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Journal of Materials Science, Vol.55, No.7 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0022-2461 (Print) 

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2645 - 2660 Current progress and research trends on lithium amidoborane for hydrogen storage
Liu XR, Wu YF, Wang SM, Li ZN, Guo XM, Ye JH, Jiang LJ
2661 - 2681 The Hall-Petch and inverse Hall-Petch relations and the hardness of nanocrystalline metals
Naik SN, Walley SM
2682 - 2724 Carbon nanotube- and graphene-reinforced multiphase polymeric composites: review on their properties and applications
Kumar A, Sharma K, Dixit AR
2725 - 2740 Carbonaceous-TiO2 materials: unique morphologies for photocatalytic applications
Sui XH, Li XH, Ni T, Lin FS, Li GY
2741 - 2749 Structure and chemical durability studies of powellite ceramics Ca1-xLix/2Gdx/2MoO4 (0 <= x <= 1) for radioactive waste storage
Meng C, Li WQ, Ren CR, Zhao JC
2750 - 2763 Optimization of multiferroic properties in BiFeO3-BaTiO3-based ceramics by tuning oxygen octahedral distortion
Li Y, Zhou SD, Zhu L, Wu H, Wang YG, Pan FM
2764 - 2771 Ba0.1Sr0.9Zr0.18Ti0.82O3 ceramics: dielectric properties and energy storage density under external electric field and temperature
Zhang T, Aziguli H, Wu YH, Yin J, Yu P
2772 - 2786 Na-doped ZnO UV filters with reduced photocatalytic activity for sunscreen applications
Mueen R, Lerch M, Cheng ZX, Konstantinov K
2787 - 2795 Synthesis of single-layer graphene film by chemical vapor deposition with molten gallium catalyst on silicon dioxide
Zhang PB, Liu XF, Fang XH, Chen XY
2796 - 2801 Self-organization of silver nanoparticles during synthesis of Ag-Au nanoalloy by UV irradiation method
Lukowiec D, Radon A
2802 - 2814 Solvent effect in the nonaqueous synthesis of ZrO2 nanoparticles under alkaline conditions
Gambe J, Jouin J, Remondiere F, Thomas P, Masson O
2815 - 2825 In situ formation of 1D nanostructures from ceria nanoparticle dispersions by liquid cell TEM irradiation
Asghar MSA, Inkson BJ, Mobus G
2826 - 2835 Role of spin disorder in magnetic and EMI shielding properties of Fe3O4/C/PPy core/shell composites
Shukla V
2836 - 2845 Additive manufacturing and combustion performance of CL-20 composites
Wang DJ, Guo CP, Wang RH, Zheng BH, Gao B, Nie FD
2846 - 2859 Development of superhydrophobic, self-cleaning, and flame-resistant DLC/TiO2 melamine sponge for application in oil-water separation
Toro RG, Calandra P, Federici F, de Caro T, Mezzi A, Cortese B, Pellegrino AL, Malandrino G, Caschera D
2860 - 2869 CNT-PVDF freestanding sheets for direct solar evaporation toward continuous desalination applications
Alsharief A, Mustafa I, AlNahyan M, Alnaqbi W, Almarzooqi F
2870 - 2880 Network cavity, spatial distribution of sodium and dynamics in sodium silicate melts
Van TB, Hung PK, Vinh LT, Ha NTT, San LT, Noritake F
2881 - 2890 The electronics transport mechanism of grain and grain boundary in semiconductive hafnium oxynitride thin film
Lin ZD, Li XY, Zeng YJ, You MM, Wang FF, Liu JQ
2891 - 2904 Interfacial fracture toughness of sintered hybrid silver interconnects
Wang SB, Kirchlechner C, Keer L, Dehm G, Yao Y
2905 - 2912 Effects of Pb doping on the electrical transport performance of Cu1.98Se
Li HY, Du XL, Cao L, Guo XH, Yuan ZH
2913 - 2922 Single-crystal LiNi0.5Co0.2Mn0.3O2: a high thermal and cycling stable cathodes for lithium-ion batteries
