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Journal of Materials Science, Vol.56, No.15 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0022-2461 (Print) 

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8911 - 8950 Thermal and flammability properties of wollastonite-filled thermoplastic composites: a review
Fatt WJ, Xin CJ, Hassan A, Mohamad Z, Othman N
8951 - 9006 Fabrication of screen-printed electrodes: opportunities and challenges
Suresh RR, Lakshmanakumar M, Jayalatha JBBA, Rajan KS, Sethuraman S, Krishnan UM, Rayappan JBB
9007 - 9046 Structural and functional applications of 3D-printed graphene-based architectures
You X, Yang JS, Dong SM
9047 - 9064 Fast sputter deposition of MoOx/metal/MoOx transparent electrodes on glass and PET substrates
Goetz S, Wibowo RA, Bauch M, Bansal N, Ligorio G, List-Kratochvil E, Linke C, Franzke E, Winkler J, Valtiner M, Dimopoulos T
9065 - 9078 Facile in situ growth of ZIF-8 films onto aluminum for applications requiring fast thermal response
Papurello RL, Zamaro JM
9079 - 9092 A novel phthalazinone-based epoxy resin with excellent rheological property and intrinsic flame retardancy
Zhang FF, Li YL, Weng ZH, Zhang TP, Wang ZY, Wang JY, Jian XG
9093 - 9105 Engineering hydrophobic carbon sponge from metal-organic complexes@melamine foam composite for advanced volatile organic compounds adsorption
Wang AI, Wang YR, Li XY, Pan J, Li JH, Wang GM
9106 - 9121 Ultrahigh capture of radioiodine with zinc oxide-decorated, nitrogen-doped hierarchical nanoporous carbon derived from sonicated ZIF-8-precursor
Miensah ED, Chen JY, Gu AT, Wang P, Liu Y, Gong CH, Mao P, Chen K, Jiao Y, Zhang ZX, Yang Y
9122 - 9133 PI/g-C3N4 composite photocatalyst with enhanced activity of degrading pollutants under visible light
Liu Y, Zheng ZS, Li YL, Xi KB, Mi YS
9134 - 9156 Controlled release of micronutrients from surface-modified polymer films for agricultural applications
Linares PB, Castillo LA, Barbosa SE
9157 - 9170 Influence of core-shell structured conductive fillers on the electromechanical properties of ferroelectric nanocomposites
Zhang J, Zhao FW, Liu ZH, Zhao JY, Jin L, Zhang YJ, Chen XM, Xu PJ, Zhuang J, Ren W, Ye ZG
9171 - 9182 3D printing of RDX-based aluminized high explosives with gradient structure, significantly altering the critical dimensions
Zhou X, Mao YF, Zheng DW, Zhong L, Wang RH, Gao B, Wang DJ
9183 - 9195 Effect of the microstructure and properties of graphite/copper composites fabricated by microwave sintering
Wang ZM, Xu L, Peng JH, Tang ZM, Han ZH, Liu JH
9196 - 9208 Influence of a bark-filler on the properties of PLA biocomposites
Borysiuk P, Boruszewski P, Auriga R, Danecki L, Auriga A, Rybak K, Nowacka M
9209 - 9226 Molecular dynamics insight into the evolution of AlH3 nanoparticles in the thermal decomposition of insensitive energetic materials
Zhao Y, Zhao FQ, Xu SY, Ju XH
9227 - 9241 Synergistic lubrication effect of Al2O3 and MoS2 nanoparticles confined between iron surfaces: a molecular dynamics study
He JQ, Sun JL, Meng YA, Pei Y, Wu P
9242 - 9253 Methylammonium Chloride reduces the bandgap width and trap densities for efficient perovskite photodetectors
Zhao XY, Wang YK, Li L, Huang LX, Li GX, Sun WH
9254 - 9262 Effect of pre-existing nuclei on microstructure and magnetic properties of high B-s FINEMET-like nanocrystalline alloys
Bai FS, Dong YQ, Xie L, Li Q, He AN, Jia XJ, Li JW, Wang XM
9263 - 9273 Radio-wave absorption by aluminum and its dependence on the absorption distance
Chung DDL, Ozturk M
9274 - 9286 Atmospheric pressure metal organic chemical vapor deposition of thin germanium films
