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Journal of Materials Science, Vol.55, No.8 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0022-2461 (Print) 

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3157 - 3166 Challenges to model the role of heterogeneities on the shock response and spall failure of metallic materials at the mesoscales
Dongare AM
3167 - 3180 Efficient removal of formaldehyde with ZIF-8 growth on TiO2-coated activated carbon fiber felts prepared via atomic layer deposition
Ren LP, Yu Y, Yang Y, Zhang Q, Xiao XF, Liu RN, Xu WL
3181 - 3194 Spatially confined growth of Bi2O4 into hierarchical TiO2 spheres for improved visible light photocatalytic activity
Zhang CQ, Ma YY, Li CY, Qin F, Hu CY, Hu QH, Duo SW
3195 - 3211 Photocatalytic performance of mesoporous composites of TiO2-ZrO2 and phosphotungstic acid
Li QL, Feng CT, Wu PF, Yuan XX, Hu HM, Xue GL
3212 - 3227 Fluoro-polymer-coated carbon nanotubes for improved interfacial interactions and dielectric properties in MWCNTs/PVDF composites
Song SX, Xia S, Wei YC, Lv X, Sun SL, Li QM
3228 - 3242 Mechanical and fracture behaviour of hydroxyl functionalized h-BN nanosheets
Sharma BB, Parashar A
3243 - 3258 Polydopamine-coated cellulose acetate butyrate microbeads for caffeine removal
Furtado LM, Ando RA, Petri DFS
3259 - 3278 Hydrothermal synthesis of chemically stable cross-linked poly-Schiff base for efficient Cr(VI) removal
Ren LL, Yang ZH, Jin LF, Yang WC, Shi Y, Wang S, Yi HM, Wei D, Wang HY, Zhang LY
3279 - 3298 Interface tailoring of SnO2-TiO2 photocatalysts modified with anionic/cationic surfactants
Stefan M, Leostean C, Pana O, Popa A, Toloman D, Macavei S, Perhaita I, Barbu-Tudoran L, Silipas D
3299 - 3313 Fabrication of highly stable CdS/g-C3N4 composite for enhanced photocatalytic degradation of RhB and reduction of CO2
Li X, Edelmannova M, Huo PW, Koci K
3314 - 3328 Mechanical properties and conductivity of graphene/Al-8030 composites with directional distribution of graphene
Guo YM, Yi DQ, Liu HQ, Wang B, Jiang B, Wang HS
3329 - 3346 Synthesis of heterostructure delta-MnO2/h-MoO3 nanocomposite and the enhanced photodegradation activity of methyl orange in aqueous solutions
Zou J, Wu K, Wu HD, Guo J, Zhang LF
3347 - 3353 A simple way to use X-ray micro-tomography to infer elastic properties of heterogeneous materials: application to sedimentary rocks
Valdenaire PL, Perrin J, Grauby O, Ulm FJ, Pellenq RJM
3354 - 3368 Effect of H bonds on thermal behavior and cohesion in polylactic acid nanocomposites and nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes
Montes-Zavala I, Castrejon-Gonzalez EO, Sanchez-Balderas G, Perez E, Gonzalez-Calderon JA
3369 - 3387 Mechanical properties of graphene-reinforced reactive powder concrete at different strain rates
Wang JL, Dong SF, Yu X, Han BG
3388 - 3407 Modeling the effect of oxidation on the residual tensile strength of SiC/C/SiC minicomposites in stressed oxidizing environments
Chen XH, Sun ZG, Li HY, Song YD, Niu XM
3408 - 3418 The influence of stabilization efficiency on skin-core structure and properties of polyacrylonitrile fibers
Sun LH, Shang L, Xiao LH, Zhang MJ, Ao YH, Li M
3419 - 3433 Effect of graphene oxide (GO) on the hydration and dissolution of alite in a synthetic cement system
Zhu XH, Kang XJ
3434 - 3449 Influences of particle fractions on second-phase particles pinning grain coarsening processes
Li ZQ, Wang JS, Huang HB
