Journal of Materials Science

Journal of Materials Science, Vol.56, No.12 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0022-2461 (Print) 

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7171 - 7230 Review on advances in microcrystalline, nanocrystalline and ultrananocrystalline diamond films-based micro/nano-electromechanical systems technologies
Auciello O, Aslam DM
7231 - 7264 Comprehensive review on plant fiber-reinforced polymeric biocomposites
Mahmud S, Hasan KMF, Jahid MA, Mohiuddin K, Zhang RY, Zhu J
7265 - 7285 Polymeric approach to combat drug-resistant methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
Kanth S, Nagaraja A, Puttaiahgowda YM
7286 - 7297 Exploring (1(1)over-bar2)-related ordered structure in oxidationsynthesized alpha-Fe2O3 nanowhiskers
Lai MW, Kurata H
7298 - 7307 Modification of hexagonal boron nitride by thermal treatment
Mena LG, Hohn KL
7308 - 7320 Direct oxidative esterification of alcohols catalyzed by a nitrogen-doped carbon black-supported PdBi bimetallic catalyst under ambient conditions
Hu YK, Xia JW, Li J, Li HJ, Li YX, Li SZ, Duanmu CS, Li BD, Wang X
7321 - 7333 Composite polydopamine-based TiO2 coated mesh with restorable superhydrophobic surfaces for wastewater treatment
Wang N, Zhang H, Liu SY, Peng B, Deng ZW
7334 - 7347 Morphological selectivity of the films of linear and star-shaped poly (epsilon-caprolactone)
Bhayo AM, Rahim S, Durrani SS, Iftikhar FJ, Shah MR, Ul-Hamid A, Malik MI
7348 - 7356 Ultrasensitive NO2 gas sensor based on Sb-doped SnO2 covered ZnO nano-heterojunction
Wang ZH, Zhi MF, Xu MZ, Guo C, Man ZW, Zhang ZY, Li Q, Lv YY, Zhao W, Yan JF, Zhai CX
7357 - 7371 Cu, Ni and multi-walled carbon-nanotube-modified graphite felt electrode for nitrate electroreduction in water
Lu C, Lu XY, Yang K, Song HO, Zhang SP, Li AM
7372 - 7385 Gecko foot-inspired reduced graphene oxide surface with multi-resistant, nonpolar/polar separation and reliable adhesion utility
Zhang GF, Chen Q, Yang FC, Chen GP, Fu J
7386 - 7396 Zeolitic imidazolate framework nanoparticles loaded with gadolinium chelate as efficient T-1 MRI contrast agent
Zhou WX, Shen JY, Lin JM, An M, An L, Tian QW, Yang SP
7397 - 7408 Facile strategy for low dielectric constant polyimide/silsesquioxane composite films: structural design inspired from nature
Ma YY, He ZA, Liao ZW, Xie JW, Yue HY, Gao X
7409 - 7419 Ultralight graphene/carbon nanofibers/carbon nanotubes aerogels with thermal insulating and hot-oil adsorption performance
Zhang S, Tian LD, Chen XH, Wang YE, Zhang QY
7420 - 7433 Interfacial bonding properties of the eco-friendly geopolymer-wood composites: influences of embedded wood depth, wood surface roughness, and moisture conditions
Ye HZ, Asante B, Schmidt G, Krause A, Zhang Y, Yu ZM
7434 - 7450 Facile synthesis of silver decorated reduced graphene oxide@zinc oxide as ternary nanocomposite: an efficient photocatalyst for the enhanced degradation of organic dye under UV-visible light
Jilani A, Hussain SZ, Ansari MO, Kumar R, Dustgeer MR, Othman MHD, Barakat MA, Melaibari AA
7451 - 7463 Intriguing electronic, optical and mechanical properties of the vertical and lateral heterostructures on the boron phosphide and GaN monolayers
Wang YS, Wu XW, Song NH, Yang XH, Zheng YF, Wang F
7464 - 7473 Entropy-dominated grain boundary segregation
Lejcek P, Hofmann S
7474 - 7493 Particle curvature effects on microstructural evolution during solid-state sintering: phenomenological insights from phase-field simulations
Choudhuri D, Blake L
