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ISSN: 0022-2461 (Print) 

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1897 - 1918 Prospect of Ni-related metal oxides for high-performance supercapacitor electrodes
Lin YF, Zhang S, Guan LX, Tao JG
1919 - 1942 Recent design and control of carbon materials for supercapacitors
Lv S, Ma LY, Shen XY, Tong H
1943 - 1979 Biomass applied in supercapacitor energy storage devices
Lin SY, Wang FJ, Shao ZQ
1980 - 2015 Sintering of MAX-phase materials by spark plasma and other methods
Lyu J, Kashkarov EB, Travitzky N, Syrtanov MS, Lider AM
2016 - 2036 Polymeric micelles for pulmonary drug delivery: a comprehensive review
Pham DT, Chokamonsirikun A, Phattaravorakarn V, Tiyaboonchai W
2037 - 2076 Recent developments on epoxy-based syntactic foams for deep sea exploration
Wu XF, Gao Y, Wang Y, Fan RH, Ali Z, Yu JH, Yang K, Sun K, Li XF, Lei YH, Shi DD, Shao W
2077 - 2087 Laminated ammonium perchlorate-based composite prepared by ice-template freezing-induced assembly
Deng P, Jiao QJ, Ren H
2088 - 2102 Enhancement of photocurrent response for self-ordered Nb2O5 nanotubes synthesized at room temperature
de Brito JF, Mascaro LH
2103 - 2112 Effect of long-term storage on the electronic structure of semiconducting silicon wafers implanted by rhenium ions
Zatsepin DA, Boukhvalov DW, Zatsepin AF, Mikhaylov AN, Gerasimenko NN, Zaporozhan OA
2113 - 2128 Polystyrene-b-poly(acrylic acid) nanospheres for the synthesis of size-controlled cobalt nanoparticles encapsulated inside hollow carbon spheres
Mente P, Phaahlamohlaka TN, Mashindi V, Coville NJ
2129 - 2137 Preparation of MoS(2)nanosheets to support Pd species for selective steerable hydrogenation of acetylene
Guo Y, Xie JL, Jia LJ, Shi YZ, Zhang J, Chen QL, Guan QQ
2138 - 2149 Enhanced photocatalytic performance of electrospun hollow titanium dioxide nanofibers decorated with graphene quantum dots
Huo PP, Zhao P, Shi XB, Zhou ZY, Liu B
2150 - 2162 Defect structure of TiS(3)single crystals with different resistivity
Trunkin IN, Gorlova IG, Bolotina NB, Bondarenko VI, Chesnokov YM, Vasiliev AL
2163 - 2175 Synthesis, characterization, magnetic properties, and lead sensing based on a new alluaudite-like phosphate Na2Mn2Cr(PO4)(3)
Benhsina E, Hermouche L, Assani A, Saadi M, Labjar N, El Hajjaji S, Lahmar A, El Ammari L
2176 - 2191 Synthesis and properties of multifunctional microencapsulated phase change material for intelligent textiles
Li J, Zhu XY, Wang HC, Lin PC, Jia LS, Li LJ, Chen Y
2192 - 2211 Improved flame-retardant properties of polydimethylsiloxane/multi-walled carbon nanotube nanocomposites
Kabir II, Fu YF, de Souza N, Nazir MT, Baena JC, Yuen ACY, Yeoh GH
2212 - 2225 Rational design of FeCo imbedded 3D porous carbon microspheres as broadband and lightweight microwave absorbers
Guo Y, Sun QZ, Song K, Ding JW, Shi CS, He F
2226 - 2240 Carbon dots anchored high-crystalline g-C3N4 as a metal-free composite photocatalyst for boosted photocatalytic degradation of tetracycline under visible light
Shi WL, Yang S, Sun HR, Wang JB, Lin X, Guo F, Shi JY
2241 - 2274 High thermal conductive copper/diamond composites: state of the art
Jia SQ, Yang F
2275 - 2295 Atomistic simulation of martensitic transformations induced by deformation of alpha-Fe single crystal during the mode-I fracture
Wang Z, Shi XM, Yang XS, He WQ, Shi SQ, Ma XQ
2296 - 2310 Encapsulated core-sheath carbon nanotube-graphene/polyurethane composite fiber for highly stable, stretchable, and sensitive strain sensor
Xu YM, Xie XX, Huang H, Wang Y, Yu JR, Hu ZM