Fritzsche R, Zahn DR, Mehring M
9287 - 9301 Effect of Ti3AlC2 precursor and processing conditions on microwave absorption performance of resultant Ti3C2Tx MXene
Xu WM, Li SB, Hu SJ, Yu WB, Zhou Y
9302 - 9314 Tunable upconversion luminescence and enhanced temperature sensitive properties from Bi2Ti2O7:Yb3+/Er3+ nanofibers
Xu MM, Ge WY, Tian Y, Wu YT, Li YX
9315 - 9329 Developing porous organic polymers as precursors of nitrogen-decorated micro-mesoporous carbons for efficient capture and conversion of carbon dioxide
Wu XK, Guan R, Zheng WT, Huang K, Liu FJ
9330 - 9343 Growth of Bi2Se3/graphene heterostructures with the room temperature high carrier mobility
Antonova IV, Nebogatikova NA, Stepina NP, Volodin VA, Kirienko VV, Rybin MG, Obrazstova ED, Golyashov VA, Kokh KA, Tereshchenko OE
9344 - 9355 Electrospun Poly[poly(2,5-benzophenone)]bibenzopyrrolone/polyimide nanofiber membrane for high-temperature and strong-alkali supercapacitor
Fang D, Yan B, Agarwal S, Xu WH, Zhang Q, He SJ, Hou HQ
9356 - 9367 Coaxial MWNTs@MnCo2O4 wrapped in conducting graphene for enhanced lithium ion storage
Chen L, Huang YC, Chen YL, Zheng LQ, Zhao Y, Chen Y, Zhao GY, Li JX, Lin YB, Huang ZG
9368 - 9381 Sulfur-vacancies promoted performance of hierarchical NiCo2S4 nanotubes through electrospinning for supercapacitors
Zhang Y, Ye L, Guo JH, Shang YY, Guo FM, Zhang YJ, Xu J
9382 - 9394 Bioinspired oxygen selective membrane for Zn-air batteries
Krichevski O, Singh RK, Bormashenko E, Bormashenko Y, Multanen V, Schechter A
9395 - 9407 Superior capacitive energy storage capability in polymer composites induced by polydopamine-coated paraelectric platelets
Chen J, Wang YF, Chen WX
9408 - 9418 Carrier dynamics in hierarchical ZnFe2O4 nanotube arrays and their roles in boosting photoelectrochemical water oxidation
Lv CR, Liu PP, Huang FZ, Zhang H, Chu XQ, Li SK
9419 - 9433 Synthesis of NiMoO4@Co3O4 hierarchical nanostructure arrays on reduced graphene oxide/Ni foam as binder-free electrode for asymmetric supercapacitor
Xuan HC, Wang R, Yang J, Zhang GH, Liang XH, Li YP, Xie ZG, Han PD
9434 - 9444 One-pot synthesis of vancomycin-encapsulated ZIF-8 nanoparticles as multivalent and photocatalytic antibacterial agents for selective-killing of pathogenic gram-positive bacteria
Hao CL, Zhou DR, Xu JX, Hong S, Wei WM, Zhao TT, Huang HB, Fang WJ
9445 - 9457 Creep behaviors of Fe-18Ni-12Cr based alumina-forming austenitic steels with ultralow carbon
Wang M, Sun HY, Zhou ZJ
9458 - 9469 Grain boundary migration and deformation mechanism influenced by heterogeneous precipitate
Tan FS, Li F, Fang QH, Li J, Feng H
9470 - 9483 The microstructure and property of lamellar interface in ternary Mg-Gd-Cu alloys: a combined experimental and first-principles study
Hao YQ, Chen X, Chen B
9484 - 9498 Multilayered structure control for obtaining electrodeposited nanocrystalline iron-nickel alloy with high strength and ductility
Zhang SZ, Kobayashi S
9499 - 9505 Synthesis of high-entropy-alloy-type superconductors (Fe,Co,Ni,Rh,Ir)Zr-2 with tunable transition temperature
Kasem MR, Yamashita A, Goto Y, Matsuda TD, Mizuguchi Y
9506 - 9517 Selective separation of polyelectrolyte nanoparticles based on formation of hydrogen-bonding interpolymer complexes
Niu XF, Wang YM, Bai SY, Fu ZN, Wang Y, Guo XH
9518 - 9531 String electrospinning based on the standing wave vibration
Chen XQ, Zhang YC, Liang JH, Li HY, Chen MJ, Cheng LS, He XT, Yang WM
9532 - 9543 Polymeric nanowrinkles: surface modification of polypropylene films in the VUV energy range
Fitaroni LB, Cacuro TA, Costa CAR, Lanzoni EM, Galante D, Araujo JR, Homem MGP, Waldman WR, Cruz SA