7494 - 7507 Improving the Mn2+ emission and stability of CsPb(Cl/Br)(3) nanocrystals by Ni2+ doping in ambient air
Zhang R, Yuan YX, Zhang JF, Liu HY, Chen G, Li K, Hong MQ, Zuo WB, Wang CN, Yang W, Qin ZX
7508 - 7519 Bifunctional KZnF3:Er3+/Mn2+ perovskite nanoparticles for achieving pure red upconversion luminescence and magnetic resonance imaging
Yang X, Zhao XF, Wang R, Yang ZN, Song CQ, Yuan MH, Han K, Lan S, Wang HY, Xu XJ
7520 - 7532 Co3O4 porous nanorod/N-doped reduced graphene oxide composite with fast pseudocapacitive lithium storage for high-performance lithium-ion capacitors
Shi J, Li X, Yang T, Tian XD, Liu YQ, Lei SW, Song Y, Liu ZJ
7533 - 7546 Controllable synthesis of multilayered porous carbon by ice templating with graphene addition for supercapacitors
Ni Y, Qi JQ, Zhou BT, Zhu L, Ren YJ, Zhang D
7547 - 7556 Synthesis, dielectric and ferroelectric properties of BCZTL/BCZTM bilayer ceramics for energy storage applications
Guo X, Yao HT, You YJ
7557 - 7572 A facile method for preparing porous g-C3N4 nanosheets with efficient photocatalytic activity under visible light
Sun CX, Dai JJ, Zhang HX, Li SY, Wang AM
7573 - 7586 Synthesis of oxygen vacancies implanted ultrathin WO3-x nanorods/reduced graphene oxide anode with outstanding Li-ion storage
Zhang M, Sun HL, Guo YY, Wang D, Sun DF, Su QM, Ding SK, Du GH, Xu BS
7587 - 7597 Synergistic effect of TiO2 and TiN on the electrochemical performance of SiO as anodes for lithium ion battery
Liu LQ, Zhong X, Li MQ
7598 - 7612 A reusable ionic liquid-grafted antibacterial cotton gauze wound dressing
Fang H, Li DR, Xu LQ, Wang Y, Fei X, Tian J, Li Y
7613 - 7625 Two-step synthesis of niobium doped Na-Ca-(Mg)-P-Si-O glasses
Wojcik NA, Ali S, Mielewczyk-Gryn A, Jonson B
7626 - 7636 A self-assembled amino acid-based hydrogel with broad-spectrum antibacterial activity
Xie YY, Qin XT, Feng JY, Zhong C, Jia SR
7637 - 7658 Thermoelastic properties and gamma'-solvus temperatures of single-crystal Ni-base superalloys
Horst OM, Schmitz D, Schreuer J, Git P, Wang H, Korner C, Eggeler G
7659 - 7669 Characterization and identification of Au pathfinder minerals from an artisanal mine site using X-ray diffraction
Nzulu G, Eklund P, Magnuson M
7670 - 7680 Co-free CuFeMnNi high-entropy alloy with tunable tensile properties by thermomechanical processing
Huang XJ, Miao JS, Li SR, Taylor CD, Luo AA
7681 - 7697 Si diffusion across the liquid/solid interface of capillary driven (Al-Si)-KxAlyFz micro-layers
Wu YY, Yu CN, Sekulic DP
7698 - 7709 Formation mechanism and hemocompatibility of the superhydrophobic surface on biomedical Ti-6Al-4V alloy
Chen J, Xu JL, Huang J, Zhang P, Luo JM, Lian L
7710 - 7726 Deformation twinning-induced single-variant omega-plates in metastable beta-Ti alloys containing athermal omega-precipitates
Chen W, Li K, Yu GX, Ren JQ, Zha Y, Sun J
7727 - 7739 Correction of flow stress data due to non-homogeneous deformation and thermal conditions during hot compression testing of a polycrystalline nickel-base superalloy
Zhang SY, Wang JZ, Huang L, Srivatsa S, Zhou KC, Huang ZW, Jiang L
7740 - 7752 Analysis of the twin variant selection in polycrystalline cobalt
Celis MM, Minarik P, Hug E, Dorenlor J, Chmelik F, Knapek M, Dobron P
7753 - 7764 Effects of yttrium on the microstructures, internal fraction and martensitic transformation in H13 die steel
Chen RC, Wang ZG, Wang HB, Qi L, Zhu FS
7765 - 7787 Mixed matrix membranes based on sodium alginate modified by fullerene derivatives with L-amino acids for pervaporation isopropanol dehydration
Dmitrenko M, Liamin V, Lahderanta E, Ermakov S, Penkova A