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12637 - 12641 1000 at 1000: reflecting on "Review: Current international research into cellulose nanofibres and nanocomposites"
Eichhorn SJ
12642 - 12704 Review of current high-ZT thermoelectric materials
Wei JT, Yang LL, Ma Z, Song PS, Zhang ML, Ma J, Yang FH, Wang XD
12705 - 12724 Structural analysis of porous bioactive glass scaffolds using micro-computed tomographic images
Dixit K, Gupta P, Kamle S, Sinha N
12725 - 12736 In situ investigation of atmospheric plasma-sprayed Mn-Co-Fe-O by synchrotron X-ray nano-tomography
Grunwald N, Lhuissier P, Salvo L, Villanova J, Menzler NH, Guillon O, Martin CL, Vassen R
12737 - 12746 Ultrasonic pulse-echo technique for the characterization of elastic constants of single domain Pb(Zn1/3Nb2/3)O-3-5.5%PbTiO(3)single crystals with 3msymmetry
Chen CW, Xiang Y, Tang LG, Li XW, Qin L, Cao WW
12747 - 12760 Hydroflux-assisted densification: applying flux crystal growth techniques to cold sintering
Lowum S, Floyd R, Maria JP
12761 - 12775 In situ synthesis of melt-grown mullite ceramics using directed laser deposition
Wu DJ, Zhao DK, Niu FY, Huang YF, Zhu J, Ma GY
12776 - 12788 A novel fabrication technique of toughened TiC-based solid solution cermets using mechanochemical synthesis
Chen X, Yao ZH, Xiong WH, Xu JF
12789 - 12800 Untethered, ultra-light soft actuator based on positively charged 3D fluffy silica micro-nanofibers by electrospinning
Han J, Jiang WT, Zhang HJ, Zhang YJ, Feng XM, Wang LL, Niu D, Lei B, Liu HZ
12801 - 12810 Synthesis and optical properties of Mn2+-doped Cd-In-S colloidal nanocrystals
Cao S, Dai CC, Yao SF, Zou BS, Zhao JL
12811 - 12825 Covalently grafted liquids for transparent and omniphobic surfaces via thiol-ene click chemistry
Yu MN, Liu MM, Hou YY, Fu SH, Zhang LP, Li M, Wang D
12826 - 12835 Solid-state photochromism and acidochromism multifunctional materials constructed by tetraphenylethene and spiropyran
Wu L, Chen RJ, Luo ZW, Wang P
12836 - 12847 A facile one-step synthesis of highly efficient melamine salt reactive flame retardant for epoxy resin
Zhu ZM, Lin PL, Wang H, Wang LX, Yu B, Yang FH
12848 - 12863 Preparation and optimization of biomimetic materials simulating solar spectrum reflection characteristics of natural leaves
Xu K, Ye H
12864 - 12875 Improved performance of photoelectrochemical water oxidation from nanostructured hematite photoanode with an immobilized molecular cobalt salophen catalyst
Mei Y, Li TT, Qian JJ, Li HW, Zheng YQ
12876 - 12883 Effect of support morphology on the activity and reusability of Pd/SiO(2)for NBR hydrogenation
Zhang P, Zhang HW, Wang SH, Lei XQ, Yang JT, Li ZM, Zhu HB, Bao XJ, Yuan P
12884 - 12896 Flexible and superhydrophobic aerogel based on an interpenetrating network of konjac glucomannan and reduced graphene oxide for efficient water-oil separation
Luo ZR, Li DD, Huang LH, Tan SZ, Huang JW
12897 - 12905 In situ TEM oxidation study of Fe thin-film transformation to single-crystal magnetite nanoparticles
Lari L, Steinhauer S, Lazarov VK
12906 - 12920 Improving the compatibility, surface strength, and dimensional stability of cellulosic fibers using glycidyl methacrylate grafting
Guo LF, Meng AJ, Wang LZ, Huang J, Wang XJ, Ren H, Zhai HM, Ek M
12921 - 12939 Thermal energy regulated and thermochromic composite film with temperature-sensitive "breathable" stomata
He YY, Sun SF, Han N, Zhang XX, Li W
12940 - 12952 Composite materials made from glass microballoons and ceramic nanofibers for use as catalysts and catalyst supports
Armstrong M, Nealy S, Severino C, Maniukiewicz W, Modelska M, Binczarski M, Witonska I, Chawla KK, Stanishevsky A
