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Journal of Materials Science, Vol.56, No.16 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0022-2461 (Print) 

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9545 - 9574 A review of performance improvement strategies for graphene oxide-based and graphene-based membranes in water treatment
Han ZY, Huang LJ, Qu HJ, Wang YX, Zhang ZJ, Rong QL, Sang ZQ, Wang Y, Kipper MJ, Tang JG
9575 - 9604 A review on mechanisms and recent developments in p-n heterojunctions of 2D materials for gas sensing applications
Mathew M, Shinde PV, Samal R, Rout CS
9605 - 9643 Review of layer-by-layer self-assembly technology for fire protection of flexible polyurethane foam
Liu QY, Gao SS, Zhao YL, Tao W, Yu XK, Zhi MY
9644 - 9654 Investigating hollandite-perovskite composite ceramics as a potential waste form for immobilization of radioactive cesium and strontium
Ma J, Fang ZW, Yang XY, Wang B, Luo F, Zhao XL, Wang XF, Yang YS
9655 - 9667 Ferroelectric fatigue and polarization hysteresis behavior of a [001](c) Pb(In0.5Nb0.5)O-3-Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O-3-PbTiO3 single crystal
Chen ZJ, Shi HR, Cui L, Cao WW
9668 - 9677 Effect of sintering temperature on water-purification performance of Al2O3/3Y-ZrO2 membrane filters
Hatori R, Suzuki Y
9678 - 9691 A novel efficient nonflammable coating containing g-C3N4 and intumescent flame retardant fabricated via layer-by-layer assembly on cotton fiber
Ma ZY, Zhang ZH, Wang YH
9692 - 9701 Extrinsic room-temperature ferromagnetism in MoS2
Saha S, Banobre-Lopez M, Bondarchuk O, Fernandez-Rossier J, Deepak FL
9702 - 9711 Synthesis and superior SERS performance of porous octahedron Cu2O with oxygen vacancy derived from MOFs
Yang YM, Gao XN, Yang SJ, Shen YH, Xie AJ
9712 - 9727 Phase-contrast and dark-field imaging for the inspection of resin-rich areas and fiber orientation in non-crimp vacuum infusion carbon-fiber-reinforced polymers
Glinz J, Sleichrt J, Kytyr D, Ayalur-Karunakaran S, Zabler S, Kastner J, Senck S
9728 - 9740 Poly(vinylidene fluoride-trifluoroethylene)/cobalt ferrite composite films with a self-biased magnetoelectric effect for flexible AC magnetic sensors
Mu XJ, Zhang H, Zhang CY, Yang SY, Xu J, Huang YC, Xu J, Zhang YC, Li Q, Wang X, Cao DR, Li SD
9741 - 9753 A first-principles computation-driven mechanism study on the solders dilute doping effects to eta '-Cu6Sn5 growth kinetics
Wang Y, Dong YR, Zhao XC, Huo YJ, Liu Y
9754 - 9768 Research on the miscibility, mechanical properties and printability of polylactic acid/poly (epsilon-caprolactone) blends: insights from molecular dynamics simulation and experiments
Wei QH, Sun DC, Zhang K, Wang YM, Guo Y, Wang YN
9769 - 9779 Electromigration behavior of silver thin film fabricated by electron-beam physical vapor deposition
Jin Z, Shen YA, Huo FP, Chan YC, Nishikawa H
9780 - 9790 The effect of thickness on the performance of (K1/4Ta3/4)(x)Sn1-xO2-based humidity sensor
Xie XJ, Si RJ, Zheng J, Wang CC
9791 - 9806 Synthesis of disorder-order TaON homojunction for photocatalytic hydrogen generation under visible light
Yan JS, Hu LQ, Cui LK, Shen QQ, Liu XG, Jia HS, Xue JB
9807 - 9823 Facile preparation of aluminum nitride decorated multi-walled carbon nanotube for excellent microwave absorption
Ma W, Yang R, Xie H, Wang TM
9824 - 9835 Distinct temporal evolution of PILS distribution in congruent and near-stoichiometric LiNbO3:Fe crystals detected by in-situ dynamic angular spectra
Shi LH, Fan BL, Li FF, Gao KF, Yan WB
9836 - 9851 Effects of chromium/fluorine co-doping on the electrochemical performance of Li1.2Ni0.13Co0.13Mn0.54O2 cathode material for lithium-ion batteries
Huang XP, Zhang ZY, He JL, Bai Z, Lu L, Li J
9852 - 9870 Fracture mechanism of microporous Ag-sintered joint in a GaN power device with Ti/Ag and Ni/Ti/Ag metallization layer at different thermo-mechanical stresses
