Journal of Materials Science

Journal of Materials Science, Vol.56, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0022-2461 (Print) 

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1 - 15 Perspectives on the spark plasma sintering process
Munir ZA, Ohyanagi M
16 - 63 Materials for lithium recovery from salt lake brine
Xu P, Hong J, Qian XM, Xu ZW, Xia H, Tao XC, Xu ZZ, Ni QQ
64 - 107 Additive manufacturing of steels: a review of achievements and challenges
Haghdadi N, Laleh M, Moyle M, Primig S
108 - 135 Approaches to design a surface with tunable wettability: a review on surface properties
Prakash CGJ, Prasanth R
136 - 172 Robust evaluation of superabsorbent polymers as an internal curing agent in cementitious composites
Danish A, Mosaberpanah MA, Salim MU
173 - 200 Recent progress in carbon-based materials for supercapacitor electrodes: a review
Wang YF, Zhang L, Hou HQ, Xu WH, Duan GG, He SJ, Liu KM, Jiang SH
201 - 230 Progress and challenges in self-healing cementitious materials
Fernandez CA, Correa M, Nguyen MT, Rod KA, Dai GL, Cosimbescu L, Rousseau R, Glezakou VA
231 - 242 Influence of A-site non-stoichiometry on electromechanical properties of Sr(Hf0.5Zr0.5)O-3-modified Bi-0.5(Na0.8K0.2)(0.5)TiO(3)piezoelectric ceramics
Gupta SK, Gibbons BJ, Mardilovich P, Cann DP
243 - 259 Investigating pore structure of nano-engineered concrete with low-field nuclear magnetic resonance
Wang JL, Dong SF, Zhou CS, Ashour A, Han BG
260 - 268 Structural mapping of single-crystal VO2 microrods through metal-to-insulator phase transition
Zhang CZ, Gunes O, Koughia C, Peng JY, Wen SJ, Wong R, Yang Q, Kasap SO
269 - 277 Negative area compressibility in silver oxalate
Colmenero F, Jiang XX, Li XD, Li YC, Lin ZS
278 - 289 Reactive flash sintering (RFS) in oxide systems: kinetics and thermodynamics
Chaim R
290 - 304 In situ X-ray measurements over large Q-space to study the evolution of oxide thin films prepared by RF sputter deposition
Walter P, Wernecke J, Scholz M, Reuther D, Rothkirch A, Haas D, Blume J, Resta A, Vlad A, Faley O, Schipmann S, Nent A, Seeck O, Dippel AC, Klemradt U
305 - 312 Theoretical study of the phase transitions and electronic structure of (Zr-0.5, Mg-0.5)N and (Hf-0.5, Mg-0.5)N
Gharavi MA, Armiento R, Alling B, Eklund P
313 - 325 Multifactor-Regulated Fast Synthesis of alpha-Zirconium Phosphate Nanocrystals Towards Highly Efficient Adsorption of Pesticides
Yu WT, Zhao Y, Shen JR, Lin PC, Lu X, Chen Y
326 - 336 One-step fabrication of HNBR/MIL-100 composites via selective hydrogenation of acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber with a catalyst derived from MIL-100(Fe)
Yao NQ, Zhang YD, Zhang RC, Zhang LQ, Yue DM
337 - 350 Anti-corrosion reinforcement of waterborne polyurethane coating with polymerized graphene oxide by the one-pot method
Ning YJ, Zhu ZR, Cao WW, Wu L, Jing LC, Wang T, Yuan XT, Teng LH, Bin PS, Geng HZ
351 - 363 Light-colored conductive fabric coatings using uniform ATO@TiO(2)whiskers
Gao Q, Wang MX, Gao CX, Ge MQ
364 - 379 Carbonyl oxygen-coordinated metallic cobalt nanoparticles anchored on hybrid mesoporous silica matrix to enhance 4-nitrophenol hydrogenation
Huo H, Jiang YQ, Wang Z, Hu YJ, Zhao TT, Liu X, Xu XZ, Lin KF
380 - 391 Selective extraction of fullerene C-60 by in situ interweaved AgNO3 complex encapsulated C-60 molecular cages
Hou Y, Nie B
392 - 414 Synthesis of carbon-supported bimetallic palladium-iridium catalysts by microemulsion: characterization and electrocatalytic properties
Szumelda T, Drelinkiewicz A, Kosydar R, Gurgul J, Duraczynska D