2311 - 2322 Robust magnetic behavior in two-dimensional GaN caused by atomic vacancies
Wang BY, Wang D, Ning J, Zhang JC, Hao Y
2323 - 2331 A light-influenced memristor based on Si nanocrystals by ion implantation technique
Zhang R, Yuan YX, Zhang JF, Zuo WB, Zhou Y, Gao XL, Wang W, Qin ZX, Zhang QM, Chen FH, Du XJ, Li JH
2332 - 2340 High-throughput characterization of the adiabatic temperature change for magnetocaloric materials
Wang K, Ouyang Y, Shen Y, Zhang YF, Zhang MX, Liu J
2341 - 2346 High-performance photodetector using CsPbBr(3)perovskite nanocrystals and graphene hybrid channel
Che YL, Cao XL, Zhang YT, Yao JQ
2347 - 2359 Suppressing capacity fading and voltage decay of Ni-rich cathode material by dual-ion doping for lithium-ion batteries
Liu H, Yang RK, Yang W, Bai CJ, Li YC, Wang GK, Liu YX, Xiang W, Wu ZG, Guo XD
2360 - 2371 Enhanced thermoelectric performance of tin oxide through antimony doping and introducing pore structures
Zhao XD, Deng SP, Pan WF, Qi N, Chen ZQ, Su XL, Tang XF
2372 - 2384 In situ grown NiIn(2)S(4)nanosheets as counter electrode for bifacial quasi-solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells
Xia J, Wang Q, Wei M, Chen L, Liu NN, Fan SH, Wu H
2385 - 2398 Hard template-assisted N, P-doped multifunctional mesoporous carbon for supercapacitors and hydrogen evolution reaction
Dong XS, Liu XW, Chen H, Xu XY, Jiang HC, Gu CL, Li Q, Qiao SL, Zhang XJ, Hu YQ
2399 - 2411 Improved rate and cyclic performance of potassium-doped nickel-rich ternary cathode material for lithium-ion batteries
Xu TT, Liu C, Guo ZX, Li WL, Li YH, Yang G
2412 - 2424 Wool textile-derived nitrogen-doped porous carbon cloth for a binder-free electrode material for high-performance flexible solid-state supercapacitors
Sun Q, Yu D, Mo F, Wu MX, Liu Y, Dong XP
2425 - 2434 Li-ion conductivity and stability of hot-pressed LiTa(2)PO(8)solid electrolyte for all-solid-state batteries
Huang B, Xu BY, Zhang JX, Li ZH, Huang ZY, Li YT, Wang CA
2435 - 2450 Mitigation of grain boundary resistance in La2/3-xLi3xTiO3 perovskite as an electrolyte for solid-state Li-ion batteries
Polczyk T, Zajac W, Ziabka M, Swierczek K
2451 - 2463 Metal-organic framework derived porous nanostructured Co(3)O(4)as high-performance anode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Lu YH, Li JH, Xu ZF, Liu JM, Liu SJ, Wang RX
2464 - 2473 2D Ti3C2 MXene embedded with Co(II)(OH)(n) nanoparticles as the cathode material for hybrid magnesium-lithium-ion batteries
Li XH, Tang YK, Liu L, Gao Y, Zhu CX, NuLi YN, Yang TY
2474 - 2485 Gel polymer electrolyte based on hydrophilic-lipophilic TiO2-modified thermoplastic polyurethane for high-performance Li-ion batteries
Jiang YH, Li F, Mei YF, Ding YH, Pang HJ, Zhang P
2486 - 2496 Accordion-like composite of carbon-coated Fe3O4 nanoparticle decorated Ti3C2 MXene with enhanced electrochemical performance
Wang XY, Chen WH, Liao YL, Xiang QJ, Li YX, Wen TL, Zhong ZY
2497 - 2505 ZnO/TiO2/C nanofibers by electrospinning for high-performance lithium storage
Zhao JG, Zhou HY, Jin MJ, Chen PF, Chen SC, Liu XM
2506 - 2516 Exploring the structure-capacitance relation of graphene film-based supercapacitor
Dang F, Yang Z, Yang PF, Su YW, Liu YL
2517 - 2527 Synthesis of a novel double-ligand nickel conductive metal-organic framework material and its electrochemical characterization for supercapacitors
Wang H, Zhu CF, Wu MZ, Zheng FC, Gao YH, Niu HL
2528 - 2538 Synthesis of small molecule dye additive for efficient and DIO-free ternary organic solar cells
