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Journal of Materials Science, Vol.56, No.9 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0022-2461 (Print) 

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5309 - 5320 Possibility of an integrated transmission electron microscope: enabling complex in-situ experiments
Hattar K, Jungjohann KL
5321 - 5427 Laves phases: a review of their functional and structural applications and an improved fundamental understanding of stability and properties
Stein F, Leineweber A
5428 - 5448 Electrospun TiO2 nanofibers for water and wastewater treatment: a review
Marinho BA, de Souza SMAGU, de Souza AAU, Hotza D
5449 - 5478 A review of recent advances in the preparation of polyaniline-based composites and their electromagnetic absorption properties
Lin TF, Yu HJ, Wang L, Fahad S, Khan A, Naveed KUR, Haq F, Nazir A, Ul Amin B
5479 - 5492 Dislocation-based crack initiation and propagation in single-crystal SrTiO3
Fang XF, Ding K, Minnert C, Nakamura A, Durst K
5493 - 5508 Defect structures of sodium and chloride co-substituted hydroxyapatite and its osseointegration capacity
Yoo DS, Cho JS, Chung YC, Rhee SH
5509 - 5519 Structural diversity, large interlayer spacing and switchable electronic properties of graphitic systems
Han QY, Luo K, Sun L, Huang Q, Liu B, Gao Q, Li ZH, Ying P, Zhao ZS, Xu B, He JL
5520 - 5531 One-pot synthesis of uniform Cu nanowires and their enhanced non-enzymatic glucose sensor performance
Liu XM, Yang CY, Yang WL, Lin JQ, Liang C, Zhao X
5532 - 5542 In situ fabrication of CdS/Bi4NbO8Cl hybrid photocatalysts for enhanced antibiotic residue degradation
Qu XF, Zhao XH, Sun X, Gao Z, Sun Z, Yin ZM, Shi L
5543 - 5554 A rapid and dual-mode visualization of latent and bloody fingermarks using Cr- and Sb-codoped titanium dioxide nanoparticles
Huang MJ, Peng D
5555 - 5569 A visible-light-driven 3D Z-scheme photocatalyst by loading BiOI nanosheets onto g-C3N4 microtubes for efficient degradation of tetracycline and p-chlorophenol
Wang Y, Wang DD, Li HJ, Jiang W, Liu CB, Che GB
5570 - 5580 Highly flexible electromagnetic interference shielding films based on ultrathin Ni/Ag composites on paper substrates
Liu XL, Ye ZH, Zhang L, Feng PD, Shao J, Zhong M, Chen Z, Ci LJ, He P, Ji HJ, Wei J, Li MY, Zhao WW
5581 - 5594 Fabrication of 3D monolithic graphene foam/polycaprolactone porous nanocomposites for bioapplications
Tolou NB, Salimijazi H, Dikonimos T, Faggio G, Messina G, Tamburrano A, Aurora A, Lisi N
5595 - 5608 Enhancing the integration of bentonite clay with polycaprolactone by intercalation with a cationic surfactant: effects on clay orientation and composite tensile properties
Rivas-Rojas PC, Ollier RP, Alvarez VA, Huck-Iriart C
5609 - 5623 Study of the acoustic emission response to a core-shell rubber-toughened, high-temperature composite
Swan SR, Devenport TM, Seraji SM, Griffin JM, Gashi BV, Creighton C, Varley RJ
5624 - 5636 Construction of sustainable, fireproof and superhydrophobic wood template for efficient oil/water separation
Ma TT, Li LP, Mei CT, Wang QW, Guo CG
5637 - 5657 In situ pair distribution function analysis of crystallizing Fe-silicate melts
Nienhuis ET, Tuheen M, Du JC, McCloy JS
5658 - 5669 Band alignment engineering, electronic and optical properties of Sb/PtTe2 van der Waals heterostructure: effects of electric field and biaxial strain
Shokri A, Yazdani A
5670 - 5683 The rigidizable behavior of the deployable hindwings of the Asian ladybeetle during flight
Song ZL, Tong J, Yan YW, Tian LM, Sun JY
5684 - 5696 Tensile strain effects on electronic and optical properties of functionalized diamondene-like Si-4
Shu HB