415 - 427 Study on the ultrastructure and properties of gelatinous layer in poplar
Liang R, Zhu YH, Yang X, Gao JS, Zhang YL, Cai LP
428 - 441 Polycarbonate composites with high light transmittance, haze, and flame retardancy based on a series of incomplete-cage oligomeric silsesquioxanes
Wu XL, Wang XX, Qin ZL, Zhang WC
442 - 456 Metal-organic framework-derived yolk-shell hollow Ni/NiO@C microspheres for bifunctional non-enzymatic glucose and hydrogen peroxide biosensors
Ma XQ, Tang KL, Yang MY, Shi WB, Zhao WX
457 - 473 Flame retardant composites of ladder phenyl/vinyl polysilsesquioxane-reinforced vinyl ester
Zhang WW, Qin ZL, Lan YH, Zhang X, Zhang WC, Pan YT, Yang RJ
474 - 487 Selective and sensitive detection of lead Pb(II) ions: Au/SWNT nanocomposite-embedded MOF-199
Bodkhe GA, Hedau BS, Deshmukh MA, Patil HK, Shirsat SM, Phase DM, Pandey KK, Shirsat MD
488 - 496 The effect of graphene oxide modified short carbon fiber on the interlaminar shear strength of carbon fiber fabric/epoxy composites
Nie HJ, Xu Z, Tang BL, Dang CY, Yang YR, Zeng XL, Lin BC, Shen XJ
497 - 512 Investigation of water sorption, gas barrier and antimicrobial properties of polycaprolactone films contain modified graphene
Ghanem AF, Yassin MA, Rabie AM, Gouanve F, Espuche E, Rehim MAH
513 - 527 Artificial neural networks test for the prediction of chemical stability of pyroclastic deposits-based AAMs and comparison with conventional mathematical approach (MLR)
Finocchiaro C, Barone G, Mazzoleni P, Sgarlata C, Lancellotti I, Leonelli C, Romagnoli M
528 - 542 Spin-orbit coupling effect on energy level splitting and band structure inversion in CsPbBr3
Hussain M, Rashid M, Saeed F, Bhatti AS
543 - 557 New approach for measuring interconnectivity of fission gas pores in nuclear fuels from 2D micrographs
Smith CA, Cui YM, Miller B, Keiser D, Zare A, Aitkaliyeva A
558 - 569 Mask-free three-dimensional epitaxial growth of III-nitrides
Rudzinski M, Zlotnik S, Wojcik M, Gaca J, Janicki L, Kudrawiec R
570 - 580 Photothermal control of whispering gallery mode lasing in polymer-coated silica microcavity using high-efficiency nanoheater
Li HY, Hao XL, Li YZ, Duan R, Zhang TT, Li J, Yuan YG, Liu L
581 - 591 Super-exchange interaction model in DMOs: Co doped TiO2 thin films
Quiroz HP, Galindez EF, Dussan A, Cardona-Rodriguez A, Ramirez JG
592 - 606 Controllable synthesis of MOF-derived FexNi1-x@C composites with dielectric-magnetic synergy toward optimized impedance matching and outstanding microwave absorption
Zhu TG, Sun Y, Wang YJ, Xing HN, Zong Y, Ren ZY, Yu HP, Zheng XL
607 - 614 A new approach for an ultra-thin piezoresistive sensor based on solidified carbon ink film
Yi Y, Samara A, Wang B
615 - 628 Electrochromic switching of tungsten oxide films grown by reactive ion-beam sputter deposition
Gies M, Michel F, Lupo C, Schlettwein D, Becker M, Polity A
629 - 639 Sulfide synergistic electrochemical activity for high-performance alkaline rechargeable microbatteries
Yuan H, Tian XC, Han PP, Li C, Liao XB, Mai LQ, Yang RS
640 - 648 LiFePO4/C nanoparticle with fast ion/electron transfer capability obtained by adjusting pH values
Li Y, Wang J, Fu CC, Li X, Wang LL
649 - 663 Optimized pseudocapacitance of CoMn2O4@MoO(3)nano-microspheres for advanced lithium storage properties
Dang W, Feng CQ, Deng P, Xiao L, Ban Z, Tang XC, Zhang Y
664 - 676 Controlled synthesis of alpha-Fe2O3@rGO core-shell nanocomposites as anode for lithium ion batteries
Quan HY, Zeng WL, Pan MH, Xu YQ, Chen DZ, Liang JF
677 - 690 Low-temperature-deposited SnO(2)films for efficient planar CH3NH3PbI3 photovoltaics