3450 - 3461 Nanocatalyst-induced hydroxyl radical ((OH)-O-center dot) slurry for tungsten CMP for next-generation semiconductor processing
Poddar MK, Ryu HY, Yerriboina NP, Jeong YA, Lee JH, Kim TG, Kim JH, Park JD, Lee MG, Park CY, Han SJ, Choi JG, Park JG
3462 - 3469 Numerical investigation of graphene-based efficient and broadband metasurface for terahertz solar absorber
Jadeja R, Charola S, Patel SK, Parmar J, Ladumor M, Nguyen K, Dhasarathan V
3470 - 3483 Stone-Wales defect interaction in quasistatically deformed 2D silica
Ebrahem F, Bamer F, Markert B
3484 - 3494 Solar perovskite thin films with enhanced mechanical, thermal, UV, and moisture stability via vacuum-assisted deposition
Pinsuwan K, Boonthum C, Supasai T, Sahasithiwat S, Kumnorkaew P, Kanjanaboos P
3495 - 3506 Template directed hydrothermal synthesis of flowerlike NiSex/C composites as lithium/sodium ion battery anodes
Zhao CH, Shen Z, Tu FZ, Hu ZB
3507 - 3520 Highly scattered Ir oxides on TiN as an efficient oxygen evolution reaction electrocatalyst in acidic media
Zhang KK, Mai WS, Li J, Wang H, Li GQ, Hu W
3521 - 3537 Hydrogen evolution from photocatalytic water splitting by LaMnO3 modified with amorphous CoSx
Mao M, Xu J, Li YR, Liu ZY
3538 - 3548 Centrifugally spun porous carbon microfibers as interlayer for Li-S batteries
Yanilmaz M, Asiri AM, Zhang XW
3549 - 3560 Polydopamine modification electrospun polyacrylonitrile fibrous membrane with decreased pore size and dendrite mitigation for lithium ion battery
Gao Y, Sang X, Chen YF, Li Y, Liu BB, Sheng JL, Feng Y, Li L, Liu HQ, Wang XW, Kuang CX, Zhai YY
3561 - 3570 Synthesis of Sn2Nb2O7-GO nanocomposite as an anode material with enhanced lithium storage performance
Kong XG, Ma DY, Zhang JR, Gong QQ, Wang Y, Feng Q
3571 - 3587 In-vitro corrosion assessment of silicate-coated AZ31 Mg alloy in Earle's solution
Kalaiyarasan M, Saranya K, Rajendran N
3588 - 3604 The effect of Zn/Ca ratio on the microstructure, texture and mechanical properties of dilute Mg-Zn-Ca-Mn alloys that exhibit superior strength
Nie KB, Zhu ZH, Munroe P, Deng KK, Han JG
3605 - 3617 Study on the controlling factors for the quenching crack sensitivity of ultra-strong automotive steel
Hwang EH, Park JS, Kim SO, Seong HG, Kim SJ
3618 - 3628 Enhanced nanotwinning by special grain growth in nanocrystalline materials
Tan FS, Fang QH, Li J, Feng H
3629 - 3635 The effect of stress on surface and interface segregation in thin alloy films on inert substrates
Klinger L, Wang JY, Rabkin E
3636 - 3651 Tool wear-induced microstructure evolution in localized deformation layer of machined Ti-6Al-4V
Liang XL, Liu ZQ, Wang QQ, Wang B, Ren XP
3652 - 3667 Effect of high-temperature supercritical carbon dioxide exposure on the microstructure and tensile properties of diffusion-bonded Alloy 690
Chen HS, Kim SH, Jang C
3668 - 3683 Master sintering curves of nickel-titanium and nickel-titanium open-cell foams fabricated by spark plasma sintering
Nivala PT, James SP
3684 - 3699 Fatigue-creep behavior of two ferritic stainless steels in simulated automotive exhaust gas and argon
Liu TL, Zhu XF, Chen LJ, Bi HY, Lin YF, Long J
3700 - 3711 Molecular imprinted polymer-wrapped AgNPs-decorated acid-functionalized graphene oxide as a potent electrochemical sensor for ibuprofen
Nair AS, Sooraj MP
3712 - 3727 Enhancement of thermal and mechanical performances of epoxy nanocomposite materials based on graphene oxide grafted by liquid crystalline monomer with Schiff base
Hu B, Cong YH, Zhang BY, Zhang L, Shen Y, Huang HZ