Kim D, Lee SM, Chen CT, Lee SJ, Nagao S, Suganuma K
9871 - 9882 Enhancement of nonlinear optical property of Cu2O/Ag/Cu2O composite films induced by laser irradiation
Liu TT, Liu QY, Jiang YK, Xia GH, Hong RJ, Tao CX, Wang Q, Lin H, Han ZX, Zhang DW
9883 - 9893 Hierarchical SnO2 nanostructures for potential VOC sensor
Priya S, Halder J, Mandal D, Chowdhury A, Singh T, Chandra A
9894 - 9902 Pulse discharge characterization of perovskite dielectric ceramics
Pu YP, Chen M, Li X, Zhang L, Zhuo FP, Wang W, Du XY
9903 - 9913 Solvent coordination engineering for high-quality hybrid organic-inorganic perovskite films
Zuo SW, Chu SQ, An PF, Hu HY, Yin Z, Zheng LR, Zhang J
9914 - 9928 Facile design of highly effective Fe-modified bimetallic Fe-x-Ni1-x-MOFs catalysts with rodlike structures for low-temperature NO reduction by CO
Huang L, Shi Y, Xiong W, Ding Y, Zhang YQ
9929 - 9950 Synthesis of titanium phosphates from unconventional solid precursor and their ion-exchange and electrochemical properties
Maslova M, Ivanenko V, Gerasimova L, Larsson AC, Antzutkin ON
9951 - 9960 Promoted ion conductivity of sodium salt-poly(ethylene oxide) polymer electrolyte induced by adding conductive beta-alumina and application in all-solid-state sodium batteries
Yao YW, Liu ZH, Wang XX, Chen JJ, Wang XT, Wang DJ, Mao ZY
9961 - 9973 3D urchin-like NiCo2O4 coated with carbon nanospheres prepared on flexible graphite felt for efficient bifunctional electrocatalytic water splitting
Tong X, Pang N, Qu YH, Yan CH, Xiong DY, Xu SH, Wang LW, Chu PK
9974 - 9984 Sputtered highly effective iridium catalysts: a new approach for green satellite propulsion
Stollenwerk M, Schafer T, Stadtmuller J, Dohring T, Freudenmann D, Rocke N
9985 - 10007 Fabricating 2D/2D/2D heterojunction of graphene oxide mediated g-C3N4 and ZnV2O6 composite with kinetic modelling for photocatalytic CO2 reduction to fuels under UV and visible light
Bafaqeer A, Tahir M, Amin NAS, Mohamed AR, Yunus MAC
10008 - 10017 Study on energy storage properties of Metal-organic frameworks nanofluids (UIO-67/Water and UIO-67/Methanol) by an experimental and theoretical method
Yan F, Wang Q, Wang FP, Huang ZY
10018 - 10029 High-purity LiFePO4 prepared by a rapid one-step microwave-assisted hydrothermal synthesis
Bezerra CAG, Davoglio RA, Biaggio SR, Bocchi N, Rocha RC
10030 - 10040 NC@CoP-Co3O4 composite as sulfur cathode for high-energy lithium-sulfur batteries
Zhang XZ, Yu ZY, Wang CL, Gong YY, Ai B, Zhang LP, Wang J
10041 - 10052 Reactive oxygen species (ROS)-responsive biocompatible polyethylene glycol nanocomposite hydrogels with different graphene derivatives
Sanchez-Abella L, Ruiz V, Perez-San Vicente A, Grande HJ, Loinaz I, Dupin D
10053 - 10073 Determining elastic anisotropy of textured polycrystals using resonant ultrasound spectroscopy
Evans JA, Sturtevant BT, Clausen B, Vogel SC, Balakirev FF, Betts JB, Capolungo L, Lebensohn RA, Maiorov B
10074 - 10091 Phase relationships of the Co-Mn-In system at 673 K and the crystal structure and magnetic properties of the novel Co42Mn34In24 compound
Yang TH, Chen GJ, He W, Liao CZ, Zeng WJ
10092 - 10107 Uncovering the influence of Cu on the thickening and strength of the delta '/theta '/delta ' nano-composite precipitate in Al-Cu-Li alloys
Wang S, Zhang C, Li X, Wang JS
10108 - 10123 Graphene oxide-cerium oxide hybrids for enhancement of mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of epoxy coatings
Ma LW, Wang XB, Wang JK, Zhang JT, Yin CX, Fan L, Zhang DW
10124 - 10134 Multi-alloying of nanomet: conception and implementation of homogeneous nanocrystallization in high-flux density soft magnetic alloys
Dastanpour E, Masood A, Enayati MH, Strom V
10135 - 10153 Experimental and computational investigation of Cu-N coordination bond strengthened polyaniline for stable energy storage
Xie YB, Chen YC