Zhang K, Duan JX, Liu F, Zhang J, Wang H
691 - 705 Improving printability of a thermoresponsive hydrogel biomaterial ink by nanoclay addition
Hu C, Hahn L, Yang MS, Altmann A, Stahlhut P, Groll J, Luxenhofer R
706 - 717 Improvement of in vitro degradation of magnesium oxychloride cement for bone repair by chitosan
Wen J, Liao JG, Ying QW, Li H, Mao YR, Han SY, Zhu Y
718 - 730 In vitro evaluation of copper release from MRI-visible, PLGA-based nanospheres
Weitz IS, Perlman O, Azhari H, Sivan SS
731 - 745 3D printing of Pickering emulsion inks to construct poly(D,L-lactide-co-trimethylene carbonate)-based porous bioactive scaffolds with shape memory effect
Wang JG, Gao HC, Hu Y, Zhang NY, Zhou WY, Wang CY, Binks BP, Yang ZH
746 - 761 Antifouling nanoporous diamond membrane for enhanced detection of dopamine in human serum
Li HC, Cao J, Wei QP, Ma L, Zhou KC, Yu ZM, Zeng SC, Zhu RT, Yang WL, Lin CT, Meng LC
762 - 780 Microstructural development in DED stainless steels: applying welding models to elucidate the impact of processing and alloy composition
Smith TR, Sugar JD, San Marchi C, Schoenung JM
781 - 791 The dependence of precipitate morphology on the grain boundary types in an aged Al-Cu binary alloy
Du AH, Wang WG, Gu XF, Chen S, Cui YK, Lin Y, Hong LH
792 - 814 New perspectives on twinning events during strain-induced grain boundary migration (SIBM) in iteratively processed 316L stainless steel
Sharma NK, Shekhar S
815 - 827 High-temperature oxidation behaviour of TiAl alloys with Co addition
Pan Y, Lu X, Hui TL, Liu CC, Liu BW, Xu W, Zhang C, Sun JZ, Qu XH, Zhang JZ
828 - 843 Improved corrosion resistance of Mg alloy by a green phosphating: insights into pre-activation, temperature, and growth mechanism
Li T, Wang SF, Liu HT, Wu JH, Tang SQ, Yang YS, Wang XT, Zhou JX
844 - 853 Texture evolution in selective laser melted maraging stainless steel CX with martensitic transformation
Pirgazi H, Sanjari M, Tamimi S, Amirkhiz BS, Kestens LAI, Mohammadi M
854 - 869 A new environmentally friendly approach to prepare superhydrophobic colored stainless steel surface for decoration, anti-corrosion and self-cleaning
Qu JE, Yu CQ, Nie CH, Wang HR, Cao ZY, Li Y, Wang XY
870 - 885 Melamine-based polyol containing phosphonate and alkynyl groups and its application in rigid polyurethane foam
Jia DK, Yang JX, He JY, Li XM, Yang RJ
886 - 901 The enhanced II-I transition behaviors of an isotactic polybutene-1 alloy by a TAB-3
Qin SK, Li JQ, Jiang SC
902 - 912 Improved piezoelectricity of polylactide using vitamin B(2)for poling-free mechanical and acoustic nanogenerators
Li BY, Hu XR, Zhang Q, Peng XL, Xiang Y
913 - 926 Fabrication of poly(vinyl alcohol)/sodium alginate hydrogel beads and its application in photo-Fenton degradation of tetracycline
Du ZF, Liu F, Xiao CF, Dan Y, Jiang L
927 - 935 Catalytic hydrogenation of n-butene with nanosized Pt/NBCNT hybrid membranes reinforced with bacterial cellulose
El Mrabate B, Prekob A, Vanyorek L, Csiszar E, Kristaly F, Lesko M, Nemeth Z
936 - 956 Catalyst-free synthesis of isocyanate-blocked imidazole and its use as high-performance latent hardener for epoxy resin
Li HF, Liu C, Zhang XL, Shi K, Huan XH, Lin S, Wu SB, Jia XL, Cai Q, Yang XP
957 - 958 Optimization of multiferroic properties in BiFeO3-BaTiO3-based ceramics by tuning oxygen octahedral distortion (vol 55, pg 2750, 2020)
Li Y, Zhou SD, Zhu L, Wu H, Wang YG, Pan FM
959 - 959 Conductive fabric patch with controllable porous structure and elastic properties for tissue engineering applications (vol 55, pg 17120, 2020)
Yin YX, Mo JH, Feng JY