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Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.101, September, 2021 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

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1 - 20 Clean syngas production by gasification of lignocellulosic char: State of the art and future prospects
Moreira R, Bimbela F, Gil-Lalaguna N, Sanchez JL, Portugal A
21 - 27 Solid dispersion melt crystallization (SDMC) concept using binary eutectic system for improvement of dissolution rate
Atsukawa K, Amari S, Takiyama H
28 - 50 A review on monoclinic metal molybdate photocatalyst for environmental remediation
Ray SK, Hur J
51 - 65 Ce-oxide quantum dots decorated graphene oxide (CeO-QDs-GO) nano-platforms synthesis and application in epoxy matrix for efficient anti-corrosion ability
Shahini MH, Mousavi M, Arabi AM, Mahdavian M, Ramezanzadeh B
66 - 77 Simultaneous production of lactate and formate from glycerol and carbonates over supported Pt catalysts
Valekar AH, Oh KR, Lee SK, Hwang YK
78 - 125 A planned review on designing of high-performance nanocomposite nanofiltration membranes for pollutants removal from water
Bandehali S, Parvizian F, Ruan H, Moghadassi A, Shen J, Figoli A, Adeleye AS, Hilal N, Matsuura T, Drioli E, Hosseini SM
126 - 134 A Gut-Brain Axis-on-a-Chip for studying transport across epithelial and endothelial barriers
Kim MH, Kim DH, Sung JH
135 - 143 Design and synthesis of the quinacridone-based donor polymers for application to organic solar cells
Kim DH, Jeon SJ, Han YW, Kim YH, Yang NG, Lee HS, Moon DK
144 - 152 Improved lithium storage performance of CeO2-decorated SrLi2Ti6O14 material as an anode for Li-ion battery
Li Y, Liu HY, Shi LN, Zhu YR, Yi TF
153 - 164 Facile technique for wool coloration via locally forming of nano selenium photocatalyst imparting antibacterial and UV protection properties
Razmkhah M, Montazer M, Rezaie AB, Rad MM
165 - 177 Effects of molecular structure of polymeric surfactant on its physico-chemical properties, percolation and enhanced oil recovery
Li Y, Chen X, Liu Z, Liu R, Liu W, Zhang H
178 - 185 Porous hollow nanorod structured chromium-substituted inverse spinel compound: An efficient oxygen evolution reaction catalyst
Ramakrishnan P, Lee KB, Choi GJ, Park IK, Sohn JI
186 - 194 Structural pore elucidation of super-activated carbon based on the micro-domain structure model
Kim TG, Kim DW, Ideta K, Park CI, Miyawaki J, Park JI, Yoon SH
195 - 204 A microlagal-based carbonaceous sensor for enzymatic determination of glucose in blood serum
Jafari SM, Masoum S, Tafreshi SAH
205 - 213 A shelf-life study of silica- and carbon-based mesoporous materials
Bjork EM, Atakan A, Wu PH, Bari A, Pontremoli C, Zheng K, Giasafaki D, Iviglia G, Torre E, Cassinelli C, Morra M, Steriotis T, Charalambopoulou G, Boccaccint AR, Fiorilli S, Vitale-Brovarone C, Robertsson F, Oden M
214 - 226 Catalytic dehydration of glucose to 5-HMF using heterogeneous solid catalysts in a biphasic continuous-flow tubular reactor
Souzanchi S, Nazari L, Rao KTV, Yuan Z, Tan Z, Xu CC
227 - 236 Akebia trifoliate koiaz peels extract as environmentally benign corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in HCl solutions: Integrated experimental and theoretical investigations
Zhang M, Guo L, Zhu M, Wang K, Zhang R, He Z, Lin Y, Leng S, Anadebe VC, Zheng X
237 - 252 Biodegradable hydrogels of cassava starch-g-polyacrylic acid/natural rubber/polyvinyl alcohol as environmentally friendly and highly efficient coating material for slow-release urea fertilizers
Tanan W, Panichpakdee J, Suwanakood P, Saengsuwan S
