Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.100, August, 2021 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1226-086X (Print) 

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1 - 18 An overview of current research and developments in biosurfactants
Vieira IMM, Santos BLP, Ruzene DS, Silva DP
19 - 39 A critical innovation of photocatalytic degradation for toxic chemicals and pathogens in air
Truong PL, Kidanemariam A, Park JH
40 - 58 Recent developments for antimicrobial applications of graphene-based polymeric composites: A review
Fatima N, Qazi UY, Mansha A, Bhatti IA, Javaid R, Abbas Q, Nadeem N, Rehan ZA, Noreen S, Zahid M
59 - 62 Preparation of hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin-incorporated liposomes and evaluation of their rapid release property
Lim HN, Jin SY, Jeong YD, Kim SB, Jang DJ, Kim ST
63 - 74 A study of synergetic carrier emulsion liquid membrane for the extraction of amoxicillin from aqueous phase using response surface methodology
Yan B, Huang X, Chen K, Liu H, Wei S, Wu Y, Wang L
75 - 91 Ultraviolet and infrared light decontamination and the secondary pollution products of G-series nerve agent simulant model molecules contaminating TiO2/Ti surfaces
Yang JH, Park SJ, Hong SM, Kim JK, Yee KJ, Jung HS, Sohn YK
92 - 98 Hierarchical porous N,S-codoped carbon with trapped Mn species for efficient pH-universal electrochemical oxygen reduction in Zn-air battery
Wang HY, Ren JT, Weng CC, Lv XW, Yuan ZY
99 - 111 Plasma-synthesized mussel-inspired gold nanoparticles promote autophagy-dependent damage-associated molecular pattern release to potentiate immunogenic cancer cell death
Nguyen LN, Kaushik N, Bhartiya P, Gurmessa SK, Kim HJ, Nguyen LQ, Kaushik NK, Choi EH
112 - 118 Low-cost and highly safe solid-phase sodium ion battery with a Sn-C nanocomposite anode
Yu HG, Kyu SM, Kim JH, Kim JK
119 - 125 Synthesis and unique characteristics of biobased high Tg copolyesters with improved performance properties for flexible electronics and packaging applications
Hussain F, Jeong J, Park SW, Kang SJ, Khan WQ, Kim JH
126 - 133 Synergetic photocatalytic-activity enhancement of lanthanum doped TiO2 on halloysite nanocomposites for degradation of organic dye
Lee JW, Seong SC, Jin SY, Jeong YD, Noh JG
134 - 148 Fabrication of microwave assisted biogenic magnetite-biochar nanocomposite: A green adsorbent from jackfruit peel for removal and recovery of nutrients in water sample
Nayak A, Bhushan B, Gupta V, Kotnala S
149 - 158 Effects of niobium addition on active metal and support in Co-CeO2 catalyst for the high temperature water gas shift reaction
Jeong CH, Jeon KW, Byeon HJ, Choi TY, Kim HM, Jeong DW
159 - 173 Highly dispersed Ni-La catalysts over mesoporous nanosponge MFI zeolite for low-temperature CO2 methanation: Synergistic effect between mesoporous and microporous channels
Xu L, Wen X, Chen M, Lv C, Cui Y, Wu X, Wu CE, Miao Z, Hu X
174 - 185 A performance comparison study of five single and sixteen blended amine absorbents for CO2 capture using ceramic hollow fiber membrane contactors
Magnone E, Lee HJ, Shin MC, Park JH
186 - 193 Crystallinity-tailorable solvent-free hybrid adhesive films composed of epoxy, diacid, and poly(ethylene glycol) with curable and deoxidizing capabilities
Lee BY, Jang KS
194 - 203 Fabrication of AuNPs into alginate biopolymer and functionalized by thiourea as a film shape probe for palladium(II) sensing
Pourreza N, Abasipanah P, Ghomi M
204 - 211 Zein.sodium alginate based microcapsules for essence controlled releasing coating as leather finishes
Xu Q, Bai Z, Ma J, Yang Y, Huang M
212 - 219 Development of effectively costed and performant novel cation exchange ceramic nanocomposite membrane based sulfonated PVA for direct borohydride fuel cells
Gouda MH, Elessawy NA, Toghan A