Shah MN, Shah MF, Ma JX, Shah MI, Yang YT, Pan XF
2539 - 2548 Effects of Si content on structure and soft magnetic properties of Fe(81.3)Si(x)B(17-x)Cu(1.7)nanocrystalline alloys with pre-existing alpha-Fe nanocrystals
Jia XJ, Zhang W, Dong YQ, He AN, Li JW, Li RW
2549 - 2558 A facile one-step method for the fabrication of Pd-AlOOH/Al monolithic catalysts via redox reactions of two galvanic cells
Liu FF, Xu ZH, Feng Y, Li YF, Dou YS, Liu SM
2559 - 2571 Theoretical calculation and experimental investigation on NbC refined by CeAlO(3)in hypereutectic Fe-Cr-C-Nb hardfacing alloy
Rao LX, Liu H, Shi ZJ, Xing XL, Ren XJ, Zhou YF, Yang QX
2572 - 2583 Effects of annealing temperature and heating rate on microstructure, magnetic, and mechanical properties of high-B(s)Fe(81.7-x)Si(4)B(13)Nb(x)Cu(1.3)nanocrystalline alloys
Li YH, Zhang GZ, Wu LC, Zhang W
2584 - 2596 Electron microscopy observation of electric field-assisted sintering of stainless steel nanoparticles
Wang F, Zhou Q, Li XZ, Yoo Y, Nastasi M, Cui B
2597 - 2611 Precipitation kinetics and morphology evolution of the Co-3(Al, W) phase in a medium supersaturation Co-Al-W alloy
Shi SJ, Yan ZW, Li YS, Wang D, An ZH, Sha G, Wang Y, Zhao Y
2612 - 2630 Influence of Cu, Zn and Si alloying elements on Al alloy foams produced using Mg blowing agent
Georgy K, Neelakantan L, Kumar KCH, Mukherjee M
2631 - 2637 New insight into prismatic-type face-centered cubic zirconium phase in pure zirconium
Yuan FS, Li GP, Han FZ, Zhang YD, Muhammad A, Guo WB, Ren J, Liu CZ, Gu HF
2638 - 2649 Complex isothermal precipitation behavior of V(C, N) in V-, N-added low carbon steel
Yang Y, Zhang XF, Li YM, Xie Q, Huang ZY
2650 - 2671 Langer-Schwartz-Kampmann-Wagner precipitation simulations: assessment of models and materials design application for Cu precipitation in PH stainless steels
Sheng Z, Rolland MB, Zhou T, Odqvist J, Hedstrom P
2672 - 2683 A new phase transformation route for the formation of metastable beta-Zr
An XL, An KY, Zhang H, Ou XQ, Ni S, Song M
2684 - 2701 Bio-based rigid polyurethane foam from castor oil with excellent flame retardancy and high insulation capacity via cooperation with carbon-based materials
Acuna P, Zhang J, Yin GZ, Liu XQ, Wang DY
2702 - 2716 Improvement in fire-retardant properties of polypropylene filled with intumescent flame retardants, using flower-like nickel cobaltate as synergist
Zhao WJ, Cheng YM, Li ZW, Li XH, Zhang ZJ
2717 - 2724 A porphyrin-based covalent organic framework with pH-dependent fluorescence
Wu XC, Zhang XD, Li YJ, Wang BW, Li Y, Chen LG
2725 - 2737 Transparent, highly-stretchable, adhesive, and ionic conductive composite hydrogel for biomimetic skin
Chen SJ, Xie JP, Liu JS, Huang XT, Wang C
2738 - 2747 Model improvement for super-Nernstian pH sensors: the effect of surface hydration
Madeira GDM, Mello HJNPD, Faleiros MC, Mulato M
2748 - 2762 Effects of the curing atmosphere on the structures and properties of polybenzoxazine films
Zhang S, Ran QC, Zhang XK, Gu Y
2763 - 2776 Highly compressible and durable superhydrophobic cellulose aerogels for oil/water emulsion separation with high flux
Yu YC, Shi XL, Liu L, Yao JM
2777 - 2794 Characterisation of fusion bonding between filaments of thin 3D printed polyamide 6 using an essential work of fracture method
He QH, Ye L, Kinloch AJ, Wang HJ, Yin BH
2795 - 2796 Highly efficient visible light-induced photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue over InVO4/BiVO4 composite photocatalyst (vol 50, pg 5788, 2015)
Lamdab U, Wetchakun K, Phanichphant S, Kangwansupamonkon W, Wetchakun N