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Journal of Materials Science, Vol.55, No.26 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0022-2461 (Print) 

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11797 - 11807 Application of Li-, Mg-, Ba-, Sr-, Ca-, and Sn-doped ceria for solar-driven thermochemical conversion of carbon dioxide
Takalkar G, Bhosale RR, Rashid S, AlMomani F, Shakoor RA, Al Ashraf A
11808 - 11828 Bottom-up synthesis of highly soluble carbon materials
Gohda S, Yamada Y, Murata M, Saito M, Kanazawa S, Ono H, Sato S
11829 - 11840 Metallic Pt and PtOx dual-cocatalyst-loaded WO3 for photocatalytic production of peroxydisulfate and hydrogen peroxide
Xie WW, Huang Z, Wang RQ, Wen C, Zhou Y
11841 - 11855 Phase separation in wurtzite CuInxGa1-xS2 nanoparticles
Pradeepkumar MS, Pal AS, Singh A, Basu J, Ahmad MI
11856 - 11869 Porous organic polymers containing zinc porphyrin and phosphonium bromide as bifunctional catalysts for conversion of carbon dioxide
Lu Y, Chang ZS, Zhang SZ, Wang SL, Chen Q, Feng LJ, Sui ZY
11870 - 11890 Development of mesoporous ZSM-5 zeolite with microporosity preservation through induced desilication
Ma Q, Fu TJ, Wang YJ, Li H, Cui LP, Li Z
11891 - 11906 Urea-nitrate combustion synthesis of CuO/CeO(2)nanocatalysts toward low-temperature oxidation of CO: the effect of Red/Ox ratio
Cam TS, Vishnevskaya TA, Omarov SO, Nevedomskiy VN, Popkov VI
11907 - 11918 Fabrication and photoelectrochemical activity of hierarchically Porous TiO2-ZnO heterojunction film
Khan H, Samanta S, Seth M, Jana S
11919 - 11937 Z-scheme In2O3/WO3 heterogeneous photocatalysts with enhanced visible-light-driven photocatalytic activity toward degradation of organic dyes
Xie RY, Fang KJ, Liu Y, Chen WC, Fan JN, Wang XW, Ren YF, Song YW
11938 - 11948 Synthesis of hierarchical ZnO/C hollow spheres constructed by octahedron for water treatment
Guang SK, Xie XJ, Zheng J, Wang YN, Guo YF, Cheng C, Wu Y, Zheng XY, Wang CC
11949 - 11958 Fabrication of porous tin dioxide with enhanced gas-sensing performance toward NOx
Li TT, Xia L, Yu H, Huang XX
11959 - 11969 Fabrication of a superhydrophobic and flame-retardant cotton fabric using a DNA-based coating
Suryaprabha T, Sethuraman MG
11970 - 11983 Synthesis of N-doped carbon with embedded Fe/Fe3C particles for microwave absorption
Niu YC, Li XA, Dong WQ, Zhang C, Zhao KH, Wang FY, Wang HY
11984 - 11998 Dual roles of basic bismuth nitrates in the composites: morphology regulation and heterojunction effects
Hu HJ, Han QF, Liu HZ, Shen ZC, Bi HP
11999 - 12007 Effects of doping and biaxial strain on the electronic properties of GaN/graphene/WS(2)trilayer vdW heterostructure
Zheng JS, Li EL, Cui Z, Ma DM, Wang XL
12008 - 12021 Development of polarity inversion in a GaN waveguide structure for modal phase matching
Kolenda M, Kezys D, Reklaitis I, Radiunas E, Ritasalo R, Kadys A, Grinys T, Malinauskas T, Stanionyte S, Skapas M, Petruskevicius R, Tomasiunas R
12022 - 12030 Improvement in structural and electrical characteristics of nonpolara-plane Si-doped n-AlGaN
Chen S, Zhang X, Fan AJ, Chen H, Li C, Lu L, Rao LF, Zhuang Z, Lyu JD, Hu GH, Cui YP
12031 - 12040 Efficient polysulfide anchor: brain coral-like WS2 nanosheets
Xiong M, Qian JW, Yang K, Chen ZH, Mei T, Wang JY, Li JH, Yu L, Wang XB
12041 - 12052 NH2-MIL-88B-Fe for electrocatalytic N-2 fixation to NH3 with high Faradaic efficiency under ambient conditions in neutral electrolyte
Yi XR, He XB, Yin FX, Yang T, Chen BH, Li GR
12053 - 12064 MoO3 nanoplates: a high-capacity and long-life anode material for sodium-ion batteries
Yang CH, Xiang QK, Li XM, Xu YQ, Wang X, Xie XL, Li CJ, Wang H, Wang LJ