12953 - 12968 Finely modulating the morphology and composition of Cu(x)Ni(1-x)for enhanced microwave absorption capability
Liu MM, Chen Y, Wei HY, Ke LF, Tong GX, Wu WH
12969 - 12979 All-inkjet-printed high-performance flexible MoS(2)and MoS2-reduced graphene oxide field-effect transistors
Jiang Z, Xiao K, Chen JJ, Wang Y, Xu ZQ, Sowade E, Baumann RR, Sheremet E, Rodriguez RD, Feng ZS
12980 - 12994 Electronic and optical properties of gold-doped endohedral fullerenes
Du CY, Jin KX, Liu XJ
12995 - 13007 Enhancing multi-functional capabilities of boron nitride nanosheets through defect engineering
Zare A, Sedigh P, Montazeri A
13008 - 13022 Tuning lightweight, flexible, self-cleaning bio-inspired core-shell structure of nanofiber films for high-performance electromagnetic interference shielding
Wang YT, Peng HK, Li TT, Shiu BC, Zhang XF, Lou CW, Lin JH
13023 - 13035 SiO2/N-doped graphene aerogel composite anode for lithium-ion batteries
Dong XY, Zheng X, Deng YC, Wang LF, Hong HP, Ju ZC
13036 - 13048 Effective regeneration of scrapped LiFePO(4)material from spent lithium-ion batteries
Tang X, Wang R, Ren YF, Duan JD, Li J, Li PY
13049 - 13061 Fabrication of a novel core-shell CQDs@ZIF-8 composite with enhanced photocatalytic activity
Si YH, Li XR, Yang GE, Mie XL, Ge LB
13062 - 13074 Nanostructured T-Nb2O5-based composite with reduced graphene oxide for improved performance lithium-ion battery anode
Qu XX, Liu YH, Li BB, Xing BL, Huang GX, Zhao HH, Jiang ZD, Zhang CX, Hong SW, Cao YJ
13075 - 13084 A flexible organic-inorganic hybrid for medium-temperature proton conduction over a wide humidity range
Sun P, Wang Y, Li ZF, Guo H, Yin XY, Pei HC
13085 - 13101 New design of mesoporous SiO(2)combined In2O3-graphene semiconductor nanocomposite for highly effective and selective gas detection
Fatema KN, Sagadevan S, Liu Y, Cho KY, Jung CH, Oh WC
13102 - 13113 The multi-metal synergetic mechanism of O3-Na(0.5)Mn(0.65)Ni(0.15)Al(0.1)Mg(0.05)Co(0.05)O(2)nanoflower for a high-voltage and long-cycle-life cathode material of sodium-ion batteries
Zhang YP, Wang JK, Wang LY, Duan LF, Zhang GJ, Zhao FH, Zhang XY, Lu W
13114 - 13126 Enhanced interfacial electron transfer and boosted visible-light photocatalytic hydrogen evolution activity ofg-C(3)N(4)by noble-metal-free MoSe(2)nanoparticles
Lu ZQ, Zeng DQ, Hongfei ZF, Liu QQ, Gao XY, He XL, Wei L, Ong WJ
13127 - 13140 Aerosol-assisted preparation of N-doped hierarchical porous carbon spheres cathodes toward high-stable lithium-ion capacitors
Xu YH, Jiang JM, Li ZW, Yang ZQ, Zhang YD, An YF, Zhu Q, Dou H, Zhang XG
13141 - 13156 Insights into the elevated electrochemical performance and kinetic characteristics of magnesium-substituted Na3V2-xMgx(PO4)(3)/C with superior rate capability and long lifespan
Chen YJ, Cheng J, Wang YZ, Wang C, He ZF, Li D, Guo L
13157 - 13176 Preparation and electrochemical performance of LiNi(0.5)Mn(1.5)O(4)spinels with different particle sizes and surface orientations as cathode materials for lithium-ion battery
Guo JL, Deng ZY, Yan SP, Lang YQ, Gong JJ, Wang L, Liang GC
13177 - 13192 Methods for Gibbs triple junction excess determination: Ti segregation in CoSi2 thin film
Zschiesche H, Charai A, Alfonso C, Mangelinck D
13193 - 13205 Metal-organic frameworks based on beta-cyclodextrin: design and selective entrapment of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
Volkova T, Surov A, Terekhova I
13206 - 13215 Formation of nanosized Gd(III) coordination networks with tripodal amine-N-oxide type ligand through microemulsions to achieve high relaxivity and exceptional stability for MRI applications