220 - 232 BiPO4/Fe-metal organic framework composite: A promising photocatalyst toward the abatement of tetracycline hydrochloride, Indigo Carmine and reduction of 4-nitrophenol
Mahendran N, Praveen K
233 - 247 Flexible conductive nanocomposite PEDOT:PSS/Te nanorod films for superior electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding: A new exploration
Al-Asbahi BA, Qaid SMH, El-Shamy AG
248 - 259 Synthesis and electrochemical evaluation of cobalt-based ZIF-67 with its potential as direct use electrode materials for supercapacitors
Rahim AHA, Majid SR, Sim CK, Yusuf SNF, Osman Z
260 - 269 Controlled production of soft magnetic hydrogel beads by biosynthesis of bacterial cellulose
Kim JH, Shin SC, Hyun JH
270 - 279 Life-cycle assessment of SO2 removal from flue gas using carbonate melt
Kim JH, Lee JW, Cho HT, Ahn YC
280 - 287 The influence of synthesis conditions on the electrorheological performance of iron(II) oxalate rod-like particles
Kutalkova E, Ronzova A, Osicka J, Skoda D, Sedlacik M
288 - 295 Covalent immobilization of carbonic anhydrase on amine functionalized alumino-Siloxane aerogel beads for biomimetic sequestration of CO2
Shamna I, Jeong SK, Bhagiyalakshmi M
296 - 309 Tribological performances of copper perrhenate/graphene nanocomposite as lubricating additive under various temperatures
Wang J, Zhuang W, Yan T, Liang W, Li T, Zhang L, Wei X
310 - 316 Use of spent coffee ground as a reducing agent for enhanced reduction of chromate by freezing process
Han TU, KimJW, Kim KT
317 - 323 The degeneration of skin cosmetics and the structural changes of the chemical components as an indicator of product shelf life
Choi EM, Maeng SJ, Yun SJ, Yu HU, Shin JS, Yun JY
324 - 332 High-quality gypsum binders based on synthetic calcium sulfate dihydrate produced from industrial waste
Kamarou M, Korob N, Kwapinski W, Romanovski V
333 - 350 Proline nitrate ionic liquid as high temperature acid corrosion inhibitor for mild steel: Experimental and molecular-level insights
Aslam R, Mobin M, Huda, Shoeb M, Murmu M, Banerjee P
351 - 363 Bio-mimicking hybrid polymer architectures as adhesion promoters for low and high surface energy substrates
Baby M, Periya VK, Soundiraraju B, Balachandran N, Cheriyan S, Sankaranarayanan SK, Maniyeri SC
364 - 371 Nylon 6,6 composites with carbon fiber covalently bonded to functionalized carbon nanotubes fabricated by reactive extrusion
Choi EY, Lee SY, Kim CK
372 - 382 Flexible and patterned-free Ni/NiO-based temperature device on cylindrical PET fabricated by RF magnetron sputtering: Bending and washing endurance tests
Appiagyei AB, Banua J, Han JI
383 - 389 Graphene quantum dot-embedded perovskite photodetectors with fast response and enhanced sensitivity through bulk defect passivation
Lee DSH, Yun JS, Heo JH, Kim BW, Im SH
391 - 398 Efficient mercury removal from flue gas using high-quality spinel mixed ferrites obtained from wastewater
Sun D, Li Z, Huang S, Yang F, Chi J, Zhao S
399 - 409 Application of artificial intelligence to magnetite-based magnetorheological fluids
Saberi H, Esmaeilnezhad E, Choi HJ
410 - 421 Eco-friendly Chitosan Condensation Adduct Resins for Removal of Toxic Silver Ions from Aqueous Medium
El-Shorbagy HG, El-Kousy SM, Elwakeel KZ, Abd El-Ghaffar MA
422 - 423 Corrigendum to “Direct C-N coupling of azoles with ethers via oxidative C-H activation under metal-organic framework catalysis” [J. Ind. Eng. Chem. 44 (2016) 136.145]
Nguyen KD, Doan SH, Ngo ANV, Nguyen NT, Phan NTS
424 - 436 Corrigendum to “Synthesis of aryl-substituted pyridines via cyclization of N,N-dialkylanilines with ketoxime carboxylates under metal-organic framework catalysis” [J. Ind. Eng. Chem. 54 (2017) 151.161]
Ha PTM, Le BTT, To TC, Doan SH, Nguyen TT, Phan NTS
390.e1 - 390.e8 Tunable HMF hydrogenation to furan diols in a flow reactor using Ru/C as catalyst
Fulignati S, Antonetti C, Wilbers E, Licursi D, Heeres HJ, Galletti AMR