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Journal of Materials Science, Vol.56, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0022-2461 (Print) 

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2797 - 2813 A review on Luffa fibres and their polymer composites
Adeyanju CA, Ogunniyi S, Ighalo JO, Adeniyi AG, Abdulkareem SA
2814 - 2837 Review of long wavelength luminescent carbon-based nanomaterials: preparation, biomedical application and future challenges
Huo F, Li WQ, Liu YH, Liu XH, Lee CY, Zhang W
2838 - 2855 Recent advances in high-figure-of-merit semiconductor and organic materials for all-optical switching applications
Sharma R, Singh M, Kaur H
2856 - 2878 Hydrogen production from ammonia borane hydrolysis catalyzed by non-noble metal-based materials: a review
Wang CY, Zhao JL, Du XH, Sun S, Yu XF, Zhang XH, Lu ZM, Li LL, Yang XJ
2879 - 2886 In situ electron-doping of MoS2 thin films by embedded MoOxSy particles during chemical vapor deposition
Kang M, Lee J, Choi W
2887 - 2899 Influence of yttria-stabilized zirconia content on rheological behavior and mechanical properties of zirconia-toughened alumina fabricated by paste-based stereolithography
Li MS, Liu WW, Nie JB, Wang CY, Li WL, Xing ZW
2900 - 2911 Dynamic fragmentation of a Zr-based metallic glass under various impact velocities
Wang CT, He Y, Ji C, He Y, Guo L, Meng YP
2912 - 2943 Carbon materials with high pentagon density
Diana N, Yamada Y, Gohda S, Ono H, Kubo S, Sato S
2944 - 2960 Carbonization of phloroglucinol promoted by heteropoly acids
Gohda S, Saito M, Yamada Y, Kanazawa S, Ono H, Sato S
2961 - 2978 Highly stable superamphiphobic material with ethanol-triggered switchable wettability for high-efficiency on-demand oil-water separation
Qu MN, Liu LL, Liu Q, Li JH, Yang C, Yang X, Li KS, Liu XR, He JM
2979 - 2993 Effect of ligands of functional magnetic MOF-199 composite on thiophene removal from model oil
Chen MY, Wang ZY, Liu YC, Chen J, Liu J, Gan D
2994 - 3010 Facile microwave-assisted fabrication of CdS/BiOCl nanostructures with enhanced visible-light-driven photocatalytic activity
Deng CH, Hu HM, Yu H, Xu JJ, Ci MY, Wu YP, Wang LL, Zhu SN
3011 - 3023 Branched nanosheets-interlaced structure of Co2+/Co3+-doped Ni(OH)(2) originating from Ni-3(NO3)(2)(OH)(4) template with significantly boosted electrochemical performance
Wang J, Li J, Liu YY, Wang MR, Cui HT
3024 - 3034 CO2 adsorption by polyamine-based protic ionic liquid-functionalized mesoporous silica: regenerability and influence of flue gas contaminants
Zhang W, Li Y, Li YN, Gao EH, Cao GH, Bernards MT, He Y, Shi Y
3035 - 3048 Enhanced nonlinear absorption and efficient optical limiting action of a few 1,3,4-oxadiazole-based donor-acceptor systems
Remya TM, Shiju E, Shandev PP, Chandrasekharan K, Haridas S, Unnikrishnan PA
3049 - 3061 Covering soy polysaccharides gel on the surface of beta-cyclodextrin-based metal-organic frameworks
Wang SN, Shao GQ, Zhao HK, Yang LN, Zhu LJ, Liu H, Cui B, Zhu DS, Li J, He YT
3062 - 3077 Enhancing mechanical properties of pure copper-based materials with CrxOy nanoparticles and CNT hybrid reinforcement
Chen XY, Bao R, Yi JH, Fang D, Tao JM, Li FX
3078 - 3094 Studies on de-icing and anti-icing of carbon fiber-reinforced composites for aircraft surfaces using commercial multifunctional permanent superhydrophobic coatings
Khadak A, Subeshan B, Asmatulu R
3095 - 3110 Water diffusivity transition in fumed silica-filled polydimethylsiloxane composite: Correlation with the interfacial free volumes characterized by positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy
Wang Z, Yang Y, Peng XY, Huang Z, Qian LB, He CQ, Fang PF
3111 - 3126 Facile fabrication of compressible, magnetic and superhydrophobic poly(DVB-MMA) sponge for high-efficiency oil-water separation
Yu CM, Jiang JE, Liu YY, Liu K, Situ ZQ, Tian LF, Luo WJ, Hong PZ, Li Y
3127 - 3139 Photocatalytic MOF fibrous membranes for cyclic adsorption and degradation of dyes
Huang JM, Huang D, Zeng FB, Ma L, Wang ZB
3140 - 3154 High-flux oil-water separation with superhydrophilicity and underwater superoleophobicity ZIF-67@Cu(OH)(2) nanowire membrane
He JM, Li JH, Ma LL, Pang YJ, Liu LL, Liu Q, Peng L, Qu MN
3155 - 3167 Unique 3D interpenetrating capillary network of wood veneer for highly efficient cross flow filtration
Zhu X, Hu JB, Liu GG, Xu DN, Wei Y, Li DH, Chang SS, Li XJ, Liu Y
3168 - 3182 Dynamics and thermodynamics of core/shell formation of icosahedral NimAgn bimetallic nanostructures
Hewage J
3183 - 3196 Stable and metastable structures and their energetics of asymmetric tilt grain boundaries in MgO: a simulated annealing approach
Yokoi T, Kondo Y, Ikawa K, Nakamura A, Matsunaga K
3197 - 3209 Influence of fast neutron irradiation on the phase composition and optical properties of homogeneous SiOx and composite Si-SiOx thin films
Nesheva D, Fogarassy Z, Fabian M, Hristova-Vasileva T, Sulyok A, Bineva I, Valcheva E, Antonova K, Petrik P
3210 - 3219 Adjusting transmissivity based on grapheme-h-BN-graphene heterostructure as a tunable phonon-plasmon coupling system in mid-infrared band
Cai M, Wang SL, Liu ZH, Wang YD, Gao B, Han T, Liu HX, Zhang HF, Qiao YB
3220 - 3229 Wafer-scale epitaxial single-crystalline Ni(111) films on sapphires for graphene growth
Hu YG, Peng JP, Pan MC, Qiu WC, Wu RN, Hu JF, Hu N, Cheng FY, Huang R, Li FS, Chen DX, Zhang Q, Li PS
3230 - 3245 A novel low-concentration isopropanol gas sensor based on Fe-doped ZnO nanoneedles and its gas sensing mechanism
Luo YF, Ly A, Lahem D, Zhang C, Debliquy M
3246 - 3255 Self-assembly of alpha-MnO2/Mn3O4 hierarchical structure on carbon cloth for aymmetric supercapacitors
Jia JC, Lian X, Wu MZ, Zheng FC, Gao YH, Niu HL
3256 - 3267 Impedance spectroscopy of short multiwalled carbon nanotube networks deposited on a paper substrate: tracking the evolution of in-plane and thru-plane electronic properties
Muhlbauer RL, Gerhardt RA
3268 - 3279 Green route to Prussian blue nanoparticles with high degradation efficiency of RhB under visible light
Yang J, Huang Z, Yang BD, Lin H, Qin LZ, Nie M, Li Q
3280 - 3295 Nickel foam-supported starfish-like Ni(OH)(2)@CoS nanostructure with obvious core-shell heterogeneous interfaces for hybrid supercapacitors application
Yang YY, Zhu H, Meng HX, Ma WX, Wang CJ, Ma FQ, Hu ZG
3296 - 3311 Active-screen plasma multi-functionalization of graphene oxide for supercapacitor application
Jing ZY, Qi SJ, Tao X, Yu HL, Zhang W, Qiao YL, Li XY, Dong HS
3312 - 3324 Monomer self-deposition synthesis of N-doped mesoporous carbon tubes using halloysite as template for supercapacitors
Liu BB, Wang L, Zhang Y, Du J, Chen AB
3325 - 3335 A high-performance pseudocapacitive electrode based on CuO-MnO2 composite in redox-mediated electrolyte
Mandal M, Nagaraj R, Chattopadhyay K, Chakraborty M, Chatterjee S, Ghosh D, Bhattacharya SK
3336 - 3345 Development and evaluation of nanostructured palladium thin film prepared by dealloying using dilute citric acid for hydrogen gas sensing application
Ube T, Hasegawa S, Horie T, Ishiguro T
3346 - 3353 A novel phosphatizing strategy to engineering CoO/Co1.94P@carbon polyhedron heterostructures for enhanced lithium-ion battery