Xu N, Xu KH, Tang WJ, Ding Y, Hu AG
13216 - 13231 Electrospun Mg/poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) composite scaffold for urethral reconstruction
Huang LQ, Wang XL, Zhang Y, Cheng ZJ, Xue F, Guo YF, Deng YJ, Chu CL, Tao L, Bai J
13232 - 13243 A 3D miniaturized solid-state chemiluminescence sensor based on ruthenium functionalized polymeric monolith for the detection of pharmaceutical drugs
Al-Hetlani E, D'Cruz B, Amin MO
13244 - 13257 Dissolution and precipitation of copper-rich phases during heating and cooling of precipitation-hardening steel X5CrNiCuNb16-4 (17-4 PH)
Rowolt C, Milkereit B, Springer A, Kreyenschulte C, Kessler O
13258 - 13269 Defects-aggregated cell boundaries induced domain wall curvature change in Fe-rich Sm-Co-Fe-Cu-Zr permanent magnets
Jia WT, Zhou XL, Xiao AD, Song X, Yuan T, Ma TY
13270 - 13293 Laser cladding of Mg-Zn-Y-Zr alloy using Al with different ratios of micro- and nano-SiC powder
Liu YY, Gao SY, Zhao W
13294 - 13302 Liquid structure of Sn-Ag-xCu solders and its effect on the formation and growth of interfacial Cu6Sn5
Zhao N, Pan XM
13303 - 13313 Liquid metal Ga-Sn alloy based ferrofluids with amorphous nano-sized Fe-Co-B magnetic particles
Yang CC, Liu Z, Yu MC, Bian XF
13314 - 13328 Effect of energy density on the interface evolution of stainless steel 316L deposited upon INC 625 via directed energy deposition
Feenstra DR, Molotnikov A, Birbilis N
13329 - 13341 Effect of aging status on susceptibility of adiabatic shear localization in Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloy
Zhang WL, He LJ, Li PJ
13342 - 13350 Multimodal gamma ' precipitation in Inconel-738 Ni-based superalloy during electron-beam powder bed fusion additive manufacturing
Haghdadi N, Whitelock E, Lim B, Chen HS, Liao XZ, Babu SS, Ringer SP, Primig S
13351 - 13362 Effect of deformed subsurface on the corrosion resistance of biomedical CoCrMo alloy in simulated physiological solution
Wang ZW, Yan Y, Qiao LJ
13363 - 13371 Phase transition and magnetocaloric effect in particulate Fe-Rh alloys
Cao YT, Yuan Y, Shang YF, Zverev VI, Gimaev RR, Barua R, Hadimani RL, Mei L, Guo G, Fu H
13372 - 13388 Microstructure evolution and mechanical properties of simulated HAZ in a Ni-17Mo-7Cr superalloy: effects of the welding thermal cycles
Chen SJ, Zhao LB, Wang JJ, Li CW, Li ZJ, Ye XX, Tsang DKL, Yu K
13389 - 13397 Role of script MC carbides on the tensile behavior of laser-welded fusion zone in DZ125L/IN718 joints at 650 degrees C
Liang TS, Wang L, Liu Y, Song X
13398 - 13413 Modeling and mining dual-rate sampled data in corrosion potential online detection of low alloy steels in marine environment
Chen L, Fu DM, Chen MD
13414 - 13423 The probability-correlative oxide particle strengthening in solid-solution alloys
Li F, Li L, Fang QH, Li J, Liu B, Liu Y
13424 - 13437 XRD measurement of stacking fault energy of Cr-Ni austenitic steels: influence of temperature and alloying elements
Walter M, Roncery LM, Weber S, Leich L, Theisen W
13438 - 13456 Monte Carlo simulation of grain refinement during friction stir processing
Khodabakhshi F, Derazkola HA, Gerlich AP
13457 - 13471 Experimental characterisation and modelling of mechanical behaviour of microcapsules
Aniskevich A, Kulakov V, Bulderberga O, Knotek P, Tedim J, Maia F, Leisis V, Zeleniakiene D
13472 - 13486 Electrospun membranes of low molecular weight di-stereoblock poly(lactic acid)s with high thermal stability and solvent resistance via low temperature sintering
Chen T, Xu MF, Zhao LM, Wang LJ, Qiu YJ