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Journal of Materials Science, Vol.55, No.23 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0022-2461 (Print) 

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9665 - 9675 Fabrication of Yb-doped TiO2 using liquid phase plasma process and its photocatalytic degradation activity of naproxen
Bang HJ, Lee H, Park YK, Kim H, Ha HH, Yu YH, Kim SJ, Jung SC
9712 - 9727 Electrospun PVA nanoscaffolds associated with propolis nanoparticles with wound healing activity
Alberti TB, Coelho DS, de Pr? M, Maraschin M, Veleirinho B
9728 - 9738 Electronic structures, spectroscopic properties, and thermodynamic characterization of sodium- or potassium-incorporated CH3NH3PbI3 by first-principles calculation
Suzuki A, Miyamoto Y, Oku T
9762 - 9774 On the use of multiple stacked active layers in organic photovoltaic cells
Cattin L, El Jouad Z, Siad MB, Morsli M, Arzel L, Ortega E, Louarn G, Neculqueo G, Lamkaouane H, Khelil A, Addou M, del Valle MA, Mir F, Bern?de JC
9775 - 9786 Synthesis and characterization of semi-permeable graphene/graphene oxide membranes for water desalination
Romaniak G, Dybowski K, Jeziorna A, Kula P, Kazmierczak T
9787 - 9794 Solvent modification to suppress halide segregation in mixed halide perovskite solar cells
Li YY, Song DD, Meng J, Dong J, Lu Y, Huo XM, Maqsood A, Song YH, Zhao SL, Qiao B, Xu Z
9795 - 9811 Monoclinic cerium(III) picrate tetraethylene glycol complex: design, synthesis and biological evaluation as anti-amoebic activity against Acanthamoeba sp.
Kusrini E, Hashim F, Saleh MI, Adnan R, Usman A, Zakaria IN, Prihandini WW, Putra N, Prasetyanto EA
9828 - 9847 Progress in characterization methods for thermoplastic deforming constitutive models of Al-Li alloys: a review
Zhang P, Chen MH
9848 - 9882 A review on micromechanical methods for evaluation of mechanical behavior of particulate reinforced metal matrix composites
Jagadeesh GV, Setti SG
9883 - 9917 Development of metal matrix composites by laser-assisted additive manufacturing technologies: a review
Shi J, Wang YC
9918 - 9947 Recent advances in synthesis and application of organic near-infrared fluorescence polymers
Zou WT, Zhu YW, Gu CT, Miao YW, Wang S, Yu B, Shen YQ, Cong HL
9948 - 9961 Optical and EPR studies of zinc phosphate glasses containing Mn2+ ions
Franco DF, Manzani D, Carvajal EE, Prando GA, Donoso JP, Magon CJ, Antonio SG, Gobato YG, Nalin M
9962 - 9971 Spectroscopic study of some new cobalt-doped tellurite glass-ceramics
Bolundut L, Pascuta P, Culea E, Bosca M, Pop L, Stefan R
9972 - 9992 Effects of oxygen partial pressure on the electrical properties and phase transitions in (Ba,Ca)(Ti,Zr)O-3 ceramics
Cai W, Zhang QW, Zhou C, Gao RL, Wang FQ, Chen G, Deng XL, Wang ZH, Deng NY, Cheng L, Fu CL
9993 - 10008 The preparation of Pd/CeO2-ZrO2-Al2O3 catalyst with superior structural stability: effect of zirconia incorporation method
Yan S, Zhao M, Wang JL, Jiao Y, Chen YQ
10009 - 10021 Synthesis and photocatalytic performance of a WSe(2)QD/N-GO nanocomposite under visible light irradiation
Wan J, Liu YN, Yin H, Huang XY, Bai MJ
10022 - 10034 A covalent organic framework-MnO2 nanosheet system for determination of glutathione
Qu F, Yan H, Li KX, You JM, Han WL
10035 - 10046 NaCl-assisted synthesis of Fe2+ self-doped Fe2O3/C3N4 nanosheets as efficient Fenton catalyst
Shi XH, Li XB, Liu GL, Du MQ, Zhang J, Liu GD, Lu QF
10047 - 10055 Surface-enhanced Raman scattering on sandwiched structures with gallium telluride
Lu PQ, Wang Y, Xu HL, Wang XY, Ali N, Zhu JQ, Wu HZ
10056 - 10069 The effect of double mosaic structure on physicochemical properties of polycaprolactone/recycled-oil-based polyurethane composites
Wang Q, Dong FP, Luo HY, Zhu YL, Xiong YZ
10070 - 10083 Effect of coated and encapsulated polyacrylate/nano-SiO2 composite emulsions on the finishing performances of leather via miniemulsion polymerization
Gao DG, Zhao ZY, Lyu B, Ma JZ
10084 - 10094 Degradable and highly sensitive CB-based pressure sensor with applications for speech recognition and human motion monitoring
Meng JJ, Pan P, Yang ZC, Wei J, Wang QL, Gong MJ, Zhang GL
10095 - 10120 Understanding the local structure of Eu3+- and Y3+-stabilized zirconia: insights from luminescence and X-ray absorption spectroscopic investigations
Eibl M, Shaw S, Prieur D, Rossberg A, Wilding MC, Hennig C, Morris K, Rothe J, Stumpf T, Huittinen N
10121 - 10141 Fabrication of all-solid-state textile supercapacitors based on industrial-grade multi-walled carbon nanotubes for enhanced energy storage
Costa RS, Guedes A, Pereira AM, Pereira C
10142 - 10154 Durian shell-derived N, O, P-doped activated porous carbon materials and their electrochemical performance in supercapacitor
Wang KY, Zhang ZY, Sun QM, Wang P, Li YM
10155 - 10167 The preparation of graphite/silicon@carbon composites for lithium-ion batteries through molten salts electrolysis
Hu YC, Yu B, Qi XP, Shi BM, Fang S, Yu ZL, Yang JY
10168 - 10184 Dual-emission fluorescent probe templated by spherical polyelectrolyte brush for ratiometric detection of copper ions
Ye ZS, Li L, Zhao F, Yang QS, Wang YW, Bohinc k, Guo XH
10185 - 10201 Poly (epsilon-caprolactone)/poly (N-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone) core-shell nanofibers loaded by multi-walled carbon nanotubes and 5-fluorouracil: an anticancer drug delivery system
Nasari M, Semnani D, Hadjianfar M, Amanpour S
10202 - 10220 In vitro wear characteristics of a nano-hydroxyapatite filled dental resin composite under two-body wear condition
Yadav S, Gangwar S
10221 - 10241 On the morphology of grain boundary discontinuous reactions and phase identification in an advanced Cr-Fe-Ni alloy
Spadotto JC, Burke MG, Solorzano IG
10242 - 10257 Microstructure, texture modification and mechanical anisotropy of high strain rate rolled Mg-Ga alloy sheets
Huang WS, Chen JH, Yan HG, Xia WJ, Su B, Yin H, Yan XX
10258 - 10270 Exploring the relationship between applied fabric strain and resultant local yarn strain within the elastic fabric based on finite element method
Chen S, Tian X, Hua T, Chan KH, Fu JM, Niu B
10271 - 10280 Structure and electrical resistivity of individual carbonised natural and man-made cellulose fibres
Gindl-Altmutter W, Czabany I, Unterweger C, Gierlinger N, Xiao NN, Bodner SC, Keckes J