Chen Z, Li HB
3354 - 3363 A green and simple method for energy storage and conversion application
Sun ZX, Li KB, Koh SW, Jiao LS
3364 - 3374 Nitrogen-rich microporous carbon framework as an efficient polysulfide host for lithium-sulfur batteries
Zhang XY, Zhou HY, Wang JG
3375 - 3386 Assembling flower-on-sheet CoP-NiCoP nanohybrids as efficient self-supported electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction in both acidic and alkaline media
Lin YQ, Wang PC, Loh A, Wan L, Habib U, Xu Z, Li XH, Wang BG
3387 - 3403 Bioceramic powders for bone regeneration modified by high-pressure CO2 process
Aubry C, Camy S, Combes C, Marsan O, Canceill T, Cazalbou S
3404 - 3413 A new insight into formation of 3D porous biomaterials
Liu YP, Wang YC, Zhang MN, Qi ZY, Zeng J, Tian N, Li Q
3414 - 3429 A dual-template defective 3DOMM-TiO2-x for enhanced non-enzymatic electrochemical glucose determination
Li Q, Chen L, Guo CY, Liu X, Han DZ, Wang WT
3430 - 3443 The thermodynamic reassessment of the binary Al-Cu system
Kroupa A, Zobac O, Richter KW
3444 - 3454 Joining of SiO(2)glass and 316L stainless steel using Bi-Ag-based active solders
Weber F, Rettenmayr M
3455 - 3471 Thermodynamics and solidification kinetics of Ag-Ni-Co immiscible alloys
Deng CK, Jiang HX, Zhao JZ, Zhang LL, He J
3472 - 3487 Influence of Cu/Mg ratio on microstructure and mechanical properties of Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloys
Wei SL, Wang RC, Zhang H, Xu CT, Wu Y, Feng Y
3488 - 3497 On the temperature-dependent diffusion growth of phi-Mg5Al2Zn2 ternary intermetallic compound in the Mg-Al-Zn system
Cheng KM, Sun JX, Xu HX, Wang J, Zhou JX, Tang SQ, Wang XT, Zhang LJ, Du Y
3498 - 3509 Investigating defect evolution during thermal treatment in Ni-Cr alloy using positron annihilation spectroscopy
Maheshwari P, Keskar N, Sudarshan K, Manikrishna KV, Krishnan M, Pujari PK
3510 - 3524 Destruction of few fluorides to passive film of Ti-6Al-4V alloy under oxygen deficiency crevice conditions
Zhao PP, Song YW, Shi LJ, Dong KH, Shan DY, Han EH
3525 - 3534 Temperature-dependent wetting characteristics of micro-nano-structured metal surface formed by femtosecond laser
Liu ZY, Pan N, Tao HY, Lin JQ
3535 - 3550 Effect of route B-C-ECAP on microstructural evolution and mechanical properties of Al-Si-Cu alloy
Damavandi E, Nourouzi S, Rabiee SM, Jamaati R, Szpunar JA
3551 - 3561 Oxidation resistance properties of refractory high-entropy alloys with varied AlxCrTiMo content
Zhang RY, Meng JH, Han JS, Tulugan K, Zhang R
3562 - 3575 Non-isothermal crystallization kinetics of polypropylene/polytetrafluoroethylene fibrillated composites
Qiao YH, Jalali A, Yang JN, Chen YG, Wang SW, Jiang YC, Hou JH, Jiang J, Li Q, Park CB
3576 - 3588 A silsesquioxane-based flexible polyimide aerogel with high hydrophobicity and good adsorption for liquid pollutants in wastewater
Wu YM, Qiu H, Sun JW, Wang YP, Gao CH, Liu YT
3589 - 3599 Interfacial adhesion of a grafted polymer on a cellulose surface: a first-principles study
Uetsuji Y, Higuchi S, Murayama K, Aoki K
3600 - 3611 Chitin-clay composite gels with enhanced thermal stability prepared in a green and facile approach
Zhang Z, Lucia LA
3612 - 3622 Cathodic exfoliation of graphite into graphene nanoplatelets in aqueous solution of alkali metal salts
Dalal MH, Lee CY, Wallace GG
3623 - 3637 Thermally resistant and strong remoldable triple-shape memory thermosets based on bismaleimide with transesterification
Ning LJ, Yuan L, Liang GZ, Gu AJ