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Journal of Materials Science, Vol.56, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0022-2461 (Print) 

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961 - 998 Laser-based additively manufactured polymers: a review on processes and mechanical models
Brighenti R, Cosma MP, Marsavina L, Spagnoli A, Terzano M
999 - 1038 Refinement of primary carbides in hypereutectic high-chromium cast irons: a review
Jain AS, Chang HW, Tang XH, Hinckley B, Zhang MX
1039 - 1063 Adding value to aluminosilicate solid wastes to produce adsorbents, catalysts and filtration membranes for water and wastewater treatment
Della Rocca DG, Peralta RM, Peralta RA, Rodriguez-Castellon E, Moreira RDPM
1064 - 1086 Strategies for enhancing thermal conductivity of polymer-based thermal interface materials: a review
Ma HQ, Gao B, Wang MY, Yuan ZY, Shen JB, Zhao JQ, Feng YK
1087 - 1115 A review on conducting carbon nanotube fibers spun via direct spinning technique
Dariyal P, Arya AK, Singh BP, Dhakate SR
1116 - 1132 Towards the room-temperature synthesis of covalent organic frameworks: a mini-review
Bagheri AR, Aramesh N
1133 - 1146 The pyroelectric energy harvesting and storage performance around the ferroelectric/antiferroelectric transition in PNZST
Patel S, Novak N
1147 - 1161 Effect of nonequivalent substitution of Pr3+/4+ with Ca2+ in PrBaCoFeO5+delta as cathodes for IT-SOFC
Jin FJ, Liu XL, Chu XY, Shen Y, Li JH
1162 - 1171 Phase composition of ceramic samples of the BaTiO3-PbTiO3-BaZrO(3)system near BaTiO3
Sirotinkin V, Bush A
1172 - 1188 Flame retardancy of rigid polyurethane foams containing thermoregulating microcapsules with phosphazene-based monomers
Szczotok AM, Madsen D, Serrano A, Carmona M, Van Hees P, Rodriguez JF, Kjoniksen AL
1189 - 1202 Spray-drying-derived amorphous calcium phosphate: a multi-scale characterization
Le Grill S, Soulie J, Coppel Y, Roblin P, Lecante P, Marsan O, Charvillat C, Bertrand G, Rey C, Brouillet F
1203 - 1220 Electrochemical cell design and impedance spectroscopy of cement hydration
Gallardo AFS, Provis JL
1221 - 1230 Fabrication of electrically conductive barium aluminum silicate/silicon nitride composites with enhanced strength and toughness
Liu Q, Wang Y, Gao ZQ, Zhang B, Hou ZP, Zhang HJ, Ye F, Wang W
1231 - 1241 Lamellar-like nanostructure in a relaxor ferroelectrics Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O-3
Sato Y, Fujinaka S, Yamaguchi S, Teranishi R, Kaneko K, Shimizu T, Taniguchi H, Moriwake H
1242 - 1254 Quantitative phase analysis and microstructural characterization of Portland cement blends with diatomite waste using the Rietveld method
Liu RQ, Yang YQ, Zhao XK, Pang B
1255 - 1271 Facile synthesis of cubic cuprous oxide for electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide
Zeng JQ, Castellino M, Bejtka K, Sacco A, Di Martino G, Farkhondehfal MA, Chiodoni A, Hernandez S, Pirri CF
1272 - 1285 kappa-Carrageenan-derived carbon dots for highly selective and sensitive detection of Fe3+ and oxytetracycline
Wang YS, Liu YY, Zhao L, Sun LL, Zhao XH, Xia YZ
1286 - 1297 One-step rapid fabrication of high-purity onion-like carbons as efficient lubrication additives
He C, Yan HH, Li XJ, Wang XH
1298 - 1311 Role of ferrocene-derived iron species in the catalytic graphitization of novolak resins
Renda CG, Medrano CPC, Dalla Costa LJ, Litterst FJ, Saitovitch EMB, Magon CJ, Gualdi AJ, Venancio T, Bertholdo R, Moreira AJ, Freschi GPG, Lucas AD