12065 - 12081 Direct fabrication of graphene oxide fiber by injection spinning for flexible and wearable electronics
Ma N, Wang SC, Li HD, Xu XQ, Huang LJ, Wang Y, Strizhak PE, Tang JG
12082 - 12090 Highly ordered carbon nanotubes to improve the conductivity of LiNi0.8Co0.15Al0.05O2 for Li-ion batteries
Tian F, Nie W, Zhong SW, Liu XL, Tang XD, Zhou MM, Guo QK, Hu S
12091 - 12102 Design and synthesis of dendritic Co3O4@Co-2(CO3)(OH)(2)nanoarrays on carbon cloth for high-performance supercapacitors
Sheng P, Tao S, Gao XR, Tan YJ, Wu DJ, Qian B, Chu PK
12103 - 12113 Facile synthesis of fluorine-doped graphene aerogel with rich semi-ionic C-F bonds for high-performance supercapacitor application
Jin TX, Chen JF, Wang CY, Qian Y, Lu LM
12114 - 12126 Improved thermal stability of melamine resin spheres and electrochemical properties of their carbon derivatives induced by F127
Zhu YX, Liu YJ, Ge ZS, Zhang YQ, Li M, Wei SY
12127 - 12138 Design of Galfenol and Alfenol microstructures for bending mode energy harvesters
Callioglu S, Acar P
12139 - 12150 Monodispersed FeS nanoparticles confined in 3D interconnected carbon nanosheets network as an anode for high-performance lithium-ion batteries
Miao X, Li HQ, Wang L, Li YL, Sun DF, Zhou XZ, Lei ZQ
12151 - 12164 Hydrangea-like microspheres as anodes toward long-life and high-capacity lithium storage
Dong CW, Gao W, Jin B, Zhang W, Wen Z, Jin EM, Jeong SM, Jiang Q
12165 - 12176 Rational-design micro-nanostructure of porous carbon film/silicon nanowire/graphite microsphere composites for high-performance lithium-ion batteries
Liu B, Huang P, Zhang Q, Huang QZ, Xie ZY
12177 - 12190 Engineering lithium-ion battery cathodes for high-voltage applications using electromagnetic excitation
Su LS, Jha SK, Phuah XL, Xu J, Nakamura N, Wang HY, Okasinski JS, Reeja-Jayan B
12191 - 12202 One-step pyrolysis toward nitrogen-doped hierarchical porous carbons for supercapacitors
Lv S, Ma LY, Zhou Q, Shen XY, Tong H
12203 - 12213 Synthesis and structural characterization of MoS2 micropyramids
Samaniego-Benitez JE, Mendoza-Cruz R, Bazan-Diaz L, Garcia-Garcia A, Arellano-Jimenez MJ, Perez-Robles JF, Plascencia-Villa G, Velazquez-Salazar JJ, Ortega E, Favela-Camacho SE, Jose-Yacaman M
12214 - 12231 3D porous oxygen-enriched graphene hydrogels with well-balanced volumetric and gravimetric performance for symmetric supercapacitors
Zhang Y, Fan S, Li SH, Song Y, Wen GW
12232 - 12248 Facile synthesis of fibrous, mesoporous Ni1-xO nanosponge supported on Ni foam for enhanced pseudocapacitor applications
Naik AP, Salkar AV, Pena GDJG, Sawant JV, Bharath G, Banat F, Bhosale SV, Morajkar PP
12249 - 12263 Gel polymer electrolyte with high performances based on polyacrylonitrile composite natural polymer of lignocellulose in lithium ion battery
Ren WH, Huang Y, Xu X, Liu B, Li SS, Luo C, Li X, Wang MS, Cao HJ
12264 - 12273 Performance improvement of perovskite solar cells via spiro-OMeTAD pre-crystallization
Li MH, Wang YY, Xu HY, Zhang HC, Zhang J, Zhu YJ, Hu ZY
12274 - 12286 TiO(2)coupled to predominantly metallic MoS(2)for photocatalytic degradation of rhodamine B
Wang YY, Sun SR, Liu YQ, Zhang YZ, Xia JF, Yang QF
12287 - 12304 Synthesis, characterization, and evaluation of a magnetic molecular imprinted polymer for 5-fluorouracil as an intelligent drug delivery system for breast cancer treatment
Shadabfar M, Abdouss M, Khonakdar HA
12305 - 12313 The structural evolution in the growth process of FePt embedded in MgO matrix
Yu J, Xiao TT, Wang J, Tang YH, Wang XM, Li B, Wu WD, Zhang YF
12314 - 12337 The brittle-to-ductile transition in cold-rolled tungsten sheets: the rate-limiting mechanism of plasticity controlling the BDT in ultrafine-grained tungsten