Zhong ZQ, Chen LZ, Huang SZ, Shang WL, Kong LY, Sun M, Chen L, Ren WB
2923 - 2936 Preparation and characterization of hematite nanoparticles-decorated zinc oxide particles (ZnO/Fe2O3) as photoelectrodes for solar cell applications
da Trindade LG, Hata GY, Souza JC, Soares MRS, Leite ER, Pereira EC, Longo E, Mazzo TM
2937 - 2946 Improving the power conversion efficiency of perovskite solar cells by adding carbon quantum dots
Wen Y, Zhu G, Shao Y
2947 - 2957 Two-dimensional layered materials InSe nanoflakes/carbon nanotubes composite for flexible all-solid-state supercapacitors
Sun XH, Chang YK, Mu CP, Nie AM, Wang BC, Xiang JY, Zhai K, Wen FS, Liu ZY
2958 - 2966 LSPR-excited obvious hydrogen yield enhancement for TiO2:Er3+, Yb3+@W18O49 quasi-core/shell heterostructure
Xu XS, Fang GQ, Shang JY, Liu KC, Bao YA, Yang Y, Liu Y, Dong B
2967 - 2983 Layered double hydroxide-coated silica nanospheres with 3D architecture-modified composite anion exchange membranes for fuel cell applications
Zhao SJ, Tsen WC, Hu FQ, Zhong F, Liu H, Wen S, Zheng GW, Qin CQ, Gong CL
2984 - 2993 High perovskite-to-manganese energy transfer efficiency in single-component white-emitting Mn-doped halide perovskite quantum dots
Qin HM, Wang CL, Xu JK, Cui YP, Xu SH
2994 - 3004 Supercooling characteristics of mannitol phase transition system under heterogeneous nucleation
Ji J, Wang YH, Zhang XL, Chen Y, Munyalo JM, Liu S
3005 - 3021 Synthesis and physico-chemical properties of poly(N-vinyl pyrrolidone)-based hydrogels with titania nanoparticles
Timaeva O, Pashkin I, Mulakov S, Kuzmicheva G, Konarev P, Terekhova R, Sadovskaya N, Czakkel O, Prevost S
3022 - 3033 The suitability of Synbone (R) as a tissue analogue in ballistic impacts
Henwood BJ, Appleby-Thomas G
3034 - 3044 Triazine-based 2D covalent organic frameworks improve the electrochemical performance of enzymatic biosensors
Yildirim O, Derkus B
3045 - 3055 Dry sliding wear mechanisms of Ce in aluminum bronze coatings
Li WS, Zhai HM, Wang SC, Liu SJ, Wood R
3056 - 3063 Influence of the segregation of 3d transition metal solutes on the elastic modulus of a tilt grain boundary in bcc Fe: ab initio local analysis
Xu Z, Tanaka S, Kohyama M
3064 - 3072 Mechanism of intermetallic compound formation during the dissimilar friction stir welding of aluminum and steel
Tanaka T, Nezu M, Uchida S, Hirata T
3073 - 3091 Isochronal and isothermal phase transformation in beta + alpha(acicular) Ti-55531
Chen FW, Xu GL, Zhou KC, Chang H, Cui YW
3092 - 3106 Effect of In addition on microstructure and mechanical properties of Sn-40Bi alloys
Wu XL, Wu JW, Wang XJ, Yang J, Xia M, Liu B
3107 - 3117 Wettability, interfacial reactions, and impact strength of Sn-3.0Ag-0.5Cu solder/ENIG substrate used for fluxless soldering under formic acid atmosphere
He SL, Gao RH, Shen YA, Li JH, Nishikawa H
3118 - 3129 Influence of temperature of ECAP processing on the microstructure and microhardness of as-cast AX41 alloy
Krajnak T, Minarik P, Straska J, Gubicza J, Dluhos L, Mathis K, Janecek M
3130 - 3138 Salt induced shear thickening behavior of a hydrophobic association polymer and its potential in enhanced oil recovery
Jiang F, Pu WF
3139 - 3156 Effects of soft segment characteristics on the properties of biodegradable amphiphilic waterborne polyurethane prepared by a green process
Yang ZH, Wu GF