5697 - 5707 Vacancy-mediated effects for simultaneously enhancing the Cu/graphene/Al interfacial bonding strength and thermal conductance: a first-principles study
Liu P, Xie JP, Hei RY, Wang AQ, Ma DQ, Mao ZP
5708 - 5716 Light trapping in ZnO nanowires to control ultraviolet photodetection responsivity
Wang N, Jiang DY
5717 - 5729 One-step chemical bath co-precipitation method to prepare high hydrogen-producing active ZnxCd1-xS solid solution with adjustable band structure
Lu LL, Ma YJ, Dong R, Tan PF, Chen Y, Pan J
5730 - 5735 Electric current-restrained crack propagation in brittle GaN ceramics
Zhao MH, Umair M, Lu CS, Qin GS
5736 - 5747 The Cu2O/CuO/SnO2 transparent pn junction film device towards photovoltaic enhancement with Cu2+ self-oxidation transition layer
Yu Q, Pan JQ, Mei J, Chen ZF, Wang PH, Wang PP, Wang JJ, Song CS, Zheng YY, Li CR
5748 - 5759 Coordinative template catalyzed/templated nanocarbon with ultrahigh mesoporosity for high-performance aqueous supercapacitor
Xiao R, Du C, Zhang Y, Chen J, Xie MJ, Chen SY, Wan L
5760 - 5771 Engineering the interface of Au nanocatalysts with FeOx for enhanced selective hydrogenation of cinnamaldehyde
Zhao JB, Yuan HF, Gui YH, Li XM, Qin XM, Wei CZ, Liu YF, Wang GQ, Zhou LM, Fang SM
5772 - 5785 Unexpected effect of stacking manner of covalent triazine polymer on photocatalytic hydrogen production
Li Y, Tang YZ, Li J, Chang YJ, Huang HL, Zhong CL
5786 - 5801 Carbon layer-modified mesoporous silica supporter for PEG to improve the thermal properties of composite phase change material
Chen Y, Li XB, Gao JK, Yang MY, Liu Y, Liu Y, Tang X
5802 - 5816 Inkjet printed patterns of polyamidoamine dendrimer functionalized magnetic nanostructures for future biosensing device application
Chikhaliwala P, Schlegel W, Lang H, Chandra S
5817 - 5829 Capture of DNAs by magnetic hypercrosslinked poly(styrene-co-divinylbenzene) microspheres
Feckova M, Toth J, Salek P, Spanova A, Horak D, Shubhra QTH, Kovarik A, Gyenis J, Rittich B
5830 - 5844 Rambutan-like silica nanoparticles at tailored particle sizes for plasmid DNA delivery
Hines E, Cheng D, Wu WX, Yu MH, Xu C, Song H, Yu CZ
5845 - 5867 On the interplay of microstructure and residual stress in LPBF IN718
Serrano-Munoz I, Fritsch T, Mishurova T, Trofimov A, Apel D, Ulbricht A, Kromm A, Hesse R, Evans A, Bruno G
5868 - 5877 MOF composite fibrous separators for high-rate lithium-ion batteries
Huang D, Liang C, Chen LN, Tang M, Zheng ZJ, Wang ZB
5878 - 5898 Effect of plasma remelting on microstructure and properties of a CoCrCuNiAl0.5 high-entropy alloy prepared by spark plasma sintering
Wang ML, Zhang GJ, Cui HZ, Lu YP, Zhao Y, Wei N, Li TJ
5899 - 5909 Self-accommodation and morphological characteristics of the B33 martensite in Zr-Co-Pd alloys
Matsuda M, Arai K, Mitsuhara M, Yamabe-Mitarai Y, Nishida M
5910 - 5923 Mild and in situ photo-crosslinking of anthracene-functionalized poly (aryl ether ketone) for enhancing temporal stability of organic NLO materials
Tian YX, He YL, Liu P, Zhang H, Zheng QY, Liu JL, Xiao LH, Wang XB, Ao YH, Li M
5924 - 5935 Modulation of superhydrophobicity and self-binding strength of cellulose ester-based coating by changing the degree of substitution
Li W, Zhang S, Wang W, Zeng LT, Wang SF, Qin CR, Qin CQ
5936 - 5955 Semi-interpenetrating polymeric networks based on poly(dimethylsiloxane)-chitosan-poly(vinyl alcohol) crosslinked with genipin with possible use in biomedical applications
Benitez-Martinez JA, Garnica-Palafox IM, Vazquez-Victorio G, Hautefeuille M, Sanchez-Arevalo FM
5956 - 5974 An effective strategy to enhance the flame retardancy and mechanical properties of epoxy resin by using hyperbranched flame retardant
Chen MF, Lin XH, Liu CP, Zhang HG