Bonnekoh C, Reiser J, Hartmaier A, Bonk S, Hoffmann A, Rieth M
12338 - 12352 Effects of rotational speed on microstructure and mechanical properties of inertia friction-welded 7005-5083 aluminum alloy joints
Lu DS, You GQ, Luo JC, Ding YH, Zeng S, Tong X
12353 - 12372 Microstructural changes in CoCrFeMnNi under mild tribological load
Dollmann A, Kauffmann A, Heilmaier M, Haug C, Greiner C
12373 - 12384 Self-assembly of hierarchical microsized hard carbon-supported Si encapsulated in nitrogen-doped carbon as anode for lithium-ion batteries
Liu YS, Liu HT, Huang WL, Yu Y, Dai XQ, Shan ZQ
12385 - 12402 Melting loops in the phase diagram of individual nanoscale alloy particles: completely miscible Cu-Ni alloys as a model system
Shirinyan A, Wilde G, Bilogorodskyy Y
12403 - 12420 Volta potential mapping of the gradient strengthened layer in 20CrMnTi by using SKPFM
Cheng T, Shi W, Xiang S, Ballingerc RG
12421 - 12433 Evolution and micromechanical properties of interface structures in TiNbf/TiAl composites prepared by powder metallurgy
Li JG, Hu R, Yang JR, Gao ZT, Zhang KR, Wang XY
12434 - 12447 Microstructure, hot deformation behavior, and textural evolution of Mg-3wt%Zn-1wt%Ca-0.5wt%Sr Alloy
Liu HN, Li YJ, Zhang K, Li XG, Ma ML, Shi GL, Yuan JW, Wang KK
12448 - 12457 Fabrication of Al-Cu-Fe particles containing quasicrystalline i-phase by oxidation of omega-phase in air
Huang JR, Yamane H, Tsai AP
12458 - 12475 Friction stir spot welding of TiO2 nanoparticle-reinforced interstitial free steel
Sadeghi B, Abbasi H, Atapour M, Shafiee S, Cavaliere P, Marfavi Z
12476 - 12487 High-cycle fatigue of a titanium alloy: the role of microstructure in slip irreversibility and crack initiation
Tan CS, Sun QY, Zhang GJ, Zhao YQ
12488 - 12498 Local structure in amorphous SmxCo1-x: a combined experimental and theoretical study
George S, Kadas K, Jonsson PE, Muscas G, Magnus F, Eriksson O, Delin A, Andersson G
12499 - 12512 Improved tensile strength and electrical conductivity in Cu-Cr-Zr alloys by controlling the precipitation behavior through severe warm rolling
Shen DP, Xu N, Gong MY, Li P, Zhou HB, Tong WP, Wilde G
12513 - 12524 Segregation of alloying elements and their effects on the thermodynamic stability and fracture strength of gamma-Ni/gamma '-Ni3Al interface
Ahmed FAM, Xue HT, Tang FL, An JP, Luo YQ, Lu XF, Ren JQ
12525 - 12543 Two-stage warm cross rolling and its effect on the microstructure, texture and magnetic properties of an Fe-6.5 wt% Si non-oriented electrical steel
Xu HJ, Xu YB, He YL, Cheng SF, Jiao HT, Yue S, Li JP
12544 - 12553 Achieving a unique combination of strength and ductility in CrCoNi medium-entropy alloy via heterogeneous gradient structure
Wen R, You CP, Zeng LF, Wang H, Zhang XH
12554 - 12567 Oxidation mechanism of molten Al-5Mg-2Si-Mn alloy
Hu B, Li DJ, Ying T, Yu N, Zeng XQ
12568 - 12591 Fabrication of thermoplastic polyurethane and polyaniline conductive blend with improved mechanical, thermal and excellent dielectric properties: exploring the effect of ultralow-level loading of SWCNT and temperature
Dash K, Hota NK, Sahoo BP
12592 - 12606 Fabrication of high-performance wearable strain sensors by using CNTs-coated electrospun polyurethane nanofibers
Wang YH, Li WY, Zhou YF, Jiang L, Ma JW, Chen SJ, Jerrams S, Zhou FL
12607 - 12620 Development of high-performance polyelectrolyte-complex-nanoparticle-based pervaporation membranes via convenient tailoring of charged groups
Wu JK, Yin MJ, Han W, Wang NX, An QF
12621 - 12635 Micro-tensile behavior of Scots pine sapwood after heat treatments in superheated steam or pressurized hot water
Altgen M, Awais M, Altgen D, Kyyr? S, Sepp?l?inen H, Rautkari L