Journal of Materials Science

Journal of Materials Science, Vol.56, No.11 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0022-2461 (Print) 

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6549 - 6580 Polymer-based lightweight materials for electromagnetic interference shielding: a review
Yao YY, Jin SH, Zou HM, Li LJ, Ma XL, Lv G, Gao F, Lv XJ, Shu QH
6581 - 6614 Thermal modification of wood-a review: chemical changes and hygroscopicity
Hill C, Altgen M, Rautkari L
6615 - 6644 Review: Oxygen-deficient tungsten oxides
Bandi S, Srivastav AK
6645 - 6662 Highly dispersed Zn0.5Cd0.5S nanoparticles anchored on NiCo2O4 nanosheets as the direct Z-scheme heterojunction for enhanced visible light photocatalysis
Zhang SY, Xu YY, Tu JB, Li M, Zhi LH, Hu DC, Liu JC
6663 - 6675 Nanodiamond decorated 2D hexagonal Fe2O3 nanosheets with a Z-scheme photogenerated electron transfer path for enhanced photocatalytic activity
Pan JJ, Guo F, Sun HR, Li MY, Zhu XF, Gao LL, Shi WL
6676 - 6688 Visible-light-responsive polyoxometalate-based metal-organic framework for highly efficient photocatalytic oxidative coupling of amines
Li J, Chang BW, Zhao HY, Meng QX, Li MX, Han QX
6689 - 6703 Multi-vacancy Co3O4 on nickel foam synthesized via a one-step hydrothermal method for high-efficiency electrocatalytic benzyl alcohol oxidation
Cao YM, Zhang DB, Kong XG, Zhang FZ, Lei XD
6704 - 6718 Synthesis of FeOCl-MoS2 with excellent adsorption performance for methyl orange
Liu X, Zhang WY, Mao LQ, Yin Y, Hu LC
6719 - 6731 Preparation of durable, self-cleaning and photocatalytic superhydrophobic Ni3S2 coating on 304 stainless steel surface against contaminations
Yin XL, Yu SR, Bi XJ, Wang LY, Zang J, Zhao Y, Wang BY
6732 - 6744 Synthesis and visible-light photocatalytic properties of BiOBr/CdS nanomaterials
You JH, Wang L, Bao WT, Yan AG, Guo R
6745 - 6763 Biogenic hydroxyapatite as novel catalytic support for Ni and Cu for the water-gas shift reaction
Iriarte-Velasco U, Ayastuy JL, Bravo R, Boukha Z, Gutierrez-Ortiz MA
6764 - 6779 Magnetic aligned sulfonated carbon nanotube/Nafion composite membranes with anisotropic mechanical and proton conductive properties
Qian LB, Yin CS, Liu L, Zhang XW, Li JJ, Liu Z, Zhang HN, Fang PF, He CQ
6780 - 6798 Particle distribution-dependent micromechanical simulation on mechanical properties and damage behaviors of particle reinforced metal matrix composites
Ma SM, Zhuang XC, Wang XM
6799 - 6813 Effect of in situ Mg2Sip contents on microstructure and mechanical properties of Mg2Sip/AZ91D composites
Li PB, Yang H, Tan WT, Gao MM
6814 - 6829 High-performing composite membrane based on dopamine-functionalized graphene oxide incorporated two-dimensional MXene nanosheets for water purification
Zeng GY, Lin QQ, Wei K, Liu YC, Zheng SZ, Zhan YQ, He SJ, Patra T, Chiao YH
6830 - 6844 Dielectric control of ultralight hollow porous carbon spheres and excellent microwave absorbing properties
Fan DG, Wei B, Wu RX, Zhou JT, Zhou CY
6845 - 6860 Analytical solution for multi-component pyrolysis simulations of thermal protection materials
Coheur J, Torres-Herrador F, Chatelain P, Mansour NN, Magin TE, Arnst M
6861 - 6877 High-fidelity stochastic modeling of carbon black-based conductive polymer composites for strain and fatigue sensing
Albright TB, Hobeck JD
6878 - 6890 Novel ReSe semiconductor designed by structure prediction and phase diagram calculation
Zhu CC, Liu ZL, Li SM, Huang SJ, Wang HY
6891 - 6902 Tunable optoelectronic properties in multilayer 1T-TiS2: the effects of strain and an external electric field
Zeb J, Zhao X, Ullah S, Menezes MG, Zhang WK
6903 - 6911 Fabrication of low stress GaN-on-diamond structure via dual-sided diamond film deposition
Jia X, Wei JJ, Huang YB, Shao SW, An K, Kong YC, Liu JL, Chen LX, Li CM
6912 - 6921 Photochromism and thermochromism: new strategies for (HV)[Co(H2O)(6)](p-BDC)(2)(DMF)center dot H2O
Zhao GZ, Yuan F, Li HL, Liu JJ
6922 - 6944 Statistical and experimental studies of MoS2/g-C3N4/TiO2: a ternary Z-scheme hybrid composite
Jaleel UCJR, Devi KRS, Madhushree R, Pinheiro D
6945 - 6954 Improving hydrogen evolution activity of two-dimensional nanosheets MoNi4/MoO2.5-NF self-supporting electrocatalyst by electrochemical-cycling activation
Yan G, Gu YF, Shaga A, Wang K, Zhan LJ, Liu ZM
6955 - 6965 Mineralized supramolecular hydrogel as thermo-responsive smart window
Wang Y, Bai SY, Wei L, Niu XF, Wang ST, Niu MC, Li L, Guo XH, Gao YF
6966 - 6976 Synthetic tethered silver nanoparticles on reduced graphene oxide for alkaline oxygen reduction catalysis
Tinker HR, Bhide MA, Magliocca E, Miller TS, Knapp CE
6977 - 6986 Implications of the size variation on the local structure and polarized emission of CsPbBr3 quantum dots
Shinde A, Gahlaut R, Abharana N, Bhattacharyya D, Mahamuni S
6987 - 6996 Microwave assisted growth of MnO2 on biomass carbon for advanced supercapacitor electrode materials
Fu M, Zhu ZT, Zhang ZH, Zhuang QR, Gao F, Chen W, Yu H, Liu QY
6997 - 7007 Manufacture, characterization and proton irradiation effects of C-12 and C-13 thick targets
Bertolo AA, Canneva A, Donadelli JA, Gaviola PA, Kreiner AJ, del Grosso MF
7008 - 7021 A facile preparation method for MoS2 nanosheets and their well-controllable interfacial assembly with PEDOT: PSS for effective electrochemical hydrogen evolution reactions
Xu LA, Zhang YH, Feng LL, Li X, An Q
7022 - 7033 Gene delivery using layer-by-layer functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes: design, characterization, cell line evaluation
Kumari M, Liu CH, Wu WC, Wang CC
7034 - 7049 Biomolecules induce the synthesis of hollow hierarchical mesoporous structured hydroxyapatite microflowers: application in macromolecule drug delivery
Cao XS, Wang GZ, Yang Y, Cao Y, Cao XY
7050 - 7062 Increasing shear strength of Au-Sn bonded joint through nano-grained interfacial reaction products
Peng J, Wang M, Sadeghi B, Wang RC, Liu HS, Cavaliere P
7063 - 7081 Interfacial reactions between titanium-copper melt and crucible oxides
Song QZ, Qian K, Li JZ, Chen B, Shu L, Liu K
7082 - 7093 A physically based model of the effect of recovery and clustering on recrystallization kinetics
De PS, Vuppuluri A, Vadlamani SS, Vedantam S
7094 - 7110 Evaluation of corrosion protection performance and mechanical properties of epoxy-triazole/graphene oxide nanocomposite coatings on mild steel
Vinodhini SP, Xavier JR
7111 - 7128 The effects of prior creep-fatigue on the strain rate sensitivity of a P92 welded joint
Song YX, Pan ZX, Chen JN, Qin FR, Gao ZL, Zhang TH, Ma Y
7129 - 7141 A kinetic study of liquid gallium diffusion in a tin-based solder alloy and its role in solder embrittlement
Nguena E, Danovitch D, Sylvestre J, Langlois R
7142 - 7154 The defect evolution in 1-D shocked tantalum single crystals
Pang B, Jones IP, Millett JCF, Whiteman G, Chiu YL
7155 - 7170 Fabrication of pristine electrospun kafirin nanofiber mats loaded with thymol and carvacrol
Higashiyama Y, Turasan H, Cakmak M, Kokini J