253 - 261 Hierarchical Co3O4 decorated nitrogen-doped graphene oxide nanosheets for energy storage and gas sensing applications
Ramesh S, Karuppasamy K, Vikraman D, Kim EH, Sanjeeb L, Lee YJ, Kim HS, Kim JH, Kim HS
262 - 269 Synthesis of sub-50 nm bio-inspired silica particles using a C-terminalmodified ferritin template with a silica-forming peptide
Nguyen TKM, Ki MR, Son RG, Kim KH, Hong JH, Pack SP
270 - 278 Microstructure design and analysis of thermal interface materials using high heat- resistance natural fibers
Jung HN, Chung HJ, Yu JS
279 - 292 Selective hydrogenation of benzonitrile and its homologues to primary amines over platinum
Levay K, Karpati T, Hegedus L
293 - 306 Catalytic hydrocracking, hydrogenation, and isomerization reactions of model biomass tar over (W/Ni)-zeolites
Kostyniuk A, Bajec D, Prasnikar A, Likozar B
307 - 323 Synthesis, physical and mechanical properties of amphiphilic hydrogels based on polycaprolactone and polyethylene glycol for bioapplications: A review
Dabbaghi A, Ramazani A, Farshchi N, Rezaei A, Bodaghi A, Rezayati S
324 - 333 Physicochemical and antibacterial characterization of Aspergillus sp. filtrate-reduced graphene oxide
Narayanan KB, Won SY, Rajnish KN, Han SS
334 - 347 Highly efficient solar desalination and wastewater treatment by economical wood-based double-layer photoabsorbers
Mehrkhah R, Goharshadi EK, Mohammadi M
348 - 358 Stretchable graphene and carbon nanofiber capacitive touch sensors for robotic skin applications
Yaragalla S, Dussoni S, Zahid M, Maggiali M, Metta G, Athanasiou A, Bayer IS
359 - 371 The study of m-pentadecylphenol on the inhibition of mild steel corrosion in 1 M HCl solution
Ricky EX, Mpelwa M, Xu X
372 - 378 Amino-modified carbon dots as a functional platform for drug delivery: Load-release mechanism and cytotoxicity
Shi N, Sun K, Zhang Z, Zhao J, Geng L, Lei Y
379 - 386 Enabling the fast lithium storage of large-scalable c-Fe2O3/Carbon nanoarchitecture anode material with an ultralong cycle life
Ullah S, Campeon BDL, Ibraheem S, Yasin G, Pathak R, Nishina Y, Nguyen TA, Slimani Y, Yuan Q
387 - 396 Performance of Mg-Ti modified iron-based catalyst in NH3-SCR of NO at the presence of arsenic: Influence of oxygen and temperature
Li X, Chen J, Chen S, Lu C, Luo G, Yao H
397 - 404 Dual-carbon-confined hydrangea-like SiO cluster for high-performance and stable lithium ion batteries
Lim KM, Park HS, Ha JY, Kim YT, Choi JS
405 - 413 Electric and magnetic properties of a composite consisting of silicone rubber and ferrofluid
Marin CN, Malaescu I, Sfirloaga P, Teusdea A
414 - 422 Solution-based synthesis of PEDOT:PSS films with electrical conductivity over 6300 S/cm
Shi Y, Zou Y, Shen R, Liu F, Zhou Y
423 - 429 Chemically synthesized copper sulfide nanoflakes on reduced graphene oxide for asymmetric supercapacitors
Bulakhe RN, Alfantazi A, Lee YR, Lee MY, Shim JJ
430 - 444 Machine learnings for CVD graphene analysis: From measurement to simulation of SEM images
Hwang GY, Kim TH, Shin JY, Shin NC, Hwang SW
445 - 445 Corrigendum to ‘‘Multi-targeting siRNA nanoparticles for simultaneous inhibition of PI3K and Rac1 in PTEN-deficient prostate cancer” [J. Ind. Eng. Chem. 99 (2021) 196.203]
Kim MJ, Kim HS, Gao X, Ryu JH, Yang YS, Kwon IC, Roberts TM, Kim SH
446 - 446 Corrigendum to ‘‘Synthesis of highly stable and dispersed silver nanoparticles/poly(vinyl alcohol-co-ethylene glycol)/ poly(3-aminophenyl boronic acid) nanocomposite: Characterization and antibacterial, hemolytic and cytotoxicity studies” [J. Ind. Eng. Chem. 89 (2020) 288.300]
Jayeoye TJ, Nwabor OF, Rujiralai