/Al2O3 catalysts with resistance to hydrothermal aging for simultaneous removal of NO, HC, and CO
Lee KS, Choi BC
69 - 85 Copper nanoparticles interlocked phase-change microcapsules for thermal buffering in packaging application
Parvate S, Singh J, Vennapusa JR, Dixit P, Chattopadhyay S
86 - 94 Research on Li0.3Na0.18K0.52NO3 promoted Mg20Al-CO3 LDH/GO composites for CO2 capture
Yang Y, Chen K, Huang L, Li M, Zhang T, Zhong M, Ning P, Wang J, Wen S
95 - 102 Ultra-small Cu.Ni nanoalloy as a high-performance supercapacitor electrode material and highly durable methanol oxidation electrocatalyst
Talluri B, Yoo KS, Kim JH
103 - 111 Synthesis and characterization of Pd-Ni catalysts supported on KIT-6 and their application in cyclohexane oxidation using molecular oxygen
Reisi B, Chermahini AN, Rodriguez-Padron D, Munoz-Batista J, Luque R
112 - 121 Catalytic hydrocracking of vacuum residue in a semi-batch reactor: Effect of catalyst concentration on asphaltene conversion and product distribution
Nguyen NT, Kang KH, Pham HH, Go KS, Pham DV, Seo PW, Nho NS, Lee CW, Park SY
122 - 134 Smart engineering of gold nanoparticles to improve intestinal barrier penetration
Kim HS, Lee DY
135 - 145 Immobilization of antibacterial copper metal-organic framework containing glutarate and 1,2-bis(4-pyridyl)ethylene ligands on polydimethylsiloxane and its low cytotoxicity
Lee DN, Gwon KH, Kim YM, Cho HJ, Lee SH
146 - 154 Understanding of Si3N4-H3PO4 reaction chemistry for the control of Si3N4 dissolution kinetics
Park TG, Son CJ, Kim TH, Lim SW
155 - 162 Ir0.11Fe0.25O0.64 as a highly efficient electrode for electrochlorination in dilute chloride solutions
Kim SS, Lee TY, Han SH, Lee CH, Kim CS, Yoon JY
163 - 176 The reuse of disposable COVID-19 surgical masks as a nitrogen-enrichment agent and structure promotor for a wild plant-derived sorbent
Bumajdad A, Khan MJH
177 - 185 High-efficiency degradation of quinclorac via peroxymonosulfate activated by N-doped CoFe2O4/Fe0@CEDTA hybrid catalyst
Su L, Ou L, Wen Y, Wang Y, Zhao W, Zhou Z, Zhong ME, Zhu Y, Zhou N
186 - 194 Hydrogenation of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural into 2,5-bis (hydroxymethyl)furan over mesoporous Cu.Al2O3 catalyst: From batch to continuous processing
Kim JS, Bathula HB, Yun SW, Jo YG, Lee SH, Baik JH, Suh YW
195 - 205 Synthesis of heteroatom and metallic compound self-co-doped porous carbon derived from swine manure for supercapacitor electrodes and lead ion adsorbents
Qin L, Wu Y, Hou Z, Zhang S, Jiang E
206 - 217 Corrosion trend on Q450 weathering steel deposited with Na2SO4, NaCl under ultraviolet light illumination
Song L, Shi H, Han P, Ji X, Ma F
218 - 225 Efficient catalyst by a sequential melt infiltration method to achieve a high loading of supported nickel nanoparticles for compact reformer
Lee HK, Kang SW, Park JC, Oh KH, Ha S, Yang JI
226 - 232 Benzoylphenyltriazine as a new acceptor of donor.acceptor type thermally-activated delayed-fluorescent emitters
Yun JH, Lee KH, Lee JY
233 - 240 Eggshell membrane hydrolysate as a multi-functional agent for synthesis of functionalized graphene analogue and its catalytic nanocomposites
Jeon JM, Choi MS, Kim SB, Seo TH, Ku BC, Ruy SW, Park JH, Kim YK
241 - 250 Cas9 conjugate complex delivering donor DNA for efficient gene editing by homology-directed repair
Kang YK, Lee JH, Im SH, Lee JH, Jeong JH, Kim DK, Yang SY, Jung KH, Kim SG, Chung HJ
251 - 259 Preparation of highly dispersed Cu catalysts from hydrotalcite precursor for the dehydrogenation of 1,4-butanediol
Liu H, Jiang Y, Zhao H, Hou Z
260 - 270 nsight into the corrosion inhibition property of Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam leaves extract
He J, Xu Q, Li G, Li Q, Marzouki R, Li W
271 - 292 Surface modification of PA layer of TFC membranes: Does it effective for performance Improvement?
Khoo YS, Lau WJ, Liang YY, Yusof N, Ismail AF
293 - 301 Chemical modification of exfoliated graphite nanoplatelets with CTBN rubber and highly enhanced impact strength of vinyl ester resin by them
Ji SG, Drzal LT, Cho DH
302 - 311 Combining electrochemical, surface topography analysis, and theoretical calculation methods to insight into the anti-corrosion property of Syzygium samarangense leaf extract
Zhou Y, Zhu C, Xu S, Xiang B, Marzouki R
312 - 320 Deep eutectic solvents synthesis of perovskite type cerium aluminate embedded carbon nitride catalyst: High-sensitive amperometric platform for sensing of glucose in biological fluids
Rajaji U, Ganesh PS, Chen SM, Govindasamy M, Kim SY, Alshgari RA, Shimoga G
321 - 326 Effect of pore size in activated carbon on the response characteristic of electric double layer capacitor
Ideta K, Kim DW, Kim TG, Nakabayashi K, Miyawaki J, Park JI, Yoon SH
327 - 342 Using plant extracts to modify Al electrochemical behavior under corroding and functioning conditions in the air battery with alkaline-ethylene glycol electrolyte
HosseinpourRokni M, Naderi R, Soleimani M, Jannat AR, Pourfath M, Saybani M
343 - 350 Cellulose nanofibrils composite hydrogel with polydopamine@zeolitic imidazolate framework-8 encapsulated in used as efficient vehicles for controlled drug release
Liu Y, Huo Y, Fan Q, Li M, Liu H, Li B, Li Y
351 - 362 Effect of hydraulic retention time on the performance of trickling photobioreactor treating domestic wastewater: Removal of carbon, nutrients, and micropollutants
Katam K, Bhattacharyya D, Soda S, Shimizu T
363 - 369 Cobalt substituted layered O3 and P2-type Na-Ti-Ni-Co-O anode materials for emerging sodium-ion batteries
Kannan K, Kouthaman M, Arjunan P, Subadevi R, Sivakumar M
370 - 383 Pressurized liquid extraction of brewer’s spent grain: Kinetics and crude extracts characterization
Herbst G, Hamerski F, Errico M, Corazza ML