1312 - 1327 Novel yolk-shell Fe3O4@void@SiO2@PPy nanochains toward microwave absorption application
Qiao MT, Wei D, He XW, Lei XF, Wei J, Zhang QY
1328 - 1346 Facile assembly of BiVO4/protonated g-C3N4/AgI with a novel dual Z-scheme mechanism for visible-light photocatalytic degradation of Rhodamine B
Xu M, Yang JK, Sun CY, Cui Y, Liu L, Zhao HL, Liang B
1347 - 1358 Superhydrophilic membranes produced by biomimetic mineralization for water treatment
Shao HJ, Cheng JF, Kang DD, Qin SH
1359 - 1372 Tuning plasmonic nanostructures in graphene-based nano-sandwiches using ultraviolet/ozone functionalization
Zhang D, Du Y, Yang C, Zeng P, Yu Y, Xie YJ, Liang RQ, Ou QR, Zhang SY
1373 - 1385 A novel barbituric-based fluorescent probe with aggregation induced emission for the highly sensitive ratiometric detection of cyanide anions
Li DH, Ma J, Wang HL, Liu L, Yang HG
1386 - 1400 Preparation of small CNTs@Fe(3)O(4)and alignment in carbon fabrics/epoxy composites to improve mechanical and tribological properties
Tong Z, Lu HL, Guo FF, Lei WX, Dong MC, Dong GN
1401 - 1412 Understanding the effect of extractives on the mechanical properties of the waterborne coating on wood surface by nanoindentation 3D mapping
Wu Y, Zhang HQ, Yang LC, Wang SQ, Meng YJ
1413 - 1425 Preparation of a superhydrophobic TiN/PTFE composite film toward self-cleaning and corrosion protection applications
Ma LW, Wang JK, Zhang ZJ, Kang Y, Sun MX, Ma L
1426 - 1442 Enhanced microwave absorption of epoxy composite by constructing 3D Co-C-MWCNTs derived from metal organic frameworks
Fan HY, Yao ZJ, Zhou JT, Yi PS, Wei B, Lei L, Mao YM
1443 - 1460 Vibration and damping performance of carbon fiber-reinforced polymer 3D double-arrow-head auxetic metamaterials
Chen YL, Wang DW, Ma L
1461 - 1471 A magnetically controllable metastable LiSeHFeO isomer: an ab-initio investigation from bulk to film
Feng QG
1472 - 1480 Tailoring the magneto-structural coupling in Mn1-xZrxCoGe alloys
Qian FJ, Zhu QW, Miao XF, Fan JY, Zhong GL, Yang H
1481 - 1491 Carrier recombination dynamics in green InGaN-LEDs with quantum-dot-like structures
Tian M, Ma CM, Lin T, Liu JP, Talwar DN, Yang H, Cao JH, Huang XY, Niu WL, Ferguson IT, Wan LY, Feng ZC
1492 - 1503 Preparation of sandwich-like CNs@rGO nanocomposites with enhanced microwave absorption properties
Sun QL, Cai YY, Sun L, Ye W, Long XY, Xu SJ, Ji Y, Wang R
1504 - 1514 Aspiration-assisted fabrication of patterned quantum dot films for photo-emissive color conversion
Weng YL, Lai XC, Chen GX, Zhou XT, Yan Q, Wu CX, Guo TL, Sun J, Zhang YA
1515 - 1526 Silicon nanoparticles with UV range photoluminescence synthesized through cryomilling induced phase transformation and etching
Elangovan H, Sengupta S, Narayanan R, Chattopadhyay K
1527 - 1536 Excited-state dynamics of structurally characterized crystal of SnxSb1-x
Sharma P, Sharma MM, Kumar K, Kumar M, Awana VPS
1537 - 1550 Si(3)N(4)nanofelts/paraffin composites as novel thermal energy storage architecture
Valentini F, Dorigato A, Pegoretti A, Tomasi M, Soraru GD, Biesuz M
1551 - 1560 Wood-derived electrode supporting CVD-grown ReS(2)for efficient and stable hydrogen production
Huang WT, Su SQ, Liu YW, Li J, Wang MJ, Hou ZP, Gao XS, Wang X, Notzel R, Zhou GF, Zhang Z, Liu JM
1561 - 1576 Microwave rapid synthesis of nickel cobalt sulfides/CNTs composites as superior cycling ability electrode materials for supercapacitors
Zou JZ, Xie D, Zhao FL, Wu HL, Niu Y, Li ZJ, Zou QM, Deng F, Zhang Q, Zeng XR
1577 - 1589 2-Methylimidazole-modulated UiO-66 as an effective photocatalyst to degrade Rhodamine B under visible light
Li ZH, Hu R, Ye S, Song J, Liu LW, Qu JL
1590 - 1599 Recent discovery of a multifunctional metallo-organic precursor for fabricating Co3O4/N-doped porous carbon by one-step in situ pyrolysis as an anode material for Li-ion batteries
Li LQ, Zhang HY, Cheng AO, Zhong WH, Li ZP
1600 - 1611 Defect-mediated ionic hopping and green electricity generation in Al2-xMgxO3-based hydroelectric cell
Gupta R, Shah J, Das R, Saini S, Kotnala RK
1612 - 1629 Asymmetric supercapacitors based on La-doped MoO3 nanobelts as advanced negative electrode and VOR nanosheets as positive electrode
Shi ZJ, Liu JY, Gao YF, Xu Y
1630 - 1642 Embedding of stereo molecular scaffold into the planar g-C(3)N(4)nanosheets for efficient photocatalytic hydrogen evolution under ordinary pressure
Zhou L, Sun ML, Kou JH, Lu CH, Li L, Zhang FS, Xu ZZ
1643 - 1657 An antimicrobial bio-based polymer foam from ZnO-stabilised pickering emulsion templated polymerisation
Tian XW, Ge XH, Guo MY, Ma JX, Meng ZQ, Lu P
1658 - 1672 Manufacturing of a metallic 3D framework coated with a bioglass matrix for implant applications
Tabia Z, Bricha M, El Mabrouk K, Vaudreuil S
1673 - 1684 Fabrication of strontium-substituted hydroxyapatite scaffolds using 3D printing for enhanced bone regeneration
Kim HW, Kim YJ
1685 - 1693 beta to omega transformation strain associated with the precipitation of alpha phase in a metastable beta titanium alloy
Dong RF, Kou HC, Wu L, Yang L, Zhao YH, Hou H
1694 - 1712 Welding thermal stress diagrams as a means of assessing material proneness to residual stresses
Mishchenko A, Scotti A
1713 - 1729 Ultrasensitive magnetostrictive responses at the pre-transitional rhombohedral side of ferromagnetic morphotropic phase boundary
Hu CC, Zhang Z, Cheng XX, Huang HB, Shi YG, Chen LQ
1730 - 1748 Understanding the effect of bimodal microstructure on the strength-ductility synergy of Al-CNT nanocomposites
Singh LK, Bhadauria A, Laha T
1749 - 1767 Characterization of a nanocrystalline NiCo electroformed sheet metal
Kong J, Sabatini M, Monaco L, Tam J, McCrea JL, Palumbo G, Howe J, Erb U
1768 - 1782 Laser powder bed fusion of WC-reinforced Hastelloy-X composite: microstructure and mechanical properties
Han QQ, Gu YC, Gu H, Yin YY, Song J, Zhang ZH, Soe S
1783 - 1793 Influence of silicon addition on intercritical annealing process and tensile properties of medium Mn steel
Li Y, Wang RX, Wang BF, Ding W
1794 - 1813 A highly responsive healing agent for the autonomous repair of anti-corrosion coatings on wet surfaces. In operando assessment of the self-healing process
Koochaki MS, Khorasani SN, Neisiany RE, Ashrafi A, Trasatti SP, Magni M
1814 - 1826 Novel porphyrin polymers: synthesis and photoelectric property
Ban JF, Xu SX, Pan LL
1827 - 1841 Synthesis and characterization of novel conductive copolymer poly[(phenylazepane-2-one)-co-(pyrrole)] with improved solubility and conductivity properties
Kherroub DE, Bouhadjar L, Boucherdoud A
1842 - 1854 Fracture properties of epoxy polymers modified with cross-linked and core-shell rubber particles
Imanaka M, Narita I, Nakamura Y, Hisaka S, Fujiwara K, Yoshida S, Hara K
1855 - 1878 Eucommia ulmoides gum-based engineering materials: fascinating platforms for advanced applications
Wang Q, Xiong YZ, Dong FP
1879 - 1896 Enhancing properties and water resistance of PEO-based electrospun nanofibrous membranes by photo-crosslinking
Kianfar P, Vitale A, Dalle Vacche S, Bongiovanni R