Journal of Materials Science

Journal of Materials Science, Vol.56, No.10 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0022-2461 (Print) 

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5975 - 5994 Meta-analysis of TiO2 nanoparticle synthesis strategies to assess the impact of key reaction parameters on their crystallinity
Kignelman G, Thielemans W
5995 - 6015 Toward improvements for carrying capacity of the cyclodextrin-based nanosponges: recent progress from a material and drug delivery
Deng J, Chen QJ, Li W, Zuberi Z, Feng JX, Lin QL, Ren JL, Luo FJ, Ding QM, Zeng XX, Ma L, Yin HQ, Zheng XM
6016 - 6030 Influence of hot rolling plus heat treatment on microstructure and mechanical properties of NM500/Q345/NM500 composite plate
Li J, Liu CR, Song YH, Zhao GH, Ma LF, Huang QX
6031 - 6051 An overview on the incorporation of graphene quantum dots on TiO2 for enhanced performances
Huo PP, Shi XB, Zhang WY, Kumar P, Liu B
6052 - 6063 Al2O3-passivated TiO2 nanorods for solid-liquid heterojunction ultraviolet photodetectors
Ho YR, Chang YH, Lin CH, Ou SL, Huang JJ
6064 - 6072 Thickness-dependent ferroelectric properties of HfO2/ZrO2 nanolaminates using atomic layer deposition
Chen YH, Wang L, Liu LY, Tang L, Yuan X, Chen HY, Zhou KC, Zhang D
6073 - 6082 Achieving high energy storage density of PLZS antiferroelectric within a wide range of components
Liu YC, Liu SP, Yang TQ, Wang HS
6083 - 6094 Construction of a specific and efficient antibacterial agent against Pseudomonas aeruginosa based on polyethyleneimine cross-linked fucose
Liu M, Guo R, Ma Y
6095 - 6109 Synthesis of Pt-doped SnO2 flower-like hierarchical structure and its gas sensing properties to isopropanol
Bi WJ, Xiao W, Liu ST
6110 - 6123 Direct synthesis of hierarchical zeolites through mesoporous 3D wormhole framework using single-head quaternary ammonium salt as structure-directing agent
Fu TY, Ding H, Zhang JS, Bai P, Lyu JF, Guo XH
6124 - 6134 Facile synthesis of nitrogen-doped foam-like carbon materials from purslane stem as efficient metal-free catalysts for oxidative coupling of amines to imines
Sun YB, Hou C, Cao XQ, Liu K
6135 - 6147 Structural evolutions of layered alpha-MoO3 crystals during rapid thermal annealing upon Pb-species at elevated temperatures
Liu HF, Lin M, Guo SF
6148 - 6166 Microscratching and fretting of electro-co-deposited Cr-based composite coatings with BN, graphene, and diamond reinforcements
Tripathi P, Ramkumar J, Balani K
6167 - 6187 Nanofiller-assisted Na+-conducting polymer nanocomposite for ultracapacitor: structural, dielectric and electrochemical properties
Kamboj V, Arya A, Tanwar S, Kumar V, Sharma AL
6188 - 6203 Effect of rapid manufacturing on the performance of carbon fibre epoxy polymers
Khraponichev K, Incerti D, Carolan D, Fergusson A
6204 - 6216 'Green' composites based on liquid crystalline cellulose fibers and avocado seed starch
Fu DH, Netravali AN
6217 - 6226 Equilibrium segregation in the stressed Ni(111)(Au) nano-films on inert substrate
Lian SY, Zhou MM, Yan Y, Terblans JJ, Swart HC, Wang JY, Xu CK
6227 - 6234 Numerical investigation of excitonic resonances of few-layer black phosphorus based on field enhancement
Zhang BJ, Wang L
6235 - 6250 Inter-granular fracture behaviour in bicrystalline boron nitride nanosheets using atomistic and continuum mechanics-based approaches
Sharma BB, Parashar A
6251 - 6268 Nanoscale segregation mechanism of cation dopant at the matrix/oxide interface in oxide dispersion-strengthened alloys
Dong Z, Ma ZQ, Yu LM, Liu YC
6269 - 6285 Electrochemical sensing of trace level NH3: active electrode and electrolyte optimizations
Nithya S, Dutta A
6286 - 6291 Effect of plasma oxidation on tin-oxide active layer for thin-film transistor applications
Shang ZW, Xu Q, He GY, Zheng ZW, Cheng CH
6292 - 6305 Anisotropy of resistance-type strain sensing networks based on aligned carbon nanofiber membrane
Yan T, Wu YT, Pan ZJ
6306 - 6314 Growth of ZnTe crystal via directional solidification method and study of its mechanical properties
Jin M, Bai XD, Yang WH, Xu YD, Wang XH, Li RB
6315 - 6326 Rapid synthesis and growth process deconvolution of Au nanoflowers with ultrahigh catalytic activity based on microfluidics
Fu Q, Fu C, Teng L, Li WJ, Sheng YP, Handschuh-Wang S
6327 - 6336 AgCoO2/MWCNTs with three-dimensional accessible surface as novel electrocatalyst for highly sensitive nonenzymatic detection of glucose
Yang ZY, Bai X
6337 - 6348 Polydopamine grafted cross-linked polyacrylamide as robust binder for SiO/C anode toward high-stability lithium-ion battery
Liu N, He WJ, Liao HJ, Li ZW, Jiang JM, Zhang XG, Dou H
6349 - 6360 One-step and controllable synthesis of active N-rich graphene nanoclusters-CNT composite via an ultrafast deflagration reaction for oxygen reduction electrocatalysis
Gong L, Sun J, Li XD, Huang B, Yang GC, Liu YS
6361 - 6373 Insights into key parameters of MnO2 catalyst toward high catalytic combustion performance
Li LM, Chu W, Liu Y
6374 - 6384 Self-passivated hybrid perovskite films for improved photovoltaic performance of solar cells
Qi XN, Zhang TT, Tan FR, Mei YT, Huang JY, Yue GT, Gao YY, Liu R, Dong C, Zhang LS, Zhang WF
6385 - 6400 3D printing of highly flexible, cytocompatible nanocomposites for thermal management
Khakbaz H, Ruberu K, Kang LZ, Talebian S, Sayyar S, Filippi B, Khatamifar M, Beirne S, Innis PC
6401 - 6410 Highly sensitive and selective dopamine sensor uses three-dimensional cobalt phosphide nanowire array
Wei M, Lu WB, Zhu M, Zhang R, Hu WL, Cao XW, Jia JF, Wu HS
6411 - 6426 Wound healing acceleration by antibacterial biodegradable black phosphorus nanosheets loaded with cationic carbon dots
Zhang P, Sun BH, Wu F, Zhang QC, Chu XH, Ge MQ, Zhou NL, Shen J
6427 - 6447 Microstructural analysis and surface studies on Ag-Ge alloy coatings prepared by electrodeposition technique
Bahmani E, Zakeri A, Aghdam ASR
6448 - 6464 The effects of alloying elements on the peritectic range of Fe-C-Mn-Si steels
Ren QQ, Liu T, Baik SI, Mao ZG, Krakauer BW, Seidman DN
6465 - 6486 Microstructure and texture evolution of cold-rolled low-Ni Cr-Mn-N austenitic stainless steel during bending
Kamali H, Xie HB, Jia FH, Bi HY, Chang E, Xu HG, Yu HF, Jiang ZY
6487 - 6498 Corrosion properties of beta-Ta alloyed Ti6Al4V by double-glow plasma surface alloying technique
Liu Y, Zhou B, Wang HK, Gao J, Ma Y, Hei HJ, Wu YX, Yu SW
6499 - 6513 Lightweight and highly conductive silver nanoparticles functionalized meta-aramid nonwoven fabric for enhanced electromagnetic interference shielding
Zhou YF, Li WY, Li LL, Sun ZH, Jiang L, Ma JW, Chen SJ, Ning X, Zhou FL
6514 - 6530 Favorable formation of stereocomplex crystals in long-chain branched poly(L-lactic acid)/poly(D-lactic acid) blends: impacts of melt effect and molecular chain structure
Zhao ZG, Tang DH, Jia SK, Ai TT
6531 - 6548 Improved performance of sulfonated poly ether ether ketone/three-dimensional hierarchical molybdenum disulfide nanoflower composite proton exchange membrane for fuel cells
Zhong F, Xie P, Hou RY, Niu WJ, Huang JZ, Hu FQ, Zheng GW, Liu H, Qu